No 10 adviser resigns over alleged race comments

Andrew Sabisky: No 10 adviser resigns over alleged race comments


Andrew Sabisky: No 10 adviser resigns over alleged race comments

Andrew Sabisky is believed to have said he wanted to help the government, 'not be a distraction'.

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image caption Labour had called for Andrew Sabisky to be sacked from his role Downing Street has said its adviser Andrew Sabisky has resigned, following criticism of reported past remarks on pregnancies, eugenics and race. Labour had called for Mr Sabisky to be sacked for suggesting black people had lower average IQs than white people. He is also alleged to have said compulsory contraception could prevent"creating a permanent underclass". A Twitter account believed to belong to Mr Sabisky said:"I wanted to help the government, not be a distraction." "I know this will disappoint a lot of people but I signed up to do real work, not be in the middle of a giant character assassination," it continued. "If I can't do the work properly there's no point, and I have a lot of other things to do with my life." Mr Sabisky had been appointed after the prime minister's chief adviser Dominic Cummings called for"misfits and weirdos" to apply for jobs in Downing Street. When asked earlier, Downing Street did not comment on the remarks attributed to Mr Sabisky. Boris Johnson's spokesman said at the time:"The prime minister's views on a range of subjects are well publicised and documented." Related Topics Read more: BBC News (UK)

Imagine he was labour! Omg this is 1m x worse than criticism of apartheid Well good. There is no place for eugenics in British politics. ALLEGED racist comments? Really? He wrote them, he spoke them, they are racist comments. Sis you mean allegedly resigned over race comments? Ffs 🙄 His remarks are the same as Charles Darwin who said white race were superior and that an average negro had brain of 2 year old

Why hasn't he been arrested for racist remarks ? 💩 This man getting employed by the government is very disturbing and dangerous. Call Trump Alledge, they were ther for the world to see that is until he started deleting them all including his twitter account. Bye Andrew. You don’t half make it hard on yourselves sometimes.

Alleged?! What is wrong with you bbcnews?!

Number 10 adviser Andrew Sabisky: 'Very real racial differences in intelligence'Downing Street is facing growing calls to sack the 27-year-old following the emergence of his past remarks on a range of subjects. I think that this adviser is right, he has just got his racial list upside down, due to his lower racial intelligence. Sabisky.. Fine British name, Advising Number 10... Do you think Mr Smith is advising Putin? This comment section is full of nasty sods with fake names and profile pics saying things they wouldnt dare to utter in public (not the pub)

Sacked after a month, he’s fucked up. Sacked after a day, they’ve fucked up. Any more weirdos we should know about? Have you asked Johnson why he wasn't sacked? Good he’s an idiot no idea how he was hired with those views in the first place 🙄 enforced contraception? Good god 🙈 Please update this story to include ALL the info.

As a superforecaster, who should have seen that coming. He shouldn't have been hired and should have been fired Glad the little Nazi is gone, now for Cummings and blowjob! Best day ever! why don't you say Dominic Cummings? Is it considered unlucky - like MacBeth? Just a reflection of our Politically Correct society we live in....

No 10 furore is latest chapter in long, dark history of racist scienceIdea that members of one race are intellectually superior has had to be confronted regularly Is there any evidence at all that the races are equal? 'No Arab is superior to a non Arab, No white is over a black and no black is over a white except in piety and good actions Remember one day you will stand infront of God and answer for your actions. So do not stray from righteousness after I am gone. - Muhammad God's messenger Lysenkoism in the Guardian. The existence of group differences is one of the most well established facts in psychology. What causes them is a separate question.

Is he the definition of a twat? Can someone clarify for me? Alleged? 🙄 ....'alleged'? Alleged? He made them. Umm....there was no alleged about it, he said it!! Unfortunatly much of what he said is correct Well if you hire incels “Alleged”? Excuse me 'alleged' Jesus BBC you are a Tory propaganda machine Not sacked, then?

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'Alleged'. Really BBC, think you need to amend this headline! Lots of people want to show support for the BBC right now. Why do you make it so hard with poor, equivocating journalism? Alleged? This is why the BBC is dying. Pathetic as usual. Stop the spin. Do you honestly think cosying up to the government, still, is going to stop them gutting you.

