Netflix Launches Black Lives Matter Collection To Highlight Stories About The Black Experience

6/12/2020 12:30:00 PM

'When we say Black Lives Matter, we also mean Black storytelling matters'

Netflix Launches Black Lives Matter Collection To Highlight Stories About The Black Experience

'When we say Black Lives Matter, we also mean Black storytelling matters'

Twitter.Munroe Bergdorf: Model rejoins L'Oreal three years after being sacked for white supremacy comment The singer says she has had therapy"to help me to cope with some of the trauma that I've experienced" during her time in the Sugababes and the public eye.The slow and inhumane killing of George Floyd, coupled with the frustration of lockdown and mass unemployment, have created the conditions necessary for mass protest and – hopefully, finally – change.Black Lives Matter: The mural was also photographed by a Maxar Technologies satellite (Image: MAXAR TECHNOLOGIES) George Floyd: A timeline of events that led to the death of George Floyd (Image: EXPRESS) Russia Arctic emergency: Satellite images shed light on disaster The BLM protests were also photographed by satellite operator Maxar Technologies.

"With an understanding that our commitment to true, systemic change will take time – we’re starting by highlighting powerful and complex narratives about the Black experience." The collection can be accessed by searching for 'Black Lives Matter' on the main menu, while there's also a drop-down genre menu on the main movie and TV pages."I didn't realise that there are so many different ways that a person, that people, can be racist or prejudiced.It's also accessible via the website link netflix.Offline meanwhile, in the crowds of protesters themselves, music has also been fuel for harmony and'm not a victim whatsoever.The streaming giant was one of the first entertainment companies to announce its support for the Black Lives Matter movement, releasing a statement on Twitter on May 30.He said:"To create change, we have to reexamine our own views and actions in light of a pain that is deeply felt but too often ignored.

"To be silent is to be complicit.And I would like there to be a change in how we view others.This game-changing moment has inspired a new wave of protest songs and underlined the timelessness of others.Black lives matter," read the company's."We have a platform, and we have a duty to our Black members, employees, creators and talent to speak up."Because this is my legacy, this is my character." For more information on how you can support Black Lives Matter, please visit its.With this in mind, YG’s FTP (standing for Fuck the Police), released last week, has become a new anthem of 2020’s Black Lives Matter protests.

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Bet a 1000 to 1 Netflix will never have an all lives matter collection. Hypocrites.

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YG, Che Lingo, Kendrick Lamar: the protest songs of Black Lives Matter 2020The demonstrations against the killing of George Floyd have brought a wave of powerful protest music, with new tracks and revisited classics Of course Tres Grauniad Che_Lingo 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 Che_Lingo Yes Che! This is 👌👌👌👌👌

Black Lives Matter: Satellite snaps Washington DC protests and BLM sign from spaceBLACK LIVES MATTER protests in response to the death of George Floyd can be seen from space in these striking satellite picture of Washington DC. Antiviral drug Remdesivir sped recovery in moderately ill patients with pneumonia from coronavirus It's more evidence that the drug can help patients....COVID19

Black Lives Matter: Gone With The Wind and US reality show Cops pulled as protests continueBREAKING: Bristol city council says the statue of slave trader Edward Colson, which was thrown into the harbor this weekend as part of BlackLiveMatters protests, will be retrieved and moved to a museum. Read more on protests here: Yeah. It’s a product of its time. Things like this should be dealt with how just how Disney do it: make the programme available to watch but with a note that makes it clear that it contains outdated views. Depicting how things actually happened in them days. It should be seen so people can learn. Absolute fools. Come on folks, there are more of us than them - time to put these lefty twats back in play school where they came from.......🤔

Eintracht Frankfurt wear Black Lives Matter shirts in cup defeat to BayernEintracht Frankfurt wore a special away kit promoting the Black Lives Matter movement during their 2-1 defeat to Bayern Munich in the German Cup semi-final London is polluted with 10s of 1000s of worthless vermin! Scroungers, BAME white haters, terrorists, drop outs, drug addicts, drug dealers, full time shoplifters, bike thieves Most of them are using cover of BLM to attack the Police & do some crime! TDS_TheDawgShow What do hope to achieve with this your stupid headline

Meg 'to focus on Black Lives Matter as she considers herself role model’MEGHAN Markle is to shift her energy to supporting the Black Lives Matter movement as she sees herself as a role model, according to a royal expert. Vanity Fair’s Royal Correspondent Katie Ni… 😂😂😂 fucking hell she really rates herself. she might want to have a word with Harry about his nazi costume She’s a clown 🤡 full stop 🛑 🤔