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Life Hacks

Mum shares hack for getting toddlers to take medicine quickly without refusing


1/26/2021 6:00:00 PM


A mum has shared her quick and easy way to get little ones to accept medicine without any fuss.

One mum has come up with a genius hack which will help stop your tot batting away the spoon, and she says it’s perfect for kids aged over one.The lady in question has put a spin on Mary Poppins advice that a spoonful of sugar will help the medicine go down.

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Get exclusive celebrity stories and fabulous photoshoots straight to your inbox with OK's daily newsletter. You can sign up at the top of the page.In a video, the mum, who was fed up her 18 month old toddler not accepting medicine when needed, squirts it onto a spoon, add a few sprinkles on top, and then she’ll nickname it ‘unicorn potion’ or ‘dinosaur poop.’

As a result, the process has been made a lot easier for the mum, and she says her son now eats the medicine without an issue.The sprinkles cover up the medicine underneath, which means the child can’t recognise that what they’re being given is actually the medicine they don’t like.

Celebrity Mums The helpful clip was shared by Tiny Hearts Education on Instagram, and the caption read: “See that?! How smug is my face at the end.“This is how you get your little one to take their meds. Its actually a great and versatile parenting methodology to use in any tricky situation ‘just add sprinkles’ (sometimes metaphorically).

“PS My mum should have patented this 34 years ago. This is how we were brought up taking our medication and when it tasted really bad, she’d add honey!”The post received over 9,000 likes and commenters were quick to share their glee at the hack.“Oh how I wish I had seen this 48 hours ago,” one joked, while another added: “I will definitely put this in the memory bank for future medicine refusals!”

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