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Meghan, The Duchess Of Sussex

Meghan asks for front-page apology and £750,000 costs from Mail on Sunday

Meghan asks for front-page apology and £750,000 costs from Mail on Sunday

3/2/2021 5:19:00 PM

Meghan asks for front-page apology and £750,000 costs from Mail on Sunday

Duchess of Sussex also wants judge to order newspaper to hand over any copies of letter to her father

Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PAThe Duchess of Sussex is taking legal action against the publisher of the Mail on Sunday and Mail Online.Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PATue 2 Mar 2021 13.57 GMTLast modified on Tue 2 Mar 2021 14.15 GMTThe Duchess of Sussex has demanded a front-page apology, and a £750,000 down-payment towards her legal costs, in her privacy case against the

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Mail on Sunday.She is also asking a high court judge to order the newspaper to hand over any copies it has made of a private handwritten letter she sent to her estranged father, Thomas Markle.Her application follows her “comprehensive win” last month in legal action against

Associated NewspapersLtd (ANL), publisher of the Mail on Sunday and Mail Online.Meghan, 39, sued ANL over five articles published in February 2019. She was granted summary judgment in relation to her privacy claim, and part of her copyright claim. ANL has indicated it intends to appeal against that judgment.

At a remote hearing on Tuesday, ANL argued that Meghan’s “extremely large costs bill” of about £1.5m was disproportionate.Lord Justice Warby was asked to order ANL to hand over copies of the letter and destroy any copies of it or notes made about it.

Ian Mill QC, representing Meghan, argued in written submissions that ANL had “failed to deliver up copies it has of the letter such that the threat to infringe and further misuse her private information remains real and, inexplicably, the defendant has still not removed the infringing articles from Mail Online”.

He argued this was despite the judgment that publication of the articles had infringed Meghan’s rights. “Accordingly, at the time of writing, the defendant defiantly continues to do the very acts which the court has held are unlawful.”He also sought an order requiring ANL to publish a front-page statement in the Mail on Sunday about Meghan’s legal victory, as well as on the home page of Mail Online “to act as a deterrent to future infringers”.

Meghan has indicated she is willing to cap damages to a “nominal award” – a token sum – for misuse of private information, to save time and cost debating the issue, the court heard.She is asking for ANL to pay £750,000 within two weeks as “an interim payment on account” to cover Meghan’s legal costs of bringing the claim.

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Antony White QC, representing ANL, said his client planned to appeal against the summary judgment ruling, arguing that it “would have a real prospect of success”.ANL had now resolved to take down the articles pending any appeal, the judge heard. The publishers said the declaration that Meghan wanted them to publish was not accurate and that it erroneously stated she had won her claim rather than the fact summary judgment had been given on parts of her claim, with other parts still to be determined.

There had been worldwide reporting of the duchess’s success in her privacy claim and it did not need a declaration as suggested, White said.Any order requiring ANL to hand over any copies of Meghan’s letter to her father should be put on hold until any appeal against last month’s judgment could be determined, added White.

Last month Warby ruled that the publication of Meghan’s letter to her father was “manifestly excessive and hence unlawful”.He said: “It was, in short, a personal and private letter” and these were “inherently private and personal matters”.The handwritten letter was sent to Thomas Markle, 76, in August 2018. The duchess claimed the five articles published in February 2019 involved a misuse of her private information, breached her copyright and breached the Data Protection Act.

The judge has said the issue of whether Meghan was “the sole author” – or whether Jason Knauf, formerly communications secretary to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, was a “co-author” – should be determined at a trial, despite being one “of minor significance in the overall context”.

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KateWilliamsme Maybe she could pay some compensation to these young women that she bullied 🤔 All about the ££££ piersmorgan GMB toryboypierce susannareid100 As she should! The whole world is watching with disgust how the British media has assasinated the character of Meghan through their racist & sexist coverage! Shame on “decent” journalists who have remained silent during this process of abuse! History Will not look at you kindly.

KateWilliamsme Good! I hope she gets the apology and the money. KateWilliamsme Good for her. Give it to charity you don’t need it when your career is making millions telling tales about the Queen Good girl! Can she give us all the same amount please, there’s nobody more annoying at this point in time than her. I deserve recompense, we all do.

Get them! She's getting the bag 🙌🏻 Sounds fair, go for it Meghan, you nailed the bastards good and proper.. keepsayingit1 They ran her and her family out of the UK. It was horrible. Ignoring the specifics I'd love to see apologies and retractions grants the same prevalence and column inches as the initial article. That way there is a deterrent. Otherwise it's easy just to print and then have a hidden apology after the sales have been made.

She’s worth it! No doubt she be donating to charity Good. s9tmt 'God Save the Queen ' God's twitter account has been suspended !! Sorry Meghan you're not a royal so don't demand... Well I hope the mail tells her to stay where she is and multiply. I'm a republican and would love the monarchy to be abolished (preferably about 150 years ago) but as its the Daily Heil, does she need crowdfunding?

The papers should just stop printing anything of either Meghan or Harry, They are not working royals now so shouldn't come under that umbrella. No media coverage on anything they do from now on. Good for her! HAHAHA Come on DailyMail FRONT PAGE! She is being portrayed as the devil himself and the mail readers are using it as a feeding frenzy lol

Load of Bollocks, let’s see how much she rinse Harry for in a couple of year time. Yess yess add some extra zeros on that figure fkin rag newspaper more spectacle from the carnival barker Waiting for the replies!! EATT MEGHANN!!! Likely to get the costs, the appology I am not sure of. I suspect they are seething. 🤭

As she should I want a Republic! I hope she beats them. Money, money,money,very funny in a rich man’s world.... they are managing to make money on their own , that is for sure :) Good for her That's one front page I'd love to see. That's how hard it is to earn a good living. terrychristian Good for her. Rinse 'em, Meghan SailOnSilverGirl

An apology and a big fat cheque for her and another one to a charity Good for her! Speaking up isn't reserved only for the like of Trump. Time to stand up and speak up!!! A new revenue source for these people Sweet. No less than the scummy Mail deserves. They should go to the US & apologise to her in Person...on live TV....on their knees....each holding a flower....and a gift for Archie....& £1,000,000 at least to her account

This may teach a lesson or two to those newspapers which build campaigns of harassment and humiliation against public figures Ask for £75,000,000 close the rag down excellent....see the demise of the news paper altogether Get lost paracite Will she autograph and flog off a framed copy of the apology? Harry said about the press on top of the open top bus. I hope they win and give the lot to charity. I doubt it though. I know a man who did.

terrychristian Go for it, about bloody time they did this, the money’s irrelevant, but a big front page splash will hurt them more She deserves the apology, but I wish she'd added a couple of zeros to the figure she wants! Rinse the hate-mongering sh*t rag for all it's worth Good Stop 🤣 she has THAT Right to her privacy. But you just can't stop being nosy. He dad lives in the past. Really he'd be dead if the Queen wasn't queen 🤣 they didn't tolerate ignorance. History proves he would be taken care of in a tower somewhere out the picture or dead.

Guess England is getting jealous because they R over here now? She deserves the entire price of having to leave England. And that rag deserves to be shut down. This is what most people do when they want to live a quiet life. Will that be alongside or above or below a declaration of the health of the Duke of Edinburgh? Timing

This woman was a C list celebrity and a nobody who married a man whose only accomplishment in life was being born. Why does everyone kiss her ass? Any comment on Oglach Greenslade and his Fleet Street ASU? Rinse the daily fail of every penny possible. Absolutely right. Make that pleb newspaper pay! Good for her

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