Ministers could limit student numbers on lower-earning arts degrees in England

Ministers could limit student numbers on lower-earning arts degrees in England

10/23/2021 1:12:00 PM

Ministers could limit student numbers on lower-earning arts degrees in England

Creative arts and other courses in England may be targeted to rein in loan debts, a plan critics deride as ‘anti-intellectual’

.DataHE, a consultancy that advises universities on admissions, has calculated that if the government attempted to freeze university places at pre-pandemic 2019 levels, by 2030 about a third of young people who would currently go to university would be unable to do so.

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Mark Corver, its founder, said: “If ministers limit numbers when demand is rising, young people in the future will have a significantly lower chance of going to university.”Simon Marginson, professor of higher education at the University of Oxford, said no other country intended to put a ceiling on university expansion. “The evidence that there are unfilled opportunities for people without university degrees is not strong, and the politics make little sense. Families generally and rightly see graduates as better off than non-graduates.”

Hillman said: “The view that too many people go to university runs deep in the Tory party.” But he warned the government would not succeed in “levelling up” struggling parts of the country without universities. “Southend doesn’t just need to be made a city, it needs a university of its own too,” he said.

Prof John Cater, the vice-chancellor of Edge Hill University in Lancashire, questioned the government’s definitions of success. “We’ve actually got one of the most altruistic group of 18-year-olds I can remember, and I don’t think they are judging their life chances solely on what they will earn.”

Few in the sector are predicting a cut to £9,250 a year tuition fees in the spending review, although sources say the Treasury and DfE have debated this. But vice-chancellors believe it is likely the spending review will lower the repayment threshold for loans, with graduates starting to pay back their debt sooner.

A DfE spokesperson said it did not comment on “speculation” about the spending review. She said: “There are no plans to limit the growth of the higher education sector.”But she added: “The government is committed to driving up standards across post-16 education ensuring everyone can gain the right skills to secure well-paid jobs that are critical to supporting the economy.”

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The Tory Party - sucking the joy out of life since the 1830s. That is a truly chilling piece Planet Thickee, here we come (admittedly, woke daftness at unis doesn't help in persuading people that learning is of itself important). Happened in Australia quite a while ago (doubled the fees). Well there are many thousands of jobs in the creative arts - I don’t see how this helps

Establish your new company in Turkey, I will be your manager, pay me a monthly salary of 2000 dollars, I will supply you with products in Turkey, contact me on Twitter British ministers do their damn best to make sure the UK has zero culture going forward If you have a real passion for arts, I don't see why university degree is an essential.

I suspect that this is less anti-intellectualism and more 'anti-poor people thinking they can go to university'. The Arts are important.

Ministers have no idea what an education is for. Again.