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Muslims sacrifice animals to celebrate Eid al-Adha

Muslims slaughter cattle, camels and sheep in bloody sacrifice to celebrate Eid al-Adha

8/2/2020 1:50:00 AM

Muslims slaughter cattle, camels and sheep in bloody sacrifice to celebrate Eid al-Adha

Eid al-Adha commemorates Muslims' belief that Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God, before God replaced his son with a ram to be sacrificed instead.

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على اساس انت ما تاكل لحم دجاج وخنزير وزق ومصانعكم يا زق ما تكهرب الحيوانات وماركاتكم ما تعذب التماسيح بنزع جلدها وهي حيه يا حمير ركزو على اغلاطكم I’m not religious, but the slaughtering of animals for sacrifice in the Bible is no better This is straight up islamaphobia Sanatani____ Nothing new They can even slaughter humans in the name of religion 😑😑😑😑

The Autor thinks hamburgers and hot dogs are fruits which growing on trees And all of you are crying while you sit everyday eating burgers so you can sit and relax If you wanna know some facts :its actually to feed the poor Thank you for that unnecessary negative connotation wamahya wamamati lillah rabbil alamin

Yes feeding thousands of poor people is honorable! Y’all better have a headline in November titled “Americans slaughter millions of turkeys to celebrate the holidays”

Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha around the worldThe four-day Feast of the Sacrifice coincides with the last days of the Hajj in Saudi Arabia , which has been drastically scaled back because of the coronavirus crisis. Ντροπη Lunatics slaughter tens of thousands of sheep and shit river of blood 🩸 and bacteria from rotting carcass to praise imagery guy upstairs while disease drought and famine blanketing the planet. But for 72 virgins? Damn you’re right I’m in ad well allaho fukn akbar But at least they’re well protected from coronavirus 🦠🦠🦠😷😷😷

You fail to acknowledge that 50-70% of the meat if given away to those who are less fortunate and is about charity. I’m sorry do y’all slaughter turkey by tickling them?😆 Oh totally forgot that u guys eat it alive😇 Y’all eatin ur meat with feathers and fur and beating hearts? Its....photographed butchering... that happens everyday everywhere... yet .. people put MUSLIMS in it and then its violence and terror... also I am from the Netherlands... a tiny country with one of the biggest meat distributors in Europe. Lets take pictures in these places

How about another headline - Tories (some are Christians apparently) help slaughter innocent women and children in Yemen due to inhumane policies of selling weapons to murderous regimes? Non of your busnise This is racist thanks. Where's peta Kids in my country even helps doing this they even said he want to do this to help the poor

Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha around the worldThe four-day Feast of the Sacrifice coincides with the last days of the Hajj in Saudi Arabia , which has been drastically scaled back because of the coronavirus crisis. Super spreaders 🙈🙈🙈 Who gives a f**k?

Why we do this in the first place? Our ancestors lives in the desert so there no plants 'yeah well there is' then let me kill you and go to hell or heaven and tell him that How sad 😥 Abraham was Jewish, and they don't do Eid al -Adah! is a vegan tweeting this to feed the poor for free? fuck yeah. These animals are left to roam freely for their entire lives, then killed with a slash to the throat and bleed out quickly, they don’t struggle. How is this way better!! And before you say ‘stunned’ these are from videos where every single animal was conscious and struggling!!

...and your beef, chicken, and pork just magically arrives at the supermarket covered in plastic on those styrofoam trays. Western society is completely separated from where our food comes from that it's easy to judge what an other culture does. Yea well we slaughter them because you guys won’t share from your meat trees 😤😤

lol you used the word slaughter wrong Neanderthal practice!

Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha around the worldThe four-day Feast of the Sacrifice coincides with the last days of the Hajj in Saudi Arabia , which has been drastically scaled back because of the coronavirus crisis. There is no rank among these worshipers, white, black, brown, blonde, Arab, African American, Asian,Rich,poor. There are only Muslims 🖤🖤🖤 Yes that's why the North of England is back in lockdown 🙄 But not in Ilford?

Ok MailOnline We got it You hate Muslims and would like to demonise them and have people attack them. If this was just about animal welfare, more people would be vegan. Sign animal welfare petitions, go vegan, help animals. This is Islamophobia,so blatant and in your face,disgusting! How many people in dailymail has this gone through and they all thought it was okay to publish?

the islamaphobia is really popping out in this post 🧍‍♀️ ok so does the meat everyone else eats grow on trees ✋ The islamophobia in here is real 😍💗 :| ✨theres✨🙈still🙈🌈time🌈🧚🏾‍♀️to🧚🏾‍♀️💕delete💕👩🏾‍🦯this👩🏾‍🦯 To anyone who’s muslim seeing this I’m sorry that you guys have to deal with this. To anyone who calls this barabaric, the animals are killed without feeling pain and we give 1/3 to charity/poor people. Do you do that on xmas or thanksgiving?

Ever hear of Tyson? They do this, too, right here in AmericaLand. Only they slaughter a whole lot more than what you've shown here. Every. Day. Around-The-Clock. orangejuulstice I don’t see the problem 🤔some countries eat more meat than others Alright what about in thanksgiving with that turkey, what about mcdoanlds or kfc? Report about that?

Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha around the worldMuslims celebrate Eid al-Adha with socially distanced prayers around the world while many worshippers struggle to afford animal sacrifices because of coronavirus crisis Good that more and more people finally start to realize what they really stand for and what their message is about. How will they ever survive without being able to buy an animal in order to slit its throat? Shall we have a whip round for them? Reporting this behaviour like it’s normal is just the way it is now right? Celebrating festival of blood gore and primitive barbarism and bestiality. Shame.

we do this to feed the POOR, and not to mention that slaughtering has to be in a painless way with a sharp knife so the animal doesnt suffer. i dont see yall talking abt this during thanksgiving. your islamophobe is showing In America they do it with children So much hate for muslims in west. They never complain about kfc hardess mcdonalds . They have issues with muslims eid

Y'all ever heard of thanksgiving? Tell that to kfc and McDonalds ... And where u get ur steaks and bbq 🍖 from... 🥩 ...🖕🏿 KFC and McDonald killing more Than 1bn animals yearly but no one talking about it Where does your so called animal love goes when KFC slaughters billions of animals each year to feed the rich?

Unless u r a vegetarian u can't complain about it. And plants are living too. Then u should not eat them too. It is big coming from you people who stays silent on mass murder going in syria, palstine, Kashmir and many otger countries. And?

Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha around the worldThe four-day Feast of the Sacrifice coincides with the last days of the Hajj in Saudi Arabia , which has been drastically scaled back because of the coronavirus crisis. Horrible cruelty to that cow in that picture humans are a disease I hope we are eradicated soon 😑 Savages

3 Animals are killed everyday. Why is your butt hurting so much madarchod? McD, KFC, Burger King, etc. killing thousands of animals every single day for making they rich. Eid Al-Adha sacrifice thousand of animals every once a year for feed poor people for free. and you guys said 'this is barbaric!' what the fuck is wrong with you guys?!

McD, KFC, Burger King, etc. kill thousand cows every single day to make they rich. Eid Al-Adha kill thousand cows just once every year for give it to poor people. and you guys said 'this is barbaric!'? what the fuck is wrong with you guys? What’s your point? This seems super biased. Back in the old Viking days there was human sacrifices. Quit being so fragile

you dont even know the rules, fucker, youre the reason why muslims have bad reputation, fuck you. 46 million Turkeys are killed every year for thanksgiving. Y’all cannot be serious rn? Not to mention the fact the meat also had to be halal. These animals were cared for better than those raised in factory farms. You’re all ridiculous.

KFC & McDonalds slaughter millions of animals each year to feed rich people but Muslims do so to feed poor people. That's the difference. What's about KFC & McDonalds ? They use to slaughter Millions of Animals each year🤔 the islamophobia LEAKED w this one Americans slaughter turkeys in bloody sacrifice for thanksgiving 😎

Muslims sacrifice animals to celebrate Eid al-AdhaEid al-Adha commemorates Muslims' belief that Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God, before God replaced his son with a ram to be sacrificed instead. Savage And your point. Like you don’t eat pork. Lovely. Very kind of them

So eating Mc Donalds is no issues When they slaughter animals like trash ? But, it's a problem for the Muslims to slaughter animals in a nice manner to feed the poor ? Ridiculous People You kidding me right, it's the same as the thanksgiving, at least we do it halal and it's the least painfull way lol its a tradition the fact you guys didn’t care about mc donalds and keep on making muslims down stop it

The hypocrisy and ignorance in this comment section is crazy 'Christian colonists slaughter turkeys, chickens and fowl in bloody sacrifice to celebrate Thanksgiving, a celebration of the genocide of their indigenous population' 'Christians slaughter turkeys, chickens , and swans in bloody sacrifice to celebrate Christmas'

don’t they know you have to eat the animals while alive smh ur supposed to let the cow walk into the oven not kill it first 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 So yall here are vegans? Ok im leavin... Daily Mail morning stories idea meeting: ‘hey folks, so how can we subtly but not subtly show our Islamophobic asses today.’

Oh my God And distribute it to the needy/ poor people!

The meat is distributed to the poor and the animal isn’t wasted. While Americans and Europeans literally hunt for sport. Every year in the UK approximately 2.6 million cattle, 10 million pigs, 14.5 million sheep and lambs, 80 million fish and 950 million birds are slaughtered for human consumption. Muslim are sick

They supposed to eat them alive Like duh lmao Do Christians dance with Turkey on thanksgiving? Do KFC serve only cabbage and carrots? Classic islamophobia on mainstream media. Shame on you alicecachia oh, right I forgot how everyone else except Muslims in the entire world don't eat any form of meat. n we ll do it again❤️

so we're going to act like thanksgiving and christmas aren't the same concepts? or how about when we roast whole pigs? or the meat industry in general? nothing about this screams cruelty. it's a religious ceremony. and you all have a problem with it just bc it isn't christian Meat consumption per capita.

Do they then eat them? Because that basically sounds like normal life to me. It’s not too late to delete this ❤️ Omg that is just hidious. Why would anyone do such a horrible thing Wot is wrong with these people .... its just so cruel and plain stupid Where do you think meat comes from? Damn. Y’all need new journalists, idk if it’s the subtle racism, hate or bad flow of the article. Read the room honey. Let me write for y’all. ;)

So non muslims eat the animals alive ?! Maybe you do not know this but they have to kill them to get you burgers and steaks . And about the celebrating part do you play with a turkey every thanksgiving ?! Islamophobia Sooo... Happy Muslim Thanksgiving? Anyway, Boy oh boy, the illiteracy on Muslim ways is very strong I see.

I don't really see a difference between this and every person who eats meat because it's all slaughter, you all need to take your head out of your arse you're really embarrassing yourself there with your hypocrisy. Especially Thanksgiving and Xmas, same shit.

Like if you white people dont eat meat.... please take a moment to learn about how muslims put animals down (gently, with remorse and no pain/suffering) vs ur average american farm. alicecachia is the author of this islamophobic article I’m slaughter phobic 😢 Aight all the people getting pissed off in the coments betyer go vegan if you already aren’t 😘

Yet killing millions of humans is never mentioned How about you change the misleading title (clearly intended to portray Islam as a hurtful culture) and explain that the meat is distributed to the poor and that during its life, it is treated better than any other type of meat that you get at the butcher

This racist wording Are the muslims the only people to slaughter animals for celebration? How about the millions of chicken and goats lambs pigs oxen that get slaughtered on daily basis to fill out supermarkets+restaurants?I can't stand the cruelty chicken in Macdonald's Why not show images of the food being given out to the poor. Instead of this ridiculous bordering on hate filled reporting

can u pls do some fact checking because this is all wrong...

Muslims slaughter animals during Eid to feed the poor , go to any slaughter house in Europe or USA or any where , they slaughter thousands every day to feed the rich , which one is more merciless and heartless , you double standard !!! . OMG they slaughtered animals to eat like other people? I'm fuming.

Looks like daily mail is a confirmed racist its kinda always been like that Oh so where do you think the meat you think comes from? It’s food. They’re slaughtering animals to feed people for poor people to eat for free. Slaughterhouses do this every day, but then charge money for people to eat it. Is your issue that they don’t make money on slaughtering animals? Or is your issue that they’re Muslim?

ok and Wow, bodoh ke apa? We did this for the poor for FREE. Not like others slaughter animal everyday to feed spoil rich people like you guys Hypocritical British colonizers. You barbarians vegan hey? Fucking embarassing

Misleading titles result in racist remarks towards people. They’re handing it out to the poor!! Include that in the title! How about- Muslims slaughter cattle, camels and sheep in bloody sacrifice to celebrate Eid al-Adha and to give to the Poor. Haha what a sh**e post 😂 we eat meat nearly every day you have fastfood restaurants the spew out thousands of burgers and chicken a day and this picture is just another newspaper trying to shock people 😂 some people are just like sheep

anassundalamu poe sangnging tokafir telaso yg komen jadi yg ko lakukan ke syiria, palestine dll itu apa telaso?! kita mmg karna agama dan kebaikanji kau ia ngaseng nassundala? ana kecil yg main main ko pigi bom, 👎 americans sacrifice animals to celebrate thanksgiving Sis, you acting like the turkeys and hams at christmas, mcdonalds and thanksgivings committed suicide.. they killed themselves? chile- anywayss so..👁👄👁 suddenly, when muslims do it to *GIVE* to poor people, friends and family, it's a news article? The islamaphobia🤡 ✨idiots✨

Eat shit. That this headline is still up is a disgrace to your magazine Thanks for perpetuating the idea that Muslims = bad with your shit choice of wording. If you aren't vegan then you're doing the same shit every day. At least they do it as a religious thing and distribute it among the poor, go check out how commercial farming is done just for money.

The rep so disgusting... Lol, I'm sorry wtf is this headline? They killed animals to eat... who doesn't do that? Has anyone in these comments SEEN how their beef is processed? Why make them seem barbaric?

lmaooooo yall okay with McDonald's chicken nugget, KFC, Wendy, taco Bell but pressed over this NORMAL event. LMAOOO just say that you're a cowards islamophobic Where do McDonald’s get their beef and KFC get their chicken from? It’s so pathetic how hate is spread What happens at Christmas? That's so barbaric! I'm glad I get my meat from the store where no animals are harmed and they died peacefully 🙄 why are you trying to make Muslims look bad?

watch this before you tweet anything islamophobic This is so dumb Hahahaha reading this tweet relly made my day its like 5 years old son told their dad that its bad for killing animal but when served they just eat like it was nothing ahahahha what a retarded kid what we muslims slaughter it well, by saying bismillah and hygienic, not like yall who cut it dirty.

Christians Slaughtered innocent muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan by dropping bombs from sky. 🤡🤡🤡

And the point being? and rest of the world is vegetarian Jokers we literally slaughter these animals on eid to be donated to the POOR. its the same for thanksgiving w the turkeys except we give it to the poor 🤡 My mom told me she used to be so poor. The only time their family can eat meat is on Eid. There is also special way to treate beef that being slaughtered on eid. Like leftover food and their bones need to be bury deeply enough so other animals can't dig it up. We respect them.

'The slaughtered animal meat is distributed to the poor to commemorate Abraham's sacrificing of his son' Yeah, what terrible people.. killing animals for food That they give to the poor? They always have hate, we give ALLL THE MEAT WE GET to the poor and needy people. We feed the homeless with it WE KEEP NOTHING. They stay pressed

So they gonna ignore all the turkeys and pigs that are killed for their thanksgiving and Christmas?or is that acceptable and this is not? 😶😂👏🏼 You conveniently have forgotten to add that the meat goes to poor people and keeps them from starving! All you're doing is causing more Islamophobia. If this was kosher meat you wouldn't dare to print an article like this because you would be branded as a antisemitic paper

I also would like to point out that EVERY muslim that does this is OBLIGATED to give a big amount of the meat to the poor.

yall just islamophobic and it shows The article is clearly bait for the racists but let’s get the facts right, traditional Halal/Kosher slaughter is not humane. Most Halal meat is actually stunned before slaughter in the UK, which is great, but poses the question why 100% of it can’t be? Kosher has further to go.

How the fuck do you think we get steak? Bacon? Chicken? And all the rest? Non Muslims in the UK Slaughter pigs, cattle and sheep EVERYDAY because they’re hungry Just accept, some people love and feel better than another human because they torturing living creature like plant who can regenerate and the most importantly, they cant show expression even plant had defending mechanisme like spike or something.

Americans also kill turkeys to celebrate colonialism and feed the rich, no one says anything, but when Muslims slaughter animals to feed the poor, y’all get mad. Next time learn your lesson and don’t post inaccurate shit like this with a shitty ass title. Daily mail setara ternyata This is what happens after a bully become an editor

ok then, lets talk about the millions of animals that live in a cruel environment and get killed everyday. and the pigs and the turkey that you kill for thanksgiving and christmas. americans go hunting as a HOBBY. this is done to feed the poor for free. Your naked racism and bigotry is truly repulsive

Your tabloid is a blight on humanity. Hateful rhetoric spread by hateful minds to hateful people in the name of profit. There is nothing positive to be gained by your existence. Lol but ur country killed people mercilessly everyday? yall are always against muslims fck this sh*t This is misleading. This is disrespectful. This is Islamophobic. This is perpetuating racism and negative stereotypes of the Muslim community. This is wrong. Please stop and think before you right these captions. And think about something other than clickbait. Step up.

Daily mail ignoring the thought and system behind a religious just to propagate it's racist and islamophobic ideas!!! Very typical white coloniser attitude. Learn the customs and practices. Better than drinking human blood like some other monotheisms, right? That's disgusting! *said by a hypocrit who is currently eating a big mac*

I'm a vegan muslim and i'd still do the sacrifice as well. Why? It's our faith, we have a holy and history for this. Please if you know nothing about islamic culture, just don't bring negative opinion about it. If u aren’t vegan u have no right to say that. U r eating meat and thats the way how come at ur dinner table. It looks like just a islamophobia

We have a government that thinks it’s acceptable to rip apart a fox with a pack of dogs.. but I guess that’s okay because they are rich?

This is a racist tweet ! Daily Mail is a newspaper for sexual predators.. ya heard it here first It’s about the fact that the animals are being hurt by the slaughter. They feel everything. Where I live they first kill the animal in a fast way and then they take the meat. (I don’t think that that’s okay either but I like it better that the animal doesn’t suffer....

That's the unislamic way of slaughter. The meat is haram if slaughtered in front of another animal. The animal mustn't be alarmed, shown another animal being slaughtered or abused. I wonder how thanksgiving fits into all of this😺 let’s real it in, no animal harmed on thanksgiving For everyone replying “disgusting” or “inhumane” Just know that these animals definitely lived a better life than the ones you eat from the slaughterhouses in America, died quicker and less painfully due to the methods used.

Literally in the article it says 'The slaughtered animal meat is distributed to the poor' I'd say this is a LOT more ethical than how we treat animals in the US... anyone calling this 'disgusting and barbaric' is hypocritical, Islamophobic, and falling for shock value Keknya yg nulis ini tersinggung sembahannya menjadi persembahan deh╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮

let’s real it in, no animal harmed on tanksgiving

Daily mail will post things like this to spread islamophobia, as if y’all don’t eat pork,chicken,beef etc ... and won’t talk about this 👇🏻 They literally feed the meat to the poor and Americans go hunting for a fucking hobby 😂😂😂 You can’t be serious! I’ll expect the same post at Christmas about Christians and Turkeys...👀

Hummm can you tone down the islamophobia please? I'm trying to enjoy my Sunday pork Roast. Which came from a UK slaughterhouse. Maybe put that up in your front pages too. Why is this a story. Does anybody who is calling this disgusting realise this is how the majority of livestock that's not killed in a slaughterhouse is killed and not just in Muslim communities on Eid?

Meanwhile KFC's and McDonald's farm animals peacefully die in their sleep Stupid daily Mail trash Just wait until you find out how Chickens get killed for Chik-Fil-A Just dropping this here cuz I don’t want to waste my time with y’all idiots

And the award for 'Worst News Editor' goes to... We literally make a feast for a holiday. Its nothing more, nothing less. Are we not going to talk about how...almost everyone eats meat? How else does your packaged meat at the grocery store get there? Some of you are only accustomed to your own ways of life that you acuse other people’s to be absurd. Grow up.

Apology from Daily Mail: Sorry for this Cow and Camel sh**. we did not pay our Editor News, during lockdown and he's just opening up. how do we call this? Your bias is clear while you beheead pigs for dinner. I am waiting for an apology on this bloody headline of hatred. You have no right to call yourselves journos. eww You proved to be worse than the Indian news outlets

I am waiting for an apology on this bloody headline of hatred. You have no right to call yourselves journos. eww You proved to be worse than the Indian news outlets Well well well.....

You are pro at promoting hatred. Y’all are so ignorant “hmmm our countries not doing very well at the moment I guess it’s time to race bait” Nd not at hw Muslims too r slaughtered just fr being muslims this and the comments are just blatant racism As if chickens, turkeys, pigs, sharks, fishes, horse, crocodiles, ain't gettin slaughtered on a daily basis for personal consumption alone nd fr da fckin leather...

I guess the Daily Mail is going vegan now? Might as well post this article annually. Fuckwits at the mail .. do you think that roast beef lamb, pork and chicken that you eat for sunday lunch is made out of Quorn.. ? TarekFatah Arre sir kuch hi saalon mein yeh jaanwaron kien bajaiyen inke sharir par milega.Another Hitler and Stalin in rising.Europe mein bhi jo ho raha hain abb aar-par ki ladaiyan jyada dor nahi

Lol Fuck you fuck you fuck you And they say the media ain’t racist 😂 have a day off daily mail ever heard of uhm.......... slaughterhouses? im a vegetarian so yes, this disturbs me but you have no right as (im presuming) a meat eater to say this is gross 😋 Fr though did Boris Johnson come up with that headline or something 😂? Y’all should stick to the meaningless celebrity gossip

what the fuck. y’all non muslims in the comments no absolutely nothing about what we do so shut the fuck up. before u attack muslims think about the mcdonald’s u eat and the turkey u have for thanksgiving. istg y’all can’t let muslims BREATHE. Tell that to your Jewish overlords - they're the ones who started this tradition anyway, or have you forgotten your Old Testmant already? Heh.

Uh- uh let me tell u the real thing, first of all we help the animal grow, we feed them, take care of them, and more then we don’t slaughter them, when it came to harvesting we do it in the most harmless way. Secondly, we give the meat to the poor who don’t have anything to eat. is NO ONE gonna talk about how the title is insanely misleading? They treat the animals with respect and care their whole lives and in the end kill them the least hurtful way WITH RESPECT. And then distribute the meat to the poor and less unfortunate. It's not a 'slaughter' or a+

Looks like a regular slaughter house here in the US of A but ours have roofs 🤷🏻‍♀️ and guns of course!

Vegetarians be triggered, but the Trump Supporters be rolling in their gravestones. BITCH, we use the meat to FEED the POOR. What did yall ever do? 👀 They way y’all showed your Islamophobia through this title... eat ur bland horse lasagna and stfu your stupid headline wont work just saying 😌 f ck you dude

TarekFatah Has the peta PetaIndia died..? Dear, fellow mortals.. sow hatred on earth, and you will reap hatred. A world filled with hatred is no better than hell. The picture attached might hurt other belief and culture, too. You might attack muslims, but other belief are also hurt beyond your narrow awareness.

God save us Yeah that's for cooking and giving the food to poor people (I think) yeah, so wtf is thanksgiving ?

omf lmaoo stfu Em basically a whole cattle, is divided by 7 per person (which is still alot), and that one portion, which around 20kg, is divided to poor families around your house. I mean, we dont slaughter just for fun. These pictures doesnt tell the whole stories behind the real eid al-adha. I hope that all of you commenting nasty anti Muslim comments against their practices are at least vegetarian/vegan. Cuz if you aren’t then you have NO BUSINESS saying shit about the meat they eat with your cowsheeppigdeerturkeyhorsechickenfishmcdonaldslovin eatin ass.

Sounds lik the U.S.A on a daily basis Go ahead and take this down sweety. And try again. Everyone commenting on this BETTER be vegan and cruelty free. Becuase this is no different to the way your animals are killed that you eat. Block worthy headline No One read it ya’ll realize how the rest of the world gets meat everyday right? we butcher and slaughter the animals i-

I kinda wish ppl could just show their racist face. World would b much better place. Report this article and tweet The people in the comments are so ridiculous, making arguments that we slaughter turkey during Christmas or something. Smh, it's Thanksgivings. We murder the turkeys on Thanksgivings. TarekFatah Wow such a pious festival. An idea it is called a festival is immensely interesting.Hats off to de ppl for maintaining the equilibrium in the ecosystem by kiling these animals..dey r doing grt service to the world. My only wish is let this scene be reversed.n these men r butcherd

This is racist and xenophobic. You should be ashamed, but racists don't tend to be. Bitch i- wait till yall here about thanks giving🤦🏿😂 do y’all realize where your meet from the grocery store comes from and how is killed? check yourselves. no need to be islamaphobic. TarekFatah This is justified because of addiction to the taste and texture of meat and a feeling that meat sticks well in the stomach. And then where else can you get protein ?

Holy crap.. theyre killing thousands of sheep/camels and giving the meat for free to their neighbors and starving people who cant afford food? They should at least make some 💰💰 like McDonalds, KFC, and Burger King do with their overpriced burgers with Your headline is unacceptable & deceptive. Shame on you “Christians slaughter turkeys to celebrate Christmas “ “Christians drink blood in sacred ritual called communion” if you don’t know better, you SHOULD know better.

dah tu nak makan idup2!!!! I assume, then, you just wait for your meat to die of natural causes, right? Have you seen the kill floor at Smithfield in Idaho? 10,000 hogs a day? This is fucked sensationalist racist bs People really like pick and choose when it’s ‘ok’ to kill and eat animals 👀👀👀 why do they do that...

TarekFatah Muslims cut the throat of humans in name of ALLAH... ISIS is the most religious Islamic organization... Who the hell are these animals! They may celebrate Kafir-e-eid instead of Bakra-e-eid... Hope for the best. Where do you think Americans get all their hamburgers and hotdogs? This is fucking stupid lmfao.

from what i know as a muslim myself,, these animals were killed in the quickest way possible so it wouldn’t hurt for the animals AND we donate the meat to needy people who are less fortunate What even is this? Like 90% of your workers probably eat beef, and other meat so like what is this islamaphobia

And how does American celebrate thanksgiving? for everyone saying that this is “disgusting” or “inhuman” imma assume you’re a vegan. how do y’all think your burgers and steaks are made? lol pksachdev4777 Where is PetaIndia where’s your report for thanksgiving? or not fast food industry ? Breaking News. Consumption of meat requires the death of animals. How the fuck do you think Turkeys feel around Thanksgiving over in the states?

Biased reporting. It is saying like no other nation slaughter animal to complete their meat needs. Oh BOO HOO companies do this shit all the time so they can make the shit you eat at mcdonalds Fuck off, bigots

Did you know it’s illegal to film inside a slaughter house AKA “meat Processing plant” for the same reasons. So unless you’re vegan / plant-based, you shouldn’t be complaining. Same people complaining are the Same people who hit up McDonald's everyday. Ow ur right😣 feeding the poor is so bad, this is the better way of doing it^

TarekFatah I'm shattered 😭😭😭 sir to see this pic of brutality on innocent animals.I literally don't want any mandir nor masjid &churches , but desperately want ,more Rama ,Krishna, Mohammad sahib,Christ , Buddha on earth as soon as possible. Can't wait for the article on Bernard Matthews slaughtering millions of turkeys every year for a religious ceremony... But that won't happen because the Mail is a bunch of racist clickbait reprobates.

Irresponsible and biased headline writing. Shameful Fuck right off Daily Mail. 🙄 Who ever made this article- your feeding people discrimatory, islamaphobic, and cruel traits that Islam doesn’t stand for. Do some actually research . That is the most stupid headline i have seen about Eid al-Adha! You eat beef, kebabs, ham, chicken, you don't think where it comes from, and don't name it bloody but here you do.. this is discrimination !

The slaughtered animal meat is distributed to the poor to commemorate Abraham's sacrificing of his son

Muslims do a bigger sacrifice during Gadhimai festival in Nepal. See yt to believe. We slaughter animals, America kills human being ever where since 1944 : Japan,IRAQ syria Afganistan Y'all think ur meat in the burgers just comes outta the sky or sth? Wait don't we Slaughter cattle, pigs and turkeys? Don't come act like you care about the animals well-being because they're doing it when you don't even give a shit when we do.

Ok Modi... We gonna have a “bloody” sacrifice this thanksgiving, I really don’t see the issue. These animals were probably given better treatment up to this point as well Oh so y'all eat fucking carrots on thanksgiving and christmas dont u? no turkeys or anyth like that chief? Maybe because no one likes these lot

Dirty vermin

I hope everyone in this comment section is vegan then bruh they treat these animals like royalty rather than shoving them into a fucking cage- this ain’t the problem Have you not read the Bible? Says this the one who eat pigs day and night , didn’t you realize that these animals eat the sh*t of other animals literally, and to get me starting on your thanksgiving because the origin of it is waaay more brutal than Eid al-adha 😂😂😂

Hey wanna write an article about American Thanksgiving perhaps? Or Christmas? Maybe what happens to pet bunnies every easter? It's not like Britain is in a place to talk about animal rights.... Wait a minute.. what about kosher ?, what about turkey thanksgiving ! WTF! ISLAMOPHOBIA IS FUCKIN REAL TarekFatah Very cruel, inhuman, uncivilised 😢

This is stupid. Thousands of animals are killed to produce meat that is daily consumed by every person of the world. Slaughter occurs everyday. Religion has nothing to do with it.

Just for extra information. The meat will distributed equally in three parts by weight. 1 part is given to poor and needed. 1 part for neighbor and friends. 1 part for who the qurbani animals named under and his family. Most cases the qurbani is under 7 names, thus the + Wow using the word “slaughter” to strike a nerve—I wonder how burgers and wings make it to plates

Yea mate how bout this This might seem brutal, but what we meat eaters do to pigs and cows is worse. Much worse TarekFatah Terrorism i see so many difference irl, where animals stay calm & kids not allowed to see this. and where people cleaned their bodies before they cut their throats.. So now yall care about what happens to Animals?

IsabelStockt0n Yeah.. Yeah... as if all the non Muslims eat meat of aged cattle which die of heart attack 😂😂 ... to feed the poor? Jesus christ this is so Islamophobic! I don't agree with organised religion but this is unacceptable!

This too. Daily mail: remember all those lovely animals you pet at the petting zoo? Well, the savage Muslims are slaughtering them for their religious ceremonies. The same ceremonies that bin laden used to celebrate while he was with Alqaeda. PS: check out all that blood 🩸 Like you don’t do the same?! .. mm yaah, you kill them even in other ways that hurts the animals, but we don’t do that we have one way and the best way to kill them is without hurtting them:) this is our HALAL WAY .. please don’t make noise for our ways and things..😴

bruh? unless ur vegan or vegetarian stfu? millions of animals are killed for u to eat ur fucking cheese burgers In summary : Daily mail online vs Islam Next time I see a DailyMail headline...I just won’t. Everyone has an opinion now🙄 Dont disrespect our religion. Delete this yall just love to bash muslims as if you guys dont have whole turkeys for thanksgving and ham for christmas. check yourselves. And these animals are given to feed the poor.

Hey twitter where’s the censorship on this because this is partly false

It's the same as Thanksgiving... ugh I hate double standards whoever reading this, the animals aren't killed in inhumane way. The muslims cut their throat opening up an artery that will draw out all the blood, leading to unconsciousness, then die. It was a short pain and quick death. I beg you to look up in the net for more details.

🤔 You do realize how meat ends up on anyone's table, right? Christian holidays include slaughtering animals like pigs, chickens, turkeys and cattle, but keep pushing your islamophobic narrative. Don’t sit here and make it seem like Muslims are evil and sadistic. That is not worse than this... What is Thanksgiving to you?

Compare this holiday to Thanksgiving, where we not only do literally the same thing, but the holiday is in celebration of slaughtering Native Americans and taking their tribal lands from them. Now re-read your headline very slowly. Now let me tell you about our turkey day traditions 🤨🤨🤨

We all slaughter meat for our meals. Give it a rest with this garbage what happens in a slaughterhouse you dweebs? TarekFatah It’s just a practise session for them for cutting humans elsewhere in the world. We treat the animals better than how you treat your own people 'americans slaughter 39 million cattle per year for their fatty hamburgers'

Americans: -shoot guns during 4th of July -kill Turkeys and eat them at Thanksgiving -kinaps and hangs black people -celebrate a white man stealing land -worships a president that doesn't care -would rather die during a pandemic But no, *they're* the wierd ones. Trynna paint these people as savages and we ain’t gonna let that shit slide

And? Y’ll should FO!! As a vegan, it gets really tiring having to defend meat eaters from other more racist meat eaters Y’all freak out every year about Chinese people eating dog but have whole ass holidays celebrating killing millions of humans by killing billions of turkeys You’re sick af for this

Look at me in the damn eyes and tell me how Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. hey shut up😸 lol yeah so do we Someone explain 1 reason how this is more cruel than western slaughter houses. Please just 1 reason. Wouldn’t have take the daily mail for a bunch of vegans. Pretty dope ngl. you guys eat cattles, camels n sheeps alive

i’m assuming you wrote this while eating mcdonald’s? tell me the difference britney ... n then we donate it, we ate it. Not to throw away. U guys slaughter turkey for Thanksgiving. So what? Meanwhile, the US and the UK slaughter cows by driving metal stakes through the back of their skulls to stun them...provided they put the stake in the right place.

all those complaining...I suggest a trip to your local slaughter house..... No such thing as a pretty death... Even stunning isn't perfect.

The meat of which is used to feed the poor people u rich lot would rather forget about TarekFatah The way you reported it makes me edgy. Why is it always portrayed in a way that is negative. Whereas i suppose the person who wrote the caption can be eating beef burger from macdonalds. Whereas in Islam the meat of the sacrificed animal is distributed among masses.

We eat and donate. I think you should all educate yourselves before deciding to comment- the photos may look bad or inhumane but when you actually know the context behind it, you’ll find that it’s actually an important religious tradition and that it is in fact the most humane way of doing it Did anybody bother to think for even a split second before they wrote this ridiculously-worded headline?

It's for food tho? Man have you seen how cows and pigs treated before they're slaughtered for every day bacon, hotdogs, hamburgers and steaks? Go investigate that before condemning a people like this. I am genuinely confused. What do they do with the butchered meat? Don't they consume it as food as any meat eater will do?

how do you think all of the animals you eat everyday are there for you to eat? you think they’re gently put down? no they’re slaughtered and fattened up for you all to eat. stop disrespecting a religion you know nothing about. ignorant fuckers Disgusting ‘reporting’ There are slaughterhouses in the UK for cows and pigs

this racist energy is exactly why meghan left Who D F**k r u to tell this, go n check ur Half fathers McD B**ch Islamophobic, fear-mongering trash. I smell hypocrisy here 🤭🥱🥱 oh boy wait till you find out about slaughterhouses How do non muslims get their meat then?

Americans slaughter cattle, the poor and each other in bloody sacrifice to uphold an inhumane economic system (capitalism) ofc you’re all forgetting the way muslims slaughter animals is a lot less painful and a LOT quicker than the way they’re slaughtered for your mcdonald’s big macs but okay x Now do thanksgiving and Christmas.

Did anybody ever tell you guys where meat at your grocery store comes from? Cus it's a lot nastier than this. Why can't they just do the Christian thing and sacrifice their animals to the almighty Golden Arches? Susah bet bikin lu ngerti yak. Tiap tahun beginiiii mulu beritanya... Silahkan aja diteliti mana yg lebih baik dr nyetrum sama nyembelih hewan untuk di konsumsi

This is absolutely islamophobic. Do you guys report on the millions of livestock being killed just to quench the wants of McDonald, KFC etc lovers? Christ, will you stop American farms I don't eat meat 🙏

a know a bitch that eats meat ain’t got shit to say. You ever seen a slaughterhouse? Its this but worse. They did nothing wrong. This is blatant Islamophobia. Do y'all not eat beef? TarekFatah mindless barbaric acts 😡 What's bloody sacrifice? You're insane. I just prepped a leg of lamb for smoking in a couple of days. Sure looked like a bloody sacrifice to me.

Wait til you hear what posh people do to foxes just for the hell of it... You should see our intensive pig farms. Ever seen how many turkeys are are bloodily sacrificed every Thanksgiving? TarekFatah sick

LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TarekFatah Most of this animals struggle and need allot of men to control them and slaughter them most of them suffer Des putains de sauvages 🤬 Anyone mad at this proves they have never worked or been around a butcher shop. y'all are gonna piss ur pants when u hear abt America

'Christians slaughter Turkeys in bloody sacrifice to celebrate Christmas' What do you think happens in British abattoirs ? faith healing ! pure hypocrisy ! Turkeys for Christmas? Lamb at Easter? Sunday roasts? All Christian meat eating occasions where animals are slaughtered. Muslims are being put in Chinese concentration camps, where’s your coverage of that? Absolute shit rag of a paper.

And lots of Asians use pig heads, so what Wait until you hear about factory farming

Sounds fucking delicious TarekFatah That is your personal opinion. But can you tell me a society that has never eaten animal meat? Is what Muslims eat or do is just only badly? Shame on you Don't British people regularly use dogs to hunt and kill foxes for sport, with the only justification being that it's 'a proud British tradition'? That's a rhetorical question; the answer is yes.

oh what an in humane act, not like you bigots buy your steaks and pork chops from battery farms that basically torture animals. but no no you’re right, it’s okay when you do it because you have privilege Is this supposed to anger me? Whats your point. Christians slaughter cattle, pigs, and turkeys in bloody sacrifice to celebrate Christmas

but Americans hunting for a hobby is ok and never mentioned in negative context ? where does all that meat go? for themselves. but having Muslims sacrifice lamb and distribute to POOR people is deemed “evil”? these people are severely uneducated and xenophobic. Attention: Many of the comments here are written by bots as well as replies to certain tweets.

the way this is titled is DISGUSTING and only feeds into islamophobia. I hope you looked into why Muslims sacrifice sheep on Eid. forgot to mention that all this meat goes to poor people that can not afford meat? no, bc it’ll make Muslims look good. God forbid. smh.

I mean, we should just leave animals alone, period. Killing is killing, regardless how it's done. Taking any animals life for any unjustified reason is fucking disgusting. Didn’t realize Daily Mail was a vegetarian only publication yeah and then we donate the meat and share it with family, friends and neighbours. what is ur point?

As a mslim the first picture is so wrong and inhumane the halal way of slaughter is that the sheep have to be alone and not with each other so they dont get scared and the knife needs to be hidden so they don’t see what happends to them and it’s seconds so they don’t feel anypain Humans slaughter cows, cattles, camels and sheep everyday ?

TarekFatah This is the only race of people who enjoy killing that's why they develop the psychology of killing. This impact their sick mindset so all Muslim countries are under develop, unhappy & killing with each others. umm so yall just gonna ignore the fact that you slaughter turkey, geese and other cattle for christmas and thanksgiving or what smh just because they don’t slaughter them in factory farms.

How do you people think the meat at the grocery store gets there? Just a few weeks ago, you were dismissing “ranting Redditors” for feeling concern over how animals are killed. Why tf are you posting it this was making it look wrong if you don’t respect us and don’t like it you might as well keep quiet about it, you don’t always have to poke your nose in everything.

Now do Christians on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and every day of the year... dumbest article ever! Wild So? If you pig out beef and chicken , you have no right to complain! Another reason to boycott the right wing, knuckle-dragging racist, xenophobic and misogynistic gutter press. dontbuythesun dontbuythemail dontbuytheExpress DontBuyTheTelegraph

You'd never get this at Christmas! 'Pass the pork/steak/turkey would you dear?' That's why God rewarded us with corona, if we're not stopped yet, we'll be slaughtered, and become helpless again as today ln front of corona.. Wait til you hear how Americans get their hamburgers, bacon and lamb chops 😒, Do not talk about something you do not know Always the media likes to give an incomplete picture

Breaking news: members of a religion consume meat

the Islamophobia wanna blow that dogwhistle any harder? SaeeSayani .... Do they eat them though..... TarekFatah These ppl are not humans for sure n tht's why they mus be boycotted by every human. N still these monsters expect us nt to hate them. you guys really used the most gruesome bloody pictures you could find amd made it seem like we're barbaric huh?

TarekFatah The responses here are further evidence that when the Torah states “there are many nations”, it wasn’t an accident. The rites of one culture are no more/less savage than the dietary preferences of another. Multiculturalism without a common value system will fail. What about!?!? Only vegans can complain

Sounds rad Too bad they wasted the meat tho Yes Muslim sacrifice animal and give meat to poor and hungry needy people as charity what about McDonald’s and other fast food chain killed million of animal every year and make profits out of this

What’s the difference between this and lamb on Easter Sunday Who are the real animals in the pictures? 🤔🤔 Unless you are changing your name to Vegan Daily, has got to be one of the stupidest, most unnecessarily sensationalistic headlines ever. MassiveFail can't wait for y'all's report on american thanksgiving.

So they give food to people with less resources as a celebration? I would prefer more humane ways to slaughter but this article is rather outrageously written for xenophobic shock value instead of accuracy or any actual discourse. You win to be stupid human on earth That’s how they roll थू है ऐसे धर्म पे जो बेजुबान को क्रूर तरीके से कत्ल करे😡😡😡

TarekFatah No...islam is not a religion of humanity....where is humanity in this...these are evils meat eater demons😣😣 TarekFatah This is not sacrifice, nor a celebration. Where are the Animal activists hiding?

heres how bad the pigs get it try blame this one on the Muslims! you're just trying to start a race war to keep us all divided by baiting one side to hating the other Now do Christians. We'll wait. Dont you have any better things to talk about or just desperate and creating more hate to the idiots who buys youur paper, at least they feed the poor while the pigs and turkeys get same treatment for money for christmas

This cruelty towards animals needs to stop! Do not use religion as an excuse to chop the heads off of animals , Muslims are also killing Christians all over the world! TarekFatah Sad day for poor animals. TarekFatah This is another barbaric act . TarekFatah {{{{Shudder }}}}}😱😱😱 Keep judging and losing it. We are proud and satisfied with our beliefs.

shit stiring the masses again are you daily mail how bout you give us some details about how bad the pigs get it, locked in tiny cages that brake there ribs terrified as they wait in line for death TarekFatah So Barbaric, you ought to sacrifice 1000 bulls to Jupiter, 100 black heifers to Apollo, and a Rooster to Asclepius.

Yall should check out an industrial slaughterhouse sometime. TarekFatah peta PetaIndia TarekFatah Ban their festivals... it's not celebrations... its killing of innocent animals TarekFatah A desert cult cannot improve i m vegetarian i feel disgust3d by such act TarekFatah Sacrificing other animal in name of God is so wrong be it from any community

Damm you think that's bad you're gonna be real mad at what happends to the pigs That us white people eat because they get it worst than any animal Y'all better f*cking sh*t the f*ck up this is MY goddamn religion and (I) get to speak about it. Y'all m*therf*ckers tryna tell me you don't eat meat? We don't sacrifice sh*t, We do all that not for fun but to feed the poor and in need.

... See that? See how I just minded my business? Alternatively: “Muslims eat beef and mutton for religious holiday, much like Christians do.”

Cows and sheep i get, but why camels Racist thanksgiving? hunting? how do animals become taxidermy in them houses ? u people are so clapped. most main stream restaurants fuckin electrify animals and give them painful deaths whilst muslim meat ensures the animal feels no pain. u guys rlly movin miles to prove muslims as bad people, embarrassing lol

They cook huge huge meals for villages with these. Where do you think meat comes from I used to inspect the meat in a slaughter house for general butchers and supermarkets and it ain’t no picnic I can assure you!!!!!! How do you think your grocery store got that pound of ground chuck and bag of frozen chicken breasts you like so much? GTFO with this post

This tweet may well be one of the most dumbfounded yet from Daily mail.. with a hint of Islamophobia and racism. How do Christians celebrate Easter and Christmas? By practising On how to be VEGAN perhaps? dumbfuckpost Wait til you hear about what we do to cattle every day! Are the news here that animal slaughters isn't pretty? I mean ... what did everyone think happens in meat plants

As someone who kills and butchers my own deer, ducks, geese, and pheasants, I'm pretty damn insulted by the implication that it's only okay to participate in animal death if you pay someone else to do it for you. Chumps. Lol let me try one “Americans ruthlessly slaughter millions of calf’s a day to eat cheap, shitty $5 burgers at lunch” Sounds stupid right?

hey daily mail please explain how the entire fucking meat industry works. yugiHoessss but y’all are quiet when corporations slaughter thousands of turkeys and chickens for Thanksgiving and your Harvest Festival... okay that looks delicious oh so now only muslims eat meat? looks dope! Butchers devote lives to slaughtering cattle, pigs, sheep and chickens in bloody sacrifice to celebrate every meal

How do you think meat is created Do one about how grubby jews do kosher slaughter now

This is cleaner than a slaughter house Abraham didnt slaughtered his son. He was replaced by God with a ram And Christians do that with cows, pigs and chickens So? Where do you think beef comes from mofockas? You think it’s grown on trees... or in the ground? If you think this is barbaric look up how animals are slaughtered in industrialized slaughter houses.... all around the world every day

man, y'all really showing your biases right now, huh? just wait 'til you start reporting on American slaughterhouses y’all can not be talking if you eat meat In 'civilized' non-Muslim Belgium's slaughterhouses, they BOIL PIGS ALIVE. Got anything to say about that, ? And where does kfc, nandos, macdonalds come from?

So you won't be having turkey this Christmas then?

This literally only happens once a year it’s way more sustainable than eating billions of chickens per year and the meat is distributed around the Muslim community Okay this headline and article is bullshit trying to attack middle eastern culture....tell me how America goes about their meat and holidays

do your research on halal meat then come back to me Do everyone a favor and shut your rasict ass up. Mind your own fuckin business. If you wanna report on shit like this go look at slaughterhouses. This is how all factory farming runs 🙄 Gonna ignore what you're trying to do and just say, Happy Eid al-Adha to those celebrating

The headline is much different than the article Oh how conveniently you forgot all the hamburgers and fried chicken you eat everyday... sike mate

Tweeting about how bad this is from my butcher shop where the animals died of old age and where organ donors You ever heard of McDonald's Knowing that some westerners and vegans are triggered by this makes me happy, I can even sleep soundly. There are legit criticisms for Islam but this isn't one of them. What the fuck even is this?

Dailey Mail is really trying to create more Islamaphobes huh Wait until you hear about the meat that nearly every american has in their fridge right now! How did that get there i wonder? the word الله. haters will say it’s fake :) Because Americans don't do the same thing in their slaughter houses and don't hunt animals to almost extinction for sport😌😌😌

I admittedly don't know as much about the Muslim faith as I should. What I am positive about is this being one of the most bigoted headlines I've seen in quite some time. Shameful.

Yet somehow, this is a verified twitter handle. Fake must-sell media must always hit nerves How tf else were you expecting to eat meat? Saying this like Americans don’t slaughter thousands of cows everyday 🙄 Really bad reporting. Delete this. Daily mail who what's the name of the 'prince' raping children?

What’s the point here ? Every meat eater should be aware, by now, that the animals that they eat don’t magically die and end up on their plates. You have no right to call them 'savages' or 'disgusting' unless you don’t eat meat. The people in your country do the exact same thing. What happens to 'the hunting season'? lol

who let you post this?! the racism 🤢 Ok. What's the problem? That's a very clickbait title. and I can see some very bad actor jumping on this before actually reading the article. Good job though I guess

And they give it to the poor, funny how you didn't mention that, eh? shut up and mind your business You should see how America slaughters cattle ....why is this making headlines like we don’t slaughter animals every day all around the world Ya know, there's a bunch of states where it's illegal to film inside slaughterhouses. What's going on there I wonder...

As opposed to alive? Animals get slaughtered before they’re eaten. Nice Islamophobia. Please say sike Horrible. Luckily I ensure all the meat I eat was removed bloodlessly and with the full willing consent of the livestock in writing. Otherwise I'd look like a fucking dipshit for criticising Islam over this. This tweet is satire.

While Christians gently euthanize their beef while whispering sweet lullabies Hey maybe scale back the islamophobic portrayal of this is some kind of savage ritual? You manage to touch on the religious significance of the celebration in the article, but its still framed like some alien blood fest. Considering the UKs overall islamophobia, this sucks

Read this! so what about trophy hunting? Or the meat industry in general? Americans slaughter 46 million turkeys each year for thanksgiving Was anyone unsure if the Daily Mail was being run by right-wing hypocrites? 'Muslims donate 1/3 of all Eid feasts as is tradition to celebrate long standing holiday based on religious charity' I fixed it for you

Christians slaughter cattle, pigs, lambs, calves, geese, chickens and turkeys. The meat is distributed to the poor People are so disconnected from the reality of where their food comes from. Go work a day on a farm, go to a slaughterhouse, farmers market. Learn about where your food comes from. It’s important.

Colonizers don't have rights “Religious group celebrates their religious holiday by donating food to feed poor people” What do you think a sunday roast is made from? I don’t know if there’s any point in calling the daily mail racist, but this shit is hell of racist. You only think this is “horrible” because you don’t see inside the slaughters houses everywhere’s else in the world. If slaughterhouses had glass walls ppl wouldn’t eat meat. I hope all these animals that were “sacrificed” were eaten and not wasted.

Unless you don’t eat meat you don’t have much of a reason to say this sounds crazy because this is exactly what we do every thanksgiving I love my beef, but this ain’t appealing at all‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ for a lot of ignorant motherfuckers who think western slaughter is ‘humane’ (fun fact, the stunner almost never completely knocks out the cow)

Do u know that this meat then goes to poor people? Do u know that the people who decided to sacrifice these animals can’t eat them and need to give 100% away? Stop making Islam seem as a satanic religion. Every single religion have their own way of sacrifice. All these militant vegans in the comments section :/

Let them be. It's only happen once a year. Let the poor enjoy their meat in peace. i mean... what’d you think? you can’t be surprised by a religion just need to understand it Was this article written by a pissy racist vegan Cause this ain't it. White people can't say not a thing about eating meat for holidays. Sincerely, a Black vegan

Do white American meat manufacturing next Ag class at my old high school used to raise chickens, shove them into traffic cones, and slit their throats. The people that did that weren’t even adults. America slaughters animals too, youre all just racist and islamophobic As long as they are use the meat who tf cares.

Disgusting display. Scum of the earth. gangweedlol look how modern people are ignorant Someone's going to Eid al-Adha food!! Everybody saying how nasty it is in the comments can shut up. People have been harvesting meat for thousands of years. To the americans specifically, there are entire facrories dedicated to this work. 🖕

And americans force chickens pigs cows and many other animals to live brutally painful lives from the moment they're born to the moment they die. Whats your point? I swear y'all do this every year. Hmmm. Funny how this is slaughter but what everyone who produces meat for population on a daily basis doesn't do that. How blind can we be? A culture that does everything possible to cause as little suffering as possible yet we don't attack those who don't care for the animal.

at least they consider the animals at all, y'all eat a big mouth, shit out, without even giving it a second thought. u racists fr Doesn’t animal slaughter happen all around the world.... Wait until you hear about Christianity, Judaism & so much more! I dont see the issue? they're doing it for religious reasons and as long as they aren't being inhumane about it who tf cares

unlike white people, who only eat cows and sheep that have died of natural causes, yeah? Daily Heil strikes again.

Turkeys commit mass suicide during Thanksgiving, no? So? We kill more cattle a year than they do We kill animals in factories daily and people are just now seeing them, if anything, they're doing something that we should be doing, and that's feeding the poor instead of picking out a small part of an animal and not even considering giving the rest to people who need ot

Y’all complain about this, but not slaughterhouses? Y’all are just Islamaphobic, admit it. Mind ya business and leave Muslims alone. It’s a beautiful tradition. The re-enactment of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his own son. No they don't do it to celebrate. They do it for charity and to give the poor and needy food to eat. This is what they celebrate, the act of kindness, helping others, the sense of community, not the death of animals. That's why it's called a sacrifice. Geez..

Wait till you hear about Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and the entire fucking meat industry 🤯. now show the factory farms and slaughter houses in the usa. nah you won’t because it’s doesn’t fit your narrative right? Have some shame. What's the play here, ?

Yeah we do, and we love it. So dafuq you gonna do about it? That's not how we (Muslims) slaughter animals. Where did you get the photo from?! No one: Boomers, right wings and mostly idiots: THIS IS BARBARIC AND WRONG *proceed to eat at McDonald’s, KFC and turkey for both Christmas and thanksgiving* Questioning the motives of anyone who is upset by this but also cool with what happens in American slaughterhouses and factory farms.

And the Beef , Lamb Chicken in our supermarkets all died happy. this is really gross wording. check your islamaphobia at the door. I mean...I'm not a 'fan of it,' but I also eat meat and don't know enough about this tradition to say anything, so...I don't really have a right to judge. have you heard of meat, by chance?

Unless you’re vegan please just stop. Your self righteous act is not award worthy, you eating animals is animal abuse. Did you think that cow raised its hoof to be killed for you to eat it?

Ooh look, The Daily Mail pretending Muslims are the only people that slaughter animals. Go take some pictures at a slaughterhouse that supplies meat to Sainsbury's or Tesco and put them up too. Kau pilih tajuk elok sikit boleh tak haa bodoh Americans hunt & kill animals for sport and mount them on their walls like trophies ...

I have to give some little thing about kurban in here to be specific, yet each year there a islamic event eid al-adha where people with wealth or people who could effort cow,ram buy them and gave them to the mosque to be killed however the metode is more humane- As opposed to meat in our burgers. Cows sung to death by arias

Who’s gonna tell them the Christmas turkey didn’t overdose on paracetamol? Muslims consume meat less than all countries in the world. the huge quantity of meat that the non Muslim consume, I think doesn't grow in the garden!!!. stop spreading stereotypes and fallacies. stop spreading lies, hate and racism.

Woo, buddy. Wait till you hear about the meat industry. We do it ourselves and do not outsource it to corporations.

😷 Re-think how thanksgiving is celebrated. The western meat industry does this but 10x worse and, guess what, they do it every day of the year 🥱 next? Thanksgiving? Orthodox Jews on the eve of Yom Kippur often twirl chickens by the neck then ritually slaughter them. Any difference? I absolutely despise all religions.....serve no purpose or good. Everything good that comes from religion can be done without religion by good decent humans. Religion and humans are a cancer.

In Italy they eat turtles for Easter the usa slaughtered native americans to celebrate thanksgiving I’m not Muslim but it seems Americans think the thanksgiving turkey or Mc burger beef sacrifice themselves peacefully! you say that like we dont do it aswell

British people enslaved, encroached, raped and pillaged half the world, they have no right to talk about a festival that's meant to feed the poor and less fortunate. Anyway can Elizabeth give us back the kohinoor? Christians slaughter animals in bloody sacrifice to celebrate christmas Seems like “Targeted Harassment” against Muslims a violation of Twitter terms.

Various companies across the world raise animals purely for their slaughter and it’s called capitalism. Thanksgiving is a holiday that glorifies the killing of turkeys. And all these damn islamaphobics are Christians forgetting what God had people doing in the Bible lol ok I didn't knew daily mail were vegan.

And in Greece there’s thousands of lambs being killed every year for Easter. Different cultures and religions celebrate holidays differently. You should be worried about the animals being killed and tortured to satisfy millions of Americans every single day with fast food Neo-Nazi hate screed. Think about the cattle, sheep and lambs you slaughter before every anniversary, birthday and religious celebration you hold.

Don’t forget to do one of these at Christmas when millions of turkeys will be slaughtered too! honest question- these are all used for food, right? Like all the animals arent killed for the sake of killing, they’re eaten, right? so.. if what im asking is correct then whats the issue some people are having?

What is the purpose of this article? If you want to inform about Eid, explain the history and the practices and use multiple photos of various parts of the holiday. Not JUST the animal slaughter. This is inflammatory. ,,,the entire point of slaughtering them is to do it humanely and to donate the meat to those who are less fortunate how blatantly islamophobic can you get,,,,?

Hypocrisy is all i see in these comments It's funny how some people keep saying it's disgusting and brutal yet they go order double cheese burger in McDonalds like it's not the same thing people never say shit about the animals that are killed for the meat they buy in stores or their burgers what about thanksgiving turkeys

.... how is this affecting you personally to be acting this hurt? I’ve got some shocking news for you about the American meat industry, daily mail

No they don't do it to celebrate. They do it to do do charity and give the poor and needy food to eat. This is what ghey celebrate, the act of kindness, not the death of animals. That's why it's called a sacrifice. Geez How about Thanksgiving turkey is it considered bloody slaughter or not tho RacismDog

Oh wow....so the rest of the world doesn’t slaughter their cattle for food? I’m confused. Does it just go from live cattle to a piece of steak? Must be magic Loving the comments, btw A few months ago you wrote about abattoirs Curious, so long as animal welfare is maintained, what's the difference? Yea! Muslims do what every slaughter houses in world have been doing for decades now. The only difference is one third of meat must be donated to the poor and needy. Just another way the media reports everyday things in a negative light if it's associated with minorities. 🙄

So the Daily Mail is now a Jain newspaper is it? Ahh yes look at this balenced reporting

Shameful from you lot, care to explain the difference between this and slaughtering animals for your dinner? Ya know, other than the blatant Islamophobia Fake journalism on its peak Bloody sacrifice? Animal rights! Ummm y’all don’t wanna know where your roast comes from if this is bad to you Did y'all forget about thanksgiving

sounds like a good time... if they cook them afterward hi bigot The way they are doing it in the pictures is all wrong. You aren’t supposed to kill an animal in front of an animal. Wait till you read Leviticus Are you all vegetarian?

how do you get your roast dinner every sunday Cleaner and more humane than the American meat industry. So...what🙄 we slaugher them in the least painful way humanly possible, we hide them from eachother when they're getting slaughtered, we hide the knives from them so they don't get frightened, we do it as quickly as possible this is a religious tradition i have no idea what yall on about 🧍‍♀️

Y'all know that most of the meat is distributed to the poor right? Those are all acts of charity we give back to the community and didn't consume the whole meat to ourselves. Unlike your Thanksgiving where yall eat whole turkey and pigs. Hypocrite much 🙄 what a disgustingly obvious fear mongering tactic. 'muslims slaughter animals in BLOODY sacrifice' are you fucking kidding me? Next time maybe report on how Americans 'sacrifice' millions of animals to the capitalist machine, many of which just go uneaten.

And how do they celebrate thanks giving? I’m sorry but they do that for religious reason!!! this makes me sick, but what also makes me sick is the cherry pick of one religion to portray slaughter, i was vegan, now a vegetarian and i hate this, all of the slaughtering. at people saying it’s disgusting yeah, but have the same energy when you eat meat yourself..

The only difference between this and slaughtering animals for food is the primary goal. Why is everybody so outraged? Muslims slaughter animals to feed the poor. Slaughter houses use the same process to turn a profit.

hmmmmm its almost like you have to kill animals before you can eat them.......big if true Wow this is a really dumb tweet Oh, fuck right off. The Islamophobia jumped out. Daily Mail WHY are you so Bigoted? All the Beef which is served across Christian countries, does it come from bloodless harvest of Animals? Or do the cows & bulls in slaughter houses across Christian countries just gift their meat to the butchers?

Bloody hell wait til y’all find out what poultry farmers do Daily mail is a tabloid As opposed to Christians who don’t even slaughter their meat before eating it and just have live chickens and entire cows calmly walk into their mouths and pass through heir Gi tracts without ever killing them at all.

Great job y'all. You caught Muslims... *checks notes* preparing food! I knew those people ate meals, sometimes in celebration of certain holidays! hope all the replies saying this is disgusting dont eat meat ... This is absolutely infuriating! Millions of animals are killed daily by your fast food restaurants to feed the rich & earn money in return but just because as muslims, we sacrifice these animals to feed the poor as gratis, we find an uproar in the media? What has become of us?!

What's the problem? Have you not eaten at McDonald's before. They are doing outside what we do in doors every single day. Christians cut heads off miilions of birds in sick baby tribute. How can you have gone down with this ship once already and yet here you are. Wait until find out about Christmas in the UK! Turkey, Duck, Pigs in Blankets, and Chicken. It's gonna be carnage for us once they find out how those animals get from farm to plate!!!

How is this different from Thanksgiving. Surprised you didn't manage to slip the phrase 'rivers of blood' into the headline, or at least a photo caption you dont want to know what happens in slaughterhouses then Daily mail readers prefer to boil their lobster whilst alive.....much more fun! Fortunately for the Muslim, Mr lobster is off limits and protected from such oppression.

Omg where the fuck do you even get all the meat that u eat? Including all the restaurants like mcd, kfc and all. Oh I suppose they don’t slaughter animals Lol didn’t know non muslims were vegans 😭😭😭 Oh no, the way they slaughter the animals looks more disturbing to people who've never seen the slaughter of animals. Are you aiming at a vegan audience? Maybe trying to get people to think all meat processing is bad? Because that's what this is. They're turning it into food.

And we slaughter turkeys, swine, and cattle almost every second of the day. Terrible headline How dare you? Why ? every culture has a meat processing system and slaughter houses, when thanksgiving rolls around you should use this exact phrasing. 'Millions of turkeys have been slaughtered in bloody sacrifice this year.'

we do the exact same thing, dumbasses Just leave Muslims alone, focus on your horrible history! Muslims kill animals like everyone else. Okay

americans slaughter cows, chickens, pigs, and each other to celebrate every day How do you think your beef, pork and chicken got to your grocery stores? The same people who have a problem with this will later go and bash vegans on twitter... like god didn’t sacrifice his son lol Do people just not realize how animals are slaughtered? The only reason to be upset about this is islamophobia

Meat from the supermarket all died peacefully in their sleep Americans slaughter turkeys What do the English do? Shame your meat animals to death? Damned imperialists have the gall to criticize others when they aren't even citizens of their own country. I guess subjects might not be allowed to Barbeque, It's probably the preserve of the nobility?

!! yeah and so do (most) people who eat meat!!! wait until i tell y’all where meat comes from

World beef consumptions by country. 1. Uruguay 2. Argentina 3. Hong Kong 4. United States 5. Brazil Muslims don't eat beef as much as you guys eat. What is wrong with slaughtering cows on the same day ? . wait until y’all find out how y’all get turkey for thanksgiving Apparently, you haven’t seen how they make Chicken Nuggets...

Listen I’m not for this at all. Sacrificing a living creature to an invisible dude is kinda stupid. That being said it’s obvious you’re trying to paint this as strictly a Muslim problem. Where are your stories about trophy hunting? Factory farming? Don't know about y'all but they don't seem to be Minding

In chile we slaughter sheep's for new years lol okay turkey meat fuckers I thought making blood sacrifices was against the rules and counted as worshiping a false idol in the big 3 religions? Hhhhmmmm... I'm not religious, but I slaughter pigs, cows and chickens for weekend BBQs year round My religion is centered around a human sacrifice

We are so lucky that the turkeys, pigs and lambs we eat kill themselves the day before thanksgiving Ok but the rest of the world just do it anyway because that's the livestock business Your point? the title is misleading Ok daily mail y'all shoot the animals before you kill them and coming at muslims? I wonder. When Christmas is drawing near. If you will report in the same way. About Christians. *I wont wonder as I know you wont. We all all know when you're reporting this. In this way. Scum

I’m a vegetarian, but this is literally what slaughtering animals looks like. If you eat meat yourself, STFU. Even if you don’t, lots of humans eat meat 🤷🏻‍♀️ yall just eat grass in the west or what lol ? They really into making others look bad just to make them look good ehh!?.. Muslim always get the bad look.. Get your facts fair and right before you wanna publish something.

Why on eArth be so cruel. Huh sacrifice!!! It’s beyond cruelty STAY AWAY FROM US ISLAMOPH0BICS ok and tell me how Americans celebrate thanksgiving, go on tell me. your Islamophobia REALLY jumped out with this one. now delete it When Americans eat Turkey (which is also technically slaughtered btw) on Thanksgiving, no one says anything.

Have you seen how often our meat isn't stunned or killed before being carved up? Some Slaughterhouse workers quit because they can't cope but na! let's attack a faith so as to distract from how shit the economy and your government is...... Nothing quite like a bit of stirring Eh? Get rid of your Islamophobia Shame on you. I'm non-Muslim & vegetarian & I'm minding my own business and not being judgemental (like the way you are) about their celebrations.

It amazes me u think your meet magically appears on your dish to devour. This is racist. They do it for giving it for poor people , americans & israelians slaughtered muslims and they said it was for peace. *cough* You amounted Eid-al-Adha to “bloody sacrifice”. Understand how disgusting that is, and how you pushed a very negative narrative that will continue to provide ammunition for hatred to those who won’t actually read your article (took the title and went with it) and are ignorant.

It's not that awful like bruh “Americans capture, enslave, and brutalize migrant children at detention centers along the southern border”. See I can spin shit too, now hire me The way they do it is so uncivilised. They are barbarians at heart. The more terrified and painful the animals death the better in their view. Dont see how people can pass it off as racism to even vaguely insinuate that anything Muslims do is wrong.

This is how all your meat is killed too. They're not cuddled to death behind those closed slaughterhouse doors. It's jut out in the open here 🤷‍♀️ Meanwhile... White Christian hypocrisy at its best A man threw a goat on its side [to slaughter it] and then started sharpening his knife. When the Prophet (s) saw him he said: “Do you want to kill it twice? Why did you not sharpen the knife before throwing it on the ground?” (Al-Haakim) what more can I say...

Mind your business,daily mail. You know nothing about Islam, bet you don't know the beef you eat were not even slaughtered properly,but chopped off. Amazing isnt it

but when americans kill deer for no apparent reason, it’s okay? Americans slaughter cattle on the DAILY just to have some burgers and cancer. shut up. Daily Fail...now you know why print media is not selling as well. People are clocking on to your racist tripe. Oh and the author of that Racist Piece of trash is alicecachia !!!! What’s your problem alicecachia Are you auditioning for foxnews ? Smh

Fucking hypocrites Y’all weird None of this appears vegan! Stop shaming religious groups. Fail Yeah keep pushing your Racist views !!!! POS !!!!!

Nunya beezwax what someone does with their cattle, stay in your lane Just bc you don’t see the animal getting killed or killed it yourself doesn’t mean it didn’t die, you get that right? For all burger and steak eaters out there tryna act like saints Because all other abbatoirs give animals a glass of phenobarbital laced champagne & sing James Taylor songs to them....

Kos amkm one one Please reconsider the headline. This is really irresponsible. Maybe mention the part where Muslims do this to feed the poor? ma’am what about thanksgiving? it’s not like u eat gummy turkeys, bitch And what do we do every thanksgiving? Every holiday there’s animals being eaten y’all ain’t never heard of a Christmas roast? The anti-islamic rhetoric is bullshit at least they’re doing it sustainably and locally

And the whole turkeys, beef, chicken etc that is consumed every day in first world offer themselves by walking onto the dinner tables? OK. That’s what we do for Thanksgiving Americans have a social ritual involving which way a particular bone in a turkey breaks. It’s so common that that bone is called the “wishbone”. So maybe miss me with this islamophobic shit?

I’m genuinely curious as to how you think we get our meat here in America. Like do y’all think it just magically appears? 🤨 American Christians eat meat that was processed inhumanely, keeping animals in torturous conditions, under unethical working conditions for employees. Ah, as if you guys don't eat meat And we sacrifice and feed them to all our relatives, neighbors and poor people So shut up

Isn't this just a normal Tuesday for Americans to celebrate dinner? How about we talk about the muslims tortured in concentration camps ? Oh but slaughtering turkeys on Thanksgiving + Christmas is okay? When Christians do it it’s okay? All I see is Islamophobia :/// how are you angry at this but you eat chicken burgers made from animals that were electrocuted to death and kept in small cages their whole lives 😭😭 like? one clean cut and it’s head is off and it’s dead it’s not as bad as you’re making it out to be

And Americans kill and consume 46 million turkeys for thanksgiving every year. (22 million on Xmas, 19 on Easter) the UK eats 10 million turkeys on Xmas. The US kills 106849 cows every day. What was your point posting this islamaphonic bullshit? So do you christians just find dead turkeys at christmas and eat them ? Wtf is this biased agenda you lot are so tragic.

Not the camels I’m hurt I'm America we do something similar with cattle, pigs and chickens.... We call it Monday ok explain how you Americans celebrate thanks giving? As if people don’t slaughter and eat animals everyday.... shut up I'm not going to defend this but it's extremely hypocritical of me to criticise it as a meat eater. The majority of meat comes from dark, damp factory farms where animals never see the sun and stand in their own shit all day. Both this and factory farms are barbaric.

Bro Y’all islamophobes kill me - a lot of y’all go out to hunt but this is different? A lot of y’all eat meat slaughtered in similar fashion but this is different? Please hunt yourselves lmao So what who cares What exactly happens in every slaughter house?😐 The ones that produce burger meat for McDonald's tickles their own cattles to death?

And tories slaughtered 60,000 plus in 2020 covid

And that donate the meat to the poor !!! Should we say the same thing every time eid comes it’s the islamophobia for me Boğa güreşi izleyin ve Boğalarin nasıl öldürdüğüne bakın. alicecachia should we assume you're vegan then? otherwise this is one hell of a double-standard... Y’all mfs don’t give a fuck about the animals fast food places slaughter though, huh?

Looks like a Trump family hunting trip. And Christians, Americans- celebrate Christmas and thanksgiving with factory made turkey, lamb, chicken etc which were never live animals that were slaughtered? Hate reporting. At least there's a meaningful purpose behind it. They're not just slaughtering to kill the animals. The meat is distributed to the poor. Better than the slaughtering done for Americans to celebrate Thanksgiving or the Superbowl

We do the same thing to make burgers/hotdogs every 4th of July, Turkey on Thanksgiving, and Bacon whenever we feel like it. Loooool😂 All other non Muslim slaughtered meat dies peacefully on a bed of rose petals whilst being lovingly caressed.

Y’all tried it. Everyone who eats meat surely knows there’s a slaughtering process to their food. Those of us who don’t eat meat know of that slaughtering process as well. Either way, let’s not shame others for their decisions. Your headline screams judgment. Where the fuck do you think meat in a grocery store comes from?

Wow Daily Mail is promoting vegetarianism. A nice turn for the books. I rarely agree with this paper, but, let's all go vegetarian! Yeah. Muslims seem to be more generous and hospitable, so they give more meat to the poor for charity. They don't settle for a small turkey. at least we do it in a humane way that isn't painful 😻😻

do u ppl not know how meat works What happens to Turkeys and Chicken at Christmas? Americans waste over 200 MILLION pounds of turkey every year on Thanksgiving And? Ewwwwww

“Sacrifice” really? Do you sacrifice the chicken fetus you used for scrambled eggs or the pigs for your bacon.. what is the the agenda here? Provocative journalism This is racist. How Americans celebrate Thanksgiving i wonder Apparently according to the Daily Mail, Muslims are the only people on earth that kill and eat animals. Just say you’re islamaphobic or prejudice and move on. You low-rate amateur journalists are already infamous for being a poor excuse of a news source anyway.

Not even Daily Mail readers could be stupid enough to take this shit seriously. Written by a lunatic scum bag whilst eating a burger for lunch no doubt. Emang u makan tiap hari McD KFC Pizza Hut Burger King itu bahannya jatoh gitu aja dr langit apa gimana bangggggg, All animals matter delete this What about all them jodhpur wearing toffs who savage foxes with packs of dogs?

Best tradition. Love it and happy eid al adha!

your pm gets off killing animals, and the last gent you had put his john thomas into a pig's head unless u don’t eat meat u have absolutely no place to complain. you still eat meat regardless of how it’s killed. it’s killed for u to eat it. shut the hell up And everyone is invited for a Barbecue 😁 i dont even think half of you read the article because it clearly states their honoring an act of God by sacrificing such animals as God did for Abraham so he didnt have to sacrifices his own son in the name of God

Do you think the piece of meat you eat everyday is grown on trees? No, the same animals are freaking slaughtered for it! Cannot any Muslim take this paper to a court for racist remark? What monsters. *viciously beheads a turkey with an axe before ripping its guts out to make gravy* Wtf why are so many retardeds in the comments defending this

What a stupid headline As if you do not eat meat?

YOU MAN EAT PIGS, TURKEY, CHICKEN AND EVERY OTHER TYPE OF MEAT AND KILL THOSE ANIMALS MERCILESSLY, DONT COME FOR US WHEN WE CHOOSE THE LEAST PAINFUL METHODS christmas hams a very common meal for christians the term “slaughter” is used very strangely here, how else do you prepare meat? also why would you write about this for any reason other than to vilify a persons culture? very fascist propaganda feeling... oh wait, dailymail

The meat goes towards hungry people that can’t afford meat otherwise. Y’all hunt and kill wild animals then leave them in the forest to rot so don’t talk This how you say THANKSGIVING In American. umm tf is this, the islamaphobia is VERY prevalent in this post. y’all are acting like you don’t do the same. lemme ask u smthn, where’s the meat from in that burger you’re eating?

It's called eating meat. Unless you're vegetarians, you're not allowed to complain. Corporate media. Trying to keep us apart since 1898. don't americans slaughter turkeys on thanksgiving. yeah um. stop being Islamophobic This is xenophobic framing of a normal practice literally anywhere in the world where people eat meat.

Wait till you find out how non halal meat is produced!

Western people acting horrified when their steakies are most likely prepared with 10x more suffering for the animals lmao where do you get your meat ? i guarantee you they don’t peacefully go in their sleep Aucun n'a le droit d'intervenir chacun sa religion. L islame et le plus juste. Il faut étudier avant de faire des commentaires ces journalistes ignore beaucoup et en même temp il parle beaucoup sans raisonnement.

And...? this is tweeted by an ignorant man who only wants to create conflict. This you? Can anybody remind me how nuggets are made? Oh they’re getting food ready like *checks notes* normal ppl who eat meat.... The day y’all learn to mind the business that pay you will be the day you don’t get worked up on what others are eating

Maam, this is Wendy's. If you are arguing against this from any angle apart from a vegan \\ vegitarian prospective then you are a hypocritical racist, but that is why you probably read the daily heil anyway.

You mean they fucking prepare food like literally every other community that eats meat? By the fucking gods how terrifying! Why is anyone surprised that the Daily Mail is inherently biased, sexist, racist, ableist and problematic? Stop following and clicking on their shit. TRASH. What about turkeys at Christmas ? Why we can not see this reports at the Cristmas ? Why every Eid Adha we see this ? Islamphopic is in increasing !

Meanwhile in USA so hunting birds as a hobby is okay and normal.. hunting animals, skinning them and then hanging them in your house or shed is okay but killing animals to feed the poor is “satanic”.. you’re islamophobia is showing a bit too much karen What happens inside factory farms across the world?

Oh shut the fuck up. No one gonna talk about KFC, McDonald's Okay. Wait until you hear about Independence Day or Thanksgiving in the US! At my mother's Christian wedding reception they slaughtered a lamb. You are all fools. wait til all the white peoples see how our meat is made in America

And? How do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving? Or Easter? Or Xmas? Or New Year's? Slaughtering animals. I'm not seeing the difference. Because Christians don't eat meat on Christmas or Easter 😏 GTFO The way y’all got ratio’ed 😭🤡🥴 So the only solution is for the entire world to become vegetarians, apparently. Because this problem isn't limited to Muslims

Christians all over the world sacrifice turkeys, cows, pigs and sheep to celebrate their invisible zombie Jesus being born, what's your point? you have a strong case of Islamaphobia. How do you think Americans get their Turkey’s for thanksgiving. They SHOOT THEM and sometimes the animal suffers too. Okay but I know y’all seen the video of the baby pigs head being slammed into cement at the slaughter house because it was the cheapest way to kill...moral of the story y’all in the comments need to stfu!

how about thanksgiving ? 🙂 uhm anyways, bts comeback on the 21st Just know that this process is done quickly and humanely (no stunning ect.) the meat all goes to those without food and the right facility is used to clean off the blood before the next animal comes through. In this case the people just unfortunately don't have those facilities

What an irresponsible headline. Delete this article or apologize for the name. This is just cultural differences in action, not everything that other religions or cultures do is inherently bad solely because you don't get it or participate in it you're supposed to donate the meat to the poor tho. I don't see how this is supposed to be disgusting or anything. isn't Thanksgiving literally just this but with turkeys?

Man, if feeding people gets your bollocks this twisted up, wait until to you hear about the crazy shit Christians do. Christians slaughter cattle, geese and turkeys in bloody sacrifice to celebrate Christmas How criminal. They should pay for double Macs like everyone else! I can't believe people eat meat in other countries. I exclusively eat burgers

americans go hunting as a HOBBY.. and y’all are calling this inhumane.. how about your holiday every year where you slaughter turkeys.. is that not the same thing.. at least the animals WE kill are given to the poor and not just for us to eat Americans eat turkey to celebrate Thanksgiving. Is it wrong to sacrifice animals but not when you eat them ?

They do the same thing in Thanksgiving but you don't talk about that huh? You totally care about the animals and not about pushing an agenda that Muslims are evil.

Now do 4th of July for the US, the Thanksgivings in NA and Christmas dinner “animal sacrifice”. The animals you eat were certainly cuddled to death. Disgusting propaganda. But, then again, what to expect of the Daily Mail? Am, this is also the way Jews slaughter their meat . “Muslims give beef, camel meat, and mutton to the poor.”

💀 Wait until you hear about factory farms in the US! So... about Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner... Oh no, animals were killed and eaten?!!! Whatever shall we do!?!?!?! meat eaters: *eats animals that are kept and are slaughtered in horrible conditions, go hunting and fishing for fun, eat horses deers rabbits sheep and everything inbetween* also meat eaters, just islamophobic: this article

Damn. Didn't have daily Mail going vegan on my 2020 bingo card

Was gonna attach horrific pictures from america slaughterhouses to highlight your islamaphobia but couldnt look at em without puking. THATS how bad they are. and yet you never mention them like this🤔 Daily mail really acting like this tradition is wrong or something, but it’s no different to Christmas or any other religious traditions, stop making people of Muslim faith look like they’re bad

What do you eat for Christmas? Where do u think ur steak and bacon come from? And what do u eat at thanksgiving? The hypocrisy... in case anyone wants to make a formal complaint this is the website this is a religion TURKEY💀💀💀💀 Americans kill pigs in industrial farms. Same thing different settings Christianity only needed one blood sacrifice, but it was a human, so it kinda evens out

If you eat meat and this upsets you, keep ya mouth shut. This is not different then the meat you eat.

Perspective. How do US, Brazil, China, Argentina, Australia and India - the world’s leading producers of beef and buffalo meat, produce all that meat without slaughtering the animals? Do the animals lay meat like eggs in these countries? As if American don't slaughtering animals for sport. This is for poor people. They didn't do that to have fun, weirdos.

Yes, Muslims are barbarian!!! Please remind me how many chicken die for the Superbowl? The inability to get clicks on your articles from normal humans doesn't mean you need to wake up the bigots, it means you need better content. Excuse me? First of all educate yourself before writing bullshits like these. Thank u

Same thing with turkeys on tha is giving. Or how people are so horny for eating cow. yea because non-muslims eat meat by kissing the animal on its forehead and asking if they wanna get killed😍😇 Because Christians don’t ever slaughter animals for an annual event.... 🤦🏻‍♂️ This is more humane than the slaughter house machines, yall just blind❌👄❌

So Christians eat cattle, camels, sheep alive without slaughtering 😂 😂 😂 And Americans do the same thing for thanksgiving. This is racist and disgusting I’m sorry, are you all vegan?!?! 'Meat doesn't come from these poor innocent animals. It comes from the grocery store. ' Now do Christmas Do y’all know what happens in a slaughterhouse? Just saying. This might actually be MORE humane.

Islamophobia at its finest I did not know y'all ate live hens and goats. Do they kokorakooo on your plate? Alternative Title: 'Muslims Feed the Hungry for Religious Holiday' Alternative-Alternative Title: 'Foreign Agents from Nation Known for Mass Attempts at Cultural Genocide Launch Slander Campaign Against Islamic Tradition of Feeding the Poor' Language is fun!

if you only by your meat at the supermarket ur whole life of course this wld come as a choc but factory animal killing are way nastier and inhumane than a human muslim performed slaughter, its done fast and quick after taking care of the animal and calming it down

1) unless u r vegetarian only reason u would be going against this is if u r an islamaphobe. 2) the meat is widely distributed to poor people Big fan of famously vegan British cuisine. Thanks for your extremely ignorant story NutRag You guys hunt animals for fun? Nice racism Do you think livestock magically turn into food meat ready to eat? 🙄

the terms used in the article’s title only are dripping in anti islamic sentiment, not even trying to disguise it anymore huh? I mean Americans brutally murder turkeys each November. If this ain’t racist I don’t know what racism is Y’all are so full of it. If you think this is gross and eat meat stfu. Just Bc you’re in your little bubble doesn’t mean everywhere around the world is the exact same. It’s tragic- yes but it’s their normal. We have no place 2 judge. I could say ur 5000 calorie meal is disgusting

Most of Americans go hunting as a fucking hobby while our religion tells to only kill to eat and you’re only allowed to eat the animal if it has been in humane conditions before slaughter the slaughter is done in a way where the animals suffer the least plus most of the meat is- Herhhh yall love to paint a certain agenda to drive public opinion against things don’t you?

Don't forrget to put a picture of Christians slaughter pigs. Leave us alone, islamphobic You really going to act like commercial slaughter houses don’t do worse shit huh and like at an extreme rate too. Mind your damn business. how do americans celebrate thanks giving again ..? There is no way to kill something humanely that doesn’t want to die. If you eat meat but find this wrong you’re just Islamophobic.

Didn't know that they're all vegans now Thats to feed poor people bitches 🤷🏻‍♂️ : delete maaan delete

Bro we keep animals in cages and feed them food filled with antibiotics because the cages are absolutley filthy and disease runs rampant. Have you seen what we Americans have done to chickens? We made them so big the poor things cant even walk. So shut it! Nice The slaughter process has two stages: Stunning, when performed correctly, causes an animal to lose consciousness, so the animal can't feel pain. The law states that, with few exemptions, all animals must be stunned before 'sticking' (neck cutting) is carried out.

Now show a regular abattoir This is Islamophopia at it's best Now do Thanksgiving You'll go batshit mental when you see what so called christains do at Christmas! This headline/image is misleading. This is not some weird ceremony where the animals are just used for their blood and discarded. They pray over the animals before giving them to poor families who can’t afford food.

How the fuck do you think we get our meat on our table Have you seen the fucking slaughter houses in the uk? Take your hypocrisy else where, this isn’t justifiable however let’s not pretend that our meat Industry any better 🐮🐑🔪🍽️♥️😍

'Water should be offered to the animal before slaughter, and it should not be slaughtered when hungry.The knife should be hidden from the animal, and slaughtering should be done out of sight of other animals waiting to be slaughtered. + This headline is some absolute Islamophobic horseshit If you enjoy complaining about this then you'll love the earthlings documentary!

Yea, and my family butcher deer and geese just for food for the winter. This article is just made to stir hate for no good reason News Flash: People kill animals to eat them, Wow.😐 I didn't see any problem here. We do this everyday. Lol, stupid handle. daily fail is trash Who bout to tell daily mail bout white hunters?

This article is racist Slaughter! Wtf. Is this a joke. So y'all don't eat meat? querido redactor del daily mail eres un puto racista As if what happens to source meat for McDonald's is any less gruesome. Wait til you find out about what we do to turkeys at Christmas! We literally slaughter cattle for food and profit all the time. We bred cattle to be a food source. You’re just Islamophobic.

Racist much the mail maybe do research on what they do after cause they don’t water the meat . Also maybe look into how the meat Industry kill animals around the world . shut up ❤️ if youre that upset over this then i would strongly suggest becoming a vegan or veggie if you’re not already as this is how most meat products are made 💀

Last time I checked your English breakfast had pig bacon on it

BREAKING NEWS: PEOPLE EAT MEAT In other news Christians slaughter thousands of turkeys in bloody sacrifice to celebrate christmas Breaking News: people eat meat and are religious sometimes Cool now talk about how our US industrial farming complexe treats those animals or just say youre being an islamaphobe and leave

and we slaughter chickens...and cows and pigs so what’s ur point? Keep the same energy for trophy fighting and bullfighting . Fuckin islamophobes. just admit that you're a media outlet that preaches prejudice and misinformation for the Christian mass. Do we not slaughter animals all the time in the US Don't even get me started on Thanksgiving and its origins in the states. Y'all support this everyday in the US

I don’t like any of this mindless slaughter, but i love a cheeseburger We’ve been celebrating Eid Al-Adha for 1441 years every year once we sacrifice for the sake of prophet Ishmael when his father prophet Abraham had a dream of sacrifising him. So just say we hate muslims, no need to use same news every year cuz this rituals aren’t goning to stop

remember Sarah Palin and the video of the turkey slaughtering? Good times. It's not like the British are vegetarians, you hypocrites.

I hope that every single person who responded to this with any level of disgust is an ethical vegan themselves. Otherwise, you have absolutely NO room to comment on how this is “disgusting” or “inhumane” to you. Just say you’re racist and go. No you do that to fill rich's bellies with your expensive McDonals/KFC meals in extravagant places while Muslims do it to feed the poor and needy you mever even lay your eyes on. Thank me later:))

Do all the complainers think meat just magically grows from the ground? In Islam, cattle are slaughtered in the most quick and painless way possible hence why it’s called Halal. Most of the meat in Eid is distributed to feed the poor. What does an American slaughterhouse look like around Christmas? Inquiring minds want to know

Yeah because no other culture or religion contributes to the bloody slaughter of animals...oh wait 🤦 By the reactions, it looks like those Bible stories don't hit the same in color photographs... this was posted why? don’t americans kill turkeys for thanksgiving? Now do Easter Lambs & Christmas Turkeys...

Ohoho Thanksgiving tu pakai daun apa la tu. 🤭

Daily Mail knows exactly what they are doing with these types of headlines, articles, and pictures. It’s gross; they are gross, let people celebrate their cultures in peace, without the unneeded criticism by fucking white people and? Good story, nasty title. Once again proves it's only capable of 'Journalism', with quotes around it to signify that it's in no way actual journalism but is instead clearly biased to the point of parody. Does your entire editorial staff consist of 14 year old autistic /pol/ posters? Hire me

Are we supposed to eat them alive then? You’re in for a big surprise once you find out where meat comes from As a vegan I appreciate Muslims initiative in preparing their children to be vegetarians unlike others who hide the realities from their children with cute nuggets made from the ground entrails of an animal that only knew pain it’s entire factory farmed life.

mind you own fucking Religion Ever seen an NC hog farm white people don't eat meat?

...Where exactly do you think your supermarket's meat comes from? Stop being racist Oh, shut up😒 A vegans nightmare. We love it. Sounds delicious Yall slaughter people in America tf i mean but not Christmas and Thanksgiving? n e ways when we 'slaughter' sheep/cows/etc we dont torture it. we do it fast, and NEVER electrocuted or in any way that it would torture the animal. but yall don't talk about Thanksgiving much lol why?

Why is this a headline 🥴 ? This is so disgusting? White people eat all kinds of animals stop trying to encourage racism Anyone who eats meat is guilty of this!!! hypocrisy and racism is what this is Okay, y'all are just going to bring up a Muslim holiday (in which the Qu'ran says to kill the animals and care for them as HUMANELY as possible) and not slaughterhouses? Where's your outrage at the deplorable conditions animals face there? Your islamophobia is showing, love :)

Guess the billions of burgers Americans eat each year magically appeared from the sky and all the turkeys eaten at thanksgiving were tickled to death Daily mail gonna daily mail🤦🏻‍♂️ you’re saying as if half of the world doesn’t consume meat And you pick your burgers from the trees.. Sick of this racist media in this country

How you enjoy your turkey at christmas? UK racism is just cartoonishly offensive these days And what u racist idiots Getting ratioed big time here DM. No ones falling for your bs I don’t hear anyone complain when Christians do the same thing at Christmas or when Americans have Thanksgiving or when people have a Sunday roast every week...

If any of you are Christians and are hating on Muslims about this tradition, you clearly haven’t read the Bible or understood what it’s about. How do people think their steaks, chickens, pork chops, lamb, TURKEYS get into the supermarket fridges not only daily, but on Thanksgiving and Christmas Your country can't be thaaaat ignorant or uneducated, let alone the admins at daily mail 😂🤣😭 Read a book or docu. Yikes!

Said the man from the daily mail and feed poor people🙃🙃🙃 wtf is wrong with people, we use this meat to feed the homeless and the poor, dont worry about other peoples religions, worry about your owns. This is what we do to celebrate Divide and divide and divide and rule!!! U guys are sad ! How to make your company look even more racist in one tweet. You realise we do this for Christmas as well.

saw someone here say that 'oh its okay, they cover their eyes' ok bitch keep lying The retweet to like ratio says how stupid this post and article was. 🤣🤣🤣

at least we slaughter them, we do not choke them to death and make them suffer more an more and while you choke and shoot animals to full your stomach we slaughter sheeps to give the half of the amount to the poor , ignorant ppl !! How much you people barking...still barking..ok let yourserlf barking every time

They eat the animals and give most of the meat to the poor, what's the issue here? shut up I thought everyone who eats meat like I do was aware that it comes from animals in slaughterhouses that look worse than this (because animals are killed in front of each other, unlike halal). You're either naive or islamophobic, if this shocks you. Or already vegetarian.

Christians slaughter turkeys pigs lambs and parsnips for Christmas. The islamphobia isnt even subtle anymore. Human being should preferable right ? Wow

This is literally what every slaughterhouse is like. People get so tied up in their islamaphobia they don’t even realise they’re calling their own traditional meals (Sunday roast anyone?) barbaric. What is halal? Allah has forbidden Muslims to eat animals that did not die as the result of man, contain blood, are pigs, or have been sacrificed to another God (Quran 2:173) Hence why they make the animal blood-free, animal suffers more than western techniques, both are barbaric

alicecachia shame on you for writing this. How do you think you get your meat ? Because if you think this is disgusting and repulsive then you shouldn’t eat the meat sold at your local supermarket. You just don’t like it because it’s part of a religion you can’t appreciate or care to teach yourself about.

Is it ok to judge other religious practices now? Only vegetarians and vegans should complain about animals being slaughtered yum don’t you eat turkey at christmas xx Wow there’s a lot of vegans in the comments... oh wait Now take a look at what non-Muslim meat eaters in the UK contribute to all year round and not just at Christmas. Don't look the other way, there's an elephant in the room!

And how to meat eaters who make 95% of world get their meat? When asked nicely, cow 🐄 kills 🔪 itself and packs the meat 🥩 for em...Right daily mail? yeah i dont see you guys hating on kfc or mcdonalds when you have your burgers? to all idiots here; in religion if you are able to buy an animal that halal to sacrifice you must donate the 1/3 of the meat. this act is for helping the unable. also fuck off, animal sacrifice is a thing in lots of religions why is it only disgusting when it is muslims?

All of the sudden y’all sound like vegetarian I wonder why? 🤔 😂😂😂 Or like, you know, for meat which Americans eat in much higher numbers than anyone else in the world. But we're better because of huge factories where the animals are corraled ass to ass and wallow in their own shit until they die? You know, the humane way.

How do y’all celebrate thanksgiving 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 Wait till you guys hear about thanksgiving in America Must be depressing working for this company. Imagine some of these journalist wake up in the morning to go to work to write negative stories about Muslims. We should thank God some of us are not in these depressing work environments where your encouraged to write negativity

Gee, that's kind of, like, what halal butchers are employed to do.... ? 🤣 Just say you're islamphobic and go

Müslüman ülkelerde o kadar fakir insan varki yılda bir defa et yiyebiliyor zaten kurban fakirlere bedava et yedirmek için kesiliyor et yiyen poople neden karşı çıkar thenkyu verymac A mentaly deranged man in the Bible was 1 second away from slaughtering his own son for a voice he heard in his head and now thats the talking point of family values.

just wait till you see what people to do turkeys on Thanksgiving and Christmas Well Conservatives have slaughtered 45K Britons since early March. Death by slow drowning in our lungs...but that's okay because it was mainly we great unwashed. And what exactly do you think happens to the turkeys at Christmas, ?

O l'agbara o. See moronic headline from the insane clime. So wtf does everyone else do on Thanksgiving day Twitter So you’re okay with Islamaphobic hate speech on your platform? I made lomo saltado with beef top sirloin this week, you get one guess as to where that sirloin came from. Folks, plenty of animals are slaughtered EVERYDAY for the Meat and Poultry marlet, not to mention the tons of fish suffocated. People who live in glass houses... This is nothing more than a back handed way to drive up Anti-Muslum sentiment!

the islamaphobia was really shown in this one you really couldn’t have worded it in another way and unless you are predominately against eating animals this is not your place to have an opinion What is disgusting about this when animals are slaughtered daily for your Mac Donald’s and Nando’s fix Wait until you find out where hamburgers come from.

We slaughter a lot of animals on Christmas too Happy Thanksgiving Turkey Horrific!! If you eat McDonald’s, kfc or Burger King. Shutup 😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂 can't help. Define hypocrisy Funny how you didn’t mention who this meat is sacrificed for? For those wondering, it’s the poor. The meat sacrificed on Eid is all distributed to the poor and hungry so that they can feed their families

Yeah those meat grows on trees anyway. Just pluck the meat fruit, peel and enjoy the meat, easy. Why the need of slaughtering them and spill their blood for a piece of meat? Please we are in 2020, the 21st century, educate yourselves before coming at our religion & our rituals... the internet is full of sources of information you can search for the right words to say & as a news site you should educate people but I guess you're the one who needs it:/

bless all the muslims during this time hope they celebrate well btw f**k this journalist white christians slaughter muslims in bloody sacrifice to celebrate freedom & democracy Rules of Halal slaughter: Animals must be well treated before being killed Animals must not see other animals being killed The animal must not be in an uncomfortable position This is simply barbaric.

What about all the 'bloody sacrifices' people make everyday when they eat meat, let alone at Christmas with turkey or Easter with lamb. Please refrain from this vile islamaphobia dailyheil dailyfail Islamophobia then who slaughters turkeys during christmas and thanksgiving Blatant racism and xenophobia from the Daily Mail? Not shocking at all.

Barbaric so called the religion of peace. ...who’s gonna tell daily mail

bruh animals are inferior to us anyways who cares try again bitches daily mail ever heard of the meat industry But not the British, no! We only eat meat from livestock that has voluntarily killed itself for our culinary pleasure. disgustingly biased article title, as well as incorrect information mentioned in the article. please take this down or revise your article. shame on your editors who didn’t flag this up and shame on the author.

if you’re not a muslim, you don’t have any rights to say anything about our religion ❤️ Dumb article lol Did a meat eater write this? Because, really, there’s something you should know... You'll slaughter turkeys for Thanksgiving after murdering millions of native Americans 😑.. We don't even eat the meat.. Muslims have laws when slaughtering.. Much more humane than your overpacked slaughterhouses.. Look it up and eat a pig!

'Muslims' belief that prophet Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God.... Actually - also Christian and Jewish belief....

i'm vegan so i'm against any sort of slaughtering but please do tell me how do you celebrate thanksgiving. my friend who is Muslim told me abt this, yeah don’t disrespect religions like that ❤️ If you eat meat what's the fucking problem? How is this not any beef or pork slandering factory? You’ve seen a Tyson chicken factory?!?

They way this article is worded doesn't sit right with me AS OPPOSED TO?!? Tories slaughter poor, disabled and BAME in bloody sacrifice to money god. So what do you do on Thanksgiving ? Eat grass ? Look at these white people contradicting themselves whilst they consume factory farmer meat and go hunting with their posh lil rifles.

Guess u got nothing else to write about. LazyJournalism

🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾 people in the comments disgusted by this,,, where do you think your meat comes from? at least this is halal which your meat probably isn't,,, you should be disgusted by yourself if you're disgusted by this how do we get turkey for christmas then. quickly

We slaughter animals daily and put them in packages to sell. Not to mention that hunting is a very common sport with family’s. Just admit you’re islamphobic and go. What a joke of a headline Christians slaughter turkeys, geese, cows, sheep and pigs to celebrate Christmas Bruh Thinking about how Americans every meal consists of meat

All of you at the mail are very senseless Let the Muslims be! Let me slaughter them animals as they have and should. Keep off the slaughter houses if you feel offended. Vegans can go slash down some plans as part of their vegan rituals

So animals just commit suicide for thanksgiving and Christmas right Dumb fucks!!! just say yall are islamophobes and go🤭 The headline sounds kinda biased and Islamophobic, so I was ready to give befitting reply to this but then I read the article and it is pretty much objective and not any propaganda. 😐 Quite smart way to impose your personal opinions in articles without being technically wrong.

Lol,the amount of hypocrites trying to show logic here, only to have their so called logic smacked back in their faces. Unless ur a vegan, u shouldn’t b havin prob w this. Where d u think ur meat comes frm anyways? Ever seen YOUR slaughterhouses? D u share ur meat w the poor?😂🙄 Or, hear me out, you can mind your business❤️

While I think is not a good way to celebrate, I also think is not y'alls or our business to criticize since our culture glorifies eating meat. The only concern people should be vegetarians and vegans. Imagine the millions of turkeys killed for thanksgiving 🙄 Any Christians out there ? Well this was performed by Prophet Abraham (pbuh) and we follow this in Islam, so in reality this is something ya'll should be doing too 🤔. 1 part for family, 1 for the poor 1 part for yourself. Go study the process b4 judging. Ya'll just woke up like!

The double standard here is insane. There is NO headline like this when Christmas comes and Christians murder millions of turkeys just to eat them. This is just giving Muslim hating bigots more fuel. Cut it out, stop dividing people. They literally distribute the meat to the poor

...and Boris gets a hard-on from hunting foxes? This is a shit take guys...and you know it where do u people think white people meat comes from Y’all are some racist ass people. You have to kill animals to get the meat you probably eating tonight. This was the dumbest shit I’ve seen chile! The burger you had tonight didn’t just come from nowhere fools

And think of all the little lambs being slaughtered so we can make a new Australia Day tradition. The headline sounds kinda biased and Islamophobic, so I was ready to give befitting reply to this but then I read the article and it is pretty much objective and not any propaganda. 😐 Racist daily mail needs to be sued!

I take it you're calling for an end to Roast beef carveries? It’s 2020, and poor animals are still being slaughtered 😭. Why can’t everyone just get meat from supermarkets instead 🥩 Beavis and Butthead just do it for fun.

While get with the program. We are not about to stop slaughtering and cut the BS... You eat your meat without killing it first!! Do the people in the comments calling this ''inhumane'' think their burger just comes magically? ..so what's kosher meat? How is that done Imagine trying to make feeding the poor seem like a bad thing. Shame on you.

you know this is no different to store bought meat? y’all are just racist n islamophobic. stop spreading misinformation challenge This double standard outrage is hypocritical. There's nothing surprising about this. The only one's who would expectedly be outraged by these are vegans, otherwise, it's totally fine lol

If you’re a meat eater you have no right to judge this. The abhorrent conditions that animals are kept in in Britain before slaughter are just conveniently ignored by so many of you. How do you think non hallal meat is killed Fucking islamophobic bullshittery. Either you eat meat and except violence and slaughter or you're vegetarian / vegan. This isn't a religious issue, it's an animal rights one.

yea and whoever eats meat is doing the same thing. if you're not vegetarian/you eat meat you have no right to complain about this

Y’all so messy smh lmao. It’s the audacity for me The white pple in these comments are laughable 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 We realy should start looking at these pple as clowns? Where the fuck do they think the ybones they stuff their faces with at fancy hotels come from! NIZIZICEFE FUTSEK!! This from ppl who eat animal stomachs. Fuck it

for Americans thats just a tuesday morning 🤷🏽‍♂️ No God wants this! Do you think a divine creator, whatever the religion, wants to see mass bloodshed and violence? Wants children to see suffering and death? In their name? Doubt that very much! People here are mad but still eat from fast food Mcdonalds and KFC that do far worse than the peaceful way of slaughtering an animal

look into what halal is then complain. stop complaining about things you literally have no education on. There are 200 million animals slaughtered for food every day. Why is it that the daily fail, choose to focus on this one? As always a hate baiting rag. Yes, because the other slaughtered animals walked their way into the blade Jessica Rabbit style


damn. it's almost as if it's part of their culture and religion. how do y'all kill your cows and chickens? do you give them a cute farewell? please shut up this headline is so toxic and misleading Turkeys on Thanksgiving, Geese for Christmas, Chickens EVERY EFFING DAY But noooo, let's talk about eid. I ate meat yesterday and I’m not Muslim, and I very much doubt the animals were treated nicely

How do you think meat gets on your plate? They're just not lying about it behind walls and mechanical death machines. Divisive article is divisive. The way these headlines are phrased, thats how u cause millions of people to hate others while being ignorant of what happens in their own countries. How do u guys eat meat give me one other way

Turkeys grow in trees. Now do Thanksgiving anyone mad/grossed out at this, please consider what goes in your 79p mcdonald’s cheeseburgers, or look at the goings on in all slaughterhouses. This is no more disgusting than the treatment those animals face. There’s a reason for the link between slaughterhouse work and PTSD.

Folk on here losing their shit over something that happens all year round in the U.K... And?

So it's an abattoir: is everyone at vegetarian... Hey americans think about Thanksgiving for a sec boos babi kau daily mail kau memang bodo amat hey y’all remember that time in the Bible when God told Abraham to kill his son and he was literally about to kill his son then God was like lol jk and he slaughtered a lamb instead yea some y’all gotta check your religion before coming for other religions

I know that you are stirring shit again about Muslims in general but could please answer a simple question: this is an islamophobic post ..... kwani christians what do we do on christmas ...sis Wait until you find out what happens at Christmas....you'll be livid. English boomer Dads really be posting their horror at animals being slaughtered for Eid only to then go and eat meat seven days a week like there's no animal cruelty in a non-Muslim slaughterhouse.

I bet if you were covering the same events in Xinjiang you'd be saying that the Uyghurs only want to gently put their livestock to sleep with a humane injection but then the 'brutal Han CCP' cops burst in & force them to use rusty blunt machetes. But they don't, it's the same.

Dayum that headline. Animals are slaughtered for food. For family, neighbours and the poor. Btw what do you 'sacrifice' for Thanksgiving and Christmas and what tree does it grow on? Every. Single. Year. 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️ This article is nothing more than to rile Islamaphobic / Xenophobic feelings to its readership. Standard DM

It appears certain people only have an issue because it’s Muslims And? Animals are slaughtered daily after leading miserable lives. You are just stoking hatred as usual. Yet you're ok with fox hunting, and supported Brexit which will result in lower standards of animal welfare. lol people eat turkey for thanksgiving every year... cool antisemitism

Christians slaughter turkeys, pigs and goats in bloody sacrifice to celebrate birth of Jesus Christ much as i don't like this, how do you think meat for non muslims is slaughtered? with a night in the friggin' ritz? Meanwhile satanists running Western countries slaughter human children to celebrate their sick beliefs.

Pls stop killing chickens, stop selling eggs, dairy products etc 😒😒😒 Oh boy, y’all will be super pissed when you learn how beef is made. Don’t y’all hunt for fun? Y'all suddenly couldn't read? It’s nice to know that every joint of meat eaten in the uk yesterday was from an animal that died a peaceful death

Unless you’re a vegan, you haven’t the grounds to stand and judge Muslims eat meat too. There, I fixed that for you This is poor from the Mail 🤦🏾‍♂️ How can the Chinese not find common ground with Uighurs

I’m guessing your chicken dinners fall out of the sky ready cooked the rest of the year? Yes? And? Have you seen what happens in thousands of abattoirs EVERY SINGLE FUCKING day to feed meat eaters? don’t people kill other animals for fun? isn’t that a whole name for it? isn’t it called hunting? at least this is a religious thing and not something they’re doing just for the hell of it

The way the colonialists love to debase the practices of others and call their worse practices necessary evil or normal is just beyond repulsive. Face Ur front and mind Ur effing business 😒😒 Is someone going to tell them how burgers and lamb chops are made? Wait until you hear about the western meat industry :) they do it just for money

We are only allowed to eat meat if it came from an animal slaughtered at a specific point in the neck because it is the only point that DOES NOT inflict pain upon the animal while it’s being killed. But sure, call it “painful and barbaric slaughtering”. As a vegan, I'm very confused going through these comments... I agree that it's inhumane and repulsive, but so is slaughtering turkeys for Thanksgiving. If you have a position, you must hold it across the board. Otherwise it's just xenophobia and Islamophobia.

I’m looking forward to your Christmas special depicting the slaughter millions of tukeys and unless the mail is suddenly a stalwart of vegetarianism this is blatant islamofobia

The Islamophobia really popped off today huh As a matter of interest, is your sickening, racist organisation aware of how non-Muslim and kosher meat is slaughtered? McDonald's slaughters cattle, chickens and fish in bloody sacrifice to celebrate fat Americans. Shut up or i will be back. In this thread, apparently no one who eats meat.

How were the pigs killed that made up your fry breakfast? This is simply dog whistling for bigots. Don't tweet bull shit you know nothing. What do we do on Thanksgiving? As we should Uhhhh don’t we do that as Americans like every day to eat Just swap out camels for chickens

i bet you think this is dandy as fuck, though, right? Damn, wait till the dailymail finds out about American thanksgiving! I am from indonesia and i tell you. We do it with much better way. Indeed, it's look so painful to them in these pictures, but it's better to rip the throat than boil it alive, or pierce the anus alive, or shoot first and let them suffer

If you’re not vegan, you have no right to call any of this barbaric. Where do you think cheeseburgers come from? 🤦🏼‍♀️ People in the comments : killing animals to eat them, uff disgusting Like have any never seen a slaughterhouse before? Do you know that you need to kill an animal to get the meat Animals bleed y'all Or is this only OK when white people do it on a daily basis?

Can't imagine caring less about something, especially since the food gets donated to the poor, but I'm also not a shameless bigot so thanksgiving any different You guys must hate factory farming and all the evil shit done to livestock in the west then right The left ain't stopping until we all drink and eat the same and sleep with the same gender which will hopefully result in the left's extinction

This is written by some asshole that’s never killed an animal to eat. It’s a bloody affair and more humane and tasty than anything done in factory. Why you make it look bad? As if normal people does not kill animals for food? Like rlly Little racist I think What do Christians do at Christmas eat where does the meat come from? you are going to cause racial tension is that your aim

So many pseudo animal right activists who are actually psychotic storm trooper Islamophobes.Y'all can visits KFC or the Nandos and order for goat head to your fill but when it is muslims killing cattles to feed the poor,you suddenly remember that animal lives matter🤡🤡🤡 This literally goes to feed the poor

if you eat meat and you're upset by this you'd better keep your mouth shut. where do you think YOUR meat comes from? trees? this is the inside of every western slaughterhouse too, its just blatant islamaphobia at this point Breaking News what they wont put in the headlines is that unlike American farms & meat manufacturers, Muslims say prayers before EACH sacrifice & only kill w their bare hands rather than machines so its quick & painless for the animal. and typically, 1/3 of the meat goes to the impoverished.

Turkeys are shocked! And?

White people are really delusional. I had a friend tell me it's not okay to slaughter chickens when the bitch eats chicken herself. I told her she was just looking for more reasons to make me the 'other'. It's got to be a mental thing at this point. akindejirufai at_fasina عيد مبارك يا امة المسلمين shut up

May Allah bless them! ok and? Have guts and wrote stuff about KFC slaughter houses and Thanksgiving slaughtering Daily mail and ppl in the comments are acting like this is not how they get the meat they buy at the stores😂😭🤦🏾‍♀️. It’s very funny to me how ppl don’t know how to use their brain cells and see followers who just follow what others say blindly 🤪🤙🏾

If you eat meat, don't say a single negative word about this. If you do, you're either an idiot, a racist or a racist idiot.

Why don’t you visit a slaughterhouse today and take pictures from there. Looks no different. Unless your vegan then do t bother commenting on this as you are part of the problem 😂 😂 😂 I'm not surprised to alot of white people bitch!ng about this. You guys are always out of touch with stuff that doesn't concern you. That time ya'll eat meat. Tiring indeed grow up 😏🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

have u ever heard of thanksgiving Daily mail blowing their Islamophobia dog whistle as usual. Oh like thanksgiving, 4th of July, Memorial Day, veteran’s day, Christmas, American buffet restaurants, every fucking day in every fast food restaurant in every state. Fucking get over yourselves. Daily mail sound like a bunch of losers😂

China is massacring and torturing Muslims rn, petition link in my bio to try to free them from these concentration camps This is all lovely though. White? Don't worry, they distribute the meat to people, some to the poor so they can eat meat. Meat industry slaughter cows, pigs, chicken etc every single day, so you can eat your bigmac.

i wish you put this much effort in the brutal animal treatment of battery farms that happens 365 days of the year the same way you hatemonger Muslim folxs Just wait until you hear about Christmas. Say what happens to Turkeys on Christmas and Thanksgiving? It such acts are kusher. Right because doing it in slaughter houses is so different

Gotta love selective reporting. Try reporting what a typical slaughterhouse looks like and you’ll see exactly this. We take that meat and feed the poor, our neighbors, as well as friends and family and then ourselves. It is a scared religious deed we as Muslims do to be closer to our faith. Stop spreading misguided words and instead explain the meaning by using a legitimate source.

How do you meat? If you can't slaughter animals, you fools. OMFG besides the blatant racism they missed a huge, HUGE part of the Abraham story. They make it sound like Abraham decided to sacrifice his son and God was all 'Oh dude don't here's a ram.'Every religion uses animals and food as offerings and tradition. Easter lamb anyone?

Statistics. Ok?

Oh I didn’t know that everyone at the daily mail and their readers were vegans Americans slaughter cattle, pigs and chickens in bloody sacrifice to eat everyday. yt ppl go around shooting turkeys on thanksgiving but ofc that’s okay bc they’re not muslim a third of every animal is donated to the poor Where on Earth aren't animals slaughtered for meat daily? At least these are going to help the poor. You couldn't even be normal annoying vegan about this. You had to go full on racist. Shame on you. A surge in violence against Muslims is now on you.

It's a fucking sacrifice you ghouls We eat them tho. Not just killing for fun. FUCK DAILY MAIL THEY THINK THAT “sex with underage women” when it’s actually child rape. Atleast they have the balls to look the animals in the eye when they kill. America only has a backbone when they have a gun in their hand

How tf else they going to eat them

Agenda smh u know that meat u eat? yeah... sorry to inform u it’s actually bloody, slaughtered, animal carcass. this is an incredibly islamophobic headline. And how do you think we get meat? Besides, you act like the animals are wasted. The meat is given to the poor. It's a celebration to end a time where people were fasting for fuck's sake!

Have you heard of Greek easter? kyaaaaakareee Dear Daily Mail, and your outraged point is what exactly? That they didn't turn the animals into tasty burgers? Animals get killed by man everyday. That these aren't turned into food seems to be your only source of outrage. Stop fanning the flames of division with your hatred.

The daily mail has finally discovered where meat comes from. Spoiler alert :it doesn't grow on trees. You mean they... Make food to feed large numbers of people, while being thankful for it? Keep earning that paycheck Alice! I'm sure this is exactly what you wished for in Jschool. Bertieblamps Disgusting.

People ok with this but mad about, check notes 'The meat is distributed to the poor' from that ritual

Wait til you find out about Christmas Please tell me how this is any different than traditional British holiday meals such as meat pies and beef wellington you sodding lumps. extremely good news, shame about the racist reporting. RacismDog woof-worthy, I think Americans and Brits slaughter animals inhumanely daily for consumption, miss us all w the racist stereotypical BS and do better

Why isn’t this ratio higher Please look at how many fast food chains there are in America Have you heard of...America? More media 🧠 wash. I prefer to let my meat live a long life, then die of old age before I eat it lads, quite right.

Wow, islamaphobic much? As if thanksgiving doesn’t centre around eating meat. Y’all think you’re so much better 🙄 All animals don't matter clearly. People are only offended when someone slaughters an animal they don't eat. If you consume meat don't play holy on this one. And what happens on “thanks giving” 🤦🏽..just shut the fuck up stop spreading negativity heal

I wish we could all be 'civilized' like the British 🙄 MauMauGenocide IndiaFamine BoerConcentrationCamps AmritsarMassacre BriggsPlan TransAtlanticSlaveTrade TibetExpedition IndiaPartition You wouldn’t believe how Christians celebrate thanksgiving How was your meat slaughtered? Yup and your point we do the same when we eat meat so i don't see the outrage.

It is a tradition. I don't see the difference between this slaughter and the slaughter of the animals we consume in the slaughterhouse. Also, they don't waste this meat. They use it to feed the poor. Peple, open your mind 🤟😌 Cool thanks for sharing McDonald kills over 900m chickens per year, KFC 850, Tyson Foods kills 6b chickens and 30k cattle every day to feed the rich. Meanwhile, Muslims slaughter them to feed the needy. Spot the difference and stop being an idiot.

I assume everyone outraged is Buddhists then 🙄 Literally what. Excuse me. Y'all are idiots or racists and I'm pretty sure it's the latter Fuckin pedo's.. beatings wives and killing thier pets that's all they know People who keep baby cows in boxes just so the meat is softer are acting outrage by this is the most crazy thing ever

Honey what's thanks giving? i wanna hear y’all describe thanksgiving RacismDog And would you like to explain to me what we do on thanksgiving every year in America? This is fucking disgusting what is wrong with you Wait till you hear about Thanksgiving. the meat is used to feed people. granted you're not a vegetarian or vegan, what is the problem?

You are racist. Looks delicious A disgustingly misleading islamophobic article about how 'evil' Muslims are for daring to practice religious freedom. This is no different to the millions the UK slaughter in the cruel meat industry. This is none of our business. Let them live in peace. fucktheDailyMail ✌️

Oh is this a vegan magazine now? Reminder that in the past daily mail wrote articles supporting hitler 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ Fuckin sick good for them By the way its picture of meat market & what u expect to see in a meat market..how do u guys get meat of all the aminals for non veg food....or how u guy get skin of animals for making warm jackets or shoes do u guys get them without slaughter of any animal

🤦🤦 Ok so do u have to say that every year. We already know that. This is clear Islamophobia and race hate metpoliceuk arrest the editor Geordie_Greig

Now do McDonald’s white people shoot innocent animals as a SPORT and waste them entirely but when we distribute meat to the poor on our religious holidays, that’s bad? sure dont be islamiphobic, what is wrong w yall Right on. The US meat industry is worse, stfu. Hypocrites! americans think theyre slick smh yall celebrate thanksgiving with no remorse

this is the most poorly disguised islamophobia ive ever SEEN lmao 🙈🙈 Yeah I usually go hunting before Thanksgiving so that makes sense What about slaughter turkeys at Christmas...& slaughter of cows ,camels chicken in meat market or resturants for non veg food..& we muslims dont slaughter camels ,sheep or cows for fun we slaughter & give its meat for poor people & its expensive food for poor non veg people

All the people getting mad at this act like they don’t eat animal products/use thing tested on animals 🥱 just say you’re islamophobic How tf do you think hamburgers are made? this tweet makes it sound America is vegan 365 days of the year Do you know where food comes from? Serious question. Didn't McDonald's also slaughter the animals like every day? Btw don’t you also slaughter turkeys during Christmas? Unless you didn't eat the animals at all just shut up. At least Muslims do it for the good cause.

Muslims slaughter animals in a humane and considerate manner, to the point where they don’t let the animals see the knife. More than anyone can say about the animal industry in America, so take down this Islamophobic ish what the fuck is this title halal slaughtering is one of the most peaceful methods of slaughtering, unlike shooting a cow in the head. and we give the meat to friends and family. we're not 'animals' dont you guys slaughter turkey for Christmas as well?

I look forward to your upcoming series on slaughterhouse. Thanks. Prime example of people needing to mind their own cultural business is this comment section

Maybe focus on industries that actually slaughter animals just for capital gain while also fuck up the environment? Not to mention all the waste product/food that expires and is thrown away Baby, log off...better yet delete the account Mmmmmm mmmmm .... Americans slaughtered native people after pretending to befriend them and celebrate it every year

I mean... Yeah the rich sacrifices their money to buy that animal to feed the poor... Pretty wholesome sacrifice How do you think meat gets to the supermarket? It's killed you morons, you may prefer a different method but it's the same outcome. Don't Americans Mass Slaughter Turkeys Every November For Thanksgiving? What's the difference?

How the fuck do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving then? Right, not like how white people acquire animal meat Who cares

And Americans DON'T slaughter animals? 'Bloody sacrifice' = slaughter to eat. You'll be shocked to hear that this happened to the animal that supplied your hamburger!!! yeah bc ur hamburger came from the most humane source. america actually waits for the cows to die in their sleep? just bc ur killing pigs and cows and they’re killing camels doesn’t make u right ur all still consuming dead animals

And the west slaughters cattle, horses, and sheep for their plates. What’s your point? Oh right. Racism. Slaughtering animals for Holidays is so normal in the U.S. that the President holds a special ceremony on Thanksgiving where he stays a turkey’s execution . how did you think your McDonald's, KFC, or any other meat was killed did you think you count to 3 or play peekaboo and it magically dies

this you? ? Chickens/turkeys get inhumanely crammed together in artifically lit sheds &fed 24/7 to get so fat they can’t support their own weight & develop sores on their legs, then killed for Sunday/Xmas dinner. Ppl need to reduce meat comsumption. It’s cruel to animals and bad for climate. this is different than thanksgiving turkeys and Easter hams, because

When you see that ratio Now do turkey farms at American thanksgiving and pig farms at Christmas. So you’re telling me Zoroastrians are the only humane people, all that is need to be known to be a good Zoroastrian and in my opinion a good being, is to “THINK GOOD THOUGHTS, SAY GOOD WORDS, and finally DO GOOD DEEDS. In that order and life will be great for not only you but all

This seems like islamiphobia to me We don't slaughter them the way you slaughter pig. Do you guys just wait and let cow or pigs die by itself in order to make steak or bacon? *Christmas and thanksgiving enter the chat* girl the islamophobia in this LMAO. yall sound so uneducated in this💀 -The Jew sacrifice and they call it 'Korbanot' .. -The Chris eat Genetically modified Turkeys slaughtered for Thanksgiving.. - In the Bible search for 'animal sacrifice'

how do you think it becomes meat?

the cognitive dissonance in this thread is has me reeling lmao The steaks, shepherd pies, meatballs, Sunday roast is all made of cauliflower , right ? Maybe...you shouldn’t comment on things other culture and religions do Ok and? It’s then used for donations to feed the needy/homeless. What’s your point?

One third of that meat goes to the poor and the vulnerable. Where are my Muslim buddies? I could is me a leg of mutton! your islamophobia is showing. better correct it. I hate Americans. So y’all eat Turkey every thanksgiving and eat pigs on a daily but when it comes to sacrificing sheep/camel to give the meet to the needy or the poor it’s a problem? Make it make sense

yooo what about those turkeys on thanksgiving and the infamous Big Mac🥴 All animal slaughter is bloody🙄 ok and?

The amount of hate coming off this article uff. Daily mail deffo picking a fight they don’t want 😂😂 Cattle I get, sheep I get but I ain’t know we was eating camel (I’m assuming it’s eaten, please explain if not) 😳 Ridiculous and barbaric, but the people complaining are the same that buy horrifically mistreated farm animal meat. Don't advocate against the very same that you support just because the other people are brown.

You mean similar to the slaughter of those animals every single day in America for everyday food? Y’all can’t sit here and act like other cultures countries whatever don’t do this shit Americans literally kill turkeys and pigs for so many holidays y’all can’t tell me y’all don’t know what goes on in these slaughter houses 🤦🏾‍♀️

Aww you think we care ♥️ Ever seen a UK slaughterhouse? You're obsessed. They are the real animals Unbiased news, you chose the worst phrase and picture to deliver your beliefs. You should see how American factory farm animals live and die. This shit is just racism.

y'all in the replies never had a burger before then huh? America literally abuses and slaughters millions of animals daily. You guys are acting like you dont hunt deer for sport I hope ya keep the same energy during Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving and Easter celebrations when corporations do the killing for you. P.S , your racism is showing.

this is so disrespectful. they slaughter them in the best way possible, in gods name, and so they feel the least amount of pain. look into the situation before you spit shit, yeah? Be fucking ashamed DailyMail NATIFdoctor 😂😃😃😃😃 what you said on Facebook Yeah... Every pound of meat in your local grocery store has gone through 100% worse treatment. And when that happens you're all like 'Ugh! It's not on sale.' Shut up

Aye fellas, is it terrorism if you feed meat to the poor? Idk about you guys but I like to kill animals the American way: blissful and shamelessly ignorant of the process can I get a god bless 🙏

Is that any different from any slaughterhouse? Unless you're vegan you have no room to talk looks unsanitary. am I missing something? will these be eaten? WellDone please! wh¡tes in the replies act like they don't eat pork on the daily 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹 bro have u seen how mcdonalds make their big macs

And where does YOUR meat come from? Western 'Civilized' Socities Slaughter Cows, Pigs, Chickens in Mechanical Nightmares, Display Corpses in Horrific and Unnatural Positions Horrible! In my country everyone slaughters a turkey, eat half and throw the other half away. All in the name of colonizers Wait until you see what we do to humans in America

I CAN’T BELIEVE MUSLIMS MASS SLAUGHTER CATTLE LIKE THIS IT’S JUST SO- *chews burger* -DISGUSTING AND BARBARIC 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 this is disgusting but the meat section in your local grocery store isn’t? Make it make sense

Lmao did everyone forget how brutal industrial butcher farms are in America? There are requirements before the animal is killed, must be fully fed, must not see other animals get killed, the cut must be sharp and swift, ECT. None of which exists in the industrial meat industry Delete this Delete this do y'all think we don't eat them after or what

I don’t agree with it. But that’s how it is with all animals who are slaughtered for meat consumption everywhere in the world. At least, in Eid ul Adha most of the meat is distributed to the poor. So why print articles like this when it comes to Muslims only? And we kill thousands of cows and chickens and other animals for all the meat we eat in the US and UK every day. Your point?

And? This is racist. How is this news? Yes eating meat is a muslim only thing. And only cowns killed by muslims have blood in them.

So they made dinner for poor people? Why yall framing this like some horror film? if you support thanksgiving shut the fuck There is a scene in the German film 'Combat Girls' in which modern neo-Nazis are watching an old Nazi propaganda film showing Kosher Jewish butchers slaughtering animals. It is exactly like this anti-Muslim propaganda

What do burgers, ribs, bacon, porkchops, fried chicken, ham and beef come from? A wood shop? White MAGA men slaughter people for sport. Our president sacrificed 150,000 humans for his precious economy. Yeah cuz slaughterhouses are wayyyy better. Keep talking shit see where it gets you. Happy Thanksgiving from over the pond!

where do you think your beef and pork comes from. where. how do you think it happens. they just take them out back and tell them to look at the flowers ?

Say whatever you want, we still gonna slaughter them the way God tells us to 😏🤙 Y’all are going to be horrified to find put what happens on Thanksgiving Articles like this fuel hate crime... whoever published this must be brought to account! What a great way to paint muslims as monsters OH LOOK THE DAILY MAIL WITH THEIR RACISM AGAIN TODAY. DO BETTER.

MisterCr0we nice 🤩 (Also this is propaganda, fuck off, ) Y’all report on this every fucking year. Aren’t y’all tired of harassing these people. Get the hit. Nobody cares So? Have y’all seen the way animals are totured and killed for our everyday consumption? Y’all hate muslims so much it’s weird.. Okay now do the meat industry

LMAOO slaughter? sacrifice? you obviously don’t know shit so don’t come talking And......? So do y’all with turkeys on thanksgiving but OKAAYYYYYYYYYY 💀💀💀💀 Y’all ever heard of thanksgiving or If you eat animals you cannot be angry at this!! Take your racism and islamophobia hiding under the guise of animal welfare and go

The idiots who fly to Africa to hunt endangered creatures for “sport” nkor! What is disturbing is video after video of workers at slaughter houses abusing, maiming, crippling, raping, sodomising & beating innocent animals behind closed doors. What we see here is done openly with attendees to ensure the animals are slaughtered according to guidelines.

theleokingdom ✅ Ok? If I were a cow I’d rather be sacrificed by Muslims than be forgotten about in a British factory farm or Canadian feedlot.

How is this different from like All animal agriculture though Aside from being visibly slightly more graphic Wait till you hear about factory farming And? what is your point? Meanwhile in the secular UK. Christians worship and glorify human sacrifice. Religion is bad. Fucking bigots Wait until you hear about what the British Empire did.

Wild. Christ already made the ultimate sacrifice Okay and this is okay to you right? as long as they’re white and not muslims heres an idea: how bout u worry bout ur fuckin self

Yeah the non Muslim meats agree usually drowned or electrocuted completely bloodless They're gonna lose their shit when they find out about thanksgiving RacismDog What you think? Shit headline Wow, slaughtering cattle for meat? What kind of barbaric culture would do such a thing? Just when I thought the Daily Mail couldn't sink any lower, they go and prove me wrong.

'millions of animals slaughtered by McDonald's in sacrifice to capitalism' okay let’s talk about thanksgiving too then. no? yeah, i thought not. this happened every time you've ever had a beef burrito Unlike everyone else who wait for the animals to pass away from natural causes :)

Uh ✍ oh ✍.... How the fuck do you think you get that steak you ate for dinner? It didn’t materialize out of the aether. It wasn’t synthesized in a lab. lmfao I wonder how many of these people in the comments are writing about how gross and evil it is while or right before/after eating meat. This thread is great. It’s like people don’t know how meat gets to their grocer. Just embarrassingly ignorant

I hope you make the same article about thanksgiving... You're trying to rile up people to think that Muslims are 'savages' what you have succeeded in doing is showing just how disgusting your rag and your journalists are. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Shame on you!!! do not direct your shitty articles towards minorities when other people do the exact same for other celebrations dailymailsdogshit

Smells like racism and hypocrisy Yeah if they used proper tools to make sure the animals were killed as humanely as possible and not in front in of each other like that, I wouldn't care. But this really cruel. There's always a better way to do this. What, are you saying we don’t slaughter cows?

Wait until you hear about foie gras are u lot really gonna believe some daily Mail article cause if u change words around u can make anything good sound bad and bad sound good.r u lot forgetting that British ppl use to be head HUMANS so maybe think about what is more barbaric 🤡🙄 where do you think meat comes from or is it only bad when muslims do it

This is basically every capitalist meat farm, except this is holy to them. What’s your fucking point? Those animals are slaughtered according to the halal practices. Probably a hell of a lot more humane than the bolt through the skull that cows get in mechanized industrial slaughter houses. You people are so transparent, afraid of everything you don't understand.

Mind your own business okay? how do y’all think burgers are made lol i see genuinely no problem with this Wait till you hear about this 'thanksgiving' thing For all the people mad - are you vegan/vegetarian? If not, you’re a hypocrite. This happens every day. Just because it’s for religious purposes it’s considered news. MILLIONS of animals are killed daily for human consumption... go vegan if you wanna save animals.

If you think this is bad, here's a picture of our Prime Minister holding pheasants. They're dead, by the way. Yeah, eating meat is kinda fucked up The shit we Christians do to chickens just because it’s a Tuesday would blow your mind, apparently. This is animal slaughter in a third world nation, the meat will go to the poor , What do expect air conditioned rooms with shiny interiors and blood cyphoned off in drains?

Lots of food for the poor. Good job. Good star, Muslims ⭐️ Do Buddhist, Sikh, Jewish and Christian meats grow pre-butchered with bows on trees in the U.K.? If they do and you consider lobster a meat. I'd like to place an order for 1 dozen lobster trees pronto! Christians slaughter pigs, turkeys, and cattle in bloody sacrifice to celebrate Christmas

This is utterly ridiculous. What about your all favourite McDonald's and x y z food factories butchering all sorts of poultry and cattle to fill ur tummies on a daily basis?.on a daily basis. Or they ave deviced a new technology of butchering wdout spilling blood Ummm...let's see, many Christians slaughter a pig for Easter, a Turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas; and many animals for July 4th BBQ.

What’s your problem daily male?

Oh you’ve discovered meat Oh look a new site to block. You’re just right out there with your hate and Islamaphobia aren’t you? Do you eat meat? The Daily Mail is racist to the core. Time to bin this rag for good. 'people eat meat to celebrate religious holiday' It's almost as if the whole world didn't evolve by means of slaughtering animals for food.

British media is horrible🤢🤮 Seriously, this propaganda machine is seeking to stoke up hate again to deflect from govt mishandling. The Daily Mail is racist. Time to bin the trash. dontbuythemail They cooked the meat. I can't with this islamaphobia

No one tell them what happens to Turkeys 😳 So, no McDonalds then? Aren’t they just slaughtering animals and then giving the meat to people to eat... like a regular slaughterhouse Who cares and this is more inhumane than how meat is harvested in america because... they’re muslim? Yts clutching their pearls at Muslims slaughtering cows will never not be funny to me. Wait till you hear where your hotdogs and steaks come from

Yes, that is indeed the point. And? AWFUL headline! Truly fucking repugnant Yall know the meat goes to the poor right? Like we dont sit around the table waiting to eat it🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Written by some fat slob sitting behind a desk eating a 100% Beef Burger. Made from real cow. Because animals just commit suicide when it comes to Christmas and Thanks Giving right?

And y’all are vegetarians or? Religion is a dumb excuse for animal abuse. Everyone has a right to their religion and their beliefs up until that belief or practice infringes on someone else's rights. The animals deserve the right to life. And their right to life matters more than your right to pray. GoVegan

Y’all do the same thing lol No one tell them where hamburgers come from. Ah, yes, because we all know this is how pigs act so we can have bacon the islamophobia in this thread is DISGUSTING Daily mail - so unbelievably xenophobic, even some Americans know it's just a trash tabloid Unholy but not uncommon - anywhere

Just say you’re all islamophobes and go ❤️ Have you guys ever heard of a slaughterhouse? Wait until you find out why they call it that

And white people raped and murdered native Americans after native Americans taught them how to survive and kalled thanks giving.... i don’t see your point i don’t celebrate either but y’all trippin This is the way animal sucrifice Abraham did it, 1/3 goes to poor. 1/3 for Neighbors 1/3 for your household.

Don’t rich Englishmen senselessly murder foxes for fun? Some of the pics are concerning, during the slaughter process the animal to be slaughtered should not have a view of the already slaughtered animals so as to not cause distress. Not 100% sure nut it doesn't look like that rule is being followed in some pics.

What're you gonna do about it white boi Eid al adha is supposed to be a celebration where Muslims sacrifice sheep and cattle for the sake of Allah so that they can pass the meat to the poor people. In many Arab countries, the basic diet consists of meat and other animal- made products especially for those...

We slaughter to give the less privileged. This meat goes to people in need. What ur doing is very unprofessional btw. Making it seem like we r doing a wrong thing. Anyways ur opinion doesn’t even matter to me. Oh feck off You ever been to an American slaughterhouse? And western meat farmers, butchers, and meat eaters get their meat... how, exactly?

GUYS wait until you hear about the industrial animal farming in the US. They kill that many animals every 15 minutes. Yea.... everyone commenting on this thread who also eats meat can fuck all the way off. What goes on in factory farms is way worse. Lots of whataboutism going on in this Your Islamphobia stinks horrendously x

The US sacrifices Iraqis on the altar of it's economy to celebrate petroleum We only call them 'Meat Processing Plants' or simply 'Meat Plants' Infact, 4.5 demanded the Meat Plants stay open during COVID. All while not protecting the very workers who handle the meat. So do y'all know where meat usually comes from, or

Mmmmmm. Steak. Why is Daily Mail so evil

Mind your own fuckin business This is not news. Unlike the turkeys, baby sheep, and pigs Christians slaughter on Christmas and Easter. Media always like this. :) This you? Wow. The Daily Mail continues to be a complete rag. Slow day for fake topless pics of the royals? Excuse me, I have to prune my bacon tree, and then I will read this.

All the reactionaries decrying this are behaving like they've never heard of a slaughterhouse. Wonder why Muslims doing these same practices frightens them so much more... Kind of just masks off here huh guys,... If you think that's nuts, you should see what we Canadians do to turkeys in October... we even have a name to describe our primitive cultural need to slaughter turkey's en-masse – we call it 'Thanksgiving.' Weird, right?

It's moral bullshit that we don't care how an animal lives, only how it dies Soooo how you think we get meat in the US or if you’re a different religion? I’m confused Sooooo about thanksgiving americans do the same......how do you think the meat and dairy industry works- Racist cvnts a lot of racist pearl-clutching from the crowd that eats slaughtered animals in tube form for breakfast

News! Countless numbers of animals slaughtered in factory farms on a daily basis by corporations! How do we report article that is so obviously spreading hate and propaganda? Daily mail really just have meme articles so people can continue to retweet and react to it without having any factual news You kill an animal for meat, it bleeds. Then you dismantle it. You’d almost think the Mail wants to stir up a bit of hate against Muslims?

This is disgusting, especially since Americans kills and tortures cows everyday

Enjoy your foix gras this Christmas. Yeah we know where those jerkys and bacon strips come from, we've watched Okja can y’all pls tell me what the main course is on ur thanksgiving table Besides the obvious Islamophobia here... 'The chicken you'll be enjoying tonight... his name was Colin. Here are his papers...'

So how is that different from anywhere else Wow the racism is EXPLODING in the comments. You bitches do this every day 😂 وانتو اللحم منين يجيكم😶 Just say youre Islamaphobic and move on bc otherwise this pales in comparison to how our industrial farming complex treats cows, pigs, sheep, etc

the meat industry slaughters more than 150 billion animals worsening our environment and creating pollution each year all year long, this article has nothing to do with the concern of animal lives but to stir up hateful islamaphobic dialogue fuck you daily mail this is islamophobia at its finest. do better? what the fuck is this

don't we slaughter chicken, pigs and cows all the time? what's the fuss? Do, do you think slaughterhouses are not bloody? Bro why are ppl trying to bring up other religions, Muslims literally kill everyone who’s not one of them to appease their religion who cares abt cattle or turkeys lmao Keep whining. Still Much better than these,

Your opinion on kosher meat then? McDonalds & Burger King slaughter more cows everyday, 365 days per year for you meat eaters. Any complains? you ever seen a slaughterhouse How barbaric! Good thing the rest of the world would never harm or eat an animal

The Daily Mail should be used for bin lining... This headline is further evidence! all I see on the comments are white people complaining , about something that has no concern for them, hypocrites everywhere The same way we do with turkeys at Christmas then Daily mail inteionally chooses pictures from rural places in Pakistan to show that’s how cattle is sacrificed everywhere else? Not sure about those rural places but where I’m from cattle is sacrificed in clean slaughterhouses & the meat is cleaned & distributed to needy people.

White English people literally chase foxes through the countryside and watch as a pack of dogs tear it apart. Don’t fucking start. British people do this every single day. Why single Muslims out like theyre the only ones that slaughter animals? Strange article from a shit news paper Ahh, the Daily Racist strikes again.

For real? Disgusting. (Not the Muslims. You.) Looks delicious. Compare that to a slaughterhouse in America

Are we mass reporting this dusty acc or what? You still pine for Hitler, don’t you. Look into the horrors of factory farming under capitalism some time Where the fuck do you get these images from? Karen getting upset about this while eating her beef burger. 🤣 Awesome How racist is this?! Have you nothing better to do than attack Muslims? By the way, dinner tonight 😘👇

Every year you cunts do the same shit. Give it a rest and fuck off. The truth about non-stun slaughter. While ALL slaughter is barbaric, horrific and unnecessary; non-stun puts the animal through a hugely prolonged period of torture all for the sake of superstitious ritual. Even with 2 severed arteries, brain death often takes 5 minutes to occur.

What sort of stupid headline is this? How are the animals supposed to be slaughtered for it not to be 'bloody'? The meat everyone eats daily, how are they slaughtered bloodlessly? .you should do better, please!! Whereas Christians celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace with the slaughter of how many turkeys? & the death of the Lamb of God with the death of how many lambs?! But it's all right because we don't 'sacrifice' them.

Ok so you guys are just racist? Aight and farmers do that everyday to provide u food what’s ur point So people are not allowed to eat meat anymore. ..you are being ridiculous. Should people only eat bats and rats like the Chinese now😴😴 or grass and plants. In order to eat meat you have to kill it first..😴😴

EVIL islamaphobic and ignorant pick a struggle What exactly is your intention here? Will you be posting a similar headline regarding turkeys at Christmas? HinduAmericans Slaughter in the name of “sacrifice” or “qurbani” is sacrilege and deception of the lowest denomination. I am sure Allah didn’t ordain this but some nutbag spoke out of turn to the gullible!

Where do you think your burgers come from? Honestly? Have you ever given even a single thought as to what the slaughter house that provides your food looks like? Not so subtle double standards and bigotry from the . Imagine replacing the first word with 'Jews' and last 2 with a Jewish holiday like 'Yom Kippur'.

'The slaughtered animal meat is distributed to the poor to commemorate Abraham's sacrificing of his son' You're leaving out a pretty important part of this story. This kind of racist shit has to stop. Okay some of y'all very hypocritical. Unless you're vegetarian, you can't complain about this. If you eat from fast food... I wonder where the meat comes from. If you yourself are preparing your meal... Again where's your meat coming from?

We supposed to clutch our pearls at this shit? Should I put my Big Mac down to do it? Holy shit. People who eat meat kills animals. Fuck me. That's major news. I’m all for tradition and sacrifice but they should stun the animals before Who’s ready to play ‘Is this commenter vegan or bigoted?’

Most painless way ! Christians slaughter turkeys in a bloody sacrifice to celebrate Christmas Report these daily mail islamophobe pigs did yall forget where burgers and bacon come from? How is that different to a Christian roast dinner? They clearly have no idea what the right Islamic Method Of Slaughtering is

What an irresponsible headline. just a quick question for everyone judging in the comments, how do you think your meat makes it into supermarkets ? i bet a british redneck wrote this article ..no comment tbh ... Wait til you guys hear about industrial slaughterhouses. Or is it only bad when Muslims do it?

Did you know we have slaughter houses which kill animals all the time so we can have meat? That doesn’t fit your agenda though does it Phoebejoy1611 I don't agree with religious slaughter. It shouldn't be allowed without stun as is for halal NZ. But it is. I'm not eating it so I'm not really fussed lol. Nothing to see here. At least they're going to eat it. Gotta be prepared to kill what u eat lol. Wouldn't mind trying it lol

What do people do at Christmas and Thanksgiving? So daily mail is vegan I prefer my meat prepared the American way, in a disgusting nightmare factory ran by pseudo slaves It’s the Daily Mail. What a surprise. At Christmas, Christians treat turkeys exceptionally. 🤷‍♂️ Ever seen a UK abbattoir fellas? Christians do the same thing on Christmas and Easter and don’t even donate after.

As opposed to what you dumb shit Non Muslims also slaughter animals, but the Muslims at least donate the meat to the poor

ShefVaidya UnSubtleDesi When Western media has more guts to call out this festival than our Indian media. Tough wank for Daily Mail readers, but I reckon they’ll make it. Please be reasonable. Do you British slaughter animal or don’t They slautered meat for a feast lmao this is like taking pictures of a meat house frankly like what yall against eating meat now? 😂😂😂

Ever been to a British abattoir? Piles of skinned cow-heads in bins, drains full of blood, bundles of guts.... ah, no, for you lot your steak's journey begins at the supermarket... Didn’t you and your readers explode with rage when Gregg’s came out with a a vegan sausage roll? And you're all vegan, right?

Next time y’all fools will be slaughtered....🤗🍴 Nice article, assholes.

Muslims slaughter animals in the MOST PAINLESS method possible, you can literally search it and on top of that they do this to give to the POOR for FREE to SURVIVE. 'The meat is distributed to the poor to commemorate the prophet Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son' nice to see your using your platform to once again use vulgar language as a way of portraying muslims as “evil” and this promoting more islamophobia.. the daily mail is run by rats and you can’t convince me otherwise

The way Muslims slaughter their livestock is by FAR more humane than the way it’s slaughtered almost everywhere else. And they feed the poor with the meat. Calm down. GHNeedham it was a view from my window that day. this is anti semitic, jews and muslims both slaughter their meat the exact same, if you have a problem with how muslim slaughter animals, then you have a problem with kosher (kosher and halal are the same)

Over a billion animals killed daily to supply fast food corporations, no one bats an eye. Muslims slaughter animals to feed the poor and y’all lose your minds. Guess it’s not bad when it’s for filling rich people’s pockets, only bad when it’s for feeding the poor. Pathetic smh blatant islamophobia alicecachia is islamaphobic. Point blank.

Isn’t it a tradition in some places to shoot their own turkeys at Thanks given and Christmas?

Me watching y’all eat meat while y’all under this thread calling it disgusting and inhumane. Say u Islamophobic and move on🤷🏻‍♀️ In last 7 months: US has killed 31+ billion animals. UK has killed 3.6 billion animals. Canada has killed 3.1 billion animals. Australia has killed 2.8 billion animals. But Islamophobes have to act as animal rights activist only once in a year on EidulAdha.

F/CK YOU DAILY FAIL THEY DO THIS TO FEED THE POOR FOR FREE!!!!! Attack the thriving billionaire fast food cooperations instead but that wouldn't fit your agenda to fuel Islamaphobia right? Meanwhile in an Abattoir 🙄 Bloody sacrifice 😂😂😂 Okay keep the same energy for turkeys during thanksgiving, pigs during Christmas, and lambs during Easter.

still more human than industrial farming. have a good day of course, no Turkeys, Geese, Deer or cattle are slaughtered at Christmas for all those Christians eh? Everyone eats Brussel Spouts (though might need to change the name of them for your readers obs 🤣) with carrots and parsnips & a nice nut roast. Away boil shite..

i hope all of y’all crying about this are vegans bc the meat industry literally tortures and force feeds animals until they can’t move and then electrocutes them to death. The USA alone produce 50+ billion pounds of meat per year, the UK slaughtered 1.5 million cattle in 2019, and I assure you all of them did not look forward to nor enjoyed dying. I take it you are a strong advocate for veganism then?

but it’s cool when the white elite do it innit ? piss off 'Christians slaughter birds and pigs in Yuletide bloodbath' And then they feed the poor and hungry. The purpose is charity. When you become vegans, let me know. Remind me again what we Christians do at Xmas 🦃 and every Sunday for our roast dinner 🐮 🐷 🐓 and at Easter.... 🐑 🤔 not quite sure what the point of this article is really

What, like Bernard Mathews? Etc etc etc... How many chickens do KFC go through? Or beef McDonald's? Where does bacon come from? But Brown people bad! awful oK To be fair I'm guessing my Sunday dinner didn't die peacefully in it's sleep. remind us again, how many ducks, turkeys, chickens, pigs, cows and deer get slaughtered for Christmas and Thanksgiving?

What is this propaganda!? This is so NOT true but you almost had me!

But factory slaughterhouses where animals are tortured from birth to death are fine? As a life long vegetarian I'm not offended by it. There's not a huge difference between that and what goes on in slaughter houses except there's far less humanity in slaughter houses The meat is eaten, is the issue the means of killing?

Ok, now do Christmas. Gosh what did you ppl eat at Xmas? Or yesterday, or for Sunday dinner? Only vegetarians and vegans will say no meat. You can write this about any race, religion or culture that isn’t vegan. Your bigotry speaks volumes with this headline Just a store of energy. Stop projecting your ego onto them. Plants scream too, chemically.

This is Islamophobic. What? So presumably the sick twats at the Mail that write this crap actually eat live turkeys at the British Winter Festival on 25 December? Or perhaps they hack their steaks off a live cow with an axe before a midsummer barbecue? Why doesn’t this shitty rag employ proper hacks? Tory cvnts rip apart foxes for sport. What's your point?

Legends👍🔪 About 9 billion animals are killed every year in the US for meat production, about 1 million every hour. We also waste 40% of that meat. At least, like your article says, this meat muslims are making is going to the poor and not being wasted. Enjoy! Happy Eid. Do they do this shit every year

I assume you’ll be writing a similar article at Christmas when Christians are slaughtering turkeys? No? Wonder why This is literally disgusting that something like this would be posted knowing the sort of inflammation it would cause. Disgusting By the way cows literally get raped so you can have milk available to you daily😒😒and funfact, animals in non halal slaughter don’t joyfully drop dead so you pure souls can eat them. Dickhead behaviour in this country is out of control honestly.

During my childhood, on Thanksgiving John Madden used to stuff a duck with a chicken and stuff a turkey with both of them. This would be on TV. Calm the fuck down. Lemme tell you about McDonald’s all the cows, pigs, and chickens that go to McDonalds die peacefully in their sleep 😌

Yeah except you're all meat eaters as well, aren't you? Do you think it looks any different in any slaughterhouse? Well, maybe there's one difference: traditional Muslim slaughter practices actually make sure the animal dies before being made into sausages Christians will slaughter turkey and chicken and eat pork and no one blinks. Muslims pray and kill their animals in the least painful way possible (Halal) and they get the hate?¿¿¿

Boy do I have news for you, most if not all the animals you eat are slaughtered but you won’t report on that will you because it doesn’t fit the agenda right? You think abattoirs aren’t brutal? This is pure fearmongering. Now do where Tesco beef comes from. Don’t think white people know they kill actual pigs for pork or cow for steaks or chicken for all their burgers 😂

Both in Jewish and Islamic law meat is not kosher if it is not killed humanely. Have you ever seen a Christian killing plant? alicecachia ever been to a slaughter house in the UK? No? Thought not. More juvenile journalism at the So,you think your meat comes in neat little packages ready and waiting Unless your vegan, your comment is irrelevant

the islamophobia here is just soo basic. where do you think meat comes from? i agree slaughterhouses should be more humane tho. But we’d never see “Christians slaughter cattle, pigs and turkey in bloody sacrifice to celebrate Christmas dinner” now would we Okay and the amount of cows and pigs slaughtered for Christmas hams & roasts. Your islamophobia is showing

There is no such thing as humane slaughter. Cut the anti Muslim rhetoric GoVegan The Islamophobia really popped in this one pls search up halal meat and the proper Islamic way to slaughter animals-you’ll find that it is 10x more humane than how u guys do it. also, do u think the cattle/pigs/chicken u guys eat get laid on a bed of roses before they get chopped up and delivered to your dinner table?

Looking forward to the “Christians force feed then strangle Turkey and Goose in horrific sacrifice to celebrate Christmas” headlines in December There's a special place in hell for your editorial team. I hope this comes back to bite you, fucking hard too. Racist, hate mongers. Hope the salary is worth it.

Yeah man and all the meat that’s eaten in the west doesn’t come from the mass slaughter of animals. What kinda islamophobic garbage is this? pal i have some news for you

How do Mcdonals, Burger King, kfc get their meat? During this time the meat is donated to the very poor, some only get meat once a year only because of Eid al Adha. This arrival is only written to stoke up hate Keep the same energy for turkeys at christmas kmt Oh boy, wait till you find out what non-muslims do to animals every damn day.

I sure as hell hope everyone here is vegan. If not, you complaining about this is purely hypocritical. Kill. It's what they do best. Kill. Another vile pseudo religion. Trash headline from a trash organization. The amount of gammon posting on this is funny. Fffffuuuuuuccccckkkkkk youuuu Tories have been killing humans since 1834 don't see you tweeting about that do we mailonline.

So you are promoting vegetarianism now? Hipocrites. U got 2.5 million followers and you are that stupid ? Lol...u can't find anything wrong about islam so u just throw anything maybe some haters can reply with some hate and becomes a trend... Was that your plan ? Good job it didn't work. Turkeys Lamb Pigs Beef the fkn lot. Daily Hate against muslims u never let up

yes, and non-Muslims don’t kill animals. lmao .....where do you think meat in grocery stores comes from? You are aware it is dead animal, right? Christians routinely “slaughter” turkeys and pigs for Christmas and Easter and no big article about that Plus the meat here was distributed TO THE POOR but THAT is your headline?

Here is a modern sheep slaughterhouse in the UK. What makes this acceptable, but the other not? Christian's also slaughter animals to celebrate Christmas. This is all about the Daily Mail seeking to fan the flames of hatred against Muslims. Have you been to a non halal slaughterhouse ? You know , one the ones that supply meat to all our supermarkets ... stop stirring up hate idiots . Meat doesn’t grow on trees . Regular slaughterhouses are grim .

I know you’ve posted this to incite racial hatred but really my only reaction is “I didn’t know people eat camels” I invite you to visit an American slaughterhouse. Christians slaughter lambs in their millions at Easter, the same with Turkeys at Xmas Do you think turkeys willingly lop their own heads off at Christmas like?

I'm literally shocked Men kill animals for food!!! How many turkeys butchered at xmas Muslims kill animals to eat them is more correct but probably not racist enough. Do you believe the meat we eat on Xmas or Easter comes from trees? shut up🖤 Omg I had no idea meat came from actual animals

y’all do realise that western slaughterhouses aren’t exactly a nice holiday for the animals right? It's for the poor you racist fucks. The fuck you think happens on the slaughterhouse floor every fucking day? Barbaric Incredibly racist to be mad about this but not about....eating meat every goddamn day You chaps are not going to be happy when you here what happens to turkeys at Christmas

The Catholics quite literally did this to countless other humans for hundreds of years. And they didn't even eat the meat Why don’t you tell us who the Tory rapist is? Hmm. I wonder what Iain Duncan Smith was doing at the weekend? These two thoughts are entirely unrelated. Cool. Do factory farming next, fuckos.

Damn that's horrible- Sorry, my big Mac and 50 piece chicken nuggets just got here They also eat those animals, but yea let’s paint a narrative to spook white people.

I eat lamb for Easter. So what? If you think that's bad, wait til you hear where chicken nuggets come from. the amount of islamophobia in this article and the comments is insane. say the same thing about thanksgiving or christmas, i dare you Cool! I also prefer my animals be dead before I cook and eat them.

Christian leaders abuse children. How long does it take before you understand that it's all a middle-eastern fairytale? wait until you lot hear about butchers and slaughterhouses Yo this is insanely racist I’m not a vegan, but don’t we literally slaughter animsls daily for consumption? Then waste it by tossing it out and refusing to use it to feed the hungry? Sure the ritual is displeasing to you but can anyone that hunts for sport or eats meat critique this?

So do we in the United States, why don’t y’all show that? Pigs get boiled alive and chicks get ground up for chicken nuggets. Quit pointing fingers at one group.

It's like a rapist claiming moral high ground because they drug their victim first! that shit look fye Imagine eating factory farmed eggs, meat or dairy 🤢 So, it's a feast then? Who cares Slaughter house in the UK. They are all the same. But your bias has a focus. We get it. Journalism at its finest! 🤦‍♂️

I mean to be fair how many animals are saluted for western trandions such as Christmas and thanksgiving, I'm willing to bet a lot that it's even more Bigoted much? holy shit its a slaughter house not a factory of horror

ok Just say BOOGA BOOGA We know you want to Wait till you hear about McDonalds, BurgerKing and kfc 😱 How many chickens do Macdonald and other eateries slaughter daily? Wait till you hear about factory farming and intentional breakage. 'Hi I'm the inconvenient turkey you eat at Christmas.' Yes because your meat just magically appears at the grocery store. I swear, how are people this absolutely fucking stupid? Is this parody?

All the animals I eat die peacefully in their sleep, at home with their loved ones. I dont see the issue eveeyone is having, it is not demonising at all, it just shows what is happening, how in the world is that racist? Oh yeah, because all other animals eaten in the world die in their sleep beforehand. 🙄

Oh no they kill animals for meat almost like they're omnivorous animals like the rest of us what do you expect them to do, vore the cows whole? Are they eating the animals or just killing them? We do the same at Christmas... how do you think we get the turkeys? Daily mail is Racist scum. Its well known that non-Muslim meat eaters get their meat from animals who offer themselves up to be eaten.

'Slaughtering and eating animals is scary when brown people do it.' So.....do you fuckers think your burgers just die of old age and choose to fall on the bun? Because y'all just peacefully turn cattle into packaged meat in the factories. Halal is actually more humane than that. Right cuz usually non Muslims give animals a relaxing massage and ask for their permission to eat them while they’ve got cucumbers on their eyes and sipping on milkshake. Omg how barbaric of Muslims to actually painlessly slaughter sheep to feed the poor 😭🤧

Why are Muslims always the target? I know of one other group of people with a similar practice but I must not speak their name. May I suggest that unless you’re vegetarian you should shut your pie hole. don’t want to see a single non muslim comment how inhumane it is the animals are slaughtered in the most humane way possible, muslims slaughter them to feed the poor for free. before commenting something ignorant think about ur thanksgiving turkey and you breakfast bacon

As in Exodus 13:2,11-12,13-16; Numbers 3:12,13,40-43; 8:17, Numbers 18:15, Genesis 15:8-21 with 22:15-18 etc wdyfo yfsdc's Is it ur Animal FFS. What would you say if Eid was celebrated with fish and chips? Aquatic wildlife submerged in boiling oil as leering Imams with razor sharp knives carve up defenceless potatoes? Give it a rest.

And the billions of animals killed in industrial slaughterhouses? Don't turkeys count as animals then? For your sake, DO NOT look up slaughter houses. Just say you're islamophobic and go. Remember who tf you are and stay in your lane of posting about Ariel Winter's boobs and that irrelevant Demi girl ❤ How many people have the West slaughtered in bloody sacrifice to their greed and inhumanity?

now post the pictures of commercial pig farms in the UK

this is called as DESERT CULT! So what? lmao Boycott daily mail boycottdailymail I eat meat every day that is almost certainly slaughtered in worse conditions, I fail to see what the big deal is You should see what the English like to do with a fox. Err... what? How do you think we eat meat? You know meat comes from animals yeah?

I wonder what happens at Christmas 🍖 🥱 How is this different from slaughter houses? Eventually Muslims will change to the ' western ' style of meat production. Daisy spent 2 weeks letting friends and family know she was off to Bovine Dignitas, just outside of Shepton Mallet. A few close family friends were there. Brian the bull, Rex the border collie + Daisy's

Bigoted & hateful fish wrapper

Y’all think we do this for fun? We don’t just sacrifice these animals and leave them to rot. We eat it, we give to the poor, we share it with friends, neighbors and family and we keep some to eat for the next month. Ppl say its cruel,how y’all think you get to eat animal meat huh PIGS SLAUGHTERED FOR EASTER HAM

Imagine slaughtering an animal for a religious festival. And you probably have eaten two out of three of those ❤️ And how exactly is this different from the slaughter that takes place to put meat on the table for Christmas dinner? Asking as a vegetarian... Do not get why this is even an issue The Daily Mail and it’s readership are Scum

I guess you have never seen what goes on in a slaughter house. Nothing humane about it. If u ever wonder what do people mean by hate or racist articles this is what they mean. Hrmn, so I’m assuming that for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and other good Christian holidays, the animals just decide to up and die in a natural way?

You “Christians” obviously fine with the mass slaughter of turkeys, chickens, beef, baby sheep and pigs at Christmas time. Didn't the US just kill thousands of pigs as a sacrifice to market forces? Wow. That’s some weapons-grade stupidity and pretty significant Islamophobia right there. Oooh! Now do one on how Catholics eat flesh and drink blood in weekly rituals!

Christians slaughter cattle, pigs, and sheep in bloody sacrifice to celebrate Easter. all these idiot's in the comments not realizing the meat distributed to the poor, this is a good thing lol Nice job with that racist headline. Now do US Christians who just culled millions of factory farm animals and didn’t even bother giving meat to the poor. They just did it to save profits!

Omg they slaughtered cattle?! You mean the thing the meat industry does literally every day? Yeah because people who aren't Muslim *never* kill animals for any reason at all. /s Wait till you hear about Christians at Christmas..... Shit stirring fucking rag

some people seem to think food goes from field to supermarket by magic lol all meat is slaughtered wait till what happens to Turkeys on Christmas meanwhile 'Americans slaughter cattle, pigs and chickens in bloody sacrifice to celebrate McDonalds' isn't making any headlines... this is making me so hungry...

BREAKING: Meat is made by killing animals. Why is no one talking about this? 😱 That’s how meat is made! It’s just the muscles and flesh of animals. It’s grisly and gory. If you eat meat, this is yours too. Wait til you hear about Thanksgiving. Where do you think your burgers come from, you knobs? If you eat meat you have no moral high ground to be upset by this!!! Animals are treated and killed in inhumane ways for almost all the meat and eggs you're already eating!!! Wake up and educate yourselves before clutching your pearls on twitter.

And how many Turkeys are slaughtered to celebrate Christmas eh? The whole west kill thousands of cow every day but this once in a year celebration evokes animal rights. The hypocrisy Do meat eaters think abattoirs are luxury health spas? If you eat meat, you cant complain. Whereas we in the west, famously gently tickle them to death for our burgers, obviously.

They should rather have convinced them to commit suicide so they would not have had to murder those poor animals. What a big mistake! Animal abusers aren't deserving of rights. Celebrating a bloody, painful, violent death of animals is a key trait of psychopaths and serial killers. Culturally and morally bankrupt people here

We live in a Muslim country, and judging these people aren't abiding by the religious laws regarding slaughter & the BBC hasn't done it's research. The slaughter must be by a professional butcher in a private area and the animals waiting must not see the slaughter. Just here for the ratio. I‘ll just leave this documentary from UK farms right here for you to watch. Only way to stop this is to go vegan.

Sickening, both the story and the paper.

All of my meat chooses to kill itself in a bargain I make with the animal of course. Talk to me about lambs, Fail Online. Lambs in spring. And this is different from factory farm slaughterhouse practices... How? Besides, the meat is distributed to the poor. Gods forbid poor ppl be given free food! The horror! 😱

ill just leave this here I get that this is a shitty Islamophobic hate piece and whatever vile bigot wrote this understands the concept of a slaughterhouse but like... c'mon Really sad to see. I hope with time we come to treat all animals with kindness (including each other!) I think a cake is the usual way to celebrate. THAT looks horrendous

How is this news? And how does the meat YOU eat get made Honestly a cool tradition, wish we had stuff like this

The Daily Mail trying to stir up racial hatred again, because it’s a day ending in “y” I wonder what camel meat is like. Angelsfeartogo Thanks for wishing happy eid :-) Disgusting journalism yet again, open the doors of any slaughterhouse that people of ALL religions buy meat from and you’ll see the same scenes.

Oh look the bog people of shite island have an opinion Gosh you'd think there were no meat eaters in the west Christians (I’m one) slaughter turkeys geese and ducks for Christmas..... You should check out factory farming then. this is why no one reads u Then what happens

Yeah because no animals are killed for Christmas dinner are they. Also where the fvck do you guys think burgers come from. It's a barbecue bro racist much? You eat dinosaurs for Christmas... There really is no wonder people despise your paper. Yeah and people like you would prefer a bloody genocide, won't you? Keep spreading the hatred.

Don’t we all do that at Christmas or any other religious festival? daily mail seems raaaaaaciiiiist 🤔 what about people who eat meat? The pigs don’t die in their sleep listening to Chopin You lot really are clowns

Apparently non-Muslims are monkeys pigs animals etc - work it out for yourself. I assume all of you are fruititarians. wait till you find out about the rest of the world White Brits aren't allowed an opinion on anyone elses eating habits Omnomnomnomnom just take a blow torch to the 4th one in for me and that’ll do nicely thank you. 🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩

now put the article about how people who aren’t muslim slaughter all types of animals to eat it and love it so much that they’ll have places that serve the food open during a global pandemic xx ? i am unfollowing u on all social media. what kind of ignorant backwards racist and bigoted comment is this. where do u all get ur meat

Apparently, it’s different to Xmas Turkey 🤷🏽‍♂️ Christians just slaughter people in the name of God, SAVE IT🙄🤦🏾‍♀️🤣🤷🏽‍♀️ where does meat christians eat come from

How do people think they get meat? The blatant islamophobia here is minging. Fuck the daily mail and all who read it. Maybe pick the right thing to focus on, not aim to stir up hate aimed at a certain community. I hope we get an exposé on British farms come Christmas x Where do you think the meat at the fucking grocery store comes from

To all vegetarians/vegans: if you *really* cared you wouldn’t support and buy companies/franchises that do sell meat (even if the item you purchase does not contain meat) because they all slaughter animals. The meat is distributed to the poor. How is this different to the millions of turkeys slaughtered every Christmas?

Unlike Christmas, when we all go vegan. As if KFC, MCD etc serve non bloody meat in their items 😂 So much hypocrisy I think you need to fire your copywriter There are specific conditions and procedures when slaughtering animals. One can not be done in front on another etc. You just posted a pic of all and tried sending a racist message. Dumbass news reports

Let's wait till Christmas and see how many fowl get flaughtered to celebrate the birth of a child

Lol... Full English Better get down to McDonald’s Now do a piece on what happens to animals in the UK. Baby chicks and cows murdered because we don’t want them. Where’s that piece? Your islamophobia is disgraceful. Wait until you hear about meat. They do worse shit than this a billion times a day to make bacon cheeseburgers except they don't give that away to the poor for free. We see you mfers.

Turkeys die peacefully in their sleep and donate their bodies to Christmas Please explain where your hamburger and bacon comes from? Any better than this? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

What a sick, depraved, racist and spiteful publication this is. Looking forward to the mail running similar attack lines on non-Muslim meat-eaters 🙄 Polish Catholics buy living fish for Christmas and kill them in their homes ✌️ You wrote 'people practice their faith' wrong The Daily Mail! Making stupid people angry & racist for over one hundred years

Looks like Easter prep at your local butcher shops or meat counter. Oh wait...this was your anti-Muslim dog whistle...sorry...it took me a minute. But seriously, fuck you. I am so glad that all other meat dies peacefully in their sleep 🙄 Are you vegan? Whereas my local butchers tickles my roast to death

...and?! Slaughterhouses do this every day on a mass level all over the world?

What did you have for your Sunday roast? Ok now tell me what happens to Turkeys during Christmas Seems to be a lot of vegans out today Yet y'all cut down plants and vegetation to eat em. You murder the innocent plants that can't even move to defend themselves and you think you're doing animals a favor. You have to decide what you really stand for.

Vile bastards, atleast in England it's sort of humane Hmmm.., I think that’s what happens when most non vegetarians have dinner isn’t it? Im not islamophobic and im a vegetarian since birth so i can say - this is inhumane and disgusting This is DISGUSTING! (I mean the fact that this is even an article and all the western meat eaters who think that somehow they're better)

Wait until you find out how much meat is consumed through McDonals, BK, KFC and you’ll drop a bollock when you find out what happens at Xmas. A lot of meat eaters heated in the comments, ironic 😂

The American federal government used a pandemic to sacrifice 150,000 people for the economy. At least Muslim people get to eat during their holiday. This is so many levels of racist As opposed to the beef that British eat, which comes from the trees. yeah and they feed it to the poor and for families....they also take care of the animals before-hand..... lastly, many ppl be eating turkeys and pigs that are abused and then mass killed by machines for thanksgiving and christmas so ?

2m turkeys each Christmas. 🤷🏻‍♂️ do you know where meat comes from? do you think the process of making chicken nuggets begins bloodlessly? Ooh! Now do cows, chickens, turkey, lamb, and fish daily in the US, you bigots! 🖕 I know Christians who have turkey, beef, ham, lamb, sausages, bacon & prawns starters on Xmas day. Bastards!

Looks like an Abattoir......oh wait 👀 Are you trying to scare people? Seriously... wtf?

Some slaughter turkeys? Why are you such horrible bigots tho I guess it’s okay if white Europeans do it Because Christmas is a vegan haven? Millions of tukeys slaughted to celebrate xmas . 🖕 I’ll save this tweet for the times people ask “why are you vegetarian?” Really hope everyone on this post saying it’s disgraceful are vegan or vegetarian. If not go and watch a documentary about your own meat first.

British Toffs rip foxes to pieces with no special event needed - what's your point? They kill cow wow something we as civilized Americans would never do

Mmmmmmmm tasty Fucking Savages 🤬 Please delete your account. Lol. Shut up. Is it better to torture them for a long time? Why keep deluding yourselves you are any different when you tuck in to the dead animal on your own plate? It wanted to live its life, free from torture and murder. You could have made a conscious choice and eaten something plantbased. GoVegan or STFU about AnimalWelfare

r u all u man vegans or somethin and to top it off that poor animal dropped from a crane whilst allive, sickening to watch, no outcry from the animal rights mob, And atheists eat only roadkill?

Everyone outraged on here has either never seen standard meat packing industry or their problem isn’t actually with the slaughter of animals and it’s something else... can’t think what To feed the poor* I'm sure those lambs we eat at Easter and the Christmas turkeys were born roasted, right? At least Muslims label their food accurately and truthfully. Our UK Government us neither accurate or truthful in its labelling.

We don’t sacrifice animals to celebrate. We sacrifice animals to feed the poor. Stop this. I’m gonna report this tweet. If this were slaughtering a turkey for Christmas, would the tweet be calling it a bloody sacrifice? I strongly doubt that. And for the record, Eid-al-Adha isn’t about celebrating slaughtering an animal

Your rag shames our nation. I’m shocked, British people would never do something so barbaric. The meat is distributed to the poor. That's the whole point. Who are the editors of the daily mail? I think it's high time we took them to court for continuously seeking to stir up racial and ethnic tension. This headline is deliberately incendiary and purposefully misleading.

Weird how the same headlines don’t crop up at Christmas time or in criticism of companies like Mcds 🙄 I presume all the commenters who are against this are vegetarians & not simply racist? For the record I’m against all acts of violence against animals but this is islamophobia This is literally Islamophobia. Firstly the Halal method of slaughter minimises pain, and secondly, the sacrifice of animal goes to feeding the poor and needy. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, then shut up 🤐

Theyve got blood on their hands makes me feel sick How many turkeys are slaughtered at Thanksgiving? So I assume you’re a vegan then? dontbuythemail Fox hunting gives Boris Johnson a lob on. Not much different from what happens in a slaughter house tbh Shameful “journalism”. Blatant dog whistling. This is barbaric and vile. As is the abuse of animals that takes place day in day out in every country. Spanish traditions are vile too

Errrrrrr Turkeys, lambs, pigs, cows, etc christmas Where do you think your bacon or beef is coming from? Perhaps you should say as a nation we produce and consume too much meat and it is time to put a cap on that. Reduce the number of cattle farms and use the land to thrive a wild life! So? how do you kill a gammon?

Bloody 'sacrifice' of Turkeys at Xmas and thanksgiving too then. Shit show Christians slaughter turkeys, chickens & geese in mass sacrifice to celebrate Christmas. Otherwise known as... Meat production? and what happens at christmas..... Do y'all christians eat a shit ton of turkey... pigs in blankets... ham... Do y'all not go loco for lamb during easter... Or are you targeting Muslims again in an attempt to split and divide our country...

Okayyy but do all you ppl eat in Thanksgiving?!?🤨 Aight

Even Plants are non-veg! The West (capitalist), slaughter Muslims from the different ethnicities at the capitalist alter of greed. So do the toffee noses, when they’re hunting animals for fun 🤷🏻‍♂️ Unlike all of us Christian vegans 🙄 Looking forward to that 'Americans slaughter millions of turkeys' headline. You guys vegetarians or what? You eat meat last night? Was it grown in a lab? At least Muslims have a connection to their food production


To feed the poor. Not just a show.

And Christmas Turkeys just magically end up on a plate do they? Assume every person complaining are vegan/vegiterian. If not try getting into a slaughterhouse & see your beef steaks walking in. This should be reported for attempting to stir up racial hatred. And that's coming from a vegetarian. dailymailscum

Have you heard of a Toby Carvery where the same happens to celebrate dinner? racist fear mongering How is the slaughter of animals not bloody? Do steaks get to the supermarket by magic? Who gives a shit what they do in their own country. Now if they were slaughtering animals on the street in UK that would be different lol.

so? appaling headline MarcusRashford Mr Prime Minister could you help out with this, call paulpogba for this too

You hate-mongering, click-bait seeking hacks. This article is offensive, what happens at Christmas? When people buy turkey 🤷🏼‍♂️ one rule for one and one for another IpsoNews Oh boy, I can say alot of things about Muslims, but most people aren't going to like it.... True Muslims are AMAZING people, and I would gladly fight shoulder to shoulder with them against pedophile elites and globalists

keep talking all this shit like the rest of u dont eat this too No different from our royals and PM hunting. i wonder when you are eating pigs or anything pf meat how you kill them can you explain ? even research on our slaughtering that is it right in a scientific way or not don't pretend to show us that you are real humans and full of humanity ?

how do you think the meat gets to the stores luv How's them sales going? What do you think happens to Turkeys at Christmas lads? Beef / lamb on roast dinners every week? They just peacefully cross the spiritual divide and end up painlessly on our plates? Daily Mail staff all turning vegan to protest against Islam, are they?

Whereas at Christmas, we Christians wait for the turkeys to die of old age.... And 3/4 of the meat is shared with the poor in an act of charity EducateYourself This is racist! Reported One of the main reasons our country is racist is because of the media and articles like this. Calculated post, wrote only for clicks, knowing full well the reaction this would get. English butchers do this everyday by the way...

Don't you hunt/kill and then eat the meat in England? So the animal should be running and terrified to make it ok to kill and eat them? It's called an abbatoire. I believe you have them here in England This is so poor people can eat you assholes. You wanna examine if white non-Muslims or Muslims eat more beef? Because your racist fear mongering isn't gonna win that battle

I bet Mail readers “tut tut” while chewing their blood sausages and lamb/pork chops. It’s not really a story, if your over 12 VOTE Isn’t slaughtering of sheep pretty prevalent in the book of Exodus?

So called “religion of peace”......this is literally worse than the holocaust imo!!! (In this tweet im morrissey) 4 months and 23 days from now, the Daily Mail headline, I assume: 'Christians slaughter turkeys and pigs in bloody sacrifice to celebrate Christmas' Christians and Atheists slaughter turkeys, pigs in bloody sacrifice to celebrate Christmas


Should we anticipate you doing a piece at Christmas on slaughtered turkeys? Hahaha and the Christian chickens and bacon just happily wander into slaughter houses for fun every day? 😂😂 I too don’t believe in killing animals before I eat them Muslims should start growing their meat on trees like the rest of the world... Slaughtering animals for meat is unacceptable at this age... No one does it anymore, everyone else grows their burgers on trees i. Sezgin

I recommend that the author of this shamelessly racist article visit a bog-standard British slaughterhouse on any weekday. But “Brits slaughter cattle, lambs and pigs in bloody sacrifice to celebrate stocking supermarket shelves” doesn’t really fit the narrative, does it? Have I got news for you about battery farming in the UK...

bro we kill animals all the time for meat and nobody bats an eye, chill out Is this even news? I’m sure many Europeans slaughter cattle and sheep everyday just because. 😴 In other news, Roundheads defeat cavaliers after a bitter struggle. The pope is Catholic and bears take a shit in the woods. The sooner you go bust the better, you hate mongering wankers. dontfundhate

Never been to a slaughter house have you lads. Ever been to a Bernhard Matthew's farm in November? Report this tweet: Report - Directs abuse or hate - Against race or religion. Newsflash: Christians slaughter geese, turkeys, pheasants and pigs in bloody sacrifice to celebrate Christmas!

Daily Kempf Christians slaughter poultry, cattle, pigs and sheep in bloody sacrifice to celebrate Christmas.. AnInconvenientTruth Christians sacrifice turkeys and pigs to celebrate a questionable tale that hijacked the winter solstice. Yes, the pics are bloody, but the kill floor at a US processor is not much different.

I'm not condoning the mass slaughter but please stop this racist and and anti Islamic 'journalism'. Pretty horrific letting animals bleed out Living in a Muslim country I can safely say that no poor person goes hungry on Eid al Adha. Islamaphobes. Good job I only celebrate Christmas & sheep, cattle, pigs, salmon, oh and turkeys don't get slaughtered for Christmas.. Oh, wait? Doh!

About time started reporting MSM for putting out stories that they know will cause division ,they stir the pot ,race bait ,and lie to sell papers scummedia

Of all the trash that comes out of your publication, this is one of the worst. How can you lot claim not to be raving racists? How many goddam turkeys get evicerated for Xmas, as well as all the junk, plastic, unwanted gifts, etc., that clog up & destroy our planet. Unbelieveable Im sorry i didn't know there was a nice way to kill 🤷‍♂️

turkeys slaughterd in the usa for thanksgiving , chicken, goose, feasants, ect for xmas. look at yourselves first. How about them? Why do they Murder those animals? Christians slaughter turkeys and pigs in bloody sacrifice to celebrate Christmas. Wait til you hear what Christians do to turkeys. This article was written to cause division ,yet again MSM race baiting .

All meat eaters are murderers What about the millions of turkeys sacrificed for Christmas and thanks giving

have you ever been to a butcher Interesting to see how you will report christmas..... 'Christians slaughter Turkeys, pigs, cows, and sheep in bloody sacrifice to celebrate the birth of a man who wasnt even born in December.' Here the racists name. Does anyone know if she has a Twitter account? English people make dogs rip foxes apart for fun lmaoooo

The Daily Mail here, inciting hatred from every person with a pic of the auld Butchers Apron in their bio.....annnnnnd theyre off! I dont understand why people complain about what happens if they eat meat themselves Don’t y’all fucking kill turkeys on Thanks giving and Christmas, and also kill cows and chicken everyday for fast food?

Ah yes, because the meat in our supermarket just grows that way. Fucking hell, what a blatantly stupid and racist country we are. Animals raised in terrible conditions and slaughtered world wide everyday for us to eat. Try not being racist, xenophobic and secterian for just one day of your life.

if i say Allah Akbar will u run away? UK Muslims should read about the holocaust. Look at how Jews were treated in the 20s and 30s and see all the parallels. What should German Jews have done in that time to resist the impending Holocaust? Being German loving tax paying citizens wasn't enough. Act accordingly.

Disgusting hatred proped up by right wing interests. I'm pro vegan ethics, are you? How exactly do people think animals raised for our consumption end up on our plates if not slaughter? Non-Muslims are slaughtering animals every day... i have so much shit to say but i'll stick with this: muslims MUST only kill an animal the halal way in which the animal feels no pain at all

Very hypocritical! White Christians eat meat all year around, especially at Christmas! Slaughter of all animals is wrong all of the time, not just when its used to be racist! I'm not surprised to see racism like this in the MailOnline, tbh, but I have reported it nonetheless. Ok Twitter I’m gonna need you to respond to the daily mail with the same quickness you responded to Wiley. This is islamaphobia and designed to incite hatred. Tabloid does not legitimise hatred.

Jews slaughter like Muslims & let the blood drain. It’s called Kosher. Christians slaughter millions of Turkeys for Xmas, ThanksGiving, etc. But let’s shit on Muslims always bc that kind of xenophobia & racism is cool these days especially by the hate monger Daily Mail! The animals have to be looked after before the slaughter and be an adult animal. Extra food is given to poor. Can't believe the way you have set this up. Wheres graphic images of the turkey slaughtering etc for xmas- the killing of calves and lambs-bull fighting- fox hunting!

But Christians with their cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, what have you, are miraculously clean and pure? Yo racists I got your headline ready for Christmas- 'Christians slaughter Turkey in bloody sacrifice to celebrate Christmas' Mate this just landed at mine 🤤 where do yall think your meat comes from?

Curry is the national dish.. Start thinking if you have a brain Hey Daily Mail, 'people eat meat' is not a real headline Lol how misleading. But atleast we can identify the hypocrites who will comment in their hypocritical self righteous glory about how inhumane and barbaric it is while not researching about it at all. They call us primitive but their ignorance is same as it was in the dark ages.

Shhh Christians eat beef pork turkey at Christmas it’s all slaughtered Do you racists think the meat you eat comes from animals that died peacefully in their sleep? BREAKING! MUSLIMS EAT MEAT!

Since they can't get hold of your mother, they have to use cows Have you ever been to a British abattoir? No? You should. The way we slaughter animals is no more appealing. Am I surprised this is coming from a daily mail reader? Hypocrisy ridden with islamophobia😂 Stirring up racial hatred, again. The meat is distributed amongst the poor. You fking twts. StopFundingHate

Cool now do McDonald’s. Oh do bugger off with your hate-stirring. They titled it like this to make it seem sinister. Anyone not a vegan should shut up about the killing and consumption of animals. And no they're not treated 'humanely' in your country so save it. Part of each animal goes to a poor family so you really can't hate on it.

Bruh y'all eat hamburgers, shut up and leave Muslims Alone And you'll are eating alive steaks and burgers dumb fuck Islam traces the history of sacrifice back to Abel and Cain (Habil and Qabil), whose story is mentioned in the Qur'an.[2] Abel was the first human being to sacrifice an animal for God.Abel had offered a sheep whilst his brother Cain offered part of the crops of his land.

And how do you think the millions of animals that brits consume every year end up on the plate? This thing should be bsnned worldwide & why islam should be Can't wait for Thanksgiving How many millions of cows, chickens and fish are slaughtered daily to supply McDonalds, KFC, Burger King et al? A Muslim slaughters an animal and divides it into 3 parts - one for the person who provided the animal, one for family, friends and neighbours, and one for the needy.

.utter and typical Mail rubbish - Muslims are proud of their culture and religion - got it! i got bad news for you about where all the other meat you eat comes from, my dudes More shit stirring hatred, change the flipping record. Have you ever eaten meat at all? Guess what, the animals were slaughtered. dailyfail morons

Daily Mail is a pile of shit! That’s your headline This headline 🤦🏾‍♂️

Yeah its gross! I grow my meat on Meat Tree. Its pretty awesome. No animals are harmed. Thinking to sell it to McD and Burger King. I have 4 trees: 1. Cow Tree 2. Lamb Tree 3. Chicken Tree 4. Coming soon... still growing :) Very similar to amount of lamb we get through at Easter? Or turkey and everything else at Christmas? Or burgers on a hot sunny day at the beach lol. Feast and festival - seems a common human trait the world over.

Anyone who is not at least a vegetarian has absolutely no moral ground to comment negatively on this practice, because it makes you an utter fucking hypocrite--and quite likely a racist in this context. If only the West was as civilised as to tend carefully to their animals, kill them humanely and distribute the meat to the poor. 🕌✊🏼🇵🇸 BDS

So much clickbaiting So tell me what happens at Christmas with Christian faiths with turkeys, geese, game & other popular meats for the festivities huh? Muslims should also begin growing their meat on trees as brits do. LukePetrilla Hasn't the mail supported fox hunting in the past? Remind me again what happens at Christmas

God show us the right path amin.

Now do fox hunting You’ve all gone vegan at the Daily Mail? Disgusting! Human consumption and giving to the poor 🤢🤮 Fr tho yall asked for this Christmas much? Ugh people are so fucking weird. Don’t do shit like this, it’s gross and everyone will judge you. I judge them. Weirdos. Have you guys ever heard of this place called a slaughter house?

Christians slaughter Turkey's, Chickens, Ducks and pigs to celebrate Christmas I don't see a problem here, as long as the meat ain't wasted. Only people hating on this is leftist city people, Islamophobes, and cultist vegans. I remember emptying a pigs guts with all my cousins at age 7 and even we knew it was so we could have food on the table.

Er...... we slaughter animals on an industrial scale in abbatoirs all over the world on a daily basis. What’s your point caller? Irrespective if u eat veg or non veg.... such mass annihilation in the name of God... is totally unacceptable

ok we literally have factory farms How do you think the dead turkeys get to your plate for Christmas dinner? Magic How is this any different from slaughterhouses all over the UK murdering thousands of cows, chickens, turkeys, ducks, deer, every single day? Hypocrites 🤷‍♀️ For balance, I hope you're planning on reporting the numbers of chickens, turkeys, pigs, cows, geese and other animals are slaughtered for Christmas dinners across the country along with photos from inside abattoirs

What do you think goes on in every abattoir in this country? I dont believe any of them treat animals nicely before they're murdered. Is this you? Whereas Christians factory farm turkeys to celebrate Christmas! Is this any better? Reported for directing hate. Proud of yourself, Daily Mail social media person? You doing good in this world? You doing morally ethical things? Hmmm?

Nazi rag

I’m assuming everyone in the comments section is vegan or at least vegetarian But needless turkey murder day here in England every year is fine with The Daily Mail because they're racists and only have a problem when it's not white people. Meanwhile Christians slaughter millions of turkeys... Americans slaughter animals for consumers every day I doubt they’re just shredding off the heads and saying fuck it they use the meat just as we would this is such a bait post and mind your own business anyway

Wait till you hear about how many chickens, turkeys, cows, sheep and pigs we slaughter EVERY SINGLE DAY because...they taste good. If you think that's bad you should check out slaughterhouses. Don't get me wrong, I do eat meat but there's a whole fucking industry centered on killing animals. And how many animals are killed over the Christmas holiday? Or just in general? This is blatant islamophobia.

Your hamburger came from ...what? Change your shitty tweet-bait headline! Dailymail dumbasses

Around 14 million turkeys are killed in the UK each year – 2 million in December alone. Most of them spent their lives in cramped industrial sheds – up to 25,000 birds may be confined to just one unit. Yeah.. but don't let that get in the way of a bit of racism. No different to the millions of Brits having roast beef for Sunday lunch.

Have you heard of abattoirs? Bobb1eB Oh, yeah, makes sense. All of their sons are cattle....right? What's your beef? Go to ANY abattoir and then report about the sweet, considerate, humane way that animals are murdered every single day. Or better yet, report on the ethical breeding practices that keep cows pregnant and their offspring slaughtered so you can have cheese you filthy hypocrital rag

According to this data muslim countries are the least meat consuming countries in the world. What do you say? Are they slaughtering the cattle, camels and sheep to send them to the christians? This is the most racist and stupidest tweet I've seen from a 'so called' news site. No turkeys killed at Christmas though

Would you have a similar headline like this about Christmas and animals killed? Of course not just the usual Daily Mail trying to profit off of Islamophobic bigotry and hate. this headline is wack. why are people acting like muslims are the only ones slaughtering animals to eat? how else are we supposed to eat animals? we’re literally giving it to the community, to the people in need and y’all wanna call us “disgusting” for that. grow up.

Vile racist paper, website, headline. You'll never guess what the Christians do. Merry Christmas everybody. Do you people think that all the cows, pigs, and chickens that you consume year round with rancid beans for your Full English breakfasts just merrily walk themselves on to the hob? That’s odd, the Muslims in Singapore don’t do this. It’s almost like you’re claiming that a particular regional practice speaks for an entire religion.

Wait until they hear what I eat every damned day. wenta yala you dont eat beef and burger + we dont do that we eat them and give most of it to the poor that dont have any money,food,water,housing etc. so how about you collect facts THEN talk about us muslims when its a peaceful religion Stunning is for some reason not required for halal or kosher slaughter in the UK. The animals have their throats slit while fully conscious. This from

Racism from a racist newspaper what a surprise Whereas white Christians grind up chickens into paste for chicken nuggies There seems to be a higher rate of racist/hate speak around the country of late.

Shut up Views were bad,could have been in better conditions.These animals cut on the same day, or on different days at intervals.There is no difference. As a result,these meats do not go to the garbage.People are eating and the main purpose is to distribute it to the poor and the needy. who cares. go pick up a foot ball

Hate speach White people find out muslims kill animals for meat. All of a sudden, eating meat is bad. people kill all kinds of animals every day but it’s not the daily mail headline, just blatant islamaphobia Doesn’t our government party love fox hunting? As a sport? Interesting double standard. How is this different to slaughtering lambs for Easter and turkeys for Christmas? Not to mention the cows, pigs, fish, chicken etc killed every day to feed the west’s taste for animal flesh. Hypocrites much

‘repulsive. but fox hunting? it’s a tradition, we can’t be giving up on traditions.’ How do turkey’s get on the table at Christmas, Mind control?

People eat 57 billion land animals and an estimated 1 trillion fish a year and there's plenty of blood for food they don't really need, what's your point? Believe it or not, Christians sacrifice cattle daily in a bloody sacrifice. They actually butcher the cattle. And then EAT THEM. They also do this to chickens, pigs, and sheep.

Is it still a ‘bloody sacrifice’ when we do it for christmas? 🤔 and feed the poor.. Do you think the ham in your burgers , the chicken in your KFC just randomly exist ? It get slaughtered as well yall are absolutely dumb *Frothing gammon eats bacon sandwich “Bloody Muslims, that’s disgusting” millions of animals get slaughtered everyday for McDonald's, but you choose to rag on the Muslims. I wonder why?

Christians slaughter cattle, turkey and pigs to celebrate Christmas. At least they do it themselves unlike the fussy christians Are you advocating vegetarianism? Or suggesting they are eaten alive?

I’ll support animal rights as long as I can be Racist while I do it. Otherwise not a chance. Christians slaughter Chickens and turkeys in a bloody sacrifice to celebrate Christmas And good, white, Christian people kill their animals by magic. They leave the field in a puff of lovely smoke and appear in Waitrose a few minutes later wrapped and priced ready for housewives to buy and take home home to their husbands who've been hard at work in the bank.

PatAlternative have a good plan to tackle this barbaric slaughter ritual. Companies like McDonald's, burger King and kfc do this all year round and you don't have a fucking problem with that. Hypocrites. Brought some tissue for everyone who’s crying 😢 Merry Christmas ...and feed the poor. Christians slaughter over 400 million turkeys, plus pigs & cattle in bloody sacrifice to celebrate Thanksgiving & Christmas. Turkeys are hung upside-down by their legs before their heads are dragged through an electrified stunning tank which

wait till you hear about factory farms

Now do Christmas. 'People eat meat at religious ceremony' Yet you support fox hunting 🙈 So? It is distributed to the poor. Why is that detail conveniently left out Ever visited a slaughter house? Wilful ignorance is bliss for the consumers of industrially produced animal products in the West. Meanwhile, every single non-Muslim Briton is a vegan, and thus entitled to be this much of a judgemental racist arse

Your Sunday roasts says hi Look at all these turkeys so happy Christmas is coming and the last few moments of their life will pass in an everso slightly more humane manner after being crammed into disgusting conditions for months. You care about animals even less than you care about humans. We see you.

You might want to visit the covered market in Oxford just before Christmas.... decapitated deer, plucked turkeys and butchered rabbits. Now explain why you published this? And what happens to Turkeys?

Disturbing. I’ve noticed the media is getting more and more graphic. Meaning no one has heart and mercy. Shame on us Have you watched documentaries about the meat industry in north america? Have you seen the conditions in which the animals are kept? The abuse? The lack of ethics? So go suck a lemon 22 billion animals are killed every year, forests are destroyed every day for fast food and your poxy rag of a paper... stop it.. it's nasty, racist and bullshit.

for all the bitches saying “how do u know they don’t feel pain” well it’s a sin in islam that the animal feels pain while being killed, there is only one way to kill an animal in a way that won’t have them feel any pain and that’s the only way that is valid and is not a sin Wait till you hear about factory farming in the United States....

Nevermind turkeys at Christmas time Christians and also secular people slaughter turkeys, geese, cattle, sheep, pigs etc. in bloody sacrifice to celebrate Christmas. We see you. What happens at Christmas and Easter? People allowed to be offended by this: -Vegans -Vegetarians People not allowed to be offended by this: -Random gammons -Flag nonces -Firstname_bunchofnumbers -Anyone who isn't a vegan or a vegetarian

KFC, McDonald's, Hardees, Burger king and many others slaughter by wifi everyday..

I'm sure at Christmas time loads of birds are sacrificed to celebrate birth of a guy who was most likely born in Sept. Miraculously those birds kill and pluck themselves without any pain or barbarity and land at the table ready to be eaten. The daily hate is next level 🙄 Faroe Islands... Where's the headline?

It’s amazing how non-Muslims manage to eat meat without slaughtering animals. Oh. Hang on... We know that all meat comes from live animals yes? American christians slaughter turkeys for thanks giving, in Australia it's sheep, pigs & cows for pretty much any occasion, dudes What happens at Christmas again ?

Now let's compare Christmas and Thanksgiving. Here’s what Greek and Italians eat at Easter, you hate-baiting heap of faeces. Wait till you hear about Thanksgiving in America. Wait until you hear about kosher and see what regularly happens in our abattoirs.

And we have reinstated arms sales to Saudi Arabia- what do you think they’re using them for? It’s not for slaughtering animals is it? Our government has blood on its hands. You make it sound like a bad thing that they have a sense of where their food comes? That they have reverence for the animals used in their religious ceremonies? That they do not waste?

Daily mail slaughter journalism on a daily basis. Wow, so they do what you do everyday at a slaughterhouse? If anything this is more civilised, as they don’t waste the meat Athiests slaughter animals to make hamburgers, Dr Martens and bondage gear.. if u look at this and get upset bc u think it’s any worse than the way the meat industry treats it’s animals you are in for a nasty shock

Christians slaughter turkeys to celebrate Christmas! This just in. US president holds grotesque ceremony to designate the turkey that may survive the traditional harvest slaughter Now do Christmas and turkey's Ah. Lovely race baiting. Exactly what I'd expect from the daily fail.

You're gonna hate industrial slaughterhouses then! How many times do you attack animal protestors, bunch of hypocrites. How do you think we get gammon? Obviously Britain is famously and entirely vegetarian Would you rather they ate it while the animal is still alive? You think christmas turkeys grow on trees?

On the other hand, the Christmas turkey and Sunday roast died such peaceful deaths. That chicken you had on a sandwich for dinner lived to a grand old age and died surrounded by family and friends. Lmaoo. Look at headline. Nonsense. lol are you guys not tired? OMG Muzlins slaughtering animals to feed the poor, disgusting! Say Karen & Callum whilst munching on a double whopper cheeseburger of which half will end up in the bin 🤦🏽‍♂️

BREAKING NEWS: MUSLIMS EAT MEAT TOO MORE UPDATES AND THEY OCCUR 😂😂😂😂😂 Yes, and? Imagine killing an animal before eating it................👊 Islamophobia is real and The Daily Mail are one of the biggest contributors of it in the UK. We as Muslims slaughter sheeps in order to give to the poor and needy not to fill our stomach as some do in their holidays.

CosmicSkeptic Thought you’d like this transparent double-standard And how do think turkeys at Christmas or lamb at Easter are killed? Also doesn’t the Mail so satanic rituals to help their floundering sales? Hypocrisy at its finest. Oh boy I can't wait for you to find out where your own meat comes from

'britain slaughtered thousands of animals in brutal ways today but look over here at the brown people doing exactly the same thing, aren't they terrible' Beautiful😍

literally indistinguishable from Britain first at this point bet it's alright when you're tucking into your turkey on christmas tho ain't it? We do that every day it’s called a slaughter house. And please do not come back & tell me it’s all done humanly. Because I have seen it first hand. So what do you do in Christmas? I know something happens to Turkeys...

didn’t see u crying here And ? it’s better than the slaughter house... at least it’s for a holiday y’all gotta chill The most stress free way to kill an animal for the animal. The same is true for Kosher. Compared to slaughter houses, this is alot calmer for the animal. Granted, if you are vegetarian/vegan there is no right way to kill an animal.

Rather have my throat cut than be put in a factory, pumped full of hormones, skinned alive and have my head bashed in. Islamophoic mayos in this comment section. Hypocrites.

The daily mail isn't gonna mention how half of this meat goes to the poor people and neighbors? So Wait until you hear about this history book known as “the Bible”. I assume the author and everyone criticising this practice is vegan then Shame on you bias media house. I better only see vegans hating against it, if not you’re a hypocrite

Stunning, slitting throats. The end result is that the animal still dies. Non halal meat isn't magically grown in a petri dish. So, we can see your xenophobia from a mile off. where do you think your KFC or your big mac comes from If you’re vegan and consider consuming all animals as immoral then you have a point. Anyone else who has no problem with mcdonalds/KFC/nandos, thanksgiving, eating non halal/kosher meat but has a problem with this is a bigot

Got bad news for you about the rest of the meat industry 😬😬 What about the way you people eat PIGS 🐷 and the way you treat them porkys u batter them The Halal methods used in The UK by Muslims to slaughter animals is unlawful all over The UK. So why is it allowed to continue? Why are the people who subscrible to these vile criminal practices not automatically prosecuted ? This also applies to The Kosher killing of animals.

Animals get slaughtered like this all over the world on a daily basis but inbreds only cry if it's associated with Islam. The gag is - this is how it's been done since the dawn of man. Hypocrites love to feign upset about a slaughter method while consuming tons of meat every year Wait how many Turkeys do the Americans kill for Thanksgiving and Christmas each year?

I guess no one should hunt either This is a very bad article lads Are we going to be seeing similar headlines at Christmas in regards to Christians killing turkeys? Christians slaughter Turkey's at Christmas Get. A. Fucking. Grip

The ignorance is baffling. We are following in what ABRAHAM DID. THE SAME GUY IN THE BIBLE. YOU KNOW HOW CHRISTIAN YOU RASCISTS ARE DO YOU KNOW WHO ABRAHAM EVEN IS ? Racist Describes People Preparing Food You jahil celebrate Christmas by slaughtering turkeys when some of you dont even get the fuck up on the day of christmas to go to church. But when its muslims sacrificing an animal to then give the same meat that comes from it to the poor and needy first it alright kmt

Our people are getting slaughtered in China, put that on the news also 👍🏽 Ahhh now that everythings calming down with the pandemic, the spotlight is gone back to Muslims 👏🏾 Daily mail is Islamophobic. Meat eaters slaughter animals every day. Rich white people hunt and torture animals for fun. KFC recently admitted that their chickens experience extremely poor conditions in the UK. Move off with your islamaphobia

Yes epstein maxwell bill and hillary Clinton the pope the Queen, they all slaughter animals and human for the devil. Go do a story on that. Oh wait what about Clinton's allegations currently RACIST PAPER fuck tabloids

Wait till you find out where your sausages come from I respect the faith of others, but I am SO glad not to be associated with this. Christianity is bad enough. Is McDonald's a vegetarian restaurant? Is KFC meat free? Do they slaughter animals en masse? Then stop drawing this ridiculous double standard, you divisive spoons.

What happens to Turkeys and Chicken at Christmas? Disgusting The picture could easily be mistaken the treatment of Palestinians in their homeland by europeans who claim to be jews Unlike these backwards foreigners, British people would never kill a lot of animals for their meat You cunts, this is from your own article. Wouldn’t stir up the hate you’re aiming for though, would it?

Whoa islamophobic much? Can't wait to see your article about american thanksgiving... Uhhhhhh RacismDog

This is perfectly fine and God who created these animals permits Muslims to do so , you're not going to be merciful than the creator! The meat goes to the poor who cannot otherwise afford it unlike the billion animals killed each day for those that can afford to eat meat. Even a great charitable deed is portrayed as a crime by this islamophic rag.

If you're not vegan, and have a negative opinion of this, you're racist. You know what happens to Turkeys at Christmas right? How do you think the beef we eat ends up on our plates? Tickled to death with feathers? Actually this is morally better than the meat industry because this livestock is being slaughtered to feed the poor for free, whereas for most of the year millions of animals are slaughtered to make money for agribusiness.

What happens to turkeys at Christmas? Do they go to the spa before they wander in to the oven to relax at a cool 180C? Absolutely barbaric! SICK!!!!! OhrnRobert Ban Islam!

What a barbaric religion. Can’t believe they are allowed to do this in London. BARBARIC, it’s 2020, not 1020. Something we do (the west) on a daily basis. I have reported this tweet. According to the vegans here there's no difference between stunning and halal meat. Okay, so you're fine with us stopping the stunning of animals prior to their death? It'll make our meat cheaper. It's all the same, after all, right?

bloody sacrifice to celebrate Eid ?!! who chose this headline Million animals were slaughtered daily to feed rich people in McDonalds, KFC, Burger King etc and give them chance to make money..While Muslim slaughtered animals once a year of special occasion to feed poor people for free is a big issue to you. Do you lost your mind?

That is bad ,what about humans killing humans over what ,that's so important than some one's life. Disgusting barbaric behaviour 🤢🤢 Disgusting prehistoric society

Satanic and evil . No need to publish this. It is their culture and part of their religion. Why are you stirring the pot Fucking animals Prehistoric savages. The whole bloody lot of them. My son said years ago they should have been nuked. Too bad Blair and Bush didn’t do it. Omg slaughter houses exist...

Barbaric VILE, VILE BASTARDS Vile practice

Why they still need to do this!?! 💔 This headline is insensitive. Is it a big headache for you? Do you know, meat export brings huge revenue to India? Non of this right! I wanna know why didn't you posting pictures of americans they eat turkeys on thanksgiving every year!! Is that okay? but when it come about the muslim everything sound to be a crime, you make us like monsters STOP DOIN' THIS !!!!!!

The last time i checked ALL meat comes from animals that are slaughtered even for non-muslims. Denmark 🇩🇰 July 2020 I repeat other messages... unless your a vegetarian... Vegetarians and vegans should not visit slaughter houses peta have you seen this. Time to protest your local mosque Says those who have let their god sacrifice himself on the cross!

DAILY MAIL is obviously racist !!!!!!!!!!! peta Hello If you kill a cow , you have to make a Burger King ! Most of the meat will be given to poor people. by the way. in old times people hunt for and use it for clothing was those people are evil too? Imagine if Christians did this. The MSM and leftists would have a meltdown.

At least they are slaughtered for a good cause. one of Eid al-Adha's rituals is this which is slaughtering cattle to feed people around you and people in need. Caddle get slaughtered daily you just have to make us muslims look bad as usual. Why don't they sacrifice god awful black clothing for shop rags instead .

It’s meat given to the poor. Unless you’re a vegan, it’s no bloodier than your dinner. These animals are slaughtered to feed the poor and needy who cannot afford to buy meat. Eid ~ End 🤷‍♂️

Guessing everyone commenting here is a vegan/doesn't eat at McDonald's Burger King etc - chains that kill 1billion + animals per year for $$. Muslims feed the poor for free + give to charity, and that sacrifice of their wealth is disgusting Have a good look in the mirror I think that the Muslim god is vegan.

Should they go vegan? All killing of animal is human own's accord, nothing to do with religion gods. Please don't grab god into it. 🤣🤣 I even heard a story that the British slaughter pigs, cows and chickens to make pub roasts every Sunday. Fucking heathens. Disgusting Stop with your race baiting, this happens every day all over the world. kfc McDonaldsUK.

As opposed to the millions for Christmas. This is totally barbaric, primitive and inhuman. It is also insulting to any ‘Higher Power’ to kill helpless animals in that Deity’s name. My idea of the qualities of a ‘Devine Entity’ are those of kindness, compassion, love, empathy & forgiveness not death, suffering, torture!

A group of ignorant people at daily mail with such a deep rooted obsession with hating Islam took their time out to write this, let that sink in. How pitiful of an existence if it’s spent entirely committed on hating and shaming a religion. There’s a place for evil barbaric slaughter of the innocents. It’s a dark place set aside for the worst scum on earth & Devil 👿 will be waiting VeganForTheAnimals

Inhumane. This is just disgusting and inhumane And u kill people in hundred thousands like Hiroshima and Nagasaki even today in Syria,Palestine etc etc One has to question the headline 'bloody sacrifice...' you mean slaughter of animals in abattoirs in UK or anywhere else are not bloody? Amazing. Meats and food is distributed to the poor and needy, I'm fairly certain that's a noble thing to do 🤷🏼‍♂️

Why do Christians slaughter animals for? It’s bloody as well Good Good Good What a peaceful place

Disgusting. And then they butcher them and eat them off the street like roadkill. Barbaric savages. 🤓🤓 Barbaric and disgusting Vikings kill dolphins in a group bloody festival .... Why do you practice a double standard or double standards through the tweet title STOP PUSHING HATRED. Funny you never animal rights protesters makeing a fuss about this,

At their happiest. Those that Glorify The Torture Of Livestock , now work in your Hospitals and Nursing Homes. Those that enjoy The Torture are Generally Serial Killers. Now you know why Family wasn’t allowed to Visit . Right GovWhitmer ? Can’t wait to read the article on kosher slaughter rituals. Also they forgot to mention the meat is ALL intended for people who probably can’t afford meat, EVER.

This is happening all over in regional rural Australia. Sheep are bought privately from Farms etc and slaughtered at home by Muslims. They never by meat from butchers.

sure! let's hate on the muslims, but it's okay when nonmuslims do it! what the fuck is this, daily mail? People here seem frustrated because they’ve never seen pictures of a slaughter house. This doesn’t just happen on eid. It happens everyday. And that’s how you get kfc and McDonalds’s Well, Fvck you and this headline!

Whole thing is this.. If your 'god' is Alive he Must be Living? Life! So why would Life say to its people - go kill that day? And what is killed? Would Life kill itself? Life must be Same in that animal to live. Same in man to be Alive. What do you pray to? A Picture? Statue? viky1386 Barbarians. Not turkeys, like at Christmas then?

Muslims Chinese.. They f.ed world Stop stop stop When the signing of the Peace treaty & When the Jewish Third Temple get's built, animalsacrifice will begin. Lovely. So much kindness and beauty here

Animals are tortured in 2020 based on bronze age fairytales... Yeah, 'allah replaced the boy with some cattle at the last moment'. Sounds like the kind of fun a deity would be into 🤡 Christmas Turkey, Easter Lamb, Sunday Roast? No this isnt like killing turkeys at xmas, same lefty loons in the comments that excuse China 🤷🏼‍♀️

Who is going to clean all that up? Are you watching Rishi is this your vision for the future Look at what am about to do. This is how u spread hate and barbarism. A religion that celebrates death and destruction Disgusting God is watching they will pay. Why this is sad horrible how disgusting why?..

curiouEarthling This happens every year but is never reported... A distraction from the corrupt government and it's handling of a non-pandemic eh? Hoping to inflame more racial tensions ScumMedia Brits slaughter Iraqi's Christians do lots of BS too. Overly religious people literally believe books written 2000 years ago without any proof. What you want?

With my respect to you But there is no difference between what Muslims did and what you do when you slaughter animals to eat them . Do you eat meat or not? Do you slaughter them or eat them while they are alive? Muslims do this to worship God and give most of the meat to the poor ITS LOWER THAN THE ANIMAL ITSELF WILL GO!!! NO ANIMAL DOES THIS ONCE A YEAR? ONLY MAN THE PIG DOES THAT! EAT WHEN YOU MUST! NOT BECAUSE OF SOME BOOK OF PAPER SAYS SO? ARE YOU ALIVE? IS THAT BOOK ALIVE? NO...ITS A DEAD THING!

So do McDonalds .... Savages. These British press self.. which one is sacrifice again. Shey una too no dey sacrifice turkey and chicken for Christmas? Oh sorry, u dont see all the blood cos its all clean and ready to eat from the bloody factories before u buy them from the supermarkets. In US streets everyday 🙈

What a beautiful holiday. Almost evokes the same feeling as “the magic of Christmas.” Amiright?! Such a shit headline. It’s racial click bait but then in the story they talk about the why: Muslims who can afford it, sacrifice cattle as part of the celebrations, and the meat is distributed to the poor to commemorate Abraham's sacrificing of his son. Do better

The person who wrote this article had a 🥩 in his lunch 🥙! Why would you post this, and that headline? They should kosher that meat Oh that very bad 😔🤦‍♂️ What the big deal? Don’t you like meat? Ok so another Twitter account I’m gonna have to unfollow. Such hateful undertones trying to stir up hate filled comments Not a smart move 🙄 Unfollowed and screw u 🙌🏼

🤫 Nasty and inhuman..no place for this in the modern World

maryfloor Afschuwelijke beelden Barbaarse Cultuur 2020 In het Westen!!!! Wat moeten we allemaal nog meer tolereren MinPres ? Geweld op mens en dier neemt duidelijk toe! And Americans do it in schools full of kid. For no reason. This is DISGUSTING! Like turkeys at Christmas. Horrible! Islamophobia is real. And its getting worse, we demand to be respected and protected like any other religion in Britain. If this was Hanukah f or Xmas we would be dealing seeing a different headlines.

Why didn't you put the fact they share the meat to the poor in the title? Instead of putting that 4 paragraphs into the report. How do people not belive the media is biased against anyone who is not white Will see similar headlines and pics of Christians 'slaughtering Turkeys' at Christmas? Disgusting Just like we slaughter turkeys at Christmas? There is absolutely zero difference, this is such a subtle hate story, very sad.

It’s absolutely disgusting!!! Disgusting Repulsive. satanic ritual, Disgusting! Should be banned immediately We slaughter turkeys at Christmas Unless you're a vegetarian or anyone that doesn't eat meat, you have no reason to complain. Christians sacrifice roosters too why don't u post about it g?