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Megan Rapinoe’s ‘egotism’ is the perfect antidote to Donald Trump | Emma Brockes

Megan Rapinoe’s ‘egotism’ is the perfect antidote to Donald Trump | Emma Brockes


Megan Rapinoe ’s ‘egotism’ is the perfect antidote to Donald Trump | Emma Brockes

A man with little talent squats in the White House, so it’s like balm to see a female sports star with real ability who’s unafraid to brag about it, says Guardian columnist Emma Brockes

Which brings us to Rapinoe. The co-captain of the US women’s soccer team has, over the last few weeks of the World Cup, exploded into national life and ruffled a lot of feathers. Her victory pose, arms outstretched, chin up to the crowd, launched a thousand memes. Her comment to reporters that, in the event of her team winning, “I’m not going to the fucking White House,” triggered the knee-jerk epithet “un-American”. And then on Wednesday, as Rapinoe and her fellow US teammates rode their World Cup victory float through Manhattan, she kissed the trophy and uttered the words, “I deserve this”.

And she didn’t shirk the political implications. On CNN earlier this week, talking to news anchor Anderson Cooper, Rapinoe let Trump have it again. Addressing the president more soberly this time, she said that through his political message, “You’re excluding people that look like me.”

Rapinoe’s detractors on Twitter called her attitude monstrous, a piece of egotism that took away from the team. For many women watching, however, her intent was clear. Rapinoe’s win and her subsequent attitude to winning was, in fact, purely one for the team. My God, it felt good.

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she is drink t trophy She’s an embarrassment. If you want to see how real female athletes perform and behave then you need to look well past this clown and give rosenamajunas and the other class females in the UFC your attention. ufc It should be about the football though, I have no issue with her orientation (you love who your heart loves), but this was a World Cup of football, not a platform to promote her agenda.

You mean narracisim... I wish she would just shut up! Has it been 15 minutes yet God is she a guy. ... she plays football... he is the POTUS Yea, just love her foul mouth to boot..! She's the archetype of irradiated sewage. So you're obviously going to advocate she run for public office.

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Megan Rapoport sucks I wouldn't kiss that godawful, vulgar bit of penisenvy for all the equal pay in the world. figures a female liberal with her panties in a twist, Rapinghoe is nothing but a has been soccer player who has no where to play but a rinky dink league NWSL financially supported by the MLS.

Still loves pipe A leave voter with exactly the same personality would be an utter gobshite in your books Very poorly written Egotism or deserved pride in self. She occupies everything she deserves and would do so even if she wasn’t a world beating footballer. Is it left vs. right OR male vs. female? While I totally support equal pay for women in ALL jobs, and LGBT rights, I don't think interjecting so much negative politics is a really good idea. We get enough of that on our opinion-based slanted TV news services (both sides).

Self praise is no praise! 50... 100... 200... 500 years from now, President Trump will still be listed as a US President in the history of the world. Women's soccer might not even exist, and certainly no one will remember this woman past next year.

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Like realDonaldTrump cares ...🤦🏾‍♂️ At least both can brag about how to handle a pussy lol. Yeah, so much in common. No, no it isn't. Sorry, but it's not. She's offensive. Of course it is Naw, she is just nasty 😝 LOOOL. WHY? She kicks a ball down a field of grass. Leave it to the right to go after a successful woman. How dare she have confidence! She hates America (event though she just brought home the World Cup). She won't go stand behind a 300 lb sexual predator for his photo op? Why does she hate America!?

Yeah, Trump supporters turned off by HER ego is straight comedy. This is a sign of the other sides equally repulsive egotism... it smells rather pungent. Don't be fooled by media. This female is a cow, vulgar to the max.

Megan Rapinoe tells Trump that his America is 'not great for enough people right now'United States women's captain and World Cup winner Megan Rapinoe has become an international star over the past few weeks for her performances on the pitch and speaking out against Donald Trump . The Truth! Rapinope needs to be canceled. It's so great that you have the right to disrespect your president without repercussions. People like her are spoilt and take for granted the freedoms and opportunities that they have. She really needs to grow up.

'men do it, so why not women' Leave it to the left to praise a liberal woman for displaying exactly the same behavior they routinely condemn Trump for. After all, if they didn't have double standards, they wouldn't have standards at all. Tbf she just looks like a bit of a tw

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