Morrisons confirms sick pay cut for unvaccinated staff

Morrisons confirms sick pay cut for unvaccinated staff

1/18/2022 10:56:00 AM

Morrisons confirms sick pay cut for unvaccinated staff

The supermarket joins a list of firms which pay the legal minimum to unvaccinated staff obliged to isolate.

Covid-positive staff get full sick pay regardless of vaccination status. The firm pays staff at least £10 per hour.The move was intended to encourage workers to get jabbed, the newspaper said.Ikea cuts sick pay for some unvaccinated staffMore time off

Companies now appear to be tightening their sick pay rules as they face mass absences due to the more infectious Omicron variant.However, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Asda pay unvaccinated workers full company sick pay when they are isolating.

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Not definition of a vaccine. Mike Yeadon 16 yrs VP at Pfizer. I trust him over corporate media and government. Does the same apply for smokers, drinkers, obese people, HIV+, etc? I worked for morrisions this on nothing compared what happens behind closed doors I am vaxed my partner is not. My son got covid December. Despite keeping him in his room to try and avoid the spread - we both caught it the same! We both had similar symptoms to be fair I was worse. This coercion to get the jab - no wonder people lack trust! medical segregation!

No more shopping at Morrisons, sorry guys. Weekly shop of approx. £100 over to Asda. I know £5,200 per annum plus fuel won't make a ripple but it's active choices! I know people who refuse jab (fair enough) and refuse to test and have been of for 2 X 10 day periods , full pay , as they deemed themselves close contacts.

I'm sure that unvaccinated workers will all be rushing to download the NHS test and trace app, so they can get notified of their unpaid leave 🤦 Ask Texas Vaccine could be Death . The store as with others needs boycotting. Anyone can pass Covid on. The millions of people supporting this action should think about where it is leading? No sick pay if you don't do X hours exercise a week, no pay if you drink or smoke, no pay if you aren't on the pill and didn't say you planned to get pregnant... you'll regret this!

Cutting self-isolation period will not fix country’s sick pay problem – TUCAround 267,800 workers in private firms were self-isolating without decent sick pay or any sick pay at all in mid-December, a report said. Covid means loss of income for care home workers, already on low pay and living day to day, dependent on shifts

Good. More companies should follow this example Thank you Morrisons it was nice shopping at your stores. I don't give my business to companies that force free people to do stuff against their will. Especially when covid jab i voluntary, your CEO is not a very freedom orientated person. I'm never shopping at Morrisons again unless they are taking the same approach for others, smokers, alcoholics etc.

Builders wear hard hats, motorbike couriers helmets, delivery drivers use seatbelts. You don't take precautions in the workplace, why should your employer cover sickpay? Imagine even getting sick pay. Good on them 🙂 Placing an online order for a big delivery now. Well done Morrisons! That's cringe. Sure this breaks employmentlaw but will anyone take these companies to court over it is the question. These companies will really struggle to find enough staff for the future including nhs by implementing this into their contracts NoVaccineMandates NoVaccinePassportsAnywhere

Watch out Morrisons laurence Fox will say he shops with you but now he's cancelling his account.... just like he did with sainsburys & ocado 🤣🤣🤣.

Antony Worrall Thompson says he believes in ‘freedom of choice’ around vaccinationsAntony Worrall Thompson says he believes in ‘freedom of choice’ after pub displays ‘anti-vax’ sign Then stay the hell away from the rest of us. He displayed this when he previously thought this freedom of choice included freedom of whether or not to pay for goods in shops… He is entirely correct that all should have a choice but people also have a choice not to use an establisment like that should they choose. Cant have itboth ways.

absolute disgrace why should unvaccinated staff b treated different it’s discrimination not their fault they’ve came in2 a contact only following the rules government set it’s appalling & forcing staff 2 have a vaccine just 2 get full pay most won’t do it spreading virus more I've got covid , do you want me to ping you so you get time off work .... thats the problem

It's a unfair move to pay vaccinated staff in full but unvax staff stat.sick pay as the vaccines don't stop you contracting the virus or passing it on. It is discrimination. Pay them all the same. Stop making vaccination status a thing. Borris is scraping self isolation Most of us have gone to work through illness anyway.

