Meningitis B cases rising sharply among students in England, study finds

Meningitis B cases rising sharply among students in England, study finds

Meningitis, Coronavirus

1/19/2022 9:26:00 AM

Meningitis B cases rising sharply among students in England , study finds

Exclusive: Cases are exceeding pre-pandemic levels, particularly in university students

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This is a vaccine-preventable disease. Because humans were too afraid to look at themselves actually and what reality prepares in response to their acts in themselves Alright so that killed you but it made feel more powerful than you and that’s a simple deceived formula they were dealing it Thrown by a Stone ? Stupid.

The quirkiest queen? How a chain-smoking monarch turned the Danish royal family into one of the world's most popularQueen Elizabeth II has steered the nation through turmoil and trauma, counselled 14 British Prime Ministers, and set the tone with her measured, stoical addresses. But she has always kept a regal distance

Hiring more pen-pushing NHS managers does NOT improve hospital performance, study findsHIRING more pen-pushing NHS managers fails to improve hospital performance, a study shows. There are some 35,000 managers in the health service — and their value has long been a source of fierce de… Shock ! Horror! Neither does creating pointless and obvious studies. Hakims +Vaids in Asia look at patient or feel pulse to diagnose & treat patients with drugs. Doctors used History, Examination, Investigations, Differential Diagnosis, Diagnosis, Treatment & Follow ups. Now, Zoom doctors keep stethoscope on their own neck! Now, more deaths occur.

‘Squandered any gains we made’: Australian clinics overwhelmed by rising Covid casesHit by staff shortages and tens of thousands of new cases daily, GPs remain under-resourced despite ‘enormous pressure’ Believe is essential I gave you my trust and you didn't break it, you are who you say you're Michael90078 I'll keep letting people know about your goodness and guarantee business Michael90078 all Djokovic's fault....

China cancels plans to sell tickets to the Winter Olympics amid rising omicron cases❄️ China has cancelled plans to sell tickets for the Beijing Winter Olympics as rising omicron cases threaten to bring its zero-Covid policy crashing down It should have been scrapped long ago. A failed state.

Scotland's unemployment rate falls sharplyONS data shows the number of people seeking work dropped to 3.6%, while the employment rate rose. Friends , I complained against NSE for cheating and fraud with retail investors on scores on 14th July and SEBI is keeping mum on the biggest scam so far done by nse which is much bigger than any scam even heard in options trading. Sebi is well protecting interest of NSE ... It's boris who should be sacked