Maurice Saatchi quits own advertising firm

Maurice Saatchi quits advertising firm he co-founded


Maurice Saatchi quits advertising firm he co-founded

M&C Saatchi shares have collapsed this year from a high of about £4 each to 103 pence.

The company also revealed a £11.6m hole in its earnings last week.

Lord Dobbs, a Conservative politician, is best known for creating the House of Cards novels, which were turned into TV series in the UK and the US.

M&C Saatchi is famous for the controversial New Labour, New Danger campaign for the Conservatives in 1997. Labour won with a majority of 179.

Last week the company warned 2019 profit would be"significantly below the levels expected".

Read more: BBC News (UK)

Isn't his entire career based on artificially inflating the value of things? AmberTwemlow ? Quits or retires? Sounds like someone's in for a good slapping. HERO!

Saatchi isn't working: ad agency crisis as directors and co-founder quitLord Saatchi and all non-executive directors announce departure amid accounting scandal Remember when you were a news paper? And those ads helped lead to the highest unemployment in our history Not a very clever main photo to use during an election campaign when your paper is recommending anyone but the Tories. Yeesh.

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