Newsmax White House correspondent doesn't have her contract renewed

Newsmax White House correspondent fails to get her contract renewed after she was permanently suspended from Twitter

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12/8/2021 7:15:00 AM

News max White House correspondent fails to get her contract renewed after she was permanently suspended from Twitter

News max White House correspondent Emerald Robinson will not have her contract renewed after she was banned permanently from Twitter for sharing misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines.

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'100 invited' to Downing Street garden lockdown drinks

The Met Police have contacted the government over a get-together said to have been attended by the PM.

dismantlegop She'll find something. If not OAN then Breitbart. Calling these lies peddlers correspondents is a stretch Russian propaganda. But the strange thing is how crazy ppl end up in good jobs. This nutty buddy was a WH Press. This country has went to the pits. Imagine these ppl raising kids and establishing their beliefs. SCARY!!

Good riddance! Lol Hah! Karma is oftentimes quite beautiful. Is she a Tran? America is devastated. Same thing happened to the last President.

White House confirms the US WILL boycott February's Beijing Olympics White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed on Monday that the US will move forward with a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics . Well done

Loose Women’s Charlene White struggled to ‘walk out the house’ over outfit ‘insecurities’LOOSE WOMEN star Charlene White has admitted she struggled to leave the house amid insecurities about her Pride of Britain outfit.

MTG claims Capitol riot suspects’ own public defenders call them ‘white supremacists’The Georgia congresswoman claims that federal public defenders won’t represent accused Capitol rioters unless they read ‘critical race theory training’ materials mtgreenee Where is your KKK outfit ? lol

BBC bans ‘Bame’ as report reveals ‘white nervousness’ when talking about race‘Catch-all’ term is not fit for purpose, says broadcaster, with diversity report finding it can cause ‘serious insult’ to ethnic minorities Duh... I thought it was the worst concept ever...why can't people call themselves British, Indian, Canadian etc, why do we lump minorities under one heading. It does not include the majority of minorities. There are also white minority people...I'm glad its been thrown out.

Black couple’s home got a higher valuation when white friend pretended it was theirsCalifornia couple claims racial bias after their home gets undervalued by nearly $500,000 This is like the biggest opportunity I had in making money from the comfort of the home, gratitude to Geoffreypreud this is really amazing..... I'm counting the racks like never before about $15,800. I think my job is actually a waste of time. Thank you Mr Geoffrey send a DM Was it the same evaluator. Did they do multiple or just twice. EvacuateAUAFAlumni

Sean Spicer’s lawsuit challenging firing from Naval Academy board has been rejectedMr Spicer currently hosts a show on News max and is a commander in the US Naval Reserve Don't think I've ever used this before: womp,womp If he don’t sit down somewhere. And Kellyanne 🤔🤣😂🤣😂what going on there