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No 10 plans weight loss drive to ready UK for expected Covid-19 second wave

No 10 plans weight loss drive to ready UK for expected Covid-19 second wave

7/11/2020 9:24:00 AM

No 10 plans weight loss drive to ready UK for expected Covid-19 second wave

Boris Johnson now a convert to losing weight after being severely ill with coronavirus

.In England, 64% of adults are classed as overweight or obese and 29% as obese as measured by BMI, among the highest levels in Europe.One official involved in the emergency planning said the government was alarmed at the possible death toll from a second wave. A programme is expected imminently, possibly within 10 days, based on encouraging people to reduce their calorific intake and lose weight rapidly.

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“There’s two paces to this,” the official said. “The first needs to be nutrition-focused,getting people’s BMIs downover the next three or four months, using what works. And then we can start thinking in the longer term. But for now it’s about getting people as ready for the next wave as we can.”

The programme is expected to involve existing NHS resources and dietary plans, as well as external organisation such as Weight Watchers. It could also involve dedicated apps, and other resources aimed at broader demographics.The official said that while slimming organisations often had a good record, “what they tend not to be very good at is engaging the people who need it most, and that’s ethnic minority communities and men.”

Downing Street has been vague so far as to the specifics of how any obesity-targeting programme would work, althoughone idea under considerationis stopping supermarkets from placing chocolate and sweets as impulse purchases at the end of aisles.The longer-term effort on obesity is expected to focus more widely and helping people to be more active. Experts stress that while cutting calories can bring rapid weight reduction, for this to last it must almost always be combined with a more physically active lifestyle.

“What we do know is those who are successful in sustaining weight loss increase their physical activity in addition to consuming a balanced, healthful diet,” said Dr Robert Ross, from Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada, one of the world’s leading researchers on excess weight.

Ross and other academicshave warnedagainst an overfocus on BMI as a measure of health, noting that research showing other measures such as waist size can be a more useful gauge.Ross said government health programmes should focus not just on weight but also on the health gains that come from active living and healthy diets, irrespective of BMI. “There’s very few things that you can do in life that are associated with more benefits across a wide range of outcomes than doing those two things. So even if the bathroom scale isn’t cooperating the way you would like, give yourself a hug.”

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Need to teach kids how to cook ...and expected Brexit-induced lack of money Then they should put drop in nutrition and weight management centres in the many shops available on most high streets. I am qualified GP ref and weight management and we don’t get enough people referred or coming to gyms I hope the Governments “Weight Loss Plan,” commences with our morbidly obese Prime Minister!

That’s all we need body shamming and higher instances of eating disorders devisridhar devisridhar Brexit might sort out weight loss with high unemployment and extortionate food prices. No 10 just keep blundering one disaster to the next ! devisridhar Maybe need to rethink the meal vouchers!! 🙄 devisridhar A chance to practice what he preaches?

For us or for them? I'm still waiting for the 1st wave interesting how obesity makes covid worse, so they're pushing for this, but being underweight is also incredibly unhealthy, weakens your immune system, and reduces your likliness of surviving disease. and yet... this is hardly ever discussed. EAT LESS CARBS. No bread, sugar, pasta, rice ,starchy vegetables. Cut your fruit consumption in half. More protein. More fat. Research Low Carb diet. My husband was type 2. He lost 11 lbs in 7 weeks and his blood tests are now normal. It’s possible!!

What do they plan to do about smokers and vaping? It's a Lipid bonding virus, which means it clings to the grease in the lungs, not the fat on the muscle. Everyone I personally knew who have died of it smoked fags, weed or vaped. Fatmisia isn't the answer, Boris pretty tubby too Oh yea tell Tesco to hide all the chocolate in the chocolate isle like we’re 5 years old that’ll work

Don't worry, the massive increase in food costs following Brexit will stop the average person eating. devisridhar When the Brexit supply chain disruption happens, this government will say empty shelves save lives! 🙄 Shouldn't be a second wave as thought he had dealt with the first one 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Meanwhile they push ahead with a Brexit that will push up food prices and lead to shortages of imported fruit and vegetables and wave vouchers for 10 quid off fast food. Typical Tory joined up thinking - not.

devisridhar Also, how is this fair on NHS? Many still living away from families! Are they just supposed to go along with this for another year? No ok. Really not OK. Focusing on the wrong things as ever :( devisridhar Problem is most of the MPs are overweight due to alcohol consumption in the subsidised bars. Its going to be another 'do as I say not as I do' moment.

devisridhar Fuck the old people apparently :( No problem - there won't be much food around after the hard Brexit and what there is available is going to be pretty boring - turnips and cabbage anyone? They want everyone Back to work in the offices & shopping, milling about &congregating… But not really congregating, social distance.. but as were speeding up the 2nd wave you’ll need to drop a few stone as our plan puts you in the ICU. And they say satire is dead.

devisridhar Johnson leading the way? What rot. The shocking death rates in the UK aren’t because we are all fatties but because govt policy has failed. You are not going to slim everyone by the winter, we could change the tracking and testing and provide coherent advice! every single shut-in who cheered police-enforced lockdown are going to start screeching hysterically now.

