NHS strike likely to be the only way staff can restore 'millions' in lost pay, doctors warn

6/27/2022 11:32:00 PM

NHS strike likely to be the only way staff can restore 'millions' in lost pay, doctors warn

NHS strike likely to be the only way staff can restore 'millions' in lost pay, doctors warn

Delegates at the BMA's annual conference mandated the union to 'achieve pay restoration to 2008 value for its members within the next five years'.

27 June, 2022 Consultant Dr Eleanor Draeger said that she was a single parent who was “struggling to survive” on her salary.Gynaecology waits soar by 60% during pandemic Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid said the number of two-year waits had already reduced by two-thirds since January.Spreaker 'Nightmare' to travel for surgery But travelling far for surgery would be impossible because he's also suffered from chronic pain since being involved in a car accident in 1999.coronavirus pandemic.

She said: “If doctors can’t get pay restoration after two years of a pandemic, in which we risked our lives to save our patients, no one else can.” One medic warned that “it’s likely that industrial action will be required to move governments on this issue”.Mr Javid also pointed to more than 90 community diagnostic centres delivering more than a million checks and scans in the past year.Meanwhile delegates also called on ministers to urgently address NHS workforce shortages to help the health service deal with the record waiting list of patients."That would be a nightmare for me and I wouldn't just be able to go straight there and straight back," explains Mr Wakefield.A motion passed at the annual meeting in Brighton called on governments to put in place a workforce plan and “take the money that is destined to pay the private sector to do NHS work and invests it in expanding the capacity of the NHS”.But British Medical Association leader Dr Chaand Nagpaul is warning that attempts to address what he called a "once in a generation backlog of unimaginable proportions" would be undermined by a lack of staff and beds.Presenting the motion, Dr Jacqueline Davis told the conference: “There is an answer to the backlog and the unmanageable workloads facing exhausted NHS staff.’ Sir Elton performed songs from either end of his half-century as a recording artist, with a dedication to late collaborator Aretha Franklin too His appearance at the festival, which returned on Friday for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic, came part-way through his marathon Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour.

The NHS is facing record demand with no additional capacity.He will tell the BMA's annual conference in Brighton later that the health service is "at serious risk of haemorrhaging more doctors", with many considering early retirement or likely to work fewer hours.While an Orthopaedic Centre in London has provided care for patients from the southwest.Staff are leaving in droves and there’s no rescue plan beyond ‘work harder’.“We know that staff shortages lead to critical incidents and who gets the blame? We do, the burden falls on us.Hospitals working together There were 22,500 people waiting more than two years for an operation in England in January, but this has fallen by 15,000.It is a scandal and the victims are NHS staff and our patients waiting in pain and distress to be seen.42 million in April 2019.” Commenting on the workforce motion, Dr David Wrigley, deputy chair of the BMA council, said: “Even before the pandemic the length of time people were waiting for the care they needed was too high.2 million A&E attendances.‘Something that just starts as a seed of an idea between me and Bernie can take on a life all of its own and go on to mean so much to so many people.

But following the huge disruption and added pressure Covid-19 placed on the UK’s health services, waiting lists have now gone up to a perilous level.“We have a record 6.5 million people in England are waiting for hospital treatment - a record high - with many waiting for knee and hip replacements, and eye surgery Backlogs built up during the Covid pandemic as hospitals treated thousands of people who were ill with the virus, forcing patients with other illnesses to wait much longer than usual for surgery or treatment.Dr Anil Mehta, a GP and the clinical chair in Redbridge, northeast London, said:"I think we shouldn't be too concerned about patients being offered care out-of-area as long as there are provisions, for instance, for people who go for knee and hip operations to have follow-up care locally if needed.5 million people waiting for treatment in England, as well as the significant ‘hidden backlog’ of people who have still to come forward for care after the worst of the pandemic, or whose referrals were cancelled.For both patients and doctors, these figures are deeply concerning." But she said despite the emergence of the Omicron variant and a difficult winter, the NHS was on track to "eliminate two-year waiters" by the end of July.“What is most unnerving for doctors – who have spent the last two years working at a pace and under a level of pressure they’ve never experienced before – is that plans to tackle this backlog in care lack any meaningful strategy to boost and support the workforce who will be responsible for it.‘That kind of thing really excites me and helps connect my music with new fans and new generations.

“Targets to reduce waits and delays are all well and good, but they are completely futile if there is no plan for more staff and proper resourcing.However, even if patients are happy to be treated in another part of the country, it might not always be possible because of the specialist nature of their treatment.And we cannot continue pouring money into expensive contracts with the private sector – dealing with its own Covid-related backlog – to do NHS work, when this would be better spent boosting capacity in the health service itself, something the Health Secretary seems to be ruling out.” Independent experts have advised that NHS staff should receive a pay rise of at least 4 per cent, setting healthcare workers on a collision course with ministers who have set a firm maximum of 3 per cent.co.The pay review body (PRB) will recommend that NHS personnel should get an increase this year of somewhere between 4 per cent and 5 per cent, it has been reported, despite warnings from the Government that undertaking such advice would break the bank.Topics.Please include a contact number if you are willing to speak to a BBC journalist.

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Need to sort out the NHS Ponzi Pension scheme first.

NHS patients to be offered chance to travel for surgeryHundreds of patients who have waited two years or more have already said they are willing to travel. Ok- To travel WITHIN the UK. I don’t think this a new idea. I travelled to Royal Ear Nose & Throat to have my tonsils out in my early 20’s about 30yrs ago.

NHS: Patients asked to travel for hospital treatment in NHS 'final push' to 'eliminate two-year waiters'The health service will try to match thousands of people with hospitals outside of their local area for treatment by the end of July. Costs for travel and accommodation will be covered. This is another example of how the NHS is a complete mess that should be abolished and replaced with a private healthcare industry in the UK. so the stories about socialized healthcare are true? Me & my big family & extensive friends throughout the UK have vowed to vote the tories again because labour does Not support or help the minimum wage workers, especially in this current high cost of living crisis, they always make the poor working people suffer

Sir Elton John dedicates song to George Michael at BST day before birthday‘I miss him, and we all miss him, and we miss his visage. So, George, I love you and I miss you.' 💛 Sir Elton John dedicated his performance of Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me to late friend George Michael.

Caterpillar makes 'take it or leave it' offer to NI staff.CaterpillarInc is making a pay offer directly to staff after talks with unitetheunion broke down CaterpillarInc unitetheunion Comes a time when the union must stand by the workers CaterpillarInc unitetheunion 9% increase and the union still couldn't come to an agreement? CaterpillarInc unitetheunion Think majority of employees in NI would bite your hand off for a 9% pay increase!!

London trams set to be hit by two-day strike in pay rowTrams services in Wimbledon and other parts of south London are set for disruption from Tuesday. Fuck London. The trains never work and the pay bill keeps on going up. Leave the shithole is the best answer.

Post Office workers to strike over payThe one-day strike will take place on 11 July over what a union called a 'massive real-terms pay cut'. nailheadparty Solidarity with the postal workers ✊🏻 Time we all stood up for ourselves instead of being apathetic in the face of millionaires telling us to tighten our belts while they’re raking it in. It's talking about Post Office counter staff, but there is about to be a ballot for Royal Mail staff to strike too. Here we go!