Mum has emotional reunion with son after years apart - on her 100th birthday

Mum has emotional reunion with son after years apart - on her 100th birthday

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12/3/2021 10:45:00 PM

Mum has emotional reunion with son after years apart - on her 100th birthday

A mother who hadn't seen her son for many years, after he moved to Spain, was reunited with him as a special surprise to mark her 100th birthday - and the moment she saw him was so touching

Her family had kindly arranged for her son Michael to join them for dinner.Michael had retired to Spain and hadn't seen his mother for many years and the emotional moment when the pair were reunited was captured on video.As he made a grand entrance, Vera looked confused, before realising what was going on. She shrieked 'It's Michael!' and fell into his arms crying.

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She said to her son: "Fancy seeing you here!", to which Michael, then 77, replied: "Yes, I caught the bus".This is the scene that took place in 2018 to mark an entire century of Vera and it was filmed by her granddaughter Emily Wiggins.

Get the news you want straight to your inbox. Sign up for a Mirror newsletter here. The 32-year-old sadly lost her grandmother in 2018, but she recently shared the heartwarming video clip online to mark what would have been her 104th year.Her family says her life was full of joy and made complete by seeing Michael on her big day.

Speaking about the special moment she captured, Emily said: "We were all together for Grandma's birthday. It was her 100th, so a really really special one. We were having a lovely time even before the surprise."Michael is her only son and he's been living in Spain. She hadn't seen him in years and we all knew just how much she missed him.

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"We all decided that her birthday was the perfect time to reunite them. We were thrilled when he agreed and the plan finally came together."I was smiling the whole time. Every time I watch the video, I'm filled with so much joy. Pure happiness is the only way to describe it."

The footage quickly went viral and has captured the hearts of many."After seeing the comments from people all over the world, I feel very full knowing that it made so many people smile. My family are all so happy that such a big moment in our lives has sparked joy in others," Emily added.

"I hope that when people watch this they remember that, no matter what age or how much time has passed, a mother is never too old to need her children. Family is so important, we all have one and we all need them." Do you have a story to share? We want to hear all about it. Email us at

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