'More than two million in UK wait for cancer care'

More than 23,000 cancers could have gone undiagnosed during lockdown, Cancer Research UK says.

6/1/2020 5:13:00 PM

About 2.4 million people are waiting for cancer care in the UK, because of disruption to the NHS in past 10 weeks, Cancer Research UK says

More than 23,000 cancers could have gone undiagnosed during lockdown, Cancer Research UK says.

"The NHS has had to make very hard decisions to balance risk," she said."And there have been some difficult discussions with patients about their safety and ability to continue treatment during this time.""Prompt diagnosis and treatment remain crucial to give people with cancer the greatest chances of survival and prevent the pandemic taking even more lives."

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To ensure no-one is put at risk from the virus now that cancer care is returning, Cancer Research UK said"frequent testing of NHS staff and patients, including those without symptoms, is vital".'Lives turned upside down'It estimates that up to 37,000 tests for the virus would need to be carried out each day for this purpose if the NHS was back running as normal.

This is happening at different speeds in the four nations of the UK, with the setting up of safe Covid-free spaces in hospitals key to addressing the backlog of patients.NHS England said coronavirus"has turned millions of lives upside down" but cancer services were now largely"open, ready and able to receive all patients who need care".

Anyone concerned about cancer symptoms should contact their GP.The Welsh and Scottish governments said screening programmes would resume when safe, based on clinical advice. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

'Disruption' id say due to out right stupidity and panic. And dear god it could be too late for more of them than the total of covid deaths. But but but , you BBC told us to stay home and save lives ... I guess you have not thought that through properly. What a shame. Don't forget to clap on Thursday for the carers and the Tik Tok stars

2.4 million the price to save government ministers jobs Yet people clapped for the NHS. Absolute farce. In Germany, the hospitals had to cancel routine operations as well to leave beds vacant for virus patients, which did not come in the numbers expected. As a result, some hospital & clinics lost money as they charge the health insurance companies, unlike the NHS. Staff laid off

This is why so many with cancer are waiting for treatment in the UK. The worst public health response by the UK Gov in over 100 years. Now thousands more are expected to die from cancer. NHS is no longer fit for purpose Will any of their deaths be added to the COVID19 death toll ? I doubt it, some will say their deaths were inevitable. No cancer patients death is inevitable.

This is the true scandal, but you're obsessed about a guy who drove to Durham. Even the worst case forecast on Covid was 500k deaths, but how many people are dying because the NHS has locked people out of care? And when the infection rate starts to creep back up are these poor people going to be moved down the list of priorities again?

This will the second wave. It won't be Covid, it'll be the thousands and thousands of deaths caused by the consequences of lockdown. But the media wont be ramming down our throats all the deaths that occur as a result.... no thoughts for these people and their families. My mate has stage 4 cancer and had her surgery cancelled at the very last minute 3 times during this fiasco... Eventually had it last week but the outlook is now not good.

Which is why the excess deaths amount is so high. People are not getting the treatment they need За такие твитты я люблю твиттер Nice of you to catch up BBC... All the destruction of modern civilization, from the ideological enslavement of the people of the mainland, to the suppression and insult to the compatriots in Hong Kong, to the aid support for the riots in the United States, all come from the evil Satanic Communist Party demon

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Another 106 dead from coronavirus across the UKNHS England today recorded 85 more deaths in hospitals. Across all settings, Scotland announced nine more deaths, Wales had 11 and Northern Ireland had one. This is great news 👍 If these are weekend numbers they'll be trebled by Monday when real figures are seen 164 last Sunday in hospitals so quite a significant drop.

Coronavirus - all you need to know as UK warned obey rules or face second spikeLockdown flouters have been warned by Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, the deputy chief medical officer, that the UK could face a second spike of deadly coronavirus What rules? The only rule that seems to be left is the 2 metre one. I'd be more surprised if there wasn't a second wave. Nobody knows what the rules are anymore as they have been twisted and bent so many times by our weak and appalling government