Nigel Farage just blamed Antifa for US protests, saying they’re the ‘real fascists’

Nigel Farage blames ‘Antifa’ for US protests, saying they’re the ‘real fascists’

6/1/2020 11:05:00 AM

Nigel Farage blames ‘Antifa’ for US protests, saying they’re the ‘real fascists’

After several days of unrest in the US, Nigel Farage has tweeted exactly what he thinks about it. Protests started in Minneapolis over the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, last week.

After several days of unrest in the US, Nigel Farage has tweeted exactly what he thinks about it.Protests started in Minneapolis over the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, last week. Since then, they’ve spread around the USA, and elsewhere – including protests in London, Denmark and other parts of the world.

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Over the weekend, Donald Trump inevitably tweeted about the incident, saying that he would designate"antifa" – which is not an organisation – as terrorists, presumably in response to the protests of the last few days.Nigel Farage, the ex-MEP and Brexiteer best known for various anti-immigration stunts, also weighed in over the weekend.

He tweeted that Antifa were the real fascists, and that they were exploiting a"tragic death".Despite the fact that one of Farage’s favorite things to talk about is the British Armed Forces, particularly during the Second World War, he has long since had a problem with"Antifa".

He had previously tweeted that"Antifa are the real fascists" along with footage from a protest in 2018.He’s also blamed Antifa for the trend of milkshaking – where protesters threw milkshakes specifically at him as he visited various British cities – although those actions seemed to be non-affiliated to any organisation, and more based around what drink was closest at the time.

Antifa is a far-left movement which rose to priminence after Donald Trump's election in 2016. It is largely considered to be a non-violent movement. Read more: The Independent »

Why are you even publishing what he says. He has no position, no platform. Who cares what this monster says Nigel Farage is a Clown. There’s something very reptilian going on here Takes one to know one and all that Why keep giving this person publicity? people still ask for the clown's commentary? Says the man who evoked the idea of anarki in Europe!

I wish Farage would shut up. As the saying goes it takes one to know one Who rattled this muppet's cage?! Stop giving Nigel Farage coverage!!! Stay in your lane bitch HE IS THE FASCIST Well he's a racist so he would “Notice me Senpai Trump!” Nigel Farage can go cram it up his butt. Farage defending Fascism? What a shock

Another sad publicity seeking wannabe hanging on Trump's every word hoping to stay in the public eye. Just ignore the moron and he may go away. Does that mean if you go about self-describing as a fascist, that people should understand that you’re actually against fascism? I’ve never read more bull in my life, other than anything which resembles a farage-based opinion of course. Stop allowing him a platform.

Irrelevant, fragile rock looking troll. Go spend your I’ll gotten gains from your Brexit lies. Muppet. Remind me why Farage’s opinion matters to you? He’s a failed politician, ex-MEP, interested only in sucking up to Trump to try to get a job by parroting Trump’s words. I blame it on Nigel Farage, for having sex with Ann Widdecombe.

Projecting again Nigel? Puppet does his masters bidding. Can we send him to the US? Possibly to spout his nonsense there and see what happens? Well, he would, wouldn't he? Why give him oxygen! Nigel_Farage These are the sort of people you are aligned with and start trouble with Antifa. They knifed someone to death in Portland and are active around USA. Get back in lockdown and dont flout rules for self indulgent promotion

Why do you even give this fascist a forum? Since when did he become an authority on public safety matters? And why does the whole world need to read what HE thinks? It’s incredible. Why should anyone care about this lunatic man’s opinion? Can you stop giving this utter waste of space airtime please. Anything that comes out of his hate infected mouth is totally irrelevant.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Why does Nigel Farage's opinion matter? Why is it still considered newsworthy? Isn't this the same dickhead who claimed that Brexit was a good idea? I think we can take anything he says with a whole mountain of salt!! He's an irrelevance NigelFarage_ please do not give him any media coverage

That's rich coming from an actual fascist. That our former shyster in chief BarackObama not only allowed to flourish, but supported. Yes, of course they are - NOT. Where is the coward you call your friend, the tough man, the 'saviour' of America? Where is he Nigel? He's hiding in a bunker, that's where he is. President BunkerBoy. Typical!

Once again Nigel is right I thought he died? Please don’t give him air. He is irrelevant. Nigel Farage is 100% correct. The media are also responsible for decades of anti-white, anti-European propaganda, dumping all the world's ills, especially those of minorities, at the feet of white people. where has the snake slittered from? He has been awfully quiet lately (And that was a good thing!)

Looked what crawled from under its rock 🤮 Why would you publish this guff from a racist Oh that's rich. Fascist arsonist sets fire then blames far left groups for fanning them. Is it me or is he looking more and more like Prince Andrew? Must be something in the Port... What would you except of Nigel Farage- really.

because the white neo nazis are 'good people', right? Couldn't be them inciting violence. How do people follow Nigel Farage when he says rubbish like this. He is part of the propaganda - white supremest are in prison. They are like Nigel, Trumpers. He should pay attention to the detail and be British. Shock! Horror! Facist tries to blame the other side.

