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We’ve got ourselves a net zero plan for greenhouse gases.

10/19/2021 11:14:00 PM

What's in the government's zero carbon strategy? 🔥 Heat pumps 🚙 Electric vehicles 💷 Green investment Find out all about it on the latest BBCNewscast

We’ve got ourselves a net zero plan for greenhouse gases.

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COP26 news live: Sharma 'envisages closing COP' today - as Saudi Arabia warns of 'unacceptable' language in text

Latest COP26 news as: Negotiations enter extra time with an updated draft agreement expected on Saturday morning; PM believes an 'ambitious outcome is in sight' despite passing Friday deadline; Sydney MP says Australia 'is not the problem' after failing to join key pledges.

All this new technology needs to be affordable. At the moment, for most people, it isn't. They’re going to look right dicks when there are bonfires across the UK right in the middle of COP26🤣🤣🤣

Drastic shortage of heat pump installers threatens Johnson's green pushA severe shortage of plumbers to fit millions of homes with eco-friendly heat pumps risks derailing Boris Johnson's green revolution, industry chiefs have warned Market forces…

£5,000 grants unveiled to support home heat pump installationFunding comes as part of government’s heat and buildings strategy, but campaigners say plan lacks ambition My encounter with Geoffreypreud actually change my life and for that I'll keep upgrading people for his good job thanks once again Geoffrey Pathetic and totally useless. All good for the ToxicTories in the south with huge gardens who could afford the switch in the first place. What about grants to help people switch from gas to electric boilers! Will these grants only be available to those receiving x,y & z benefits? So if you’re not entitled to any benefits & only just managing to pay for everything, with nothing saved at the end of the month, will you not be eligible- as is usually the case?

Who is eligible for the £5,000 heat pump grant and how can you apply?The funding will be available to 90,000 households

Heat pump grants: Boiler upgrade scheme will see households able to apply for £5,000 grant to replace gas boilers'We have to listen to the scientists' Boris Johnson says climate change poses 'a threat to our way of life that is ultimately far worse than COVID' and that 'we need urgent government action, but we must mobilise the markets' Read more: Further embracing capitalism will not solve the ClimateEmergency because capitalism is the main cause. A massive social and political transformation is needed to do that. He did that...but he took the ultimate decision to delay locking down... Lies lies lies.

Heat pumps: How much do they cost and how do they work?The government wants people to replace gas boilers with heat pumps. Government is abusing the climate situation to do what it always does, Give handouts to people who don't need them (home owners £5K grant towards one) while it takes £20 a week away from some of the most vulnerable in society. Not levelling up, punching down. 5k is not enough! Might get you a heat pump and a few rads but the rest of the materials and Labour will be missing! No

Opinion: Boilers will be replaced by heat pumps, but it’s a marathon, not a sprintThe entire developed world is making the switch but there is a huge argument for doing so in a measured, step-by-step manner, writes Hamish McRae