Government should ban the addition of so many chemicals into food! They are massively disruptive to immune system, hormonal balance and a lot of other areas of our bodies. Chemicals make a massive contribution to obesity! devisridhar So in 2-3 months they will solve a huge, chronic epidemic with social, economic and psychological components, but they can’t manage PPE procurement, which seems like a simpler problem...

Vouchers for fruit and veg for anyone with a BMI over 30. Makes more sense than money off restaurant food Why not work together to prevent the second wave? Increased food bank use with crowd. devisridhar I'd prefer they plan a war against Coronavirus first. I'd prefer they were truthful about figures. I'd prefer they paid reliable sources for PPE instead of lining their friends pockets. I'd prefer not to leave the EU which will redender the UK as a weaker, poorer country. 🙄

devisridhar Bojo fat innit devisridhar So the meal vouchers are only for salad bars? So the buffoon in charge first sends people to the pub, to drink, get fat and get covid. Then he tells them to lose weight because of the second wave that his ineptitude has caused. Pity he didn’t show some leadership and avoid the second wave in the first place

The fuck does that even mean? devisridhar Fine, despite Gvt mixedmessage PubsReopening restaurants etc. But losing weight won’t save you from getting COVID19, but may help protect nhs from being overwhelmed again. hiddenagenda HerdImmunity? devisridhar So BorisJohnson we did expect you to ‘lead the charge’, as always

devisridhar Eat real mostly fresh food. Eat less. Look at portion size. Is that large plate of food really necessary to sustain you? Maybe smaller portions more often to prevent snacking on fatty, sugary, salty foods. Exercise daily to burn fat, build muscle and feel good. Low wages & shite universal credit along with mass unemployment, ain't a good combo for a national weight loss movement. Good food is expensive as are gyms. Mental health also directly impacts physical health. These cretins have zero chance being able to achieve anything useful.

devisridhar Fighting a losing battle. devisridhar No 10 plans ' weight loss drive to ready for expected Covid-19 second wave ' MEANWHILE IN No 11 ' Get your arses to Burger King and Nandos ' devisridhar They won't focus on the structural reasons for obesity: poverty wages, expensive fresh food, lack of playing fields & sport in schools, underfunded community sport provision, 40hr working week with little time for exercise etc. They'll tinker at the edges & blame poor people.

devisridhar It’s another example of shifting blame on to the population.if you don’t loose weight it’s your fault. We a need a war against COVID 19 and Zero tolerance. Also follow the Scottish Government plans and policies not Johnson’s devisridhar Tell people the truth about how long it’s a threat on surfaces & people wouldn’t be so free n easy about shopping every 2 minutes. Watch the weight fall off the nation then.

Just close the pubs right now and that will prevent a second wave. devisridhar Boris lost 12lb but put it back on. devisridhar I’ll take a measure of Boris’s waist line as a success (or not) of this endeavour devisridhar Is it a second wave ? or is the first wave just not trundling along ? High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) from the US.

devisridhar Presumably this is aimed just at Boris Johnson, yeah? why devisridhar They would be well occupied in driving virus levels down to as close to zero as possible. Easier to identify & stamp out hotspots. Stop/go shutdowns won’t do confidence or economy any good. Zero tolerance is far more likely to succeed in both areas.🤷🏻‍♀️ Fitter UK also positive.

devisridhar 🙄 Whatevs. Boris was hawking Tim Tams just the other day. devisridhar How about No10 get their bloody act in order and get ahead of the game by adopting preventative measures rather than fad ideas. Let's out the money where it will do some good. Free masks for all, especially teachers and their students.

devisridhar lose weight with us half price Pizza on us doh Public health had been superseded by personal personally. Sad that this is all we’re hearing about the government’s ‘plan’ for the coming months. devisridhar About turn.. Coming from Mr Athletic... A few weeks ago he was going on about how the UK is deprived of delicious Tim Tams. Now he wants everyone to lose weight. Kind of mixed messages there Boris...

Invest & encourage cooking from scratch. Food is medicine. Prevention is better than cure. Instead of forced weightloss try supplying nutritious foods to the population..🤔 Impossible to happen in such a short timeframe, the whole culture needs to change, less fast food and more affordable healthy options. Incentives for gym memberships, must be many more ideas?

