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Men’s engagement rings for modern grooms

Men’s engagement rings for modern grooms

9/18/2021 10:30:00 AM

Men’s engagement rings for modern grooms

Men\u2019s engagement rings are more popular than ever, with many men now keen to mark this most emotional of commitments in suitably spectacular style. Jewellers have been playing with both classic and more avant-garde options for engagement rings to treasure \u2013 whether sinking precious stones into bands, keeping to a...

– includes an offbeat selection of engagement rings. Precious stones, set in a gypsy setting so they appear to sink into the bands, make understated choices. In this piece, diamonds in citrus hues rest in a platinum band with a brushed satin finish for a gleaming result.

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; £4,950Romantic men’s engagement rings: AlighieriAlighieri unites literary references with a gothic romanticism in jewellery that delights with its textural forms. For the second men’s collection, adventurous inspiration codes are intertwined with heroic references. Alighieri founder Rosh Mahtani looks to Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay, the first climbers to reach the top of Mount Everest, when dissecting what it means to be a hero, the question which drives the new collection. With an exploration of emblems and a play with materials, such as rhodium plating which develops over time, the jewellery is infused with symbolism. ‘The Clandestine Hero’, in recycled sterling silver with or without 24ct gold plating, frames a black onyx in a ring that marks the beginning of many adventures together.

; £325 The classic men’s engagement ring: De BeersA classic engagement ring will always hold an appeal – whether you’re a fan of an emerald cut or a pear, gold or platinum, there’s no going wrong when you choose a design centred around a single stand-out stone. For enduring design, look no further than De Beers, whose new wedding collection brings traditional wedding pieces bang up to date. This men’s ring in platinum plays with generous proportions for a piece that juxtaposes a baguette diamond against an understated sprinkling of diamonds – perfect for those who love tradition.

; £2,550Men’s engagement rings for the sustainably minded: Brilliant EarthMost jewellers have reshifted their focus to sustainability by now, but it’s something which can still mean different things to different people – and sometimes not very much at all. Brilliant Earth’s focus on the ethical sourcing of stones and recycled metals sets it apart and makes it ideal for those keen to make sustainable choices. Everyone is sure to find something they love in a wide selection of thickly drawn bands encompassing textured gold, unusual materials such as meteorite, and rainbows of diamonds. We bet the simplicity of this piece, where a ribbon of sapphires takes centre stage, that would guarantee an ‘I do’.

; £1,410The men’s engagement ring for the untraditional: Jamie Joseph Read more: Wallpaper* »

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Riddle of Meghan's pinky ring made with 'gifted Middle East diamonds'Yesteday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle denied claims that the Duchess wore a ring made with diamonds gifted from the MIddle East for her Time cover, but they have since rolled back. 당신은 주님께서 약속하신 하나님 나라에 초점을 맞추도록 훈련받아야 합니다 RepentAndEscape Meghan Markle's vulgar display of jewelry turned the whole magazine propaganda into a disaster. That pinky diamond ring was traced back to the Saudi Prince who ordered the murder of journalist Khashoggi. Are you going to do a story on all the royal family jewelry, especially the diamonds and other stones that were stolen from other countries

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