Mum gives birth to her own grandson at 54 as daughter was born without a uterus

An incredible story 🙌

1/21/2022 8:40:00 PM

An incredible story 🙌

Maree thought she would be too old to help make her daughter's dreams of becoming a mum come true.

.Meagan feared her dream of having a child of her own would never be a reality, especially when her baby girl, carried by a Canadian surrogate, passed away at 21 weeks.Pictured: Meagan as a baby with her mum, Maree, who now gave birth to her own grandson (Picture: Meagan White / Caters News)

‘The C-Section was planned months ahead and the birth went entirely to plan. We arrived at the hospital at 7am and had him in our arms at 9am, it was perfect.Maree, 54, assumed she was too old to be a surrogate (Picture: Meagan White / Caters News)Her mum was heartbroken watching her daughter suffer, but assumed she would be too old to carry a child.

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So that is her son then. Amazing mother,what an unselfish act.

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