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Michèle Lamy, agent of change, on the artists to lead us into the future

Michèle Lamy, agent of change, on the artists to lead us into the future

9/16/2021 8:43:00 PM

Michèle Lamy, agent of change, on the artists to lead us into the future

Co-founder of Owenscorp, artist, performer, agent of change: Michèle Lamy on her conduits to co-creation, and five creatives who can lead us into the future – whom she champions as part of Wa...

Michèle Lamy photographed at home in Paris on 13 August.Make-up artist/stylist: Amir Gargaratchi Michèle Lamy is a mesmeric force of intention. As a co-founding partner of Owenscorp and the executive manager of theRick Owens furniture collection

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, her life is a tactile one. The jewelled mouth, the smudged blackened fingertips, the clank of bangles and the dulcet French drawl are Lamy’s talismanic armour and invitation. She creates opulently monastic home furnishings and sculptures in metal, bone, wood, cement and stone – and cocoons herself in silk, wool, leather, nylon and languid plumes of cigarette smoke.

When we speak via Zoom in mid-August, Lamy is fresh from an appointment with the butcher. ‘We have been doing some furniture pieces in ox bone, which looks just like ivory, and we needed some more,’ she says. ‘The artisans at the atelier like it so much because they always get a serving of filet mignon too.’ In a few days, Lamy will travel to Venice for the second edition of the Floating Cinema – Unknown Waters festival, for which she asked filmmaker Matt Lambert to curate a series of short films. Next up, she is unveiling a large-scale monochromatic sculptural work at

Design MiamiBasel. Lamy is always on the move.‘I like to think that I don’t know when something is work or holiday, some places open your eyes to something else. I have this base with Rick and the furniture, so that maintains a certain direction. It helps me to travel and do other things I want to do.’

What Lamy wants to do is use the formidable circle of artists, musicians, designers, philosophers, chefs, and even boxers around her to piece together an idea of where our lives are headed. Recently, she has been posing the question ‘What Are We Fighting For?’, taking inspiration from the slogan used by her friends at the Overthrow Boxing Club, a Manhattan gym with a philanthropic mission. It is, she admits, a big question that needs an even bigger answer.

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