I'm glad you posted this, as it shows Farage up for the utter imbecile he is. He needs help. This man is living proof that lizards disguised in human skin walk the earth You're so boring Nigel 🙄 Nigel himself a good example of racist, richism 😂 It takes an expert to recognise that I assume Trump will bring down all the fake news including the Independent.

Nigel who That's exactly what a fascist would say The anti fascists are more fascist than the fascists, and yes he is correct. why is this low life fool back in my news feed Farage blames ‘Antifa’ because they are opposed to Neo-Nazis, Neo-fascism, white supremacists and racism. Leader of the UK KKK party.

LBC are you really going to give this racist a platform. A man is murdered ..its beamed into our homes..and he wants us to blame ..who ? the very people suffering oppression . here you are Nigel this is what happens when you blame the victims of fascism And prove him wrong Bet he cant wait for 3million Hong Kong anti Fascists to arrive

Get a life, man! Antifa are pretty stupid, but fascists..... no! They sort of mean well, bur perhaps infiltrated by to mean well and perhaps there are just to many middle-class and richer kids in their number, but i wouldnt say they are a bad lot He walks among us. Why do you even bother bothering us about an irrelevant waste and his views?

Interesting take on reality there from Oily Spice. GammonLogic Why are you talking to him Nigel was once an important voice in British politics but not anymore. I have no idea why you are therefore seeking the opinion of someone who irresponsibly inflames passions and causes further social divisions..... oh hang on a minute I get it.....

You must be joking, the riot element has all the hallmarks of the far right infiltrating to make mischief Don’t give Farage any publicity. nigel_farage should he able to recognise a real fascist when he sees one, he is buddy and drinking partner to most of them. NigelFarage I think this merely conveys his position as 'far right' 🙄

My dad stood in the lines at El Alamein. He was an anti-Fascist Some oxygen thieves will say anything to get attention - Farage the racists Batfart stirring it again! What can you expect from this person. He is trump's representative in Europe. Not surprised. We have Farage in UK to reflect trump Why are you even engaging with him?

He’s not wrong. Domestic terrorists. Farage now a parody of himself But unfortunately he is utterly shameless, and won't leave WH. I guess Trump was malnourished during his childhood, never got that much attention from his parents, and in his school he was bullied for long time- if not entirely. Now, he is taking from the whole world.

Why are you giving this oxygen vaccum any space? If the press ignored him he would go away. Who asked for his opinion? How on earth can someone justify naming a movement specifically named anti-facists as 'the real facists'? Deputy Idiot in Chief! NigelFarage need to keep to his own affairs. Please stop giving Nigel_Farage a platform for his right wing conspiracy ramblings. If we ignore the nasty little toad he might go away.

Who? said the Real Facist after all you'd think he could recognise one of his own!!! 😒😡 Translation: Nigel Farage is desperate for attention so he is saying something that even an amoebas knows is bollocks so that people will pretend his existence is relevant and not just a shitty smear on human development that we should all throw in the bin

He is correct about antifa just stating fact Give him a knighthood just to wind the left up. He certainly knows all about fascism. Don't give him airspace! Ignore him. He’s well past his sell by date. This guy....... Wow, I'm speechless. The right winger's hate the left speaking the truth ! 7 times unelected Farage should shut the f%*k up and crawl under a rock were he belongs, He hates not being in the news anymore UselessPrat

As a rule, I am not interested in whatever comes out of this non-entity. Why would anyone still give him the time of day is baffling beyond belief.🤦 Oh they're the real fascists are they? Not those nice folks with swaztikas in Charlotsville who you called very fine people. TrumpNazi TrumpResignNow This from the guy that is claimed to have gleefully sung Hitler youth songs... yeah, I’d don’t know about you lot but I’m not taking lessons from that sicko.

Farage is a bellend. Only using Trumps rhetoric to gain the popular opinion. He’s scum, anyone who thinks otherwise is part of if the problem. Who asked him? If there was ever a reason to stand with them it’s when Farage says to stand against them. Says the Trump sycophant ! Quelle surprise. Man pals with fascists says anti fascists are.... fascists.

Stop reporting on this prick We are all antifa now Nigel Farage again....was clear that this clown says the same BS like Trump. He should go back in the Pub and drink You’re the fascist Nigel. “The Anti-Fascists are the real Fascists”... 🤯🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ via Coldwar_Steve He’s absolutely correct. Why would anyone be interested in what Farage says? Why give him a stage?

It's code for..... ' I don't like blacks ' Designating the White House as a Terrorist organization. NigelFromage - never the brightest - does not understand the definition of fascism. Who cares? Why are you reporting this? Why not report what some random person in Stoke thinks, it’s just as irrelevant.

