Newsround axed from after school slot by BBC after 40 years

The end of an era


The end of an era

The show will no longer be on after school.

The news bulletin aimed at children was previously shown in the morning as well as at teatime, but the BBC has submitted a proposal to Ofcom to reduce the amount of news on CBBC from 85 to 35 hours a year.

It’s been a staple in the after-school viewing schedules of kids for generations, so it’s no wonder Twitter was awash with commiseration that it would no longer be shown in the afternoon.

They tweeted: ‘Surely not… Generations of kids were informed of the news in a way we could understand… John Craven gave me my interest in news and it’s never gone away.’

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John Cravens’s Newsround -Legend 👏👏 No doubt the bbc doesn't want kids to be informed. They might start questioning things, like why their schools are falling apart, or they can't get a doctors appointment. Mind you... they'd never find the answers to those questions on the bbc. No way!!!!!!! How ridiculous is this!!!

Yes, I remember watching it, in the 1990s.

BBC plans to drop afternoon Newsround as children go onlineResources to be redeployed at non-TV viewers after ratings for CBBC and CBeebies tumble Very disappointing. Don't know if the BBC realise how many schools play Newsround to their pupils. BBC plans to drop afternoon Newsround as children go online BBC plans to drop afternoon Newsround as children go online Just what we need, more socially unaware people. Let’s all raise a glass to 100 more years of Tory rule

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