MultiVersus’ notorious Taz spin move may be getting nerfed | VGC

7/22/2022 11:13:00 AM

We are testing adjustments,' the game'

MultiVersus' notorious Taz spin move may be getting nerfed, the game's director has said.

We are testing adjustments,' the game'

Cookie Preferences.First for Video Game News Follow VGC At least 19 new characters are being planned for MultiVersus The Founder’s Pack reveals Warner Bros’ plans for the free-to-play game 20th Jul 2022 / 12:45 pm Posted by MultiVersus is due to receive at least 19 new characters at some set to receive a Polynesian-themed spin-off, it’s been claimed.TheGamer ).

While some argue that the tornado can be beaten with enough skill, game director Tony Huynh has confirmed that the development team is looking into nerfing the move to make it less frustrating for less experienced players.“We’re aware of Taz tornado,” Huynh stated.There are three Founder’s Packs available, ranging from a standard $40 pack to a Premium $100 pack, and each contains various in-game items and currency.“We are testing adjustments.It’s more of a spin-off.No eta yet on an update.MultiVersus - cinematic trailer New fighters in the game can be unlocked with coins (which can be earned in-game) or Gleamium (which has to be bought with real money).” Further reading MultiVersus guide: The best character to play in MultiVersus Master every character in MultiVersus with our complete guide to every fighter in the game Seemingly referring to Taz, another Twitter user asked Huynh what the team’s philosophy was when it came to balancing a player who “isn’t broken competitively, but dominates play at the lowest common denominator”.” The figure’s pre-order page also includes a lengthy “Caution before Purchasing” section, which warns that not only can these NFTs not be sold at first, they may ultimately become useless if Enjin deactivates its services in the future.

“We value a good experience with the game,” Huynh replied.At launch, MultiVersus has a total of 16 characters, 12 of whom are initially locked.“Good thing is there are ways to tune for all levels of play, it just takes experience, time and iteration.We’re working as fast as possible though.This leaves 11 locked characters, meaning if players choose to unlock them all with Character Tokens they’ll still have 19 left, implying there are at least that number of fighters on the way.”.

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