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Nigel Farage 'in win-win' battle with Nicola Sturgeon as independence bid looms

Nigel Farage 'in win-win' battle with Nicola Sturgeon as independence bid looms

1/22/2021 11:17:00 AM

Nigel Farage 'in win-win' battle with Nicola Sturgeon as independence bid looms

NIGEL FARAGE is in a 'win-win' independence battle with rival Nicola Sturgeon , according to a Reform UK insider, despite a gloomy pollster predicting he's handed the Scottish National Party ( SNP ) leader a major voting boost.

(Image: GETTY)Mr Tice said in November the party had received thousands of applications from candidates since Reform UK's rebrand that month.Mr McDonnell also exposed how Reform UK's other pledges, like becoming the anti-lockdown party, could also see Mr Farage and his peers collect votes.

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Most polling from YouGov in November demonstrated the public did not agree with Mr Farage on issues such as lockdowns, despite him claiming"restrictions are a threat to freedom".Mr McDonnell explained that"perceptions change and while this most recent national lockdown has strong support, it has fallen compared to the 93 percent who supported the first lockdown back in March".

Scottish independence latest polling(Image: EXPRESS)He added:"If this trend continues with any potential future lockdown measures, then the anti-lockdown pool available to Farage will widen."Additionally, his own ratings have fluctuated and are far from their peak.

"Just after the European Parliament elections in 2019, Farage’s personal approval was at 30 percent and there is no reason they won’t increase again if he is able to get enough airtime."But more recently, Sir John dismantled any suggestion that Reform UK could rock Holyrood by detailing how if anything Mr Farage would"divide the pro-Union vote", and not inspire a movement.

Election: Voting guru Sir John Curtice(Image: GETTY)Speaking to The National in January, he argued that the party would likely target Conservative, Brexit-backing voters, which Sir John claimed could see the Tories lose their position as official opposition.

He said:"More Leave voters vote Tory than anything else, so the Tories are the ones which will be least happy.“A third of SNP voters backed Leave, but with Reform UK running with the type of British nationalism that was typical of the Brexit Party and UKIP that doesn’t do well up here.

“But one suspects Tory Leave voters are somewhat more vulnerable [to the Reform Party] than SNP Leave voters. Meanwhile, of course, it fractures the Unionist vote a bit more.”Since the start of 2020, opinion polls for a second Scottish independence vote have given"Yes" a consistent lead over the rival"No" campaign.

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Scotland had an independence referendum in 2014, in which 55 percent voted to stay in the union. Read more: Daily Express »

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Farage surely has what he wants from Brexit, after all if he isn’t winning who is . He just seems to linger around like a bad fart . Surely he should realise if the sh*t hits the fan after furlough finishes he needs to be well away from the firing line . This is a person who has always had all the answers but has never had to make a decision in his life he is actually a wannabe

Scotland hates Farage as much as Boris and it's not Nicola or SNP that is pushing for independence in Scotland