Misspelled No Entry road sign: Essex council sees funny side

Essex council sees funny side of misspelled No Entry road sign

2/27/2021 12:19:00 AM

Essex council sees funny side of misspelled No Entry road sign

'Someone is having a worse day than you' jokes a council after 'No Enry' is painted on a road.

said.In reply, a woman said "Just the sort of thing I would do", while another praised the council for its "good response"."I think I heard a woman shout this at her child in Maldon once," said another comment, while others joked: "Poor Enry, I feel for 'im".

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The council, which has been asked to comment, was also urged to keep the sign "to give everyone a chuckle". Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Would u like a T Bob na I’ve already had one Sid It is funny, mo doubt! Every ones an Enery.. It's obvious the road workers have gone for ' T ' 😜😜😜 ☕ I'm so glad everything I produce is word processed. Can't imagine writing in huge hot glass filled letters, publically. Complete winkers Henry VIII? Isn’t there a T in there somewhere?

It's 'misspelt'. Who is Enry ? 😅 No wonder UK had to leave EU, worker was replaced by too many non-English speaking migrants. There are old folk round here that would pronounce it like that. Or Arrys or Erberts Min wage It bad as not only can they not spell; but can't count either. By the look of it also upside down.

Sums up council workers... Should have Googled it.. paulineinessex 😂😂 Sad, Enry was counting on coming. Peter Noone rebuffed again. 'Sorry, T's off, dear.' stimmo No break for t(ea)!😀 What, 'enry? Splash it on all over Barry! Fake news: this was outside the Chinese embassy. Elll done No Henry Orrid! 🤣 This one is outside a school in Florida US...

The jokes on this thread are appalling Everyone makes mistakes! No Enry BornFromTheV0id Someone still working on getting their sign writing down to a t. Best not let them loose any 'public entrance' signs. Yup, no enry! He's still happy in the states with Meghan and Archie. Entrance to Cooper Road There’s probably many in Essex that wouldn’t even know how to spell it correctly

Reminds me of this, a couple of years ago in Newark 'Enry 'Iggens hain't 'ere!