Why is the opinion of Nigel Farage of any relevance? When was it ever? Farage is no better than a Nazi blaming the Jews. Oh who let him out Why are this idiot’s opinions worth reporting he is an irrelevance and his opinions are no more significant than any other ‘has been’ celebrity. His views on what is happening in the USA than would be David Beckham and at least he has lived there HasBeenFarage

Oh look, it’s that racist bloke next door you’re always trying to avoid. MSM: It's a peace protest. Anyone with a brain: STOP LYING, IT'S ORGANISED INSURRECTION. Brought to you by the same people that want to stop Brexit... Antifa Soros Libtards globalFascism ANTIFA? Can’t wait till he flashes his KKK membership badge

Farage is a Trump enabler. That is all you need to know about him. Nigel Farage blames backed‘ Antifa’ terrorists for US protests, saying they’re the ‘real fascists’ Antifa are the real Fascists? That means the actual Fascists are Anti Anti-Fascists? Huh? What do you expect from a racist. What according to Farage is Antifa. Is that his code word for white racist like him?

We know how populists think. There is a script. So anyone but neo Nazis and real fascists, 'those many good people'. Antifa means anti fascist.. Lol, the real fascists are the people that fight back against hate, so it seems 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ Yes, I agree 5000%! Fascism in the USA has ceased to pretend and is already openly acting according to Hitler manuals.

He blamed them for the violence I think you meant to say. Please don't give him the platform. Antifa... means Anti Facist... coming from the man who was leader of a party that’s members usually had a copy of Mein Kampf under their bed. He’s an expert on fascism so perhaps we shouldn’t dismiss his ramblings too soon.

So UKIP must have been the real remainers? In other news, down is up, war is peace, and freedom is slavery To mr farage ... I know you are but what am I Well, right-wing fascists like Nigel can call the protestors what they like, but they're right to protest and I'm on their side. 'The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists' - Winston Churchill

Well most racists would believe that. Oh who fckn cares what that frog faced pez mouthed loon thinks? Couldn’t agree more Honestly, who gives a rats arse what this sad excuse for a human thinks? Please do not amplify him, he is just desperate for attention Antifa are the real fascists, says fascist I believe the majority are, just look at videos..there alll white dudes

Love how absolutely no one likes him. These comments are great Well of course he does Facist says real facists are over there guv Wanker And they say you don’t see white dogshit anymore. Has he not gotten a real job yet? Liar lying makes your headline. Have a word with yourselves. Nobody cares about Nigel’s uninformed opinion

Shut up , Nigel. You dont have a clue. Farage the human muck spreader. .. This twat still desperate to be noticed I see. Why do independent and other decent media outlets give any media time to this slug of a human? (Sorry to any slugs reading.) He'd make some great compost, though Sometimes only a Cusack will do.

He's obviously a fa, then. Thick As Sh*t Farage doesn't understand that Roosevelt and Churchill were both ANTIFA along with all the allied armies fighting fascists. Farage has now nailed his fascist flag to the wall. You couldn’t make it up. He’ll try though Unemployed racist gives opinion. Might as well talk to the woman who shouts at the cheese in Asda.

Yes, of course, Nigel_Farage; and let me guess, the KKK are beacons of racial diversity, tolerance and inclusion. Why are you continuing to give this unemployed,failed politician any column space at all....? Of course he does

Nigel Slater’s recipes for new potato salad and chocolate apricot cakeCrispy little spuds and chocolate cake… Indulge yourself a little, says Nigel Slater Yummmy 😋 In a cake? That sounds revolting.

Cities across the US set curfews and brace for unrest as Trump puts army police on standby — follow liveUS attorney general threatens to prosecute out-of-state protesters as president blames 'Antifa' for furious protests against police killings Heil realDonaldTrump M organizing all my niggas in Africa, we coming over to help solve the problem. Fuck the Police! The military will create dead nigger storage.

Police officers filmed being dragged along street in Chicago as unrest escalates across AmericaUS attorney general threatens to prosecute out-of-state protesters as president blames 'Antifa' for furious protests against police killings the us is fubar..... 1000 deaths and rising , mass protests and a Potus that is more worried about twitter than his people That’s normally the type of civil war that America exports to other countries fore decades. Everything comes around. This is why you shouldn’t elect a racist. And now he advocates state sponsored mass murder of US citizens. Disgusting.

Trump says National Guard did great job against 'Antifa led anarchists' in MinneapolisWhile Trump administration blames 'Antifa' for violence at protests, local leaders say white supremacists and other malign outside groups have infiltrated demonstrations to sow discord PutinsBitch did very good job this week This whole Antifa narrative is a distraction. Don't fall for it. The Federation Of Zionist Youth

'ANTIFA is now a terrorist organisation!' Trump declares WAR on anarchist protestersDONALD TRUMP has labelled the Anti-Fascist Action group (Antifa), as a terrorist organisation as he declared war on anarchist protestors. Distraction! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉oh Happy Day! Far Left. Hard Left. Socialist. Communist. All the words to choose from, but the scummedia go for... ...'anarchist'. mediascum

Trump says US will designate Antifa as a terrorist organisationThousands of Americans in cities all across the country have taken to the streets in recent days to protest police bruatlity after the death of George Floyd “These are very good people” “Give a little, and put out the fire” “See them, talk to them, make a deal” Is Donald Trump talking about the people protesting George Floyd’s murder? Nope. He’s discussing the white supremacists who stormed the Michigan Capitol. Any questions? Excellent! 👍🏻