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Dailymail, Sciencetech

Neolithic stone tools found in Arabia made with Native American method

8,000-year-old stone tools found in Arabia were made using the same technique used by Native Americans

8/7/2020 12:30:00 AM

8,000-year-old stone tools found in Arabia were made using the same technique used by Native Americans

Dozens of examples of 'fluting' have been found in Yemen and Oman which date back 8,000 years. This technique had never been seen before outside of America.

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Breonna Taylor: One officer charged - but not over the fatal shooting

Campaigners react angrily to the news insisting 'justice has not been served', and calling on people around the US to 'rise up'.

Probably learned how to make them on YouTube.. 😂 So it was all fun before the copper coil. Hitting. Does this mean there were Apaches in Arabia, or does it mean there were Arabians in Apachland?

Court hears call 'Doomsday Mom' made to husband on day her children's bodies were foundCouple face charges related to hiding the bodies of Don't starve husband becomes angry she bear mess with the cubbies.

Zoom has added a very strange new way to chat to your colleaguesNew noise suppression tool lets users silence whirring fans or barking dogs MegaMidweekExpo 예언의 성취에 귀 기울이시고, 모든 죄로부터 돌이키십시오. 메시아 예수님께서 곧 오십니다 New features include face filters that can add sunglasses or a unicorn horn to your head, as well as other ways to make the audio and video less distracting. Sattar Al-imari 🐸🐸🐸GREENWICH°39, LOOK AT MY A BIG&BIGGER DICK'SY SYMBOL FIRST BLOOD 400BILLIONS CIVILISATIONS BULGURU'S WARDENS EXECUTORS 🐸🐸🐸Constitutionally called °99.09.9 Tony's Blairs cheeky cheeks pinched Hunger 8MARCH'72/'76 EXECUTE CODEX/TEXT MACHINE FIRST BLOOD 1.1

Both big and tiny coronavirus droplets can travel far through airUniversity of Edinburgh and Heriot-Wyatt University found both small and large droplets can travel against airflow and made a device that sucks fine particles right out of the air. Suck my ..... Can it prevent smelly farts? Is it a Hoover?

Who is the Russian businessman who owned the ‘floating bomb’ in Beirut’s port?Native of Russia's Far East was confirmed as owner of Rhosus ship by state media on Thursday Crotch Lickmeoff. You don't actually give much information about this man though, other than your headline implying he is responsible for this explosion? There might be some moral responsibility here but the cargo has presumably belonged to Lebanon for the last 6 years?

KFC reopens 170 restaurants for dine-ins so fans can get 50% off mealsKFC has rolled out the Eat Out to Help Out scheme to another 170 branches so diners can get 50 per cent off their meal. The branches were already open for takeaway and delivery orders but now foodi… For the free cash more like. get me some :)

Channel 4 show 'Lose a Stone in 21 Days' condemned as ‘dangerous’ and ‘irresponsible’‘I can’t believe this has been allowed to be promoted, this is triggering and completely unsustainable,’ one critic states Oh dear, is it fat shaming? Oh well. Better that than nanny state government interventions that punish everyone for the actions of a few who are stupid enough to eat themselves to death. want to lose weight fast? just use the cocaine and water diet. All you need is cocaine and water. You will have just as much energy as if you were eating, without eating, and you’ll lose weight fast. Cocaine will suppress appetite sufficiently and water will keep you hydrated. It works, you well, and yes you do lose weight. If you keep to the recipes you get all the vits and minerals and tonnes of fibre. This diet it helping a lot of obese and pre diabetic people, and to trash it is more irresponsible.