Oxygen in the atmosphere is finite, not inexhaustible. The lighter you are the less you need to move about. Fat block at the top says we are all obese. Put your own house in order and go have a look at what is near the checkout at the local supermarket and report back. Inevitable second wave....where's the chocolate 🍫 before we're told to go to weight watchers, slimming world etc or better still download an app 🙄

So they could shell out £250 million to an old school pal to build an app . Who then contracts it out to an IT company for 10 million , then donates 40 million to the Conservative party and pockets the rest to the Cayman islands . Just a thought , allegedly. “Go to the pubs!” “Eat meals out!” “Lose weight and be healthier!”... Further consistent messaging from U.K. Gov then

husla9 So a fun sized mars bar will go up to £1 now then? I'm not fat but I like chocolate and over the years they have shrunk to half the size but not to half the price.. Can they star war on corruption first? 🤔 If you want people to lose weight then the time we spend in an office/sitting at a desk needs to be reduced. It's not good to be stationary for the long, and add in lifes other responsibilities and there's not much time for exercise 4dayweek

Starting with the lard-headed leader, one assumes? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 The Government that contradicted itself, again 🙄 BorisJohnson it’s going to take more than you going on a diet to fix social care PPE track & trace free face masks & TV licensing for elders...& why give discount to eat outRishiSunak

There will be NO 2nd wave. Unless they count the upcoming cancer deaths that result from inaccess to treatment as the 2nd wave. If the govt. plans to lose weight, Johnson and all MPs can go right ahead. Just please leave everyone else the fuck alone - we can all make our own decisions about how to live.

If the govt. wanted people to exercise, they would not have shut the gyms, nor would they have instructed councils to erect barriers around exercise equipment in local parks. Is this the same government as the one where the PM waffled on about the beauty of importing cheaper TimTams? Yet another distraction tactic from the fact that the NHS has been underfunded and understaffed for years. Shirking responsibility is the one thing the PM does well.

Given No Deal will mean less food on the shelves, and that any food that is available will cost way more, they will achieve this objective by default Just, just leave the chocolate hobnobs out of this! Johnson needs to do more than one press up before he starts telling people what's what the fat melt. Super interesting, it should be a war on stress and lifestyle and obesity would fall into line. Keep people working at home, move toward the four day week, increase job security. As we've seen during lockdown, people with free time just cook and exercise ✌

Second wave? Ah yes, the ‘no deal Brexit’ diet. DID YOU SAY HOBNOBS!! What about Convenience food? Cheap crap drowning in salt and sugar. Boris and his boys won't touch those companies. With any legislation to change their ways. And he wants to sort out the NHS Behave Privatise you mean. If people want to buy them they will. We have a whole aisle dedicated just to crisps and half a aisle dedicated to sweets.

Encouraging people to go out and eat is therefore not a particularly good idea - it's dining out and takeaways that have fuelled the obesity epidemic! RishiSunak eatouttohelpout Is this aimed at Boris? I've lost 10 friggin kgs already. Is everyone else putting on weight? How They’re pre-empting sparse supermarket shelves comme no deal/ shitty deal, aren’t they?

... says the fat lump at the head of govt. No thanks. UniversalBasicIncome now Couldn't agree more Boris, keep up the good work ! Fake Are they going to get corporations to pay tax? That would help. An anti-obesity drive won’t work when they’re allowing junk food to be bought cheap in August. Another example of the government failing to do grown up thinking

Developing an app is just code for handing over bundles of cash to Friends of the Conservatives Party with zero promises of delivery. Isn’t a large part of the obesity problem the mental aspect of people’s attitude to food? Where’s that part of the solution or is this yet another Government policy where being seen to do something is the goal rather than actually achieving anything?

Wow! Too little too late! It’s like saying “I’m going on a beach holiday in a month and I need to loose 2stone by then”. Ain’t gonna happen! Starting with Johnson? Inevitable second wave... And now I want to eat all that chocolate... Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity, and We separated them and made from water every living thing? Then will they not believe?

Then why not tackle it at a corporate level? Or could it be the only weight they give a toss about is the weight of their wallets? Maybe if they tackled COVID properly from the start then England wouldn't be the embarrassment of the UK Johnson was fat last week. Seemed to have given up on running around Buckingham Palace Gardens.

Big if true. War on obesity? why don't we just have a war on corporations who sell cheap, nasty, sugar-filled snacks that have no nutritional value? Luvly! Why don't you call it what it really is? AUSTERITYDRIVE Bore off

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Chocolate and sweet sales face further curbs in No 10 obesity driveSupermarkets in England may be stopped from displaying unhealthy food at end of aisles Big brother Nanny state. Cut the carbs

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