Newspaper headlines: Holiday bookings 'surge' and gas price rises

Newspaper headlines: Holiday bookings 'surge' and gas price rises

9/18/2021 2:19:00 AM

Newspaper headlines: Holiday bookings 'surge' and gas price rises

A boom in holiday bookings following a change to England's travel rules is among the stories leading the papers.

image captionThe Daily Mail says holiday bookings soared on Friday following changes to England's travel rules. Travel agents were said by the paper to have been "deluged" within minutes of Turkey and the Maldives being removed from the red travel list, and the traffic light system being replaced with a simpler go/no-go regime with less Covid testing.

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image captionThe Times says demand for foreign holidays is due to reach its highest levels this weekend since the start of the pandemic after the price of travel was dramatically cut. As part of the changes to travel rules, fully-vaccinated travellers will no longer need a negative lateral flow test before travelling into England or an expensive post-arrival PCR test.

image captionRussia has been accused of hiking gas prices in an attempt to undermine Britain and the EU's economic recovery from the Covid pandemic, the Daily Telegraph reports. The paper says Russia's state-owned energy corporation Gazprom is facing an investigation into a sharp rise in the cost of natural gas and a knock-on effect that threatens to disrupt the supply of meat in the food chain within a fortnight.

image captionThe Financial Times says the UK government is now scrambling to to respond to the surge in natural gas prices. Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng held talks this week with officials from the business department's "energy resilience unit" and has requested a meeting with the chief of National Grid, the paper says.

image captionMeanwhile, the Daily Express says food and drink supplies could also be heavily disrupted by a shortage of carbon dioxide. The paper says the delivery of meat, beer and fizzy drinks might be affected within days.image captionThe Sun reports that Strictly Come Dancing has been "rocked" ahead of Saturday's new series after two pro dancers refused to get Covid jabs - leaving some celebrities reluctant to pair with them. The paper says the pair are the only professionals out of 18 not to be vaccinated. The BBC said it would not comment on "speculation of somebody's Covid vaccination status", adding the show would "continue to follow strict government guidelines to ensure the safety of all on the show".

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