Mick Philpott 'flirted with women in mortuary' as he ID'd kids he killed in fire

Mick Philpotts 'flirted with women in mortuary' as he prepared to identify kids he killed in fire

10/26/2020 4:43:00 PM

Mick Philpotts 'flirted with women in mortuary' as he prepared to identify kids he killed in fire

FIRE KILLER Mick Philpott flirted with mortuary staff as he prepared to identify his kid’s bodies, a police inspector has said. The father of 17 was identifying his children’s corpses in 2012 when …

2:02FIRE KILLER Mick Philpott flirted with mortuary staff as he prepared to identify his kid’s bodies, a police inspector has said.The father of 17 was identifying his children’s corpses in 2012 when he made sexual comments about staff.4Mairead and Mick were both found guilty of the murder of the six children in 2012

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Credit: PA:Press Association4The six victims were Duwayne, 13, his sister Jade, ten, and brothers, John, nine, Jack, eight, Jesse, six and Jayden, fiveCredit: Enterprise News and PicturesSpeaking to the Star on SundayPaul Callum, a retired detective superintendent who helped lead investigations into the fire that killed Philpott’s kids, said the Derby dad “chatted up the mortuary technicians”.

Callum continued: “He made inappropriate comments about their breasts, about things he wanted to do with them sexually.“He would then collapse into a pile and pretend he was upset. Then he’d sit up and say something inappropriate. He was a very strange character.

“At the mortuary, we know that he called his children ‘little s**ts’, which in any context that children have died, I don’t know how that can be deemed as appropriate.”Mick and his wife Mairead burnt down their three-bed council house in Derby, with pal Paul Mosley in a bid to get a bigger home.

But the plan backfired and killed their kids aged five to 13.Philpott’s former friend Mick Russell accompanied him during the visit to the mortuary and was also appalled by what he had witnessed.'NOTHING LESS THAN ABHORRENT'"He was smiling and cracking jokes and that. And then we went in and had the children in the room,” said Mick.

“They [were] all lined up. Five little kids lying there with burns on their arms and hands. I just broke down crying.”Philpott’s behaviour left police convinced that the father was responsible for the 2012 fire.Five of his kids died at the scene and a sixth later died in hospital from their injuries.

David Spencer at the Centre for Crime Prevention said: “The case shocked the country and it will be nothing less than abhorrent that the children’s mother is being released after 8½ years. This is not justice.”The Prison Service said: “Offenders released on licence face strict conditions and can be returned to prison if they breach them.”

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A source said: “Mairead is pleased as punch. She is not popular.She now calls herself Louise Dunnand the other inmates nicknamed her ‘Dunn a turn’.“But everyone knows her as Mairead Philpott and she gets a hard time because her crime was so sickening. No wonder she is happy to be getting out.”

4The Philpotts burnt down their three-bed council house in Derby in a bid to get a bigger homeCredit: PA:Press Association4The Philpotts' bid to get a bigger council home backfired and killed their kids aged five to 13Credit: AFPMick and Mairead philpott press conference in 2012

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Mairead Philpott 'to be freed next month halfway through 17-year sentence'The 38-year-old is in prison after being found guilty, with ex husband Mick Philpott, of starting a fire which killed their six children at their three-bedroom home in Derby in 2012 SkyNews itvnews BBCNews GMB LBC MailOnline TheSun guardian Her real sentence is in her head and her heart I doubt she’ll be looking forward to life outside apart from isolation This is a trajedy with the only place to go being yet more tragic... She killed her kids. She should be put in solitary with a tape recording of her childrens voices playing in her cell 24/7. Who thought that was a good idea a year for each child’s life ! Evil woman should stay in prison and not be able to have any more children

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