Good Absolutely agree with this 💯% Good!. Its the only way out of this mess Discrimination against peoples Gender, Race, Sexuality and Religion is a big NO, but not had a needle in the arm and pumped full of vaccines...GO FOR IT!

France passes law to bar unvaccinated from restaurants and other venuesFrance passes law to bar unvaccinated from restaurants and other venues Just as a reminder, after recent changes you’re considered to be “unvaccinated” there if you’ve had 2 jabs, currently 3, so by April you’ll need 4th and so on. Stick and carrot and making peasant chase it for the “privilege” of going out :) Just so wrong. SherylSandberg & Schrep, Please create Non-Binding Irrefutable Consensuses, where Entities query very many Citizens of very many Constituencies on very many things, at a Penny-Per, via The Operator, Displaying the Results on Convergence: A Map of the World.

Hundreds more trains AXED due to staff shortages amid Omicron outbreakThe self isolation period was this week cut to five days after data analysis showed staff shortages could cost the economy £35billion in January and February. This excuse is wearing as thin as the wrong leaves on the line. Just say your saving a few bob.

World’s 10 richest men see their wealth double during Covid pandemicOxfam calls for windfall tax as 99% of world population takes a pay cut while top 10 incomes grow by $1bn a day 15 Highest paid world leaders and presidents in 2021 - Annual salary - age we're fkd. We no longer have democracies, we're slipping back into a feudal system. Turns out the 10 richest men are good at making money

France passes law to exclude unvaccinated people from public placesUp until now, a Covid-19 pass has been required in France to go to public sites throughout the country, but unvaccinated people have been allowed in if they show a negative test or proof of recent recovery. Can they get out of Mali. LA HONTE .

Next and Ocado as staff absences rise. Unjabbed Morrisons workers who are told to isolate but test negative now get statutory sick pay of £96.35 a week. Covid-positive staff get full sick pay regardless of vaccination status. The firm pays staff at least £10 per hour. Its chief executive Dave Potts first mentioned the policy in a conference call with investors in September, , as part of a plan to tackle the "biblical costs" of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. The move was intended to encourage workers to get jabbed, the newspaper said. Under Morrisons' policy, if NHS Test and Trace informs an unvaccinated worker that they have been exposed to Covid-19, they will only get statutory sick pay - the legal minimum - when they isolate. In England, unvaccinated people must isolate for 10 days if they are a close contact of someone with Covid, even if they do not test positive themselves. Ikea cuts sick pay for some unvaccinated staff However, any Morrisons employee who tests positive is paid full sick pay while they isolate, regardless of vaccination status. Morrisons said its policy only applies to workers who are unvaccinated by choice, and each individual is treated on a case-by-case basis. Workers who cannot receive Covid vaccines for medical reasons are not obliged to isolate in England. More time off The requirement for fully-vaccinated workers to isolate when exposed to Covid was dropped in England in August. This resulted in unvaccinated workers being more likely to take time off than their vaccinated colleagues, even when not infected with coronavirus. Companies now appear to be tightening their sick pay rules as they face mass absences due to the more infectious Omicron variant. In the last few weeks it has emerged that Ikea, Next and Ocado have changed their policy on unvaccinated staff who have been exposed to coronavirus. Collectively they employ nearly 60,000 workers. Sick pay cuts will also be implemented at Wessex Water and in the US, several major companies have started penalising unjabbed workers. However, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Asda pay unvaccinated workers full company sick pay when they are isolating. What are your sick pay rights? Statutory sick pay (SSP) is the minimum amount employers must pay, but some employers offer more than SSP - this is normally known as company or contractual sick pay. Beth Hale, partner at employment law firm C M Murray, said claims of direct discrimination due to this kind of sick pay policy were unlikely to succeed as being opposed to vaccination was "unlikely to be a protected belief for the purposes of the Equality Act." "While the policy may have a disproportionate impact on those from certain ethnic or religious groups (which could give rise to a claim for indirect discrimination), an employer may well be able to justify the policy on the basis of their legitimate business needs," she added. She said where employers are struggling with significant staff absences because of the large case numbers, it "seemed reasonable" that they may want to take steps to encourage vaccination amongst their workforce in this way. But she added that employers need to be "careful that policies are communicated carefully and sensitively" to avoid employee relations issues. More on this story