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Meghan Markle wraps up yet again for Harlem school visit with Harry

A royal copycat! Social media users joke Meghan Markle is 'cosplaying' Michelle Obama yet again in a $5840 Loro Piana berry cashmere coat

9/25/2021 9:45:00 PM

A royal copycat! Social media users joke Meghan Markle is 'cosplaying' Michelle Obama yet again in a $5840 Loro Piana berry cashmere coat

Meghan, 40, wrapped up in a $5,840 Loro Piana cashmere coat and matching $1,685 wide-leg pants for this morning's visit to Harlem's PS 123 Mahalia Jackson school, despite the 71F day.

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Watch William Shatner live stream as he tells world what it's like to go into space after becoming oldest ever astronaut

Watch live stream as Star Trek actor William Shatner, 90, becomes the only nonagenarian to boldly go where no nonagenarian has gone before. Blue Origin, owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, launched safely from Texas.

Michelle looked wonderful….MeMeGain…not so much Or buddy James Corden? markle was merching that means wearing clothes and carrying product for huge paydays.wake up to markle,you pay her for the bs articles, stop paying her kick her to the curb/kerb,everyone is sick of her,she needs to be locked up,rescue pr harry from the madness

Is she still considered a royal? Insane...that price could feed some families right now... Y’all really like to stretch. Stop harassing them DailyFail She tried the same thing with Diana..... Fail. Why not? Surely not envious DailyMailUK calling your bluff in the now very stale vendetta you are conducting against the Sussexes.

Are you ever going to let up with this constant harassment ?

Meghan Markle reads her children's book on visit to Harlem school with HarryThe surprise school visit was part of Harry and Meghan's efforts to promote early literacy 📚 🤢🤮😜🤥🤏💩 They are doing a good job of keeping out of the media limelight 🤔

Meghan & Harry enjoy date at Harlem restaurant and make $25K donationThe Sussexes headed to local Harlem soul food restaurant Melba's for a bite to eat on Friday afternoon. Prince Harry tried chicken & waffles for the first time declaring the dish to be 'delicious'. Very good god bless your beautiful family thank you Harry and Meghan 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Publicity

Meghan Markle and Harry's Global Citizen advocacy of 'meagre' interest, expert claims MEGHAN MARKLE previously appeared in Global Citizen's 'Vax Live' event, with one expert describing the number of viewers it attracted as 'meagre'. Daily Express stories of 'meagre' interest newspaper expert claims.

Meghan Markle shares sweet update on 'beautiful' daughter Lilibet during tour Meghan Markle , 40, has shared a sweet update on her three month old daughter Lilibet during her New York City tour with Prince Harry That's hardly an update is it! That's the biased opinion of a parent.

Meghan Markle appeared to copy ex-FLOTUS in historic speech: 'Must believe in it' MEGHAN MARKLE appeared to copy a former First Lady of the United States in her historic UN Women's speech, years before her appearance at this weekend's Global Citizen Live event, unearthed accounts show. and LeaveEUOfficial are very quiet about the unfolding crises 🧐 you're kinda obsessed with her & it's quite sad ...and paid, or suggested one of her favoured, hand selected journalists to call her something of her own design

Meghan Markle stunned Prince Harry by 'happily peeing in woods' on first holiday Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are in New York for their first trip to the Big Apple together - but their first-ever trip abroad with one another to Botswana in 2016 was a very different one altogether And now she sh1ts on his whole family You can not buy class. Look at my naked woohoo harry. So what you going to report what they fart next ?