No 10 breaks silence to defend Dominic Cummings' 250-mile trip during lockdown

No 10 breaks silence to defend Dominic Cummings' 250-mile trip during lockdown

5/23/2020 12:34:00 PM

No 10 breaks silence to defend Dominic Cummings' 250-mile trip during lockdown

No 10 have defended Dominic Cummings saying it was “essential” he visited Durham while sick with coronavirus. More follows…

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Absolutely disgusting, outraged and 0 respect for Downing Street. 6 months since I’ve seen my family. 6 fecking months and that arse has been to visit his mum twice. Absolutely furious. No wonder people are not following rules. Now he has defended him, England can forge lockdown The modern way. No indiscretion carries any jeopardy. Just blimp way through and set out to attack others.

Really? He doesn’t even have the decency to admit when he’s done something wrong. The sense of entertainment boggles the mind. One rule for him, and another for the rest of us? What a time for the two giant western democracies, America and the UK, to be led by such useless and incompetent’s almost as if the universe is telling us something loud and clear

Surprise surprise I have stuck rigidly to the rules throughout lockdown. As BJ is backing Cummings I assume he accepts no rules have been broken. Tomorrow I’m going to see my mother in law who we have not seen since lockdown. I will sit in the garden with her at 2m. So f*** you Tory twats. This bunch of crooks are basically getting away with murder

This is propaganda and political exploitation of a national crisis. Please report real news. Predictable - they operate entirely outside the rules for the rest of us. They live without consequences. It’s like we invented a new absolute monarchy. One rule for us... Do what you like for them. Shame he wasn’t tested & contact tested ! He could be responsible for people dying because of his trip !

Looks like the national lockdown has officially been lifted. Protecting a 'bounder' at any cost, child low risk, parents in high risk category Seen here with another slippery customer. Where does her dominance with the BBC come from. Obviously it’s not a personality thing. Rules are for the guidance of the wise, rules are for the complete obedience of fools, rules rarely if ever apply to those who make rules.

His behaviour since day one has been that of a right shifty f*cker. Where does his get out of jail free card come from? He needs to explain himself and his secretive relationship with our Government directly to the electorate, now 🤷🏻‍♂️. How can they defend this? Why is he still in a job. He has to go. There is no separate rule for him. Tories & especially michaelgove & no10 must be crazy to try & defend this breach.

Boris was advised to back his advisor by his advisor. Simples. Surely everyone one is ignoring the fact if his kids weren't sick a 250 car mile journey probably would of caused a lot of exposure from him and his wife that would of passed to his sister or parents if they had to look after the kids. BorisJohnson One rule for the government, another for the rest of us. Dominic Cummings must resign if you want the rest of the UK to adhere to lockdown guidelines. Simple

Kuenssberg is up early today I'm driving to my usual spots to walk my dog from now on, if mps and their cronies (both sides) can do what they want then why not the rest of us Absolute bollox Corruption at the highest level, Cummings has something on Johnson. Gove is retweeting Laura K. All you need to know.

he broke the rules and put his parents in danger. No it wasn't. Just come clean and admit yes he broke the lockdown but in our calculations he doesnt need to resign as our cult will defend him with whataboutery and cover for his rule breaking as cummings helped deliver brexit and is too important for the project to let go now.

The govt were on a no win situation. Sack him, and you open up a can of worms as it’s likely they approved his actions and would be contradicting themselves. This would lead to DC airing out the govt dirty laundry, as payback. Support him, and you now face the wrath of a nation! Well that’s not surprising they will defend him.

BJ and Cummings really is a good combo. Sorry sons and daughters couldn't visit dying parents and love ones at that time On his mother’s Birthday 🍰 🎁 🎂 With a load more lies and contradictions NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo? Two face clowns Tories out Do as we say not as we do! They’ve been lying since day 1

‘More follows...’ = gives us time to think of a plausible cover up. Here we go That’s it then, he’s done for. Gone by Tuesday... And that's it. Lockdown is over. If Cummings is allowed to do it, everyone is. no defence This government don't know if they are cumming or going!

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No 10 is hiding behind secretive Sage pseudo-science'When the gig is up, can No 10 shift to a more honest position after brainwashing the public with its one-sided account of this pandemic?' | writes Sherelle_E_J Sherelle_E_J I’m not being funny but my local beaches were rammed today The government didn’t do that, selfish people did. After the third week, it’s always been on us not to spread the virus, and we did. This is on ALL OF US Sherelle_E_J So glad we’ve stopped wasting money on our subscription to this rag. Sherelle_E_J This rag is holding hands with The Guardian. Seriously time to drop the subscription, with journalism like this, just anti gov shite thrown around.