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Nancy Pelosi, George Floyd

Nancy Pelosi joins protests over police killing of George Floyd

'Thank you, all! Thank you!' Ms Pelosi could be heard saying

6/4/2020 12:34:00 AM

Nancy Pelosi joins protests over police killing of George Floyd

'Thank you, all! Thank you!' Ms Pelosi could be heard saying

’s reaction to the protest movement.The president first retreated to a bunker and had the floodlights switched off at the White House, and then the following day walked to a nearby church for a photo opportunity after the clearance of a peaceful protest at Lafayette Park with tear gas, flashbangs, and rubber bullets.

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Actress Alyssa Milano tweeted: “While Trump hides in a bunker and gasses protesters, Speaker Pelosi greets them.”The president has also called for the use of military force to restore order in cities.In anwith MSNBC’sMorning Joe, Speaker Pelosi revealed that her daughter, a filmmaker and journalist, had been on the scene in Lafayette Park on Monday night and had described the events to her.

“She said: 'Mom, you wouldn't even believe it. These people were demonstrating peacefully. And all of a sudden, this barrage of security came through using clubs to beat people and these explosive scatter little bullets that explode into stuff that burns your eyes,’” the speaker said.

“What is this, a banana republic?” Ms Pelosi added. Read more: The Independent »

BAH she is surrounded by security those same ppl that no one else has . .. Still in her own circle .. NOT allowing any protesters near her .. Lets see her walk with everyone make the security guards back off.. Allow her to touch hands of common folks . Give hugs to family Did she stay for the whole walk. not just a 5 min photo op? I want to see her alking around in the crowd for the full protest . . NOT just for a photo Op that she complained about

The knife does not cut its own handle She is a real leader ... She out there throwing bricks at windows? Nancy Pelosi called the violent protests in Hong Kong 'a beautiful sight to behold“. I wonder if the protests in her own country seem as beautiful to behold. reidhoffman Pandering for the black vote - atta girl Nancy! TeamPelosi

Headline should say . Tear gas, rubber bullets and armed military not needed in Pelosi photo op Was there ever any doubt? In Trafalgar Square, handbag with a brick in, swinging? What’s a news ... what do you expert from an hysterical women who cannot even control herself during an official speech? Trump will be the ‘nervous’ one now! Respect for Nancy!! BunkerBoyTrump BlackLivesMatter

Biden's new slogan: 'If you ain't looting, you ain't a democrat'. She better not give money again to the military which sells surplus stuff to police institutions. She needs to go. better late than never

The Duchess Of Cambridge Wears Her Banana Roksanda Dress To Thank Australia’s Key WorkersKate and Prince William send an important message to mark the country’s Inaugural Thank A First Responder Day Fuck these ppl fake smiles

George Floyd killing: US rocked by eighth night of protest and grief – liveProtests continue in the US over the police killing of George Floyd US rocked by eighth night of riots, looting, arson, vandalism,and assault . -there fixed it for you when the police arrests so many people they run out of handcuffs and arrest you using cable tie ... The Guardian's database on police killings gets a mention in this report. It's a shame that the liberal press haven't been willing to report the obvious conclusions. Capitalist exploitation and enforcement doesn't care about the colour of your skin.

Joshua Kimmich wants white players to join black teammates' protestsBayern Munich’s Joshua Kimmich has said white players should join their black teammates in protesting against the killing of George Floyd by police in the US many Blacks are twice as large as normal people and are aggressive, violent, rough and known for heartlessly killing others, so police have to use more physical force to subdue them. Why isn't this discussed

LIVE: Police officer punched during George Floyd protest at Downing StreetA BlackLivesMatter protest is taking place outside Downing Street following the death of unarmed black man George Floyd . skymarkwhite says that whilst there have been some scuffles, the 'vast majority' have been 'very peaceful' Read the latest: skymarkwhite PREDICTED BY THE SIMPSONS IN THE 90'S YOU ARE BEING PLAYED 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 skymarkwhite why have they gone to downing Street skymarkwhite Good to see the peaceful protests. I hope they stay this way.

Police chief fired as black restaurateur is killed during George Floyd protestsDavid McAtee was taking part in a protest in Kentucky against the killing of African Americans by police, and was himself killed, leading to two officers being put on leave and the local chief being sacked Please American dont let CHINESE & MUSLIMS TO DESTROY YOUR COUNTRY. THIS IS CLEAR CHINESE AND MUSLIMS ARE DESTROYING AMERICA. CLEAR

FA says it will show common sense if footballers take a knee in matchesThe FA will adopt a commonsense approach if Premier League players take a knee in protest at the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis This should be adopted globally. Those who choose to take a knee in support should never be punished. We should each one of us have control over our own bodies. What do we do with the ones that don't take a knee? FA should praise and support it fully