Mother rescues children from fire by dropping them from window

All four children and their mother were uninjured during the fire in Istanbul.

2/27/2021 12:12:00 AM

A mother has dropped her four children from a window in the Turkish city of Istanbul to save them from a fire. The woman was taken to hospital as a precaution but all five members of the family were uninjured, according to news reports. Read more here:

All four children and their mother were uninjured during the fire in Istanbul.

Four children survive fire after being dropped from windowWhy you can trust Sky NewsA woman has rescued her four children from a burning building by dropping them from a window.The family was in a five-storey building in Istanbul's Esenler district when the fire took hold on Wednesday.

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As black smoke billowed from the window of their third-floor apartment, bystanders were heard screaming, some of them shouting at her not to drop the children.The Daily Sabah reported that volunteers had stretched out a blanket as a makeshift net to catch the children as they were dropped out of the window, one by one.

Each child was carried to an ambulance after they landed on the blanket.AdvertisementA witness told the newspaper:"First, black smoke started to come out. Then, the children started shouting from the windows and we opened the blankets. Read more: Sky News »

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Thank God for saving them . What a brave andwonderful mother if this story is true. She must of been very scared. Those poor children. The people who caught them are hero’s . She made bold decisions great mother Somewhere up there was watching out for her Shamed? Shes a hero. She should get a medal. This mother kept her head and saved her children.

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