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Naga Munchetty praised after BBC Breakfast host speaks out after health ordeal

Naga Munchetty praised after BBC Breakfast host speaks out after health ordeal

10/16/2021 7:22:00 AM

Naga Munchetty praised after BBC Breakfast host speaks out after health ordeal

NAGA MUNCHETTY has been thanked on social media after the presenter received a heartfelt message.

Naga had previously addressed the"traumatic ordeal" she faced after having a similar medical experience.The BBC Breakfast host spoke out about the need for better care around the fitting of contraceptive coils, which can be very painful for some people.

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Taking to the micro-blogging site, a viewer thanked the broadcaster for addressing the issues.READ MORE: Naga Munchetty praised as she speaks out on ordeal(Image: BBC)Naga Munchetty is a presenter on BBC Breakfast(Image: BBC)Naga Munchetty told off by producer after naughty quip

Georgina Hague penned:"Thanks to @caitlinmoran @TVNaga01 my coil exchange was much more relaxed than last time."I was offered anaesthetic & the NHS staff kept me informed all the way through & assured me the procedure could be stopped at any point.

She added:"I still cried afterward but that was pure relief."Naga took the opportunity to retweet the heartfelt message on her social media account.Naga Munchetty has been outspoken on the fitting of coils(Image: BBC)Naga Munchetty reacted to a viewer's heartfelt post

(Image: TWITTER NAGA MUNCETTY)Who are the BBC Breakfast hosts?(Image: EXPRESS)She replied:"Amazing to hear."Back in July, it was announced that pain relief before coil fittings and extractions would be routinely offered in England.It comes after Naga and other women spoke out about the pain they endured during the procedure.

The star opened up about her experience of having a coil fitted during her Radio 5 show. Read more: Daily Express »

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