More than 50 lives lost to coronavirus as more than 43,000 cases confirmed

More than 50 lives lost to coronavirus as more than 43,000 cases confirmed

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12/5/2021 11:31:00 PM

More than 50 lives lost to coronavirus as more than 43,000 cases confirmed

Government figures published today show a further 54 Covid-19 deaths have been recorded in the past 24 hours in the UK but more than 43,000 cases have also been confirmed

It means 830 people have died with coronavirus in the UK in the past week but, at this stage, the data doesn't tell us which strain these had.More than 46 million have been double jabbed and more than 20 million have had a booster injection, as the UK continues to fight the disease.

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And a new coronavirus antiviral pill could be offered to patients before Christmas in a bid to protect the most vulnerable from the new Omicron variant.Health Secretary Sajid Javid is reportedly set to launch a national pilot scheme of the Molnupiravir antiviral pill - also known as Lagevrio - in the UK.

But a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) suggested restrictions could be needed in January.Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter, of the University of Cambridge, said Omicron “may actually be milder but we haven't got enough data yet to be able to say”.

Speaking to Sky News, the statistician added: “Just like last year with the Alpha variant, this is a terrible time for a variant to come along. “The next two weeks are probably some of the highest-risk periods with a lot of indoor socialising that we know is extremely high risk.

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“It’s appalling timing. I’m sure the government would love not to disrupt Christmas. What happens after Christmas of course is another matter."The new year is quite likely to see some quite, er, a lot of challenges to face. And have SAGE have said, that could very well mean more stringent measures.

"I could mention working from home. So far it’s not been recommended but that is known to be extremely effective at halving the number of close contacts people have." Read More

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COVID: Sajid Javid says COVID could be with us forever but hopes all measures lifted by March

'COVID is not going away, it's going to be with us for many, many years - perhaps forever, and we have to learn to live with it,' Sajid Javid says.

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Six Omicron cases linked to a Steps concert in GlasgowSix Omicron coronavirus cases in Scotland have been linked to a Steps concert in Glasgow as Nicola Sturgeon warned 'there is now community transmission of this variant'. This is like the biggest opportunity I had in making money from the comfort of the home, gratitude to Geoffreypreud this is really amazing..... I'm counting the racks like never before about $15,800. I think my job is actually a waste of time. Thank you Mr Geoffrey send a DM 6 people I heard got flu as well can you believe it. The omni cons are better akready the flu people still sick Of course it was, silly us. Nothing to do with thousands gathering at COPSHITE though !! 🤔🤔

Newspaper headlines: Omicron 'red alert', and Arthur failings probeSeveral of Saturday's papers lead with scientists' warnings over the latest coronavirus variant. BBC still hasn’t fired the editor who wanted to throw a brick at prince William and Duchess of Cambridge snd used bbc to spread Meghan markles side of story (lie). DefundTheBBC defundbbc megxit amolrajan No red alert isnt true anyway its mild To Be Clear - nobody ever said being jabbed stopped you getting Covid. Nobody ever said being jabbed stopped you passing on Covid to others. The whole idea has always been that being jabbed reduces your chances of becoming seriously ill. Some would do well to understand that.

Covid news: Boris Johnson reported to police over No 10 parties, South Korea cases and deaths at new highFollow all the day’s coronavirus news from around the world as it happens Considering the trail of lies, the corruption, the incompetency shown in every corner which led to thousands of lives getting lost... Breaking covid rules is just their middle finger raised to the British public's face! Just because no 10 doesn't care it doesn't mean they don't understand.

Covid could ruin Christmas festivities 'for the next five years', warn expertsThe government's scientific advisory group, SPI-M-O, has warned that coronavirus may cause havoc for Christmas festivities for the next five years until it is more effectively contained Only if you let it. Says who when the so called government broke Christmas rules, as its ok for them and to give tit for tat, as the mirror news, your Xmas will be ruined for 7 year's as now many mirrors have you broke as all will end up like news of the world, Corruption 🌎 wide is all of this, Could we shift the Xmas celebrations to a different time of year?

WHO says no one has yet died from Omicron Covid variantThe US and Australia became the latest countries to confirm locally transmitted cases of the variant, as Omicron infections pushed South Africa's total cases past three million. Sky and BBC will be distraught at hearing this 🤔 certainly hope so. But it’s only been around a couple of weeks. That's it..Its pfizer in cohorts with DrTedros (who has mastered the game playing Wuhan coverup) doing a campaign for selling a few billion doses of vaccine..