'Migrant' boats intercepted in Channel

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Channel migrants: Border Force intercepts three boats

Boats suspected of carrying migrants have been intercepted off the Kent coast.It is unknown how many people are onboard the boats or what time they were first spotted. At least 1,373 people, including more than 100 children, have crossed the Channel in small boats since 3 November 2018.


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This policy of collecting them from the sea isn’t working.They should be transported back to Calais.May as well go to Calais berth a ship and collect as many as you can fit in sand bring them to uk.There is no deterrent.Home Secretary doing nothing I presume

BorisJohnson patel4witham Conservatives were voted in to reduce immigration and not increase it. You're recent policies to let non EU students stay is only going to add thousands of not hundreds of thousands to already very high numbers. Daft move.

BorisJohnson patel4witham what are you you going to do to stem this flow? We don't want these country shopping illegal immigrants allowed to stay in the UK. Are these people being sent back? That's the only way to stop the boats.

Intercept them? Or give them a lift for the last part of their journey? They're not attempting to reach the UK, they're successfully reaching the UK with the help of the UK Border Force.

They are not welcome and deserve nothing, NOTHING.

Send them back.

TheWarOnWhites Have they been given the green light to open fire? Just tossing ideas out there.

'Illegal immigrants'

Last Christmas, 130,000 children were homeless in the UK. What the hell is the Home Office doing?! patel4witham

Then brings them here safely.

Why not take them back to our so called EU friends from where they came? Bring on brexit

What’s happening to the boats the siege? I’m after one, surely they are selling them off cheap?

Taxi for migrants this country is pathetic the French organise it all

Do border patrol know what intercept means?. It means stop.

More people escaping from France. It really must be a terrible life across the channel

Send them back.our healthcare and schools are at breaking point .

Keys to new place cup of tea and a slice of cake at the ready

I think the word you need is ‘assist’.....

Send them all to Scotland

They’ve heard we might be leaving the EU too

Define “intercepts”. So far we hear it means taxi to council accommodation.....

This is an invasion, there are plenty of safe rich Arab nations in the middle east but they treked hundreds of miles north to get to the UK to abuse our welfare system and have 6 kids on the NHS.

Why say intercept when reality is they were escorted in. Reception lunch and a Hotel room.

A better scenario would be to replace the word intercepted with torpedoes

Good turn them round and tow them back to France

Economic migrants = illegal immigrants

Send them all back. NEVER allow them to claim asylum in the UK. They will never leave. Only way to stop country shopping illegal immigrants is to adopt a tough stance.

JeremyClarkson, RichardHammond and MrJamesMay at it again I see.

So... Is it illegal to use a boat to travel to the UK?

OMG - THREE boats. I can't believe it. It's surely an INVASION. We're being swamped *clutches pearls*. In other news, BBC pushes populist narrative shocker!!

Economic migrants, did we turn them back round to France? Why are the French supplying boats to these traffickers? Thank you EU. How responsible you are putting these people's lives at risk. Shame on you Macron

They are not 'migrants' they're human beings. They are not 'illegal immigrants' they're human refugees seeking safety. This hateful rhetoric is evil RefugeesWelcome Asylum

sorry to say, but reading these comments makes me welcome brexit. then europeans can watch a fairly large ship sink :-) hurry up brexiteers!

They come here, then complain about money, housing and not being allowed to have a child bride

Doesn’t matter what anyone posts on here. If you don’t like what’s happening write/email your MP or directly to No 10

Stormed and seized their vessels, took them into custody, and immediately returned them to France? Nope. Escorted them into the place they were trying to break into and then start spending lavishly on them. Go figure.

Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it - “intercepted”. More accurately, this would read: “Border Force meets and greets vessels full of illegal immigrants so they can be safely escorted to an English harbour and our guests taken to a centre to be fed and accommodated at our expense.”

BBC, Can we call them what they are, which is illegal Immigrants. If they were legitimate refugees they would be claiming asylum in the first safe country they entered, and not crossing through the entire European continent to try and get into the UK.

Channel migrants more like illegal immigrants

Just remember Mr Macron October isn’t far away ,


Time to start laying mines!

Sink them PissOff

Cross Ferry Channel?

This is an invasion! They should not be here. And they won't get punished one bit!

They. Are. Not. Migrants.

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United Kingdom Latest News, United Kingdom Headlines

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