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Matt Hancock, Pharmacists

Matt Hancock promises ‘biggest flu vaccination programme in history’ this winter

Matt Hancock promises ‘biggest flu vaccination programme in history’ this winter

7/13/2020 4:39:00 PM

Matt Hancock promises ‘biggest flu vaccination programme in history’ this winter

Health secretary also tells pharmacists he wants them to take up to 20 million appointments from GPs every year

“There's a huge amount of work to do. We still don't know the long-term health impacts of coronavirus. We still have just one treatment that’s clinically proven to be effective in reducing its impact."We're working hard on a combination of the Covid vaccination programme, should a vaccine work, and of course, the science on that is as yet unproven. And of course, the biggest flu vaccination programme in history. I want to see pharmacies involved in that

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flu vaccinerollout.”He said plans announced last year as part of a new contract with community pharmacies had been paused due to the Covid-19 crisis but this this was only temporary.“I'm certain that you are an untapped resource,” he told the audience adding that with better technology pharmacies could be integrated more into the existing NHS to take pressure off GPs.

He said: “I'm keen to see people with minor illnesses referred to community pharmacy. To take pressure off GPs, and crucially deliver a better service.“Twenty million GP appointments can be referred to community pharmacists every year. And there's much much more that you can do.”

Mr Hancock said the government’s goal was to ensure “all pharmacists should be operating at the top of their qualifications, at the top of their licence”.Questioned by audience members on funding, Mr Hancock said he could give no clear commitments today. But he acknowledged that as pharmacies were asked to do more, the NHS and government would need to pay more.

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Uk public promises biggest push back in history against unnecessary and unsafe vaccine 🖕 Definitely not having this Fuck no...Can't Truss it PE Shouldn’t everyone using masks help stop flu transmission? I’d think we would be looking at significantly reduced numbers of flu infections if masks are to be mandatory in shops and public transport etc..isn’t that why other nations use prevent infection spreading?

If masks are as essential as they say then flu cases should significantly lower this winter? If not, then I guess masks prove they’re worthless? But yea still keep wearing them and take that vaccine too What is the money coming from.but you will see a big change in 19 it will be here for a long time as from August

He is shxt scared that flu deaths are going to be higher than Corona. World beating no doubt? 🙄 December 2020: 'Public, medical experts & opposition MPs call for an inquiry into Britain's biggest flu vaccination shortfall and largest flu case load after 'botched' implementation overseen by No 10 and Dominic Cummings...'

Judging by the replies, we’re in line for some brutally ironic deaths. This is not the FLU vaccine! The flu vaccine doesn't work! This is the covid vaccine dressed up as the flu vaccine. Don't be fooled people, they've pulled the wool over your eyes for years. Put your hand in the fire it will make your body heal! See how it works 😁🙏

Why does it always have to be the 'biggest' or the 'best', maybe just get it right BorisHasFailedUK BorisJohnsonMustGo Well he knows where to stick them doesn’t he. Who wants a vaccine after this BS? Along with a 'world class' test and trace app The majority of people that died from covid 19 were the ones taking Flu jabs so good luck with that one Lol

I hope it’s a better job than the world beating track and trace programme he promised us. Do we have the kit, nurses etc to deliver this by winter, I think not. I DO NOT CONSENT I DO NOT CONSENT Corona one will be here soon so Ok ... that probably mean the smallest flu program ever then! Get ready for shortage!! 😂

Can’t believe anything World beating flu vaccine...fist pump fist pump....🙄 That’s very helpful Matt. We have. COVID pandemic and you bring out a flu vaccine. That’s like the government giving out the measles jab during a small pox epidemic, it doesn’t really help anyone, and completely, wait for it, ‘misses the point.’

eh This tells us all we need to know Have we got one then? Or is this the usual over promise and under deliver technique? Universe beating Suffolk NHS announced this week that there was an issue with supply of flu vaccine -concerned that supply will be insufficient for vulnerable group as fear about Corona will increase the uptake - how does he not know this his own county! MattHancock

The Politicians should get a coronavirus vaccine first. Remember, they had a meeting with the man that said we can REDUCE THE POPULATION WITH VACCINES and he said it many times Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus ' Influenza vaccination and respiratory virus interference among Department of Defense personnel during the 2017-2018 influenza season

'A randomized placebo-controlled trial in children showed that flu shots increased fivefold the risk of acute respiratory infections caused by a group of noninfluenza viruses, including coronaviruses.' Why would anybody like this tweet? JasSpin1 He’s either a moron or in Bill Gates’s pocket. World leading?

