Mona Lisa smeared with cake by suspected climate protester

5/30/2022 1:29:00 PM

Mona Lisa smeared with cake by suspected climate protester

Mona Lisa smeared with cake by suspected climate protester

Painting unharmed as video shows clean-up after attack by man disguised as elderly woman in Louvre

Mon 30 May 2022 11."If you can’t trust the prime minister to make sure the rules he made were followed, what can you trust him to do?” By Senior Trends Reporter, HuffPost UK 30/05/2022 09:27am BST.The guns, drugs, Harley-Davidson golf carts… Some aspects of the King’s life had been alarming Lisa Marie: to Elvis she was ‘Princess’.announces return date for new series Most smear tests are routine, meaning that they may not be seen as a top priority, but Hart reminds her fans that it is nevertheless important to get checked.

21 BST Last modified on Mon 30 May 2022 11.30 BST The Mona Lisa has been left shaken but unharmed after a visitor to the Louvre tried to smash the glass protecting the world’s most famous painting before smearing a cake across its surface in an apparent climate-related publicity stunt.The perpetrator was a man disguised as an elderly woman who jumped out of a wheelchair before attacking the glass on Sunday.00 BST T he cover story of the Observer Magazine of 30 May 1993 was Gordon Burn’s long feature on Elvis’s legacy – psychological and financial – as Lisa Marie Presley inherited her father’s $100m estate at 25 (‘Princess Graceland: The Presley Heiress’).“Maybe this is just nuts to me … ” posted the author of a video of the incident’s aftermath that shows a Louvre worker cleaning the glass.“[He] then proceeds to smear cake on the glass, and throws roses everywhere before being tackled by security.Hague opened up about what she's been going through following her"shock" discovery, telling her fans:"I was walking around with skin cancer on my leg.

” Someone smashed a cake on Mona Lisa.’ The house made $20m a year at the time – more than Elvis himself made in any one year....Lisa Marie was Elvis’s ‘Princess’ – as Burn argued, a term of affection with ‘overtones of sentimentality, swagger and proprietorial interest’ – and before she was even in school he had given her a present of a Harley-Davidson golf cart inscribed with her name.

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is it her birthday ? Scone-a Lisa... Getting that close to the Mona Lisa is a feat in and of itself. It's probably a fake replica anyway, and the real one is boxed up underground in the vaults. - sick... bring in the hardware Wrong. The glass screen about 10 cm in front was smeared with Cake. That's why there is a replica, not an original one, they bare keeping original paintings in to their basements.

I take it the bulletproof glass it sits behind is not cake proof! She wasn’t impressed Mona and cake is climate change warning? Why can't humans have nice things and leave it at that? go hug a tree like the rest of us Earth lovers... What did Mona do?

Labour's Lisa Nandy Hits Out At 'Offensive' No.10 Culture As More Partygate Claims Emerge'If you can’t trust the prime minister to make sure the rules he made were followed, what can you trust him to do?” Change the rules he broke.

First meal she's had in like forever. But it wasn’t a party and no rules were broken. Silly!! 👎 How to get people to hate you: Destroy or attempt to harm priceless works of art for politics. I was willing to listen about climate change stuff, but nah. Y’all are as bad as PETA. The *glass* protecting the Mona Lisa was smeared with cake

Some people think that because they cite a good overall cause, that no matter what they do to get attention for themselves, it's just fine and everyone will give them a round of applause. Good causes are not a shield to needlessly be a pr*ck. Well I hope the French police dealt with this in their normal heavy handed way....climate protesters need to be brought down a peg or two....

A 'real' climate protester would not do this. It must have been some 'loser' trying to get his 5 minutes of fame. Take that Mona! Maybe you will learn your lesson and fix the climate crisis! 'Cos that helps the cause.

Looking back on Elvis and his daughter, Lisa Marie, 1993The guns, drugs, Harley-Davidson golf carts – some aspects of the King’s life had been alarming. By Chris Hall

Let her eat cake! Jubilee cake I hope !! That’ll show the French and 16th century Italian painters everywhere To protest this ridiculous climate protest, I'm going to idle my car for 8 hours. Would it be so hard to write 'Glass covering Mona Lisa smeared with cake by suspected climate protester'? There'll be nobody left to admire the Mona Lisa within a generation, cake or no cake.

You tell that the schools are off 🙄🤣

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Peat soil fires: Campaigners say England's 'rainforests' illegally burnedDeep peat moorlands store huge amounts of carbon and are a buffer against climate change The 'government', quite literally, don't give a fcuk about this, like pretty much everyone else unfortunately 🥳