NBA scrambles after China angered by Houston Rockets' 'regrettable' pro-democracy tweet

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Houston’s general manager has tried to defuse the rapidly growing fallout over his deleted tweet that showed support for anti-government protesters

Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey has tried to defuse the rapidly growing fallout over his deleted tweet that showed support for Hong Kong anti-government protesters, saying he did not intend to offend any of the team’s Chinese fans or sponsors.


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Christo63273316 嗯

standwithmorey not stand with money

When does supporting freedom and democracy a sin? It’s a delusion of the Chinese that they can take control of everything by money. We as people living in a freedom country have to show them they are not the one in charge. StandWithMorey StandWithHongKong

BoycottNBA BoycottChina

antitotalitarianism antichinazi Stand with Americans’ core values OR standwithmoney NBA did make a choice!! NBA: (Nah.. Bye All Values) standwithmorey StandWithHongKong


Please stand on the side of justice and freedom, stand firm against the authoritarian rule of CCP. StandwithHongKong Standwithmorey

StandWithDarylMorey StandWithHongKong

1 “regrettable” act leads more and more “regrettable” acts. Way to go NBA. HongKongProtest

They should be. Who gave NBA the right to apologize for a citizen who stood up for the values of the US? They don’t represent us and don’t deserve the brand either.

The free world need to StandWithHongKong against CCP . antichinazi

This picture speaks for itself.

Please save hk children🙏🙏🙏

There is something more important than money,please say no to totalitarianism. standwithmorey standwithHongKong

However in this 3month ccp thuggish regime continue control HK police and these PoliceBrutality deeply hurting HK in all aspect. Now the world and US can smell this bad by what they do to nba rocket and Morey Pls support freedom and human right

HK and China has different value We HK under the 1country2system spirit, has high autonomy, HK people live under universal value and deserve for democracy, basic human right and freedom of speech etc.

US should stop China tyranny before it's too late. Standwithmorey

China is a threat to the World

Thank you for support Hong Kong!

NBA suck!

the reason why Hongkongers are still fighting: we want the freedom of speech

Don’t give up your value, Americans!

No one can be blamed for fighting for freedom - sports cultures has to be preserved pls! standwithmorey StandWithHongKong

Please to not give in to the communist party and threat with money

Dont trade the freedom to evil

How Mainland China people misunderstand freedom of speeach because they never own it 🤷🏻‍♀️ StandWithDarylMorey StandWithHongKong antichinazi

Never kneel down in front of tyranny like CCP. Stand for your own rights to free speech! Brits, think wise when engaging any trade deals with chinazi after Brexit. standwithmorey StandwithHK

There will be no end to these kowtowing to CCP, your freedom of speech will be gone before you know it.

That is sad to see that. People who live in the land of freedom are giving up their values for money .... StandwithHonKong LiberateHongKong

China is just North Korea but with money. Would the NBA wanna kowtow to NK? FightforFreedom StandwithHongKong

China’s hands are everywhere, infringing everyone’s right everywhere!

this precisely explains why the world should StandWithHongKong. China is using its money to take away your freedom of speech

Chinese people are now supporting 911 terrorist attack! antichinazi

FreedomHK standwithmorey shameonnba

Shame on NBA !!! We uphold liberty! 👐🏻🕊 FreeHongKong chinazi

Not sure how much RMB NBA could earn, but NBA will lose all USD for sure. Freedom of speech is NOT for sale

NBA, after you choose the wrong lane, you will gonna meet the dead end !! standwithmorey

Shame on NBA standwithmorey StandWithHongKong

We should not step back!

Many Hong Kongers would rather be dmorey than sell our souls to the commies like NBA, and that is why we fight on. standwithmorey StandWithHongKong

Morey is telling the truth and to support Hong Kong ! Not to live under CCP bullying power! dmorey did nth wrong !WAKE UP world ! hkprotest hongkong HongKongProtester hkdemocracy FreeHongKong HKPoliceTerrorism followbackhongkong 科勞手足

It is really sad to see even American is doing self censorship... can you imagine what HK is suffering? StandWithHongKong FightForFreedom HongKongPoliceTerrorism

Hopefully American companies will stand up for the national values of their country.

