Newspaper headlines: No 10 'party clowns' and 'a sick joke'

Newspaper headlines: No 10 'party clowns' and 'a sick joke'

12/8/2021 2:50:00 AM

Newspaper headlines: No 10 'party clowns' and 'a sick joke'

Wednesday's headlines focus on a video of No 10 staff joking about a party in Downing Street last year.

Image caption,Senior Downing Street staff have been filmed joking about holding a Christmas party last December when much of the country was in lockdown, the Metro is reporting. In the video, obtained by ITV News, the PM's then press secretary Allegra Stratton is asked by colleagues about reports of a party, as they rehearse a news conference. In jokey exchanges, she says: "This fictional party was a business meeting and it was not socially distanced." Downing Street continues to insist no party took place but a source told the BBC a party with "several dozen" people did take place days before this footage was shot.

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Image caption,"A sick joke" is the headline in the Daily Mail, which is also leading on the video about the "lockdown-busting" party. The paper says Downing Street was in "crisis mode" on Tuesday night over the footage, taken while London was in Tier 3 Covid restrictions - under which social gatherings were not allowed.

Image caption,The Guardian is also leading with the questions over the Downing Street Christmas party and the video of senior staff joking about it. The paper says the prime minister is "facing accusations of lying" about whether the festivities "broke Covid rules or took place at all", as both the government and Mr Johnson continue to deny any party occurred.

Image caption,Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror has another story about a government Christmas party from last year that "broke" Covid rules, but this time at the Department of Education. The paper says former Education Secretary Gavin Williamson hosted a party on 10 December with "up to 24 of his top team". The government has said this event did take place, but it was "work related" and used to thank staff for their "efforts during the pandemic".

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Image caption,The Telegraph is leading with a story that a "work-from-home order" and other stricter Covid measures being considered by ministers to slow the spread of the Omicron variant. The paper says the cabinet is split over the use of vaccine passports, but the measure is still being looked at given the evidence that the new strain is more transmissible than the Delta variant.

Image caption,The Times is also leading with a story on a "rift" in the cabinet over whether the government should introduce vaccine passports in England to slow the spread of Omicron. The paper says ministers were split at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, where "they were forced to confront" if stricter Covid measures - known as Plan B - should be introduced.

Image caption,The i paper says the build up to the festive season is "starting to look a lot like last Christmas" in its top story. It focuses on the prime minister continuing refusal to rule out calling for people to work from home, as well as the video of senior Number 10 staff joking about the Christmas party.

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Image caption,Fears the Omicron variant could "overwhelm" hospitals has led the prime minister to "pile on the pressure on the NHS" to speed up booster jab rollout, the Daily Express reports. The paper says his "blunt message" follows warnings from experts the strain is more transmissible than the Delta variant.

Image caption,The US has urged Germany and the EU to block a gas pipeline from Russia as part of possible sanctions if President Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine, the Financial Times says. The calls to block the use of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline would be one element of a variety of planned measures to prevent further conflict in the region, amid intelligence community concerns over the possibility Russia is preparing military action, the paper says.

Image caption,The Sun is reporting that senior figures from the energy sector "felt the heat" on Tuesday after blaming the power outages caused by Storm Arwen on the "wrong type of wind". The paper says regulators "offered no apology" while being questioned, telling MPs the downed power lines were caused by trees which had "been hit from a surprise direction".

Image caption,

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'100 invited' to Downing Street garden lockdown drinks

The Met Police have contacted the government over a get-together said to have been attended by the PM.

To be Totally Honest This Sort of Response Doesn't Surprise me with This Government of ours. PaulBrandITV bbclaurak A BBC source advises the PM how easy it is to deal with an antagonistic press! bbclaurak Governments around the world are just taking the p--s. Ours is literally laughing in our faces too.

bbclaurak I hope people confess to being there, would make it :super: awkward for downing Street to deny it further. Better to risk a fine, than be thrown under boris' runaway bus. I hope the people of this country remember what these selfish hypocrites are doing right now with sleaze contracts for their friends parties when we are in lockdown not to mention the drug abuse going on .please Britain remember this the next time you VOTE.

. . Si sabe leer inglés pase y lea cómo le comen el coco a un pueblo de tarados. No se puede creer pero es así. ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern ToryLiars Is it just me or are other members of the public angry with this Con party I guess that’s the right word ((CON))I’m getting sick and tired of their blatant disregard of our country when will they start to behave like sane people running our country it’s appalling.

Downing Street party: No 10 staff joked about party amid lockdown restrictionsThe video obtained by ITV comes after days of questions about the event that took place last year. Is there any more actual news out there...... Taking us for mugs. Are you allegedly saying about the pm having a party during lockdown because the BBC is losing money and credibility?if not please provide photographic evidence of the fact

Imagine being Allegra Stratton right now. Holy fuck It's Noam Chomsky's 93rd birthday, as the BBC obviously had journalists at the party, perhaps it's time to revist Manufacturing Consent.

Journalists 'at No 10 Christmas party are trying to bury story'Dominic Cummings has accused senior political journalists of trying to ‘bury’ the story about an alleged Christmas party in Downing Street – because they were there 😳 Imho Nolan’s principles of public life require objectivity, transparency and honesty. If there was a party BorisJohnson need to accept responsibility. EmilyThornberry DominicRaab HouseofCommons UKHouseofLords OneNationCons OliverDowden pritipatel metpoliceuk sajidjavid Susan5918 Imagine a country where just 1 person out of 70 million is suggesting that someone independent retrieves the CCTV footage and logs from Downing Street to prove it did, or didn't happen Susan5918 10 Downing Street must have CCTV in every single public room, right? If so, the truth whether the infamous Covid Xmas Party happened or not can be solved in seconds The fact that it appears not one MP or journalist has suggested this shows how utterly useless they are

Leaked video shows No 10 officials joking about holding Christmas partyExchange between Ed Oldfield and Allegra Stratton took place last December days after alleged party took place

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