Middlesbrough man jailed for cutting police officer's throat

Middlesbrough man jailed for cutting police officer's throat

1/13/2022 7:53:00 PM

Middlesbrough man jailed for cutting police officer's throat

Aaron Gray is sentenced to five years for attacking the officer during an arrest in Middlesbrough.

Aaron Gray was sentenced to a total of 60 months in prisonA man who slashed a police officer's throat while he was trying to make an arrest has been jailed for five years.The officer was punched and held down by two men as he intervened in what he thought was a drug deal on Athol Street, Middlesbrough, on 19 June.

Aaron Gray, 31, of Albany Street, Middlesbrough, then cut his throat.Cleveland Police's head of crime, Det Ch Supt John Bent, said any form of assault on officers would "never, ever be tolerated"."Gray has already spent months on remand and he will now spend a further lengthy period in prison where he will have time to reflect on his actions and their consequences," he said.

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