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Miley Cyrus: Plastic Hearts review

Miley Cyrus: Plastic Hearts review

11/27/2020 11:39:00 AM

Miley Cyrus : Plastic Hearts review

From floaty synth ballads to punky 80s pop, this album’s middling material doesn’t adequately serve this unusual star

.The guest list highlights the tricky path that Plastic Heart picks through Cyrus’s tastes: punky 80s stars Billy Idol and Joan Jett alongsideDua Lipa. It pitches ballads that display varying degrees of Nashville traditionalism – from the acoustic High to the concluding Golden G-String, which comes decorated with lovely Abba-esque synths – against mainstream 2020 pop, electronic leftovers from the scrapped album She Is Miley Cyrus and tracks that lean into Cyrus’s penchant for rock. The latter are by some distance the least successful things here, largely because they offer a mainstream 2020 pop producer’s idea of what rock music should sound like. Despite the distortion, there’s something antiseptic about the guitars that back her picking over her recent divorce on WTF Do I Know, while the obligatory sheen of Auto-Tune succeeds in neutering Cyrus’s voice, making her full-throated roar oddly reedy. With the exception of Bad Karma, produced by

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Mark Ronsonand lent a live feel through its thumping drums, it sounds like rock music put through an Instagram filter. It’s disappointing once you’ve heard what Cyrus can do when she lets rip live: if you haven’t, Heart of Glass and Zombie are appended to the deluxe edition.

Miley Cyrus: Prisoner ft Dua Lipa – videoThe presence of Blondie’s pop classic casts some of the album’s songwriting in a pretty unforgiving light, though there is some good material. Angels Like You is a precision-tooled stadium ballad, complete with nailed-on chorus. The 80s affectations of Night Crawling are well done, elevated further by Billy Idol in full-on growling White Wedding mode (“come awhn!”). Never Be Me and Gimme What I Want are superior examples of floaty synth pop. But the Lipa collaboration Prisoner is far less interesting than its blood-spattered, spider-eating, John Waters-quoting video: its sound isn’t a million miles from Lipa’s own

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No offence but this review really was one big joke. The featured artists where literally mocked and reading this I feel like the writer didn’t even TRY to listen with an open mind and just dislikes the artist. You have got this very wrong! Biased as fuck review It was 'the Cranberries’ terminally windy and overbearing Zombie' for me. Delete this review.

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Haha are we surprised you're tasteless? Honestly not PLASTICHEARTS plastic lips review. Pop music is horrid Awesome review 👌 Makes me wanna listen to it cos I'm not sure if I'm gonna love it or hate it. I tried to read that. Honestly, she has an amazing voice. Blah very well written I keep seeing/hearing that orange 🍊 dude! PLEASE ...HELP!

I keep seeing/hearing 45! PLEASE ...HELP! She looks like a Karen now.