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Watches & Jewellery, Louis Vuitton

Meet Louis Vuitton’s globetrotting new Viviennes

Meet Louis Vuitton’s globetrotting new Viviennes

9/18/2021 9:40:00 AM

Meet Louis Vuitton ’s globetrotting new Viviennes

Travel restrictions may have interrupted globetrotting for many of us, but luckily they passed Louis Vuitton \u2019s Vivienne by. The figurine, who originally made her appearance in 2018 as a cheeky mascot \u2013 and has since been rethought in jewellery form \u2013 now appears in 11 new well-travelled iterations. The pendants...

.As a powerful Japanese warrior, Vivienne Samurai slips on a suit of yellow and white gold and comes adorned withdiamondsand red and black lacquer, wielding a Katana sword. Vivienne Rainbow, meanwhile, is also drawn to bold colours, cladding herself in a joyful pavé of 154 multicoloured gems.

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For Vivienne Monogram, a juxtaposition of precious materials appeals, her delicate face framed in petals of mother-of-pearl engraved with intricate monogram motifs. Her eyes of sculpted wood make a chic foil for the gleaming pink gold and diamonds of her body.

The Viviennes symbolise friendship, courage and luck. Vivienne Panda, in white and yellow gold and with diamonds, onyx and lacquer, is a sweet bamboo-loving symbol of peace. Feeling lucky is Vivienne Casino, in white and yellow gold, platinum, diamonds and lacquer and resplendent in hearts, spades, diamond shapes and the LV initials.

Vivienne Celebration, created to markLouis Vuitton’s 200th birthday, is ready to party in a generous sprinkling of coloured stones and diamonds.For Vivienne Plum, a romantic aesthetic is more appealing: bedecked in pink gold plum blossoms and diamonds, she is prettily prim, sporting a girlish bow on her back. A sporty style is more Vivienne Surfer’s bag, her board inscribed with the LV monogram signature, while Vivienne Petite Malle is never without her handbag.

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