Neighbour accuses woman of turning road into ‘ghetto’ after painting door yellow

Neighbour accuses woman of turning road into ‘low income ghetto’ in savage note after she paints her garage door yellow

10/30/2020 1:22:00 PM

Neighbour accuses woman of turning road into ‘low income ghetto’ in savage note after she paints her garage door yellow

WHAT colour to paint the outside of your home is something most people spend weeks agonising over. But when you’ve finally made your mind up, the one thing you don’t expect is for your …

9:23WHAT colour to paint the outside of your home is something most people spend weeks agonising over.But when you've finally made your mind up, the one thing you don't expect is for your neighbours to take issue with your choice.2The woman painted a yellow constellation on her garage door

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Credit: ImgurWell unfortunately for one homeowner, this is exactly what happened when she painted a yellow constellation scene on her garage door.After finishing the mini mural, the woman was shocked to get a note through the door accusing her of "devaluing" the other homes on the street - which has since been shared on

Imgur.Slamming the "graffiti" on the garage door, the neighbour fumed: "It has made the entire neighbourhood look like a low income ghetto."You couldn't have put it inside your house or on an interior wall vs force us all to have to live with that? You have compromised everyone's property value and resale opportunities by doing it with no consideration for anyone but your tasteless self."

2The fuming neighbour accused the woman of having 'no class'Credit: ImgurAccusing the woman of having a "lack of respect", they said the garage door is impacting the "value of property and pride of ownership in this neighbourhood."

The anonymous person continued: "I feel sorry for the homeowners on your street and thank God it's not on ours."But every visitor we have will now have to drive by that s**t on the way to us like they're driving through the hood. Shame on you! You have no class!"

Unsurprisingly, other users on Imgur were horrified by the note and sided with the woman.You just devalued all the homes in this area with that hideous graffiti at the front of our house.One wrote: "I'd straight up project that letter on to the front of my house."

Another added: "Can you imagine being this unhappy with your life that something as minuscule as this sets you off that much? Good Lord."A third replied: "They don't even live on the street..."Most read in FabulousExclusiveSELF LOVE

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