*racist Alleged? They are a matter of public record. How can you frame this as “alleged” There’s nothing “alleged” about them. They’re what he proclaimed. You misspelled 'racist.' Atrocious that this individual has been paid by public money!! Disgraceful!! '...adviser resigns over RACIST COMMENTS'. Title fixed.

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Racist Adult up guys and call it racist Why alleged? This is why the bbc needs to go too now-siding with nazis While acting the injured party who only wanted to do good in the Government, but was unfairly judged due to previous racist and eugenic tweets. I think we need to look at the predictive text on Twitter, there are far too many tweets being posted that people didn't mean!

Why 'alleged'? He published them. Hey don't think alleged is the correct word here, do you bbcnews? biasedbroadcastingcompany Alleged? He literally wrote about how black people are genetically disposed to be stupider than white people... the bbc is fucking broken man and if it carries on like this no amount of Doctor Who or Attenborough can save it

Why 'alleged'? He said them. He hasnt denied it. Why not just say he said them given the evidence is there to be seen. Dear Lord! alleged? Does he have to wear a kkk uniform and hunt some dude with a gun to be called racist! What is wrong with you? They're not 'alleged race comments'. There's no doubt that he made them, nor even what he meant by them. Stop pandering to racists and fascists. I'd have thought you'd have learned by now.

Johnson curbs photographers’ access to No 10News organisations accuse Downing Street staff of excluding them from high-profile events Remind you of anyone? Hint, he's orange. He'll be changing the laws soon to extend the term limits of his office We’re turning into North fuckin Korea.

Why ‘alleged’? Clearly shown in his own writings! Please do better BBC 🤔😡🇪🇺🕷 Was he wrong in his thoughts ? Look around. Why was he not sacked? Why no comment from Johnson? Only to wait a year and be rehired. The Tory party is the new Catholic church Actual not alleged He’s Polish, right? The policy of employing ‘Weirdos’ is going well then.

Reporting this tweet. It's not alleged and you know this. Do your job properly please. Awww. Shame. Damn for a minute I thought it was Boris Johnson who is Dominic Cummings advisor snowflakepriminister

No 10 calls on social media firms to act after Caroline Flack deathPM’s spokesman says industry must ‘go further’ to remove unacceptable content in wake of TV presenter’s death Cart, horse and bolted come to mind. What about your Tory papers ? Social Media ? ,don't they mean MSM.

“...alleged...”🙄 So lame. ‘Alleged’ Why have you used the term 'alleged'? The facts are known; he publically stated.his views. Is there anything you can do to get *sacked* from this government? Good He's getting on a bit now, but his views are aligned and nicely calcified by now, I'm sure Wouter Basson would be a good fit...

The next one who should be out the door is scummings closely followed by BrexitJohnson and the rest of his cabal cabinet. Good riddence to bad rubbish. There’s nothing alleged about them - they’re there in black and white should you choose to read them Awful BBC report playing it down

You see this is the problem with “weirdos” umm their weird. Hardly alleged. He wrote a blog about it 'Alleged'? Seriously? There are a lot of people who would love to defend the BBC but you don't make it easy for us! Remove 'alleged' steviweavi Nothing alleged about it - he has said it, he boasts about it! Prime Minister Johnson embraced him at the Tory party conference, Prime Leader Cummings treats him as on of his own, the Tory party encourages his views internally! This isn't a small issue

What a twt Why is it in politics that recruitment of staff seems to he very informal. If I recruited staff informally my HR department would not be very happy. Another incredibly lazy 'news' item. No 'alleged' about it. Get real FFS! What the hell job description is 'Self described superforecaster' Seems a bit full of himself.


Why Couldn’t It Have Been Dominic Cummings It wasn't just alleged race comments though was it beeb? Says the BBC. Allegedly an unbiased news organisation. Dead cat story .... you've fallen for it yet again .... Brexit BrexitReality Brexitshambles BrexitJohnson the comment are NOT alleged. do your jobs.

