Military truck rams into group of Myanmar protesters in Yangon

Military truck rams into group of Myanmar protesters in Yangon

12/6/2021 12:34:00 AM

Military truck rams into group of Myanmar protesters in Yangon

Several people have been injured during a demonstration against the country's military rulers.

Witnesses said this latest "flash mob" protest was rammed minutes after it started."I got hit and fell down in front of a truck. A soldier beat me with his rifle but I defended and pushed him back. Then he immediately shot at me as I ran away in a zigzag pattern. Fortunately, I escaped," a protester told Reuters news agency.

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Image source,Social mediaImage caption,Images on social media show protesters fleeing from a truck driving at a high speed behind themThe UN has said that the military's crackdown could amount to crimes against humanity, but its envoys have repeatedly been denied access to Myanmar to investigate.

The junta has justified the pre-dawn coup in February by alleging there was voter fraud in last year's general elections, which the party of Myanmar's then-leader, Aung Sang Suu Kyi, won by a landslide.Independent election monitors say the vote was largely free and fair, and criminal charges brought against Ms Suu Kyi have been widely criticised as politically motivated.

Many of the activists who led the peaceful civil disobedience movement earlier this year have gone into hiding, or gone to border areas to get military training from the ethnic insurgents based there.Armed volunteer people's defence forces in towns and villages across the country have carried out hundreds of bombings and assassinations targeting officials working with the military government.

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The military has responded with a scorched-earth campaign against areas where armed resistance has been strongest, burning houses and driving tens of thousands into the forests and over the border to India.

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