No thanks So essential and for those who dont get flu and never get vaccinated good for you. If i get it i am probably dead i would be too ill to do dialysis . So its the idiots who dont get the vaccine who spread it to the rest of us. And you trust a Politician to take a vaccine they want forced onto everyone else...

No thanks - never had the flu vac not about to start now! A genuine health minister who cares about public health would know that the flu vaccination puts you at greater risk of contracting respiratory viruses such as covid-19 MattHancock Thats because alot of ppl will reject the flu jab, ive already told both my parents not to have it!🚫💉

It would help if there was a vaccine before making promises. Shall we take bets on who’s fault will be if it’s delayed? This study shows the Flu Vaccine causes up to five times increased risk of Non Influenza Respiratory Disease - like Covid. No thanks JulieBalfour9 You can get fucked Wake up ppl . These guys are tricking you. The vaccs are worse than their fake numbers virus ever will be. Covid_19 facemasks COVID19 antivax antivaxx

Look at the insert of the vaccine, MCR-5, that is aborted baby cells. Is this a flu vaccine or the alleged virus they called Covid 19 vaccine? The latter is gonna be a DNA altering vaccine. Wouldn't trust anything with Epstein island visitor Gates involved. Today’s deaths ..... 21 ! 🤔😡 Euthanasia programme!

Absolutely not. Lawsuit proves no safety or quality control on vaccines for the last 32 years. Remember what happened last time a vaccine was rushed through? Let’s hope it happens, wish I felt confident. And just for complete transparency re children receiving the Flumist. This is purely to stop the elderly getting flu and minimising the impact on the NHS. Whatever happened to natural immunity as regards to relatively simple virus infections!!

I promise not to hAve it So it’ll be 💩 but his mates will walk away with £millions more taxpayers money so am I right in thinking there is clear correlation between those that had the flu shot and those that got covid I haven't seen anything concrete but plenty of heresay... any links? This sounds like something the Nazi’s would come out with.

fuck you, my body MY CHOICE, no poison needles for filled with toxic CRAP! Reptoid_Hunter 😂😂😂😂😂... The reptiles step in the line of 'Ridiculousness'... No one beLIEve your lies anymore...😂😂😂😂😂 Taking the flu vac and you have 34% more chance of dying of covid. There has to be an agenda here. Its a no from me, not lining the pockets of handcock and big pharma.

Just like they promised testing, PPE and no herd imunity If you still want to have Bills vaccine after watching this then you deserve everything you get. Please watch it and please RT it so people can learn more about what’s coming. I felt physically sick after watching it! His shares will be doing good then, conflict of interest, main stream media where are you?

If you want one you ring up for one. Does he think hes suddenly invented them. So when you opening the NHS seems there still close to a lot of us out there get your finger out your arse and get them moving as you say there opened ... really !!!!! Go away!!! Then please people, don’t bank on it. This man is a compulsive liar- with a fair whack of albeit by what he didn’t say, 45,000 people’s blood on his hands. Along with all those twats from Boris down who pontificated on the daily updates insinuating, we are in control etc etc

Switch and bait for the covid vaccine nobody wants? Is this the missing verse from Ironic? MattHancock so you want to vaccinate anyone with underlying conditions and the elderly 🤔that’s a depopulation programme if ever I saw one. Doesn't he mean 'world-leading'? Anyone who allows themselves or their children to be jacked-up with this filth needs their head testing. People already have 'protection'. It's called an Immune System, maintained with nutritious diet and psychological well being. The two things THEY love to mess-up.

According to this article the vaccination for flu will prevent “ the NHS being overwhelmed for a second time.” It’s just a outright lie. He can fck right off .... flu shots make you more seceptible to coronaviruses. How smart! Wow really?! The flu vaccine we have already and yet still so many die even after receiving flu vaccine. tryingtocontrolus

Anything he promises needs to be taken with a large pinch of salt All the negative comments from all the lefty remoaners now flood in No thanks, I prefer survive without 🤬 WINTER!!!... well, if they found any humans.... kheatherbrown Would this be the Gates's funded vaccine? A vaccine that has aborted foetal cells, animal dna and detergent plus other toxic mix. I'm fit and healthy, why would I want this sh*t injected into my body?

I will never take one again. The one year I did it I was so sick. Thanks but nope! mr_squeege All the Corona Karen's or immuno comprimised can have them. If it's a choice between me and a poor Karen missing out, then ill happily give man or woman mine. If there's plenty to go round, then i think I'll be busy, washing my hair on vaccination day. Thanks anyway.

