Mum fuming as son's school Kickers wear out just days after she bought them

Mum fuming as son's school Kickers wear out just days after she bought them

10/18/2021 3:31:00 PM

Mum fuming as son's school Kickers wear out just days after she bought them

A MUM was left fuming when her son’s school shoes fell apart after just days of wear. Mum Dominique Scully bought the pair of shoes for her five-year-old son, Adam. Dominique told Stoke …

18 Oct 2021A MUM was left fuming when her son's school shoes fell apart after just days of wear.Mum Dominique Scully bought the pair of shoes for her five-year-old son, Adam.2The boys' shoes were left with holes and fraying stitchesCredit: BPM

Stoke on Trent Livethat little Adam's school shoes were left totally scuffed with holes and fraying threads just days after she purchased them for the 2021/22 academic year.The mum from Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffs, explained she had just thrown away a pair of Adam's old school shoes from Clarks a week before the new term, which she said had lasted him all year.

She forked out £74 for two pairs of the Kickers from Wynsors World of shoes in Hanley for her two young sons after spotting them in an ad.The mum, 32, said: "I was really mad. I couldn't believe it."And she said that while she was able to buy her son a new pair, she feared for less well-off parents who might not be able to replace the shoes if they fell apart like Adam's.

Dominique said she has lodged a complaint with retailers Wynsors World of Shoes. Read more: The Sun »

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Kids destroy shoes. Breaking news everyone They've been way longer then a few days maybe a couple of months and a 4yr olds shoes don't last a year unless she left him in shoes too small for most of the year add to that the kids 5 they'll be brakes for his bike and football boots and shoes at that age go to primark

Days or weeks..... They look well played in...many a football has been kicked with those shoes.. It's not Wynsors fault she need to speak to Kickers Yeah right looks like he's been playing football in them and thats more than a few day's wear They still make kickers ? How retro Tek sorun bizde değil demek ki

RT : Mum fuming as son's school Kickers wear out just days after she bought them This is why they are called kickers as the just seem to kick them off their feet by dragging there feet on the floor. 99 curl on the Astro with these that’s why More shit from the Sun 🤣🤣full of shite

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Someone after a freebie Well stop him from playing bloody football in them!! 🙄 He just wanted new shoes, and I dont blame him 👀😂 😂😂 the front of the shoes look like they've been worn for the last 2 years I am sure this kid rides a bike and uses his feet as brakes That will learn her, if she'd bought cheaper ones a) she wouldn't be as bothered b) could afford to replace them three times for same or similar price...

You shouldn’t drag him to school then! Why is this news she's prob. seeking attention.... As if!

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nah I don’t believe the soles wore down like that in days Somebody has kicked the hell out of those !!!! Have you hear of polish Your sons been bullied. Someone had taken his shoes and given them they're old ones Is his school in a builders yard That’s what happens when you play football in them 😂😂 Playing football in them will do that..

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