Merkel says Franco-German pact is a step toward joint 'European ARMY'

1/22/2019 2:49:00 PM

Merkel boasts Germany and France have taken the first steps towards 'a European ARMY' after signing friendship treaty with Macron

Merkel boasts Germany and France have taken the first steps towards 'a European ARMY' after signing friendship treaty with Macron

Chancellor Angela Merkel said the pact, inked in the ancient western German city of Aachen today, aims to build a 'common military culture' between Germany and France.

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I remember Macron said the EU army was needed to defend against America among others. This is the beginnings of some big plans then. Hitler reincarnated Merkle has got this numb cnutby the balls hes so easy to control this will be the start of the 4th Reich , Adolf Merkel takes over and not a shot fired this time ? Time to leave UK

Femi_Sorry still fake? I have been a votary for almost 10 years Wtf with this photo Seeds are being sown for the next European war. Look at what’s happening in France, Marcon and his brown shirts beating up the Yellow vest protestors. Armoured vehicles with EU flags not French. If we remain in EU these armoured cars will soon be on British streets. BREXIT!!

Careful, his thing is older women... This is great news if this army stops the hords invading Europe. Don't kiss Lol they will b the last 2 EU members

Don’t rely on Germany to solve Brexit, it doesn’t need to help Britain | Alan PosenorAngela Merkel has bigger worries at home, says German journalist Alan Posenor The last I looked we never asked Germany . So stop inventing fake news. Sounds familiar from Deutschland doesn't it They will when the need to plug the net contribution the UK inputs. That and when car sales fall. China slowing already a problem.

Macron like older women...... looks like a kiss could happen...... So what happened to “they are not building an EU army”? brexit JeremyCorbyn Remain They will be as good as one state within 10 years... Just think ... We could stay in the EU and let them run our country too... Is that what you all want?

What could possibly go wrong here 🤨 My god he does like snogging older women 😩 Germany & France already part of an Army called NATO Why must they use the word * Army * Tosses Next step.. capture Europe That photo is 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

'Please stay': German political and business leaders send love letter urging Britain to ditch BrexitA letter sent by German political and business leaders urging the UK to remain in the European Union on Friday is a clear sign of the growing concern in Berlin at the Brexit deadlock. Of course they did...German voters will in future refuse to keep propping up the euro, and subsidising the crumbling and collapsing EU...the last thing they need is for the UK to leave. Suck it up enjoy filling our cash shoes Poison letters more like.

French have always given in to the Germans last time it took 7 days 😂 What *cide is it when an army kills itself? Well!!TRUMP NEEDS TO PULL ALL AMERICAN FORCES PERSONAL OUT OF GERMANY PRONTO 🇺🇸MAGA What a hideous pair of creeps So who's invading who and who's surrendering first? Good. No more need for NATO. No more USA $. THIEVES....

Adolf would be proud of her, Macron is a 1st class coward. How long before they want bailed out this time So they were not friends until now. One Master and other Slave. Germany building a European army but can't pay their fare share of NATO expenses . The United States has some unique Military capabilities that will be impossible for the European army to replicate without expending huge sums of taxpayer's money . Best of luck to Germany !

Merkel and Macron are destroying the EU

Ditch Brexit, German leaders urge UK in paean to ale and milky teaLeading politicians among signatories to Times letter calling on Britain to stay in EU The Germans want us to stay? That's reason enough on its own to leave. BYE! MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS UNITE IN THESE THINGS ThisIsIslam Could we leave on the 29th submitting to the gammons wil of the people and then rejoin the next day making everyone’s lives better?

Glad we're not joining they're gang !!!!! A rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire Hitlers dream .... ⬇️⬇️⬇️ USS EU R Well well well Nick Clegg and the remain campaign lies who would of thought Thats a disaster in the making the rise of the new NAZIS It certainly won’t be in the people’s best interests They can raise armies but neglect NATO monetary commitments. How embarrassingly inept these two. Putin must be licking his chops.

German firm to control UK tanks businessDefence giant BAE Systems sells majority stake in tank and armoured vehicle business to Rheinmetall. Just in case... well, you know, try to take over the world, again. 쟤가하면 부정 얘가하면 공익제보 文여적이니 턱도 없이 간빼먹다 뽀록난 쪼다리 무용지물이니 Tiger time

Says it all How do the people who believe the British Empire was bad reconcile their belief with the one where we should remain and be one part of empire Europe? If anyone thinks this makes the world safer they are wrong! Who are they raising an army against? Is anyone else not worried about an armed European Empire. Because the last time a mad bloke in Germany tried this it don’t end well.

nocopoutuk I see trouble ahead with this deal nocopoutuk Hmm. Think about that. nocopoutuk War mongers. Meme there 😳 MICRON playing the field...…..he luvs granny types....when he hits on this we will have confirmation he's NUTs Das macht zusammen! OMG. Are they about to make out?

UK should ‘think again’ about leaving EU with second Brexit referendum, German government suggestsEurope minister Michael Roth suggests final say referendum might be a good idea Can't the old bint not accept the fact there will be NO Renegotiation by the 27 other countries? The ONLY obvious solution is to voluntary Revoke A50. And who in the UK gives a flying phuck what the German Government thinks or suggests? Brexit I'm sure the Gerrys only have Britain's best interests at heart 🤣

why don't they get a room Worrying times. Are you ok with this Remoaners? nocopoutuk There you go peoplesvote_uk Did you vote for that? nocopoutuk Macron has no idea that he’s becoming part of Germany . What a farce that army will be. The army will be wearing yellow gilets presumably. They have always sucked up to each other.thats why it’s great to be leaving this band of trouble makers.