Vaccination in what Covid vaccine won’t be ready mr_squeege Nope, another waste of money like swine flu. mr_squeege Chipped and infected! Nah, stick it in your anus, sideways! If it's as 'world beating' as the track and trace then many people will die. 😘 MattHancock it contains gelatine or amazing I wrong? So that rules out Muslims and strict Jewish right?

Yeah I’ll bet he is 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ sheeple CovidHoax You can stick all your vaccines where the sun dont shine 🖕 You lied so many times in the past,nobody,but Nobody believes you👎 Nope! JulieBalfour9 Additionally, I read a study that concluded 100% of the people whom actually ‘died of covid, not with covid’ had had the flu jab in recent years. Let that sink in for a minute.

JulieBalfour9 That’s because so many (1/3) of the population have rejected the ‘fake covid vacation’ and he must inject poison into as many people as possible before he ends up in jail. He, like most politicians, have handlers who have demands. He’s simply fulfilling their demands. Nope - ineffective!

JulieBalfour9 JulieBalfour9 Good luck Down with this sort of thing Infant deaths (sids) declined dramatically over lockdown. Parents didn't vaccinate their children during that time. I don't want any prick endorsed by MH. get ter fuck with the flu jab...caused me to have suicidal thoughts World leading possibly?!

Vaccines for the flu is like pouring water on a burnt out fire. It has mutated hundreds of.times, assuming it's real, so which mutation are you going to vaccinate for. Plus vaccines have been confirmed by a reputable source to affect brain development independentkaren Nope!! Will we actually get it out to the primary school kids before Christmas this year?

OMG he's taken another cue from imPOTUS in how to make announcements - FFS stop with the useless adjectives and just do a decent job! 10DowningStreet MattHancock Surely it will be world beating? Listening to Starmer again? 😂 Does that mean my 83 year old mother won't have to wait till November this year to get hers. Like she had to last year.

Fuck you, you’ll never vaccinate me while I’m still breathing, I do not consent Don't hold your breath!🤬🇬🇧 World beating ramping up on an unprecedented scale No thanks. I've managed 57 years without one. I also managed 57 years without a mask. Amazing! I wonder how I've survived. His promises are empty and meaningless!

flu vaccine effectiveness 40% to 60% CDC USA No for me no chance Is it ' world beating '. Will it be delivered with the same degree of efficiency we've become accustomed to. 🙄 Hope to God it’s not world beating. 🤦🏼‍♂️ With face coverings, social distancing, hand washing may well stop/reduce the flu epidemic this year

Matt Hancock can go take a flying fuck to himself! I will NOT comply! I thought it was the easiest in history ... or what was that history thing about ? Come near me with a needle it’s going straight in your eyeball Based on the quality of their other pronouncements, I am not filled with hope... Not for me thanks

I assume if you do not get the flu vaccine you are more susceptible to contracting the coronavirus They can go f%ck themselves with their superlatives. Will it be ‘world beating’?

More than 100 coronavirus outbreaks a week across UK, Matt Hancock saysSeasonal workers locked down in farm as 'targeted action' pledged I will Follow You Back Immediately He says....that sounds 'believable'. plandemic.

Local lockdowns running at a hundred per week, Matt Hancock revealsOutbreaks are being dealt with through small lockdowns and new testing regimes such as portable walk-in centres, the health secretary said Knock knock. How are you serfs enjoying this Trial Period under new communism? Sure they are.

Matt Baker: Countryfile host speaks out on claims about his reputation ‘I don’t think so’MATT BAKER - who is best known for hosting Countryfile and The One Show - has spoken out on claims about his 'reputation', as the presenter insisted 'I just am what I am' in a recently unearthed interview about his career.

David Walliams and Matt Lucas 'keen to reboot Little Britain' despite backlashThe series has previously featured the two actors in blackface and yellowface 👍☺️👏👏👏👏👏 It was a comedy sketch show, they did sketches poking fun at gays, trans, blacks etc get a fucking grip no one forces you to watch go be professionally offended with something else What about fatso mimicking disabled people

More than 100 virus outbreaks tackled a week'Targeted action' means outbreaks are being swiftly dealt with, the health secretary says. And yet we are coming out of lockdown 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ how many not being tackled, though? ToryLiesCostLives SocialCleansing Doubt it

More than 100 coronavirus outbreaks a week across UK, Matt Hancock saysSeasonal workers locked down in farm as 'targeted action' pledged I will Follow You Back Immediately He says....that sounds 'believable'. plandemic.