NI Protocol: Maros Sefcovic urges new PM to engage in talks

9/2/2022 11:49:00 PM

Maros Sefcovic says that a 'way forward' can be found on the Northern Ireland Protocol.

EU chief Brexit negotiator Maros Sefcovic urges new prime minister to engage in talks on NI Protocol.

Maros Sefcovic says that a 'way forward' can be found on the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Reuters Image caption, Maros Sefcovic says that a "way forward" can be found on the Northern Ireland Protocol.Planned school and bin strikes next week will be suspended after unions recommended members should agree a new pay offer.Getty Images Image caption, Alarm bells are ringing loud and clear in the NHS - what will the new PM do to fix it? On Monday we will find out who will be the new prime minister.SATH Image caption, Under the plans Shrewsbury's A&E would become an emergency centre, while Telford's would be an urgent care centre A council has vowed to take its fight over the restructure of hospital services to the new prime minister.

The EU's chief Brexit negotiator has urged the new prime minister to "engage" with talks on the NI Protocol.Maros Sefcovic reiterated that a "way forward" could be found by further exploring the commission's proposals for reforming the post-Brexit treaty.They say they have new secured an improved offer from COSLA that they will put to their members with a recommendation to accept."This call to the UK government to engage with us has been clear for over a year," he said.Put simply, this summer has been worse than any winter this century."And it still stands - also vis-à-vis the incoming UK prime minister and government.The first that the pay envelope has been increased to £600m, second that the pay increases will be fully consolidated from the date of implementation and the calculations will be based on 36-hour week (rather 37hr wk)." The European Commission vice president was speaking at the British-Irish Association Conference in Oxford.Shrewsbury, which is 18 miles (28km) away, would become an emergency centre rather than an A&E and house most women and children's services.

Brexit and Northern Ireland: What does each side want? He repeated the EU's criticism of the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill, describing it as a "clear breach of international law" that is "extremely damaging to mutual trust".5 per cent In July.Wherever you look, the system is on its knees.He also warned against further unilateral action - likely hinting at reports that Conservative leader frontrunner, Liz Truss, could trigger Article 16.Such action may, he said "give the impression to many in the EU that the UK leadership is not that interested in cooperation with the EU".5 per cent has been offered, with eight in 10 UNISON workers getting increases of between 5 – 10 per cent.Mr Sefcovic added he was ready to work with any new "interlocutor" to find a "common solution".It is taking three times as long as it should for ambulance crews to reach heart attack and stroke victims."The EU will never leave the table," he said.It has taken 8 months and the industrial might of UNISON members in schools and early years and waste and recycling workers to drag £600m out of Scottish government and COSLA and into the pockets hardworking people.But the plans have previously been branded by people in Telford as a "smokescreen" for a downgrade and would mean they have to travel further for emergency care.

The Northern Ireland Protocol is a special arrangement that keeps Northern Ireland in the EU's single market for goods, avoiding a hard border with the Republic of Ireland.The arrangement ensured free trade could continue across the Irish land border, which is a sensitive issue because of the history of conflict in Northern Ireland.5%, then 5% - we now we have £600m on the table, which is a 7.When patients come to A&E, long waits for a bed are becoming increasingly common, with those of 12 hours at a record level.But the protocol brought in some new checks on goods moving between Great Britain and Northern Ireland and has been criticised by unionist politicians.However, the majority of politicians elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly in last month's elections support the arrangements."UNISON want to get this money into the pockets of council workers now while we continue the campaign to support peoplep through the cost of living crisis.More on this story.Problems years in the making So what can be done about it? There is no simple solution." Shrewsbury's Conservative MP Daniel Kawczynski, said: "These two hospitals do not serve Shrewsbury and Telford, they serve the whole of Shropshire and mid-Wales, and it is extremely important that we all come together now, cross party, to get behind these proposals.

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Protocol is here to stay,the union is smashed 💪 sure he said no renegotiation balloon The talking is over .....Time to trigger article 16 It must go simples then we can get on with life ! Somehow I reckon the new Prime minister will act unilaterally very quickly. They won't want the Northern Ireland Protocol to drag on.

School and waste strikes suspended after new offer put forward to unionsUNISON, Unite and GMB took part in talks with First Minster Nicola Sturgeon, the Deputy First Minister, Scottish Government and COSLA and now recommend members agree to a new pay offer.

Fixing the NHS - a near impossible job for new PM?The health service is on its knees, doctors say, but there are no easy solutions to the problems. Impossible for people who don't believe in it. The last 12 years under Tory governance has intentionally and systematically broken the NHS in order to privatise by stealth. They can't fix it because there is no will to fix it. It is not in their dogma. NHSCrisisNow NHSBetrayal

Telford Council vows to take hospital fight to new PMTelford & Wrekin Council says it’ll take the fight against the hospital reorganisation plans to the new prime minister - but Shrewsbury’s MP welcomed a step forward in the process. Read more:

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