Nish Kumar calls Tories ‘p***ed-up cultural vandals’ over BBC licence fee scrapping

‘For those kicking the BBC right now... you will miss it when its gone,’ wrote Deborah Meaden

1/16/2022 7:18:00 PM

‘P***ed-up cultural vandals’: Nish Kumar and Armando Iannucci criticise Tories over plans to scrap licence fee

‘For those kicking the BBC right now... you will miss it when its gone,’ wrote Deborah Meaden

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'They would say that wouldn't they'... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Especially Nish. He seems to have forgotten that his show was axed because he'd turned all the viewers off. He's trying to sell something nobody wants. You're in good company there MrNishKumar. But it won't be gone, it will have to compete fairly with other news media organisations and will sink or swim on it's performance...

What's wrong with cancelling the licence fee. If they do not want to do advertising as most others do. Then they should operate a subscription or pay per view service. Instead of making it a criminal offence to watch TV without a licence. Even if the person is not watching BBC. I use the news site from time to time, but I don't watch any of the channels so would I really miss it? I'm sure there are some series/films that have been funded that I've watched, but still.

well it’s a stealth tax and needs to go but the caveat of if they are still in government in 5 years time suggests ths is a desperate ploy to salvage their current lack of popularity.

Tories vow to scrap licence fee in five years as £2bn cuts imposed on BBCNext charter renewal would move Corporation to subscription or share model The BBC keep pointing out how shit we are. Abolish it! I look forward to reading about in in the next Conservative manifesto (which of course means it’s unlikely to happen). Channel 4 is next on the hit list I guess. ToryCorruption More Neo-Liberal Capitalism.

‘Riding its hobby horse!’ Fury as BBC accused of breaching impartiality over partygateTORY MPs are up in arms against the BBC after Britain's national broadcaster reportedly broke its impartiality while covering Boris Johnson's partygate scandal. The BBC has not been impartial for years. Anyone still paying a licence to watch that crap is a mug! All eyes on NadineDorries to end this madness. The BBC is guilty of covering up Tory crimes against Britain. It has helped with 180k austerity deaths, Helped to starve kids and put millions into poverty. It has allowed the incompetence that has led to the worst covid death relate in Europe. It hasn’t been impartial for decade Fury as Daily Express are constantly biased and face no repercussions.

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Boris Johnson will address No 10 ‘party culture’, says Tory chiefConservative chair Oliver Dowden says PM feels ‘sincere regret’ and is committed to ‘upping our game’ 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Dmitri sure this meeting will take all night

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