China is not only taking away freedom of speech from Hong Kong but from all places around the world

Choosing 🇨🇳 yuan over universal values. Shameful indeed.

Freedom should be protected for everyone in the world. That's why HKers are fighting and defending for freedom and democracy. standwithmorey StandwithHK

Wealth or value?

We shouldn't lose our backbone and character. Making money from evil is not ignominious. StandwithHK

Is freedom the value we should uphold or money and personal interest? Stop believing in China please

Today Hong Kong, Tomororw the World! Join Hongkong’s fight for freedom of speech & other basic human rights 5DemandsNot1Less

JackyCh15755257 Selling soul to get bloody💰, which US co. will be next? Apple?

Money can make everyone dirty!

What a shame on NBA.... Although I also understand NBA is a victim of national bullying... the Chinzi is just too evil...

It seems that the NBA thinks money is more important than freedom of speech.

Bowing to ccp and 💰 will destroy what builds u. NBA . That is true Americans. And freedom cannot valued by 💰. standwithmorey shameonnba

chinazi censorship blatantly attempting to silence foreign freedom of speech. The red invasion is real and it is on your favorite sports channel. Please StandWithHongKong on the forefront against totalitarianism domination! SOSHK

When people living in the land of free give up their values for communist money

standwithmorey freedom is much more important than money

Mandy0o0 Even outside of China, you cannot express your opinion. CCP is the enemy of the FreeWorld. Please stop them before it is too late. FreeHongKong FreedomOfSpeech SOSHK

Morey has done nth wrong. He spoke up to stand with global values- freedom, yet he lost his freedom of speech coz of China's huge economic influence. Its alarming coz Americans' freedom of speech is at stake. standwithmorey

standwithmorey More and more countries are selling their values, freedom and morale standard to PRC and CCP for their money! coward

JanetTeddy111 Freedom isn't free, there's a hefty in' fee - yet NBA gave it up for Chinese Yuan easily. If China managed to get NBA to kneel, it could get any other companies with China partnership to do the same. Boycott China before it's too late. standwithhongkong

Universal value for sale? No way! Time to wake up, time to stand up, time to fight against totalitarian.

JanetTeddy111 CCP’s using economic pressure to silence the world. See not just Hong Kong is anybody can be affected. We need to stand together to stop the rise of Totalitarianism or it's too late antitotalitarianism

While many in Hong Kong are risking their lives to fight for freedom, it’s sad to see NBA is giving up freedom of speech because of 💵. Backing down to the tyrant means losing everyone else, including people in where NBA was founded.

Shame on NBA , they value RMB more than the American core value of freedom.


China is a big market to NBA, not to mention that many Chinese support Rockets because of Yao Ming. NBA gave up freedom of speech for money.

This is typical Guardian headline and bespeaks their general editorial cravenness to China CCP. Anything that happens that DISPLEASES China gets the focus in the headline and story framing and NOT the fact that China is censoring speech abroad.


China is using its economic power to take away your freedom of speech, principles and dignity!

Audience in the US and worldwide, please BoycottNBA and StandwithMorey. Let’s see how chinese fans like American basketball if it’s no longer American.

Now more ppl understand why Hong Kong should stand up n say no to CCP's ruling. Earn money but paying freedom n democracy, that's really what we want? Absolutely NO if we are clear-headed. StandWithHongKong standwithMorey FightForFreedom

cancel ppl/company for having opposing opinion,and proceed to cry over ‘western fake news and fake freedom’ duh chineseexpansion

Ha Americans Freedom of speech is at Risk. Thanks to the CCP sponsorship, you guys should get familiar with political censorship, even in the land of freedom😉

How much will you sold your soul your freedom your right to China? (in RMB)

Many US companies surrender to China money. Eventually, China take over the world. The value American trust include freedom will be destroyed by CCP. In this case, you can see the Chinese not allow the freedom of speech.

They're giving up their values for the dirty money in China!

You guys are good at to give the biased and false reporting/comments on China a mask of pro-democracy. You are abusing 'democracy' into a pile of crap.

This is what’s known as selling your soul.

I mean as an American institution, maybe they should scramble towards something resembling “f- yeah! Democracy!”

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