Nigel Farage appears to break coronavirus quarantine rules with pub photo after US trip

Nigel Farage could only have re-entered the UK 13 days ago at the earliest after attending a Donald Trump rally in Tulsa.

7/4/2020 8:43:00 PM

Nigel Farage appears to have broken the UK's quarantine rules after posting a photo in a pub at midday today - less than two weeks after returning from the US

Nigel Farage could only have re-entered the UK 13 days ago at the earliest after attending a Donald Trump rally in Tulsa.

Commercial flights from Tulsa to England take at least 10 hours, so if Mr Farage stayed for the US president's address, which ended at 3am UK time, he would have been able to arrive back in the UK at lunchtime on the Sunday at the very earliest.With this timeline, he should be quarantining until Sunday under the UK's 14-day rule.

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AdvertisementEd Davey MP, the acting leader of the Liberal Democrats, says he has written to Kent Police asking them to investigate whether the 56-year-old has broken quarantine rules."There are clearly serious questions to answer for Nigel Farage," Mr Davey said in a statement."It is clear from his social media posts that he was in America on 20 June, and he was pictured at a Trump rally that evening.

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Sky news and the BBC are becoming more irrelevant by the day. SO FUCKING WHAT ! Diddums if only you had some decent journalists capable of finding some news Sky and comments here: “The rules are confusing! We aren’t sure what we can and can’t do!” Sky and Farage bashers today: “He broke the rules!” What do you mean appears, either he has or he hasn't

Only stupid people follow stupid rules. Check your facts We see you Comcast peddling fake USA style news through sky news. Should have been splattered over his mums chin! Arrest him Nigel_Farage has replied to this story. If you botherd to investwand report facts you will find you are wrong AGAIN He quarantined for 14 days, took a test and it came back negative. This is yet another fake news story. Tiresome of the biased nature of Sky News.

mediascum Prick PhilipRadbourne Stop giving this attention-seeking cunt attention. I honestly couldn't care less if he broke quarantine rules. You don't think every single other passenger flying into the country hasn't done the same thing? Why not track some of them down and post pictures of them in the pub?

Sky. Once tried. Now moribund. Nevermind the BLM scum rioters then.....that was OK because of the virtue signalling BS? ScumMedia Any publicity etc - nothing to say no one wants to listen 😂 He is a wast of space But you made no comment about protestors breaking SD rules a few week ago. Well done ScumMedia

Your selective outrage speaks volumes. What does it matter when the governments own advisers do what the fuck they like. And I I can’t stand this prick either Sad world, all this fuss over Nigel Farage having a pint. If honesty is so important why not admit that you’re not angry that he had a pint 24 hours too soon but that you actually just hate that he stands up against far left fascism. And this is your chance to put the boot in.

I’ve been out today and had a skinfull, what’s everyone’s problem, that’s right, they’re morbidly sad Oh piss off Sky News, Nigel returned home two weeks ago, has been tested negative, went into the pub earlier, Social Distanced and used the had gel provided, have a bit more respect for Nigel_Farage , he is a great British hero !!!

Absolute bollocks he was tested negative and did 2 weeks at home he is not stupid . Yes but Nige is one of the ‘rules do not apply boys’. Nothing will be done. This villain has friends in the right places. Off with his head. Sky you know if you attack Farage 80% of your followers are going to go into gammon rage mode, that's their hero.

But this was just fine eh sky? I am finding it difficult to remember any guidance that Farage adhered to.If he had then Brexit would not have happened and Terry Christian’s mental health well being would reflect the time when he was a somebody. One rule for the likes of him, and another for everyone else.

No not at all KarlTurnerMP Not ‘appears’. He *has* broken the quarantine rules, since he was attending Trump’s rally two weeks ago and clearly hasn’t been uarantined himself for 14 days. Throw him in jail. He's a Trump ally and a traitor to the UK. He belongs behind bars anyway. Surely if whilst under quarantine a person felt unwell and had Covid symptoms and subsequently got tested and the test was negative then the person no longer needs to quarantine?

Skum News peddling tosh again ... ScumNews Appears ? As a news station........did you not actually CHECK Oh piss off ffs The rules went out the window when Dominic Cummings got away with his eye test trip to the castle 😂 Who cares. Dominic Cummings broken the rules as well. Fake fecking news organisation

He had to go out to check his eyesight and left arm? Protesters also broke the social distancing rules as well No he hasn't, stop spreading fake news more bullsh*t from ScumMedia Sly News More shit stirring from ScumMedia how about you get your facts right? Nigel_Farage Pathetic Ed Davey. Except he hasn’t...

Coronavirus: What are the new rules when pubs reopen?😂there are no more rules anymore, do what you like, wear or don’t wear your mask,social distance if you like, travel anywhere you want🤑🤑😂😂🤧😷😎 Of course he has the giant gammon

Nigel Farage reported to police for visiting pub after US Trump rally tripWas pictured in Tulsa last month 1st - why is that person still news-worthy? 2nd - hope he (and you UK ppl) are aware that quite a number of Trump staffers and other government people in the Trump admin have tested positive. So have fun with that festering virus cesspool (i mean Farage) Does anyone really care what that Extreme Right Racist Slimeball does, anymore Apart from other Extreme Right Racist Slimeballs, of course. Farage is the man 👌

Police contacted after Nigel Farage accused of flouting quarantine rules in trip to pub🔴 Kent police have been contacted after Nigel Farage posts a picture of himself enjoying a pint amid claims he should be in quarantine Don’t waste virtual ink on this complete non-story. Please. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 plz sir Mr Farage has been naughty get the police getagrip When there is so much deceit going on in government and we are being fed lie after lie, THIS is what you chose to report. You should be ashamed. You have the opportunity to blow the lid of this government and chose THIS instead?

Nigel Farage accused of breaking quarantine rules with pub visitBrexit party leader visited pub less than two weeks after attending a Donald Trump rally in Tulsa Meh, the rules don’t matter anymore. The real question is why he was allowed to travel to the US and then back to the UK with no quarantine in either direction. let him do it, i say

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People are reporting Nigel Farage to the police for 'breaking 14 day quarantine' to go to the pubNigel Farage is being accused of breaking a mandatory 14 day coronavirus quarantine after his recent trip to the US... to go to the pub. On 20 June, the Brexit Party leader posted a photo of himself Time to set an example. carolecadwalla Puh c people hahaha

Kent Police asked to investigate Farage pub tripThe acting leader of the Liberal Democrats asks whether Nigel Farage has broken quarantine rules. 😂😂 Weldone nigel you've triggered the lefties again. Enjoy your pint mate 😂😂😂😂 If you do the maths he may well have self quarantined it’s exactly fourteen days since he was in the states some people might end up with egg on their chin and I don’t mean from their Wetherspoons all day Breakfast 🤔😂