He wasn’t vetted properly in the first place and if he was he wouldn’t have been given his job. If true Nothing to do with being a distraction, he needed to go as they simply don't need an advisor with a small brain ‘Alleged’? It's 2020 ... and he's a Heretic. The Religion of Diversity demands that he be punished.

Lesson: of you are a horrible person with offensive views don’t be surprised when decent people find you to be horrible & offensive.

They're not 'alleged' Alleged ? What so no basis ? Can bet your house they knew about him before he got the job too. Companies even check out volunteers. It's VERY easy to quickly check someones online history. I did it in one of my roles for a number of years. People who think this is a witch hunt are super ignorant.

He's a disgrace of an excuse of a man if u can call him a man!! Alleged means accused without proof. It's not alleged when the comments are immortalized online for all to see. I think the author and editor need to put themselves in the bin. Seems stupid comments are only sackable when they come from Conservative supporters!

Good, nasty person that he is! 'alleged'. SoupCruncher They’re not “alleged” BBC, it’s a matter of public record. BBCBias One Tory Nazi gone from government many more on the list

The sad desperate fools trying to stick up for this mug are both sickening and worrying. Thing is if we do head down the dark eugenics toad they'll be the turkeys voting for Xmas once again Well, it's not really racist. He's stereotyping. It's a socio-economic phenomenon. But he could have backed his theory with a lot of scientific studies that are readily available. In any case, he's former Eastern bloc. They're mostly hard-working, diligent & smart white people.

‘Resigned’! Not taken to one side and asked ‘are you a bit of a mental’? I suspect they knew if they hired a properly weird and awful misfit that would go viral while they got on with quietly tearing our country apart, away from public scrutiny. 'alleged' when are the BBC going to realise the Conservatives regard them with the same contempt they have for the general populace and actually expose what they're doing?

Why 'alleged'? Care to explain the use of such word? Pretty sure they were definite 'race comments'. Well done 👏 craven cowards and enablers SoupCruncher Alleged lol bbcnews announces fact checking will no longer be focus when reporting news, allegedly.

Good. But, why was he anywhere near a government role in the first instance? Alleged ? The BBC loses credibility now on a daily basis....l Astonishing to think that this guy could be employed as an adviser to the government. What’s next? Bernie Madoff to be appointed adviser to the Treasury, Josef Fritzl to advise on Housing?

He may Come As a Shock Bot h Lazy bows Cally he the sun gonna sit hin the noo Tae (oh laugh for Gosh..he speaks he minds snot) henny snot? NO. Just a wee wee yo long plonker ! HA He was born too late, he would have gone down a storm in in 1930's Nazi Germany, clear to see why he was attracted to the Tories though.

He's just telling the truth. British media are egregious lying and conniving for their own agenda working to shut down Free Speech and Democracy against a Government voted for by the people to promote Free Speech and Democracy, this is what makes the United Kingdom unique in the entire world! Now now let's not be kind not try to dampen the man's actions with using the word 'alleged'.

Dominic Cummings' double!

The fact that he was allowed to have the job speaks volumes either the vetting process failed miserably or he was brought in to create an uproar and distract people from something else. Either way good riddance When the comments can be proven to have been made, then they aren't 'alleged'; they are 'actual'.

Breaking, and momentarily uplifting news... The Utter Bastard Party do have some rather unsavoury friends, don't they? A - Why was he hired in the first place? B - Why wasn't he sacked? No'ing new there, whyte boy talkin' rhetoric Why are such facists not Being prosecuted for preaching hate? He's clearly a callow youth with an inferiority complex. How on earth could a low IQ simpleton like this ever be hired as govt. advisor, of all things? I hope this leech has not been paid, I don't pay taxes to line the pockets of Nazis

A 'super forecaster' yet he didn't see that coming? FOOLISH and seemingly unintelligent

Alleged? Come on. You can stop appeasing them now, they want you gone... Good. Where the hell are they getting these advisers from? Our government is just staggeringly inept. Aah, the man has shown some balls and done the right thing, now come on Cummings, dear chap, your turn to fall on your sword Which part is “alleged” - serious question. Sort yourselves out.

