Mum, 41, told her headache was 'just a hangover' was actually suffering a stroke

1/27/2022 8:19:00 PM

Mum, 41, told her headache was 'just a hangover' was actually suffering a stroke


Mum, 41, told her headache was 'just a hangover' was actually suffering a stroke

Helen Mullins claimed doctors told her she just had a 'hangover' after she went to the hospital, but a day later she needed emergency surgery after it turned out she had had a stroke

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There are far too many medical negligence cases going off in the UK because the NHS don't bother to check who's working on their wards. The training of doctors and nurses has gone downhill for many years and it's the patients that have to pay the price with their lives.

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A mum who claims she was told that her headache was ‘just a hangover’ was actually suffering from a stroke.When there are reasons to celebrate - engagements, promotions, pregnancies - it can be difficult for all involved not to want to shout about them from the rooftops.Image caption, Janet Hobbs said she received great support from the infant feeding team at Musgrove Hospital A mum-of-three who donated her breast milk after her second child was stillborn said it helped her to feel "there was an imprint on the world from her".Kate answers rare question about her look while charmed by tot Since becoming a member of the Royal Family 11 years ago, Kate has become patron of a number of charities committed to improving mental health, particularly in young people.

Helen Mullins claimed she was sent home after being told she only had a hangover when she complained of numbness in hospital. However, the 41-year-old from Nottingham was actually having a stroke and ended up needing emergency surgery to remove part of her skull. One mother-in-law recently overstepped her boundaries after going behind her son and daughter-in-law's back to break the news on social media that she was going to be a grandparent. Helen was working late, doing floor management at an outdoor event in August 2020 when she first noticed numbness creeping up her left arm. Mrs Hobbs said: "It was always my plan to donate but sadly she was stillborn". The following day, she developed pain in her head, and lost movement in the left side of her body. Understandably the mum-to-be is very upset over the whole situation. Helen said: “It scared me because I lost all control of my arm and hand. Speaking on ‘Happy Mum, Happy Baby’, Kate admitted she found it difficult to leave Prince George, Prince Charlotte and Prince Louise to carry out official royal duties.

The pain was like a migraine in the front area of my head. Sign up for a Mirror newsletter here. Donor breast milk is regarded as the "next best nutrition" for premature or vulnerable babies if a mother's own milk is unavailable, according to The Southwest Neonatal Network Donor Milk Bank. "It was excruciating." Helen called 999 and said she was told it sounded like she had a migraine so she should take strong painkillers. She posted: "MIL Announcing pregnancy before we do - what do I do?!? "So my mother-in-law called my husband today and was in a foul mood over some drama. But, later that day Helen found her symptoms were getting worse and she began struggling to walk." Image caption, Healthy Babies UK in Tiverton started collecting donated breast milk in 2017 She explained that her eldest daughter Livvy "witnessed it" and helped. An ambulance was called and she was taken to the Queen’s Medical Centre. "She, of course, was like well it's my news too but took it down after it being up for who knows how long. “I think that starts from the moment you have a baby.

The mum of five relied on her aunt and sister to step in to look after her children; Dominic, 23, Kylah, 15, Alistar, 12, Izack, 11 and Miah, 8. However, when she arrived in A&E, Helen claimed that doctors told her her symptoms were down to a hangover." Dozens of people have since replied, sharing their advice for the couple." Mrs Hobbs said she hoped donating the milk would help "tiny babies and families who were in a really vulnerable position and make enough of a difference that their story had a different ending to ours… so that their child got to live. She said: “When I went to hospital, I couldn’t walk properly, my left leg was completely numb. “I knew something was very wrong but I was told that I was acting drunk and was obviously just hungover. I hope all goes well with your pregnancy and birthing experience. “I’d been at work the night before until very late so I only had a little to drink. It also meant she was able to make the donations closer to her home in Somerset, rather than having to "make the trek" to Bristol.

I was in no way drunk and take my job very seriously. There's not much you can do since she put it on social media already. "I also had a ligament injury at the time but I had left my crutches at home and was holding onto seats and the walls, which may have made me seem worse. "I was told I just needed rest and rehydration. "For the future, you know not to give her any information you don't want shared around." Healthy Babies give antenatal and postnatal support and advice and help people who want to become a "donor milk mum".” Helen returned home, but was back in hospital only the next day after her pain got worse. This time, she was told that she had suffered a stroke caused by a blot clot and that they needed to operate immediately. Even little things.

She added: "I was very confused as I didn't even know what a stroke was. "They had to operate to remove part of my skull as the pressure on my brain was too much. Give her a date a couple weeks out. "The next thing I knew, I woke up in hospital with what felt like a fuzzy TV in my head." After the operation, she spent three months recovering. Start setting boundaries now and stand strong on them. She had lost her speech at first but it returned quickly.

She was also being fed through a tube and had intense physio and occupational therapy to help her movement." Another wrote: "Do not give her your doctor’s information. It was particularly hard for Helen being in hospital during the Covid pandemic. Helen said: "I remember walking up shortly after my op and thinking about my kids and worrying if there was enough food in the fridge. She may call pretending to be you to ask questions or get your appointment dates and show up. "Those few months were tough. "I was also dealing with changes to my body that I knew nothing of before and the physio was also very hard as I got a blood clot in the back of my knee which caused me a lot of pain. You only tell her the news you’d be happy to give strangers.

Sign up to our newsletter to get the day's biggest news straight to your inbox The Mirror's newsletter brings you the latest news, exciting showbiz and TV stories, sport updates and essential political information. The newsletter is emailed out first thing every morning, at 12noon and every evening." What do you think she should do? Let us know in the comments below. Never miss a moment by signing up to our newsletter here. "The hardest part was when my sister bought my children up to see me but they had to see me through the window and were all crying, I couldn't even give them a hug. That was soul-destroying.

"My mental health declined after that, I was an emotional wreck." Helen was discharged from the hospital on 3 November 2020, after spending three long months away from her family. Helen said: “I was allowed to come home in November 2020 and had carers until the following July. "I am still paralysed on the left side but have gained movement in my left leg so I can walk more now with a frame. "But I’ve partially lost vision in my left eye and my left arm is still no good.

" Although it has been difficult, she is glad to be home and is thankful for all the help she has had from family and friends. She added: "My dad has been a godsend helping any way he can and my friends have all been amazing. "They even sorted out my house out so it was ready for me for when I was discharged from the hospital. "On discharge, we had a team of family and friends to help care for me who have all been amazing." Despite everything, Helen is now able to walk aided around the block and recently managed to walk over 2,000 steps.

She is now taking part in the Stroke Association's Stride for Stroke campaign by attempting to walk 2022 steps and raise at least £2022 for the charity. She also wants to raise awareness that strokes can happen to anyone, young or old. Helen said: “I joke with my sister that I feel like Captain Tom walking around with a frame. I’ve been able to walk a couple of thousand steps now, that’s why I wanted to do this challenge for the Stroke Association. "I’ll be walking 2022 steps and I want to raise £2022 at least too.

"I’ve lost so much since my stroke but in sharing my story on my ‘Helen’s road to recovery’ page. I’ve had amazing support and been able to provide support to others too." A spokesperson for Nottingham University Hospitals Trust said: “We would like to wish Ms Mullins all the best in her recovery and in her efforts for rising vital awareness and funds for the Stroke Association. "We have not been contacted by Ms Mullins surrounding her care however we would encourage her to contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) so we can look into any concerns.” Read More Read More .