Macron should watch out, his generals may take a dim view on this. Sieg heil ......... What was once a conspiracy theory is now the EU's army.

Tensions SKYROCKET after Iranian ‘spy’ found in German military - Iran airliner BANNED

Neither of you will be there much longer Does mean France & Germany won’t loose a world war again ! Wait a moment. Didn't we see this during the 20th century? ImperatorTruth Europe already has a much larger army: the GiletsJaunes. German army gaining allies. This always goes well. Two things: 1) ARMY? Why do they need to create an army? 2) What a very strange picture!

apart from this very weird picture of this charming couple , i dont get it ? what is the purpose of a EU army ? legal minefield and whose in charge ! 😱 Yellow vests to be Controlled by EU Army ? They don’t even pay their bills now in NATO

Monika Billen: body of missing German tourist believed found in Australian outbackNorthern Territory police find body believed to be that of Billen during aerial searches Sad. Too many people underestimate the Australian outback. Oh dear me. That's sad.

Macron likes old women... so that's why! “Who do you think you are kidding Mrs Hitler.....?” France and Germany have a long history of losing wars. and so the yellow shirts will attempt to save Germany too, but alas it's too late They look a little be too close for my liking! I know he likes the older woman........

We will need one This is History repeating itself all over again only this time the Germans have France on their side and not Italy & Japan so I would warn All Other EU countries to be on their guard , once we are out of the EU who will monitor German Forces’s? Imagine my shock Better to die standing in freedom than live on your knees as a slave, we need to leave the EU now !!

It won't be long before the 'EU Army' will be on the streets of whichever country has disruptive protesters. Davcol1 What could possibly go wrong?

Corbyn's 'DAMAGING role and nostalgic socialism' to BLAME for Brexit chaos - German angerJEREMY Corbyn has played a “damaging” role in Brexit negotiations and the Labour leader must take a huge part of the blame for the chaos that has ensued during exit negotiations with the EU, a German MEP has blasted. Cameron to blame,he held the referendum,for fear of losing votes to UKIP,party before Country,he lost & then deserted S/Ship. What are Corbyn's BREXIT proposals... None of us know.. Tell us Jeremy. Yous lot r tories

Germany cannot even fully staff its own army. LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder Judging by the photo accompanying this tweet....Macron's Oedipus complex is coming to the fore.... Remember Nick Cleggs sincerity that their will be ' No EU army ' further proof that the establishment cannot be trusted, decievers whom themselves are deceived. After seeing the brutality in France with armed police donning the EU insignia bashing ten bells out people

So Macron needs German troops to put down the yellow vests? We're getting out just in time. Look at them. Macron looks like he's fallen out of a Punch and Judy show after getting clobbered for nicking a string of sausages and Merkel looks like a Gambian sex tourist. 'That's the way to do it!' meets 'OOoooHhhh That's the way to do it'

Are they reaffirming the centuries long history of deep love,respect , and friendship between France and Germany. Seeing them sitting at a table signing the document just looked very ominous. European army....... there goes the problem. The rise of the 'Fourth Reich'. They're already sending their advance force of 'Storm Troopers', to invade & de-stabilize Britain (Migrant Invaders in Dinghies). Where's Captain Mainwaring & Private Jones when you need them?

BREXIT LIVE: EU facing CIVIL WAR as German leader calls for DIRECT talks with MayGERMAN MPs are calling for direct talks with the British government in the wake of Theresa May’s Brexit deal defeat in a move that will enrage European Union bosses. Computer says no and the Germans begin to stake their claims as the power within the EU

They've started a majority of the wars on the continent so it's only proper they make it an intramural event. I'd be keen to know what NickCleggg has to say about this? I think he owes the British people a public apology for slating anyone who said that this was happening... The European Union couldn't collapse any faster.

Careful Frau Merkel! Don't forget Macron has a fetish for MILFS😱😱🥴 Didn’t remainers argue during the referendum that there was no intention of forming an EU army ? Another remain lie Jesus, I thought that was Elton John Cool. No need for us to join forces with them. We don’t need to be sending our soldiers to fight anyone else’s wars. No country is a threat to us. We might as well pull out of NATO.

Aah, the dangerous fantasy The very thing Europhiles and Remainers said was never going to happen Yes, En we've seen in Paris what that army will be utilised for. Eastern Europeans in weird Police uniforms beating the living daylights out of ordinary French citizen protesters. Behold the future. Good for them. Just as long as English forces are not involved.

German spy agency looking at anti-immigrant AfD party in election yearGermany's domestic intelligence agency will step up monitoring for political extremism of the far-right AfD party (pictured) ahead of an election later this year. It's motives are to stop the invasion of economic migrants,namely Moslems,who are destroying Germany as well as western Europe from within Oh now they’re scared. How about investigating the radical commie leftists who have incited violence against the AFD?!

Secret lovers So we were right all along!!! mrjamesob LBC