Alleged? Alleged? He stated that black people aren't as intelligent as white people? And this is probably genetic? That's not alleged, that's HitlerTalk This seems to have disappeared from the BBC homepage, today? “Alleged” LMAO Good riddance.'re going least he doesn't have a job anymore...but where is he working now?...and for who?...when did he say these things?...he looks quite young...were they in context?...i mean does he believe them?...

It isn’t alleged. Alleged states there’s a lack of evidence that he was responsible for these vile views and opinions. The BBC needs to think carefully about the misleading language it has and continues to use. Let’s also not forget that he wasn’t sacked - as he should have been. WHAT! Had he said.. Black coffee White coffee Mixed chocolate coloured.. White baby cardi Blue boy oh boy a baby A el. Ne. Ann e You silly silly peopl e You NEVER suspect A THING Ever That's how we win, they said

DixieRose100 Why do white supremacists always have such terrible hair? Woman’s 100m WR =10.49 Paralympic 100m WR = 10.46 So while a similar result, they’re fairly spectacular results! Very much doubt Mr Sabisky can do much in under 11 seconds with the exception of climaxing to Star Trek in his mums basement.

The comments are not 'alleged'; they are published and easily available. He didn't resign over the comments; he resigned because public outrage made him politically inconvenient for the govt. Why do you keep covering for a govt that's going to break you up & privatise you anyway? Just listened to BBCRadio4, Guest showing AndrewSabisky may have a point regarding genetics, brain development and behaviour.

You lot don't help yourselves. ...also quietly aborted his Twitter account last night. There’s no “Alleged” about it. They are not alleged, they are factual. That he resigned is curious because he should never have been hired. It shows the standards of no. 10 that someone like him even gets a job offer.

Can we assume the idiot who hired him will follow suit. Why not Cummings, Gove, Raab and Johnson too? They share similar views This reminds me a little of WH. Someone resigning before they’ve even started. Number10 Sabisky Scaramucci Is this the same as the alleged 50000 nurses or £350 million for the NHS ? Asking for a friend

Lol the BBC using the word alleged brave move. For the bias left wing channel i thought they would be having a field day. However their jobs hang in the balance thank god. You are being played Andrew, Dom, and Boris probably have a lot in common Tory/ukip/EDL / Trump views The racist Sabisky has resigned, allegedly, according to BBC News.

Looks like the witch hunt is well under way. A Dr W Shockley type heading into the oblivion with his Third Reich ideology. Unaware or omitting the fact that white people have more genetic diseases than black people and nobody should suggest they be sterilised for their defective genes.(courtesy of the late Dr F Welsing)

‘Alleged’ ?!!. I know you’re worried about losing your licence fee but get a grip. Can you sit on the fence more? The comments were definitely about race. You could add some more moral compass and state “abhorrent” as an appropriate descriptor. That’s before we get on to the sexual deviancy which seems was what really was to much for BorisJohnson

The reality is that many converts in the Red Wall will share these sentiments (especially the contraception comments). Cummings and Bojo will know this, hence their reluctance to condemn them. Yet again, the 'sack him now' brigade demonstrate their ignorance. Hmm.. and what do we have here.... He needs to make his way to the nearest Job center to No.10 that being St Marylebone the National Socialist Party are looking for a Kitchen Porter part-time.

We had to let him go he was an embarrassment Should've been sacked or never hired even Good riddance. Bro culture gone wild. Mr Sabisky had been appointed earlier this year after the prime minister's chief adviser Dominic Cummings called for 'misfits and weirdos' to apply for jobs in Downing Street. Who Employed Him? Cummings IntenseCityUk Identify GMB X Objectives. Pay The Cost To Be TheBoss? SnoopDogg E17 UK SadiqKhan UKParliament U2? RBKC LBHF KoredeKomaiya BishopJakes DrPaulEneche ON watchKICCTV DestinyEncounter Forbes F1 SkyNews BBC Hi GMB ITT

I see itv manage to report this without saying alleged. Ffs bbc ...! domoniccummings to resign All well and good, but you know Cummings is now trawling through the Twitter feeds of all the other 'misfits and weirdos' he's employing and deleting anything remotely inflammatory. Maybe we need to know if these comments were made during intellectual debate or are an expression of opinion. There is a difference. These days most television panels are about opinion.

