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Nicola Sturgeon is ridiculed for her 'forgetfulness'

Nicola Sturgeon is ridiculed for her 'forgetfulness'

3/3/2021 11:40:00 PM

Nicola Sturgeon is ridiculed for her 'forgetfulness'

The First Minister has maintained the first time she learned of accusations against her predecessor was on April 2, 2018, during a conversation with him in the dining room of her home.

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She is the biggest lying activist out there. Isn't it odd how when people get caught out doing wrong temporary amnesia just sets right on in 😂 Recently my friend's baby was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia & needs a stem cell transplant. Jason & his wife are first-time parents caring for a sick baby & could use some help. If you are in a place to donate or share, it would be appreciated.

And for how shit and corrupt she is. And she looks like Jimmy krankie! martinjdwareham edglasgow59 Peter Gabriel wrote this for her in 1980 What a visionary .They could use it at the next SNP conference Selective 'forgetfulness'. She's like a North Korean Trump At one point she was rambling on about her sub-conscious being potentially responsible for something. What chance have you got

I think.we can all.agree sturgeons take on things 👇👇 Jimmy Cranky Good tactic well coached Watched a bit of it and it was worse than watching paint dry. Convenient wasn’t it? 🙄 A farce of an enquiry!