SABISKY? 😂 where does he come from? 😂😂 Never wants to call a spade a spade and that’s why unfortunately, we still have creatures like this in our midst! johnsweeneyroar Dont believe the pedophile protecting,labour liars of the bbc Not 'alleged' but proven several times! Still no doubt Sabisky will be popping up from time to time on bbcquestiontime and night after being on bbcquestiontime this week

The Conservative party has remained fluid for ten years and will carry on that way while the have the cast of the bashstreet kids . They're constantly shape shifting like the reptilians that they are !👽

Sabisky isn’t a racist, he’s an exemplar of a new tribe that self-identify as “libertarians” or “classical liberals” but who are, in fact, narcissistic psychopaths who see most other people as worthless subhumans who are merely competition for the resources they feel entitled to. 'Alleged'! 'What is Mr Sabisky believed 😯to have said?' '... Made by a user called Andrew Sabisky [compulsory contraception]' 'What appears to be the same user... [made massively racist remarks]' 'A user with his name said [re-racism]' 'Mr Sabisky... suggested [dead kids OK]' !?

The left are the real Nazis, it's just a coincidence that right wingers tend to have a strange obsession with Eugenics. The Tories are the real supporters of the working class, it's just a coincidence they literally want to stop us breeding by force. 🙄 Seig heil, nice to know your friendly neighbourhood conservative party still has shits like this as members.

Why his past tweet is now…Certainly, it's sad that he, a public figure, has such an idea, but I think it's inevitable that there're various thinking in any country. However, I feel that we need to be constantly aware of the basis on which our social infrastructure is formed. johnsweeneyroar Alleged doing a lot of work in this news item

Issue with manipulation of embryo DNA is that eventually it will return massive gains. So, doesn't matter about parents views or a country's laws. If starts being systematically applied somewhere (think North Korea etc.), everywhere will HAVE to follow suit. So get ready!! Tip of the iceberg with this government. I expect there are more to come

Far Right Tory of many. Good riddance! Not alleged. Proven. When will you learn?

johnsweeneyroar 'alleged'? No, he seems to be a racist and that helps nobody. If he can't get this right then he should have definitely resigned. johnsweeneyroar Classic Dom. johnsweeneyroar Why “alleged”? He did not deny they were his comments. Just the beginning. Now this individual has gone it is time to expose the person who made the decision.They are either incompetent-and therefore shouldn’t be in government,or a racist -who therefore shouldn’t be in government.

Wonder what Ephraim Mirvis thinks of this now? Much better still vote Conservative? 'Alleged' ? What are the facts Or do you prefer gossip to fit your agenda Wankface Sabisky, beautiful British name .

BBC your end is near,allegedly Should never have been there in the first place. Or things he actually said? Come on BBC, why aren't you calling out the Buffoon for hiring this eejit- someone in government is responsible for hiring him , how did he get clearance ? - come on who is held to account here? lowerthanasnakesbelly

His comments aren’t alleged. It really doesn't matter whether he's resigned or not. Does the government still refuse to reject Eugenics as a policy? It's still a valid question since he wasn't sacked. Cummings should be sacked for recruiting him if they do reject it. To think you represent this nation? Shame

Have you read his comments?

Not alleged, some of us still support you despite the Brexit debacle. Careful with your words... I've never once considered eugenics to be a good idea. Mainly because the nazis tried it and we saw the consequences (v.bad) of putting the idea into practice. So how did this twat think it might be worth considering?

It's always alleged until proven guilty in a court of law. Are people really that dumb? 'alleged'... Can't wait till you lot get privatised, considering how much of a useless shit the entire org is. Why alleged Result.🙂 Alleged Pathetic headline from the Tory BBC Should think so too....horrible little man

Alleged He actually made racist comments!! good Whilst right on IQ, eugenics & enforced contraception comments are unacceptable and he was right to resign. It is worth remembering tthere are current Labour MPs who have made outrageously racist comments with no sanction. Different strokes, I suppose. ‘’Alleged’

Given AndrewSabinsky background you would think he was nasty enough to be part of BorisJohnson Tory government, but maybe there are still some who are too nasty. I assume this person will be prosecuted for his statements, because if I made any such statement I'd be prosecuted. So I trust the full force of the law will be brought against Mr Sabisky

Close down all the Marie Stopes' birth control clinics then. Stopes developed birth-control as a means of stopping the working-classes from reproducing aka 'eugenics'. Very good news indeed. 👍🏼 The real story is *not only* No 10. appointing a bigoted eugenicist and refusing to comment. It's that fascist and racist ideas about WhiteSupremacy are being accepted, normalised, and institutionalised in a context of growing nationalism. We’ve seen this before...

In Short: A low IQ individual resigns over alleged race comments because he was not man enough to face the consequences of his action or take an IQ Test against other races to prove his point like any determined person would. Wanker

Alleged? Reporting as accurate as usual. The comments were not 'alleged.' They are there for all to read. 'alleged'? whjat Cmon bbc ... « alleged » ! Jesus Christ!!!!!!!! Speak properly ..... How is it now character assassination if he said these things? Alleged It’ll be interesting to see what he’ll be doing next.

sufiboy Good. Scum bag AndrewSabisky, friend of Prime Minister Cummings should've been dismissed. When is BorisJohnson gonna show the country, and even the World, that HE'S the PM. He personally looks so weak with Cummings, especially after this and reshuffle! Yeah if he had a higher IQ he would've known the outcome of his 'alleged' words.

They're not 'alleged'. He has never denied he said those things. There's a lot of hypocrisy at play here. During Brexit there were many people who were promoting another vote based on the fact that many white old people would die, or had died. Not excusing this prat, but a lot of people playing the race card, should look in the mirror

Which “race” comments are alleged? Most of them are documented... Can’t believe it. What a joke. All the bloke said was that he believes in selective breeding of the population to attempt to bring about more clever people. What is the world coming to when someone can’t believe in that and advise our prime minister? Joke.

You accidentally put the word “alleged” in there. Alleged means there’s no evidence. Nothing alleged about them - he was happy to put his name on them because he didn't think it'd come back and bite him on the arse What's alleged about these comments? Why alleged? His comments are on record. Please change the headline, otherwise you are fake news. You need people like me onside BBC, we are the ones who will save you if it can be done.

Well it is RandomActsOfKindnessDay 😂😂

Proven comments that he actually made, nothing alleged about it. You’re going out of your way to provide cover to pseudoscientific bigotry and nonsense. Alleged? Can you no longer read? BBC always find Racism to bleat about. The rest of us don't care Boris Johnson let racism fester and flourish in the corridors of power by hiring him in the first place and then failing to sack him.

Personally appointed by Dominic Cummings. Best news of the day . This is why the BbC is under attack. BBC News & politics continue to be poor journalists. Not alleged, he's published & spoken. Facts are facts. If it's raining outside & I say it isn't itsbypur job to look outside & say it is! Not that its alleged FFS

What do you mean, 'alleged'? Not sure how Labour can demand somebody to be sacked over a race issue though 🤔

Important to remember that Boris Johnson didn’t sack him. The Prime Minister let racism fester and flourish in the corridors of power. Good riddance One of Cummings new elite. I bet Goebbels never had these problems. Why are you using 'alleged'? It's in writing and he's never denied writing it. Why are you scared to state facts as facts?

Not sacked then. Should not have been recruited in the first instance Finally you cover the story and then you stick 'alleged' in. WTF? There was no alleged about it. Finally. Public 1 Dominic Cumming 0. Does this mean Richard Dawkins has to go? What part of them were fucking “alleged”? Who on Earth would take his advice? Oh yeah the Tory party. Says it all doesn’t it.

Alleged? Are you in some doubt? Oh how unfair Just the type of person we need in the new post Brexit world Guess we are still too woke bit we can work on that Sabisky’s appointment in the first place shows an appalling lack of judgement or contempt for acceptable standards, or both! 'Alleged' No. Stated categorically. Racist comments. Not alleged. FFS - stop being the Conservatives patsy!!!

Why use alleged? He definitely looks master race material... Everyone: It is Monday today. BBC: It is Monday today, allegedly. Bye bye, Racist. But shame on BorisJohnson for hiring him. It's scary how the heritable IQ deniers jump straight into the assumption that lower IQ population's would be genocided. Pure projection of course. Anybody who has looked at average IQ distribution knows that it's heritable and that Whites are somewhere in the middle.

Resigned? Its telling of the tories that he was allowed to resign and not sacked. I guess he'll continue to advise in a freelance off the books let's keep it a secret kind of way

Will anyone notice? Frankly how these idiots actually get these jobs is worrying The person who appointed him should also resign. If he had been appointed by a minister / shadow minister the embarrassment would be intolerable and they would be under severe pressure to resign. Cummings should do the honourable thing. Oops, sorry no honour to be found there.

Is it cos ee’s white? Back under his rock? Bbc still trying to suck up to Bojo to avoid losing the licence fee, it's not alleged he's on record saying those things That was fucking quick. Haha Once again someone sacked for telling the truth after being hounded by the hard left ! Alleged? Good. His comments were repulsive.

They weren't 'alleged' - they were quotes. Really up your game His views were twisted - where was the race comments? The fact that he was even hired and held a post close to Government says everything you need to know about Cummings and Johnson Well that was quick. Rather damning that Sabisky wasn't sacked for his abhorrent views. That's probably because nobody in No 10 thought they were actually abhorrent AndrewSabisky

And the rest! I suppose ‘No 10’ thinks that’ll get BorisJohnson off the hook How much was he paid and did he get a pay off? 'Alleged' He has a lot to do with his life? Torchlight parades? Large rallies? I am sure he will be taken care of Unlucky Cummings Is the net closing in BorisJohnson !! LeakTheRussiaReport Weirdos

ALLEGED?! My God, its literally there in plain writing.... This is taken from Wiki, but I would like to see some Academic facts, supported by impirical evidence, carried out by Chinese and Indian researchers, not just Europeans. Didn't even have time to take his coat off Comical if not so dumb= NEVER RESIGN.

Why do you say 'alleged.' ? Check it out. It's easy to do so as his opinions are all in the public record..... he'd never be part of the breeding programme anyway Good! 'race comments' not 'alleged race comments'...... PM said he had to go no doubt Come on BBC, their not alleged, otherwise why would he resign. Why do I pay the Licence Fee again?

Good riddance!! I'm Surprised as this is the most overtly racist n.10 we've ever had. Thought he'd fit like a glove tbh..🤔😂😂 So who ratified his appointment? Surely there should be further resignations. If this was the SNP the BBC would be all over it like the proverbial rash! Alleged you must be joking Call him out for what he is or are you scared of Cummings....

How ironic...the misfit didn't fit. Not alleged. He stated these opinions. It's a fact. Need to state this clearly. Same problem in the USA, we have people who come from Eastern Europe who come here and feel automatically entitled and better than all other immigrants. Mostly the once from Ukraine. No alleged about it. It’s in the public domain. Look it up!

That went well. You’d think somebody would do some homework *prior* to appointing somebody! 🤦‍♂️ He looks like after birth

It's not alleged. He wrote those comments. Now let's see no10 condemn his beliefs JamieDaltry His comments were inaccurate and very very very very dated. Did he fall or was he pushed? Good. What is alleged? Couldn't happen to a nicer person 🤬 Should be sacked for that fringe alone

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Hate speech towards Chinese people has increase 900% on Twitter

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Hate speech towards Chinese people has increase 900% on Twitter

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Hate speech towards Chinese people has increase 900% on Twitter Hate speech towards Chinese people has increase 900% on Twitter How will the UK function with a sick prime minister? Italian man, 101, born during Spanish flu, recovers from coronavirus Global condom shortage looms as coronavirus shuts down production Tackle climate crisis and poverty with zeal of Covid-19 fight, scientists urge Hate speech towards Chinese people has increase 900% on Twitter Delivery of 5,000 URNS to Wuhan raises doubts about China's death toll More than 100,000 badgers slaughtered in discredited cull policy Global CONDOM shortage looming after factories shut due to coronavirus Jeff Bezos sold $3.4bn of Amazon stock just before Covid-19 collapse Albert Camus novel The Plague